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Zootopia Fanfiction: Take A Stand- Star of Ceartais Ch.13 The Drowned

(Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of ceartais. Just a quick reminder that the SOC team has a discord server and anyone looking to come chat can find the link on my tumblr; crewefox and just search for ‘discord’. A big thank you to everyone who liked, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed the last chapter and massive thanks to @australiancroissant who beta read this chapter. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 13- The Drowned.

Robyn loved the feeling of leaping from rooftop to rooftop, with her uncanny ability to jump big distances. It made her feel like it was an exhilarating run, only with the added thrill of being up high and feeling like one of those super heroes from thr Saturday morning cartoons she watched at a kit. She was making phenomenal time from her home in Savannah Central, to the meet up spot in an abandoned suburb in Sahara Square. As soon as she crossed the border into the desert-esque neighbourhood, she could clearly notice that it was a lot quieter than the rest of the city. After the wave, 75% of the Sahara Square had been deemed destroyed and no one lived on the coast anymore because no homes were left standing. The most common sights were chain-link fences around ruined buildings, where clean up crews would work tersely during the day. They were still finding bodies nearly two months after the wave. Even the bustling warehouse district near the port was quiet, no ships docked there anymore. Robyn wouldn’t describe the area as a ghost town, no; Sahara Square was like a rotting corpse, slowly being eaten away by maggots. The only part of this corpse still alive was Cacti gardens, the part of Sahara Square that had once been deemed the poorest, but with recent events it had become the richest…whilst poverty still quite common.

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The Model Series #48 Two Year Anniversary Part One

Harry: “Damn this traffic!” You swear, the SUV barely moving along the packed street nearing the airport. Not only were there mobs of fans present to catch any glimpse of you and Harry walking into Heathrow, some stupid taxi had swerved and caused a crash that made traffic stand still for hours. “I would say get out and walk but it’s too dangerous!” Harry sighed next to you, reaching over to grab your hand. He squeezed it gently, rubbing circles over it with his thumb–a calming gesture. Because it wasn’t a band function, yours and Harry’s trip to the Caribbean, you weren’t permitted to use the band’s private jet so by the time you finally arrived at the airport, you had missed your flight. You anxiously wait in the lounge for the next flight, seven hours later. You sleep from pure exhaustion for the entire flight and wake up excitedly at 2 am when the plane lands. It takes a few more hours to drive to the exclusive resort on the beach and by the time you check into your suite the sun begins rising. “Babe….babe c'mon!” Harry pulls you onto the private strip of beach and somewhere along the way loses his shirt. “We’re here!” Harry yells, running towards the water. You smile at him before racing after him. He turns around just in time to wrap you in his arms and pick you up, both of you laughing. “No fans….no family….no paparazzi….just us.” He whispers happily.

Louis: When you and Louis first discussed taking a trip together, you never thought you’d end up in the middle of a desert on the back of a camel trekking with retired couples and a guide that spoke two words of English. But, here you were. “Babe…check me out! I’m a total camel-whisperer.” Louis tries to balances without holding onto the reign of his animal and ends up falling over, swinging so he is gripping the belly of the spitting animal. You laugh hysterically, fighting to keep your own balance, as the guide hurries over to help Louis right-side-up on his camel. “Oh shut up,” he sulks as you continue to laugh. You propel your animal next to Louis and kiss him on the cheek sweetly, apologizing without words. He smiles and you grin back at him, urging your camel faster. Soon you and Louis are galloping across the hot sand, the wind blowing your hair back as the rest of the tour group sits and rests in the shadow of a massive dune. The guide chases after you, yelling something in a language you’d never heard before, but you could care less, laughing as Louis’ camel refuses to run any faster, leaving him far behind you. You stop at the top of the biggest sand dune to let your camel rest, further away from the group than you thought. You wait for Louis to catch up to you and when he does, neither of you say anything, both of you looking over the endless sand stretching out below you. “Babe?” He says softly. You turn to him. “It’s fucking hot as hell out here.”

Zayn: “I don’t ever want to leave here….” You mumble into Zayn’s neck, cuddled around him in a hammock suspended above the Grecian beach. “Mm,” he moans back, his hand absently tracing the curve of your waist. You arrived in Greece two days before at the beautiful private resort where each suite had its own private beach and service staff. Zayn had pulled you out to the hammock after dinner to watch the sun set over the ocean, mere feet from your perch. You shift your body so you’re lying nose-to-nose with him, the orange and pink-tinted sky painting his face. “I love you….” he says simply. “Do you know that?” You smile and nudge your nose gently against his. “I do,” you say. “Do you know that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody? Do you know that I’ve loved you for two years to the day? Do you know that I never ever want to be further away from you than I am right now?” His voice is soft and slow, his sweet words like a lullaby, coaxing you to a drowsy state in his arms. You try to say something, but sleep overcomes you and your eyelids close as you yawn. “That’s okay baby, don’t say anything. Just sleep. I’m here and I always will be.” You force your eyes open, a small smile of contentment creeping across your face when you notice Zayn falling asleep, his arms protectively around you. You press a soft kiss to his stubble-ridden jawline and close your eyes again, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing and the ocean waves lulling on the shore.

Niall: You felt exactly like Rose, to Niall’s Jack, as you stepped on board the Oriana, a luxury cruise liner that had more than enough lifeboats. Niall surprised you with the two week-long cruise as your 2-year anniversary present and you were beyond excited. Your private security detail aboard the ship walked you to your suite door. Actually, it was an elevator instead of a door, but only accessible through thumbprint scans–only you, Niall, and select staff had access to your room. “Niall!” You breathed in excitement. “Happy anniversary Princess, only the best for you.” You were speechless. The suite was a humongous, 3-level, 2 balcony heaven. You walked in a trance around the giant floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking your balcony, which overlooked the front of the boat, before walking absently into the huge master suite that took up two floors and included its own swimming pool. “Niall…..” you ask softly, standing in the doorframe of the two-level closet. “What’s all this? These aren’t my clothes…” “They are now,” he whispers in your ear. You swear your heart stopped beating for a moment as you took in the nearly-full closet of designer clothes. “This is too much Ni…” you began shaking your head but Niall stopped you with a finger to your lips. “I love to spoil you…now go, enjoy!” He set you loose on the closet as he began unpacking your actual bags that just arrived.

Liam: “As cliche as this is, I love you for doing it for me.” Liam teases you, wrapping his arms around you from behind in the small basket hanging underneath the giant balloon. “I wanted our anniversary to be special!” You insist, smiling to yourself. The balloon operator shares your secret smile, but Liam is oblivious. At least, until the end of the long ride when the balloon begins to descend. “Babe…where are we? This isn’t where we left from…” Liam looks confusedly at the landscape below you. “Surprise!” You throw your arms out, causing the small basket to shake. “What’s-what’s this?” He asks, still confused. You point to the castle that gets bigger and bigger as you approach it. “That, is our new home for the next two weeks. Happy Anniversary baby!” You love his excited/surprised look. “When I asked if you wanted to go away you said you had to work!” He mock-reprimands you. “Well, what kind of surprise would it be if I had told you? Now, there’s so much to do in the castle and on the giant grounds and all of our friends are coming up for a 3-day long party next week!” Liam smiles and embraces you tightly.“I love you [Y/N],” he whispers in your ear. “I know,” you smile back, kissing him on the cheek. 

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