camel smoke

Eric Dylan Asks

Rampart - The place you feel safest?
Arlene - what is your most prized possession?
Vodka - Do you have any nicknames?
Reb - Do you have any kinks? What ones?
BMW - favorite form of transportation?
Screwdriver - favorite beverage?
Sparky - Do you have any pets?
Rocky - what’s your favorite animal?
Trenchcoat - What’s your favorite item of clothing you own?
Journal - What’s one secret you have?
Pipe Bomb - Your ideal best friend?
Sunglasses - have you ever fallen in love?
Hurt - What’s your favorite song?
Pulp Fiction - Favorite movie?
Natural Born Killers - Something that inspires you?
Basement Tapes - what’s the one thing you want most in life?
KMFDM - Do you speak any other languages?
Rammstein - Your ideal significant other?
Dylan - Do you prefer taller or shorter girls/boys
Eric - Would you consider yourself an angry person?
Everlasting Contrast - are you religious?
Combat Boots - what’s one thing about yourself that you consider unique?
Camel Reds - do you smoke?
Natural Selection - are you part of any minority group?
Wrath - favorite clothing brand?
Columbine - What grade are you in?
Clinky-Clank - What’s your favorite meme?