camel down

why rick and evie are perfect

evie? evy? find some continuity, mummy franchise

in the mummy:

  • literally they begin with evie saving his life, like this ship began with girl saves boy and rick admits that’s the entire reason he goes on the adventure at all
  • lots of longing gazes
  • the formal way they address each other, “mr o’connell” “evelyn”
  • TEAMWORK!!!!! ships that work together as a team are legit wonderful 
  • basically every little thing evie does that wouldn’t be considered “becoming” for a woman at that time, rick is very into. racing a camel? rick is down. describe mummification with gross specifics? rick is very into it.
  • and then he steals nice tools for her which is basically the most romantic thing you could give evelyn carnahan as a present
  • “i… am a librarian” rick is aroused
  • when he helps her off the ground and very gently checks to make sure she isnt hurt and basically casually holds her like wtf kind of romantic bullshit is this
  • rick loses his shit any time evie might get hurt
  • like they have to hOLD HIM BACK when she goes with imhotep
  • “if they make me a mummy you’re the first one i’m coming after”
  • their kiss has a smiley NOSE RUB like kill me i hate them
  • they cuddle on a fucking camel

in the mummy returns:

  • like these assholes have been together for a decade and still make out constantly
  • they compromise and still work as a team so well!! they know when to do it evie’s way and when to do it rick’s way
  • like he hands her a gun and she nods and they basically practice how to fight at home right? they have to. they choreograph this shit.
  • they still banter and tease each other and it is full of so much fucking affection, gag me now
  • i dont support evie’s temporary death but also brendan fraser is literally the only man actually acting in that scene and it hurts my heart to even consider rick living without evie like that man thinks screaming AHHH at mummies will make a difference, how would he even function
  • just like a lot of hardcore risking their lives for each other
  • “do you want to know what heaven looks like?” “nope would rather make out on this blimp pls”

those are the only two mummy movies nothing else exists sorry

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.

Let Me Be Your Good Night

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You weren’t impressed. You had been trying for the last fifteen minutes to get the lads to concentrate at the task at hand—rehearsing one of their new songs before recording it. It had taken you long enough to gather all four of them around the piano that you’d thought they’d have settled down by now, but alas they were still horsing around, slapping each other, and laughing at the pain they inflicted on one another. You would never understand why the boys always had studio time scheduled after long stretches of not seeing each other.

“Whenever you lot are ready, we can get started,” you scolded.

“Yes, teacher,” Niall laughed. You rolled your eyes. You were the same age as the boys, but they always managed to bring out your authoritarian side. It was mandatory for anything to get done.

“I’ve got other clients, you know. I could go do vocal exercises with people who actually want to sing.” You were only half-joking. Of course, as a vocal coach you did have other clients, and even though the boys were getting on your nerves, they were you favorite to work with. Calming them down took patience, but they were a pleasure to work with once they started singing.

“Please don’t leave us, [Y/N],” Harry said as he gripped your arm, keeping you from going anywhere.

“Then start singing!” you exclaimed in exasperation. Harry’s touch was buzzing through your body. The two of you had always exchanged sly glances and a few flirty texts, but nothing had ever come of it. He was away too much, and you liked the stability of your life.

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Asmaa bint Abu Bakr رضي الله عنها

source: ‘ad-Da’wah ilallaah’ (The Call to Allaah), The magazine featuring Women’s Issues. (UK) Vol-1 Issue-5

Asmaa was a woman of great nobility, wisdom and patience. She was among the early converts to Makkah and being the daughter of the great Companion Abu Bakr, she was brought up in an atmosphere of purity and devotion and shared close ties with the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

When the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was about to secretly leave Makkah for his emigration to Madeenah with his close friend Abu Bakr, it was Asmaa who prepared the provisions for the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and her father. She said: “I prepared the provision bag for the Prophet in the house of Abu Bakr when he wanted to emigrate to Madeenah. We did not find anything with which to tie his bag or waterskin. I said to Abu Bakr: “By Allaah, I cannot find anything to tie with except my belt.” He said: “Tear it in two and tie the waterskin with one and the bag with the other.”” So that is what she did and since then she became know as ‘Dhaatun-Nitaaqayn’ [She of the two belts]. (Collected in Sahaah al-Bukhaaree (eng. Trans. Vol.4 p.141 no.222))

Asmaa was married to Zubayr Ibn al-Awwaam, the cousin of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. He was a very poor man, nevertheless Abu Bakr knew him to be a man of great piety, so despite the huge difference between their financial status, Abu Bakr married his daughter to him. In the initial stages of her marriage, Asmaa has to face a lot of hardship due to the extreme poverty they suffered. Suddenly, this daughter of a rich merchant found herself tending to the animals, kneading, grinding, fetching water and carrying huge loads on her head. She said about her situation: “When az-Zubayr married me, he had neither land, nor wealth, nor slave, nor anything else like it, except a camel to get water and his horse. I used to graze his horse, provide fodder for it, look after it and ground dates for his camel. Besides this, I grazed the camel, made arrangements for providing it with water and patching up his leather bucket and kneading the flour. I was not very good at baking the bread, so my female neighbors used to bake bread for me and they were sincere women. And I used to carry on my head, the date-stones from the land of az-Zubayr which the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam had endowed him and it was a distance of two miles from Madeenah. One day, as o was carrying the date-stones upon my head, I happened to meet Allaah’s Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, along with a group of his Companions. He called me and told the camel to sit down so that he could make me ride behind him. I felt shy to go with men and I remembered az-Zubayr and his Gheerah (Gheerah is the sense of pride that a man has which causes him to dislike his wives, daughters or sisters from being seen or heard by strangers. It is this gheerah which makes a man protective about his women) and he was a man having the most gheerah. The Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam understood my shyness and left. I came to az-Zubayr and said: “The Messenger of Allaah met me as I was carrying date-stones upon my head and there was with him a group of his Companions. He told the camel to kneel so that I could mount it but I felt shy from him and I remembered your gheerah.” Upon this az-Zubayr said: “By Allaah, the thought of you carrying date-stones upon your head is more severe a burden to me than you riding with him.”

I led this life of hardship until Abu Bakr sent me a female servant who took upon herself the responsibility of looking after the horse and I felt as if she had emancipated me.” (Reported in Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (eng. Trans. Vol.7 p.111 no.151))

Look at the sense of dignity and modesty of Asmaa. See how she felt shy in front of men? See how careful she was about refraining from what displeased her husband? She knew that az-Zubayr had a lot of gheerah, so she didn’t want to upset him by accepting the Prophet’s offer of assistance, even though that meant bringing hardship upon herself. And what did az-Zubayr say when he heard of what had happened that day?…’By Allaah, the thought of you carrying date-stones is more severe a burden on me than you riding with him!” so even though az-Zubayr had a lot of gheerah, he did not wish for that to cause inconvenience to his wife. Isn’t this what the marital relationship should be like? One of mutual concern, corporation and compassion? Asmaa could easily have said: “I am the daughter of the noble Abu Bakr and so I shouldn’t be doing these jobs!” but she didn’t. she was patient and respectful towards her husband throughout her difficult period.

It is reported that once when she complained to her father about her hardships, he advised her, “My daughter be patient. When a woman has a righteous husband and he dies and she does not remarry after him, they will be reunited in the Garden.”(Reported in at-Tabaqaat of Ibn Sa’d)

And az-Zubayr was indeed a righteous man, as the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam himself testified when he counted him among the Promised ten of Paradise. (See Musnad Ahmad, Abu Dawood and others. Authenticated in Saheehul-Jaami’ (no.50)) He also said of him: “az-Zubayr is the son of my paternal aunt and my disciple from my Ummah.” (Saheeh – Narrated by Jaabir & collected in Musnad Ahmad. Authenticated by al-Albaanee in his as-Saheehah (1877))

In addition to her being the wife of such a righteous man, Asmaa was also the mother of ‘Urwah Ibn az-Zubayr, who became one of the scholars of Madeenah. His teachers included his parents as well as him maternal aunt, the Mother of the Believers, ‘Aaishah radhi’allaahu anha; from whom he learnt a great deal. ‘Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez said about him: “I do not find anyone more knowledgeable than ‘Urwah Ibn az-Zubayr, and for whatever I know he knows something which I do not.” (Reported by adh-Dhahabee in Siyaar A’laamin-Nubalaa’)

His son Hishaam reports that his father’s leg had to be amputated at the knee and was adviced to drink a narcotic, but he refused saying, “I did not think that anyone would drink something which would take away his intellect to the point that he did not know his Lord.” So they took off his leg with a saw and he did not say anything but “Ouch, ouch.” And in the same journey his son Muhammad was kicked to death by a mule and ‘Urwah was not heard to say anything about it but: “We have suffered much fatigue in this, our journey.” [Soorah Kahf 18:62]. O Allaah, I had seven sons and You took one and left me with six, and I had four limbs and You took one and left me with three – so if You have tested me then You have saved me, and if You have taken – You have left (more) behind.” (Ibn ‘Asaakir (11/287))

Her other son was of the Khaleefahs of the Muslims, ‘Abdullaah Ibn az-Zubayr, who was the leader of the Muslims during one of the most turbulent periods in Islaamic history. He was killed in Makkah at the hands of al-Hajjaaj on the 17th of Jumadaa al-Ulaa in 73H. a few days after the death of her sin, Asmaa bint Abu Bakr – ‘She of the two Belts’ – also died – radi’allaahu anhaa.

So many benefits in this narration الله اكبر!

Rose-Red City as Old as Time

This is my entry for the prompt: Out of Place for the the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon organized by the @thebookjumper.  Set after 5x23.  Thanks to @candykizzes24 for the amazing edit and to @missyriver and @nalla-madness for reading and encouraging.. I hope you like it!

The camel jostled back and forth, and Felicity was having a hard time dealing with the swinging motion.  After the first hour, her body was still not becoming one with the large animal underneath her, the rocking gesticulation was making her nauseous.

Scanning the narrow path that is the Siq, she noted that their caravan was now walking in a fissure made up of continuous walls of pink layered rock formations separating two tectonic plates; Felicity felt dwarfed and very claustrophobic.

Her gaze wandered to her right, meeting intense blue eyes.  It was ridiculous how good Oliver looked sitting astride his camel.  He just totally fit within the element. Watching him in his khakis and white Bedouin head cover was like seeing her own version of Rick O’Connell ready to conquer the desert. His golden tan, and the way his hands held the reins, his body one with his ride, you would think he grew up in this part of the world.

Felicity giggled, there were no mummies or secret treasures on this adventure, Petra was a city carved from rose rock under sea level, eternal, beautiful and alone, it offered the perfect solitude their crazy life was lacking!

Being in the heart of Wadi Rum, she never thought she would feel more out of place, the desert reminded her of Vegas.  The worn rocks on either side were reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and the incessant sun and heat was just as scorching.

“How much more?” she asked the little guide who held the reins of her camel.

“One hour!” he replied in a heavy accented English.

After their impromptu wedding, they decided to continue their world tour for their honeymoon.  Felicity wanted to see Petra, and the Red Sea; and although she had read the brochures she had no idea how much tourism websites failed to address how extraneous the journey was, as what they considered part of the mystery.  Apparently, after a four-hour car ride, they had to ride horses for two hours just to get to the entrance of the treasury, which was where Indiana Jones had filmed the last crusade, then it was camels for two hours more to reach the museum, then there was a trek up 365 steps to reach sea level so she can see the infamous split between the two continents of Asia and Africa and the promised Red Sea. As much as Felicity was looking forward to sight seeing, she was dreading this gigantic effort in the midst of summer heat.  Maybe this was a bad idea after all!

Felicity was flushed, even with her straw hat, tied under her chin with a wispy scarf, she had to admit she was wilting!

“How are you holding up?” Oliver asked

“Oh, you know, other than hot sweaty and soaking wet, I am completely fine!”

Oliver met her with a smirk and a raised eyebrow,

Realizing how that sounded, she was about to take it back with a massive babble, when the path opened to a great plaza and the caravan stopped.  It seems they were to pass some inspection point by the local authorities.

Two police officers with visible side arms approached them asking for their passports.  After scanning Oliver’s passport, the officer glanced up meeting what Felicity classified as the Green Arrow glare, then whispered something to his companion in Arabic.  “We need you to come with us,” they told Oliver.

“Is something wrong officer?” the officers exchanged looks,

“Would you please step down from your camel?”

Oliver and Felicity exchanged looks, Felicity was starting to get concerned. Oliver stepped down and stood towering over the officers who placed their hands over their weapons in response to his threatening stance.  Felicity was seriously worried now, this was no time to play the Green Arrow, they were unarmed and Olivers bow and arrows were safely tucked in their duffle bags strapped to the camels, plus did Oliver really want to cause an international incident at a famous world tourist site?

She motioned to the boy to bring down her camel.  As the camel squatted down, Felicity squealed.  “Oh sorry, I don’t know how anyone can get used to this” The officers were frowning now.

The officers looked at Olivers passport again, “Please calm down Mrs. Queen”  “We are just doing our jobs, please don’t resist this arrest”

“Arrest”? Oliver glowered, “On what basis?”

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Whamilton: stress baking but something burns and sets off the smoke detector

Not quite what you wanted but I think you might like George’s little dominance exertion here:

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Angie, I'm cruel. If you were to have a picnic lunch with a perfect OTP of your would you pick Rick/Evie or Gomez/Morticia

ah, FUCK, sean, why would u sophie’s choice me????

i gotta break this down:


  • rick/evie – out in the desert at a dig. there’s gonna be grit in the food and over-fragrant camels most likely spitting down my neck, BUT there will be some hella interesting ruins or an open tomb to discuss, and watching evie light up over her work is enchanting. plus, rick would no doubt have a bottle of really good liquor he’d be more than happy to share with me to wash the sand out of my mouth. SCORE: 2/5.
  • gomez/morticia – the picnic would be in the graveyard behind the house, of course, followed by a tour of the family plots. tish would give me all of the dirty deets on each of the residents, so there’d be plenty of excitement there. we could also play “wake the dead” with the whole family once the sun set. it would probably be rather cold and clammy next to the mausoleum, where gomez put the blanket, but that’s actually my preferred sort of climate. SCORE: 5/5.


  • rick/evie – either some delicious bedouin cuisine courtesy of ardeth’s tribe, who are – of course – sticking close to evie’s latest digs in an attempt to prevent her from reading/opening/touching anything directly tied to a curse (bless their hearts, they mean well and try SO HARD). OR it’s standard adventurer’s fare: portable stuff like jerky and hardtack, maybe some fish if we’re close to a river or oasis. the former would be preferable, of course, but i actually enjoy salty preserved survival rations. SCORE: 4/5.
  • gomez/morticia – eh, i’m gonna be wholly upfront here: chances are better than fair that grandmama made this lunch. and if that’s the case i know it contains far too many eyeballs, tentacles, and newts for my taste. everything smokes and yet none of it is hot, and there’s some disquieting movements in the black sludge you hope is called “stew”. i’m all for spooky, creepy, icky stuff, but not when it comes to my food. SCORE: 0/5.


  • rick/evie – it’s hard to out-scholar evie, so when she gets on a tear it’ll be difficult to follow her without feeling more than a little stupid and ignorant. BUT she’s so eager to explain everything about ancient funerary customs and royal rites, that it’s just a joy to listen to her/watch her gesture wildly, especially once the booze has been opened. rick would have THE BEST stories about marrakesh, cairo, his time in the foreign legion, and all of his disreputable exploits. i could absolutely challenge him to a dirty joke contest, too, and he’d hardly be offended by profanity. plus all three of us could always discuss the best ways to destroy the undead. SCORE: 5/5.
  • gomez/morticia – we’d all get on like houses on fire (with the occupants still trapped inside) when it comes to talking about the family, the house, and all of the weird creatures of the night (morticia might even give me mothman’s mailing address, because i just KNOW he’s on her halloween card list). the only downside? i’d inevitably make the mistake of saying something in french, or mentioning something that would set them off down romantic memory lane, and the picnic would end with either a) gomez challenging me to a fencing duel, which i would lose quickly or b) the pair of them wrapped up octopus-like cooing and kissing passionately while i sat awkwardly next to great aunt vidbonia’s monument, the one depicting her execution by extreme girdling. SCORE: 4/5.


  • rick/evie: 11
  • gomez/morticia: 9


egyptian picnic with rick and evie it is!

there we go. now i don’t feel so bad because i made my choice so logically.

Lullabies of the Sea

Day 3: Love/ Comfort:

He was on a simple recon mission and Lance was to go scan the area for any Galra troops or resistance forces. He was doing his job right until he overlooked an area and nearly got blasted out of the sky. He was able to take on the Galra ship and help free the captives who were more then over joyed to see Lance and thank him for his bravery.

On the castle, it was another story.

“I don’t understand how you can’t even do a simple recon mission without getting into trouble or endangering the lives of the natives!” Allura yelled at him.

He was standing in the middle of the control room with Allura, Shiro and Coran. The others were somewhere in the castle but something told Lance that they weren’t far.

“Allura is right Lance, if this mission is going to work we need to trust that you can go out on your own and not become a danger to yourself, the team, or our cause,” Shiro added with the type disappointment in his voice that struck you to your core.

Lance stood there and took in the reprimands that were shot at him. He bit his lip and held back the tears that were threatening to spill.

“I can’t do this right now, I need to go talk to the natives of the planet. Shiro, will you join me please?”

“Of course, princess.”

As Shiro and Allura left, Lance was left there in the middle of the too big room feeling small and inferior.

“Don’t be down, my boy. Allura means well, she just worries about you… about all of you,” Coran spoke up as he crossed the room to put a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

With the pressure of his hand on his shoulder it felt like the straw that broke the camels back. Lance broke down with tears streaming down his face and crumbled on to the floor of control room.

Slight stunned and a little taken back Coran hesitated for a minute before joining the Paladin on the floor, holding him in his arms.

“There there my boy, no need to cry. You did you best and that’s all that can be asked of you.”

Lance leaned into the embrace of the older man and cried harder. He hated crying in front of people, especially his elders but right then and there he didn’t care about how he might have looked.

Coran held the young Paladin and sang him an old Altean lullaby that would be sung to a child when they were uneasy or upset. After a while, Lance had calmed down and pulled away slightly. He wiped his nose and rubbed his eyes as he looked up at the older man.

Coran smiled at Paladin, “ my grandfather would sing me that song whenever I was upset or I was going through a tough time.”

Lance smiled at him, “it’s pretty.”

Coran hugged Lance closer to him one more time before helping him to his feet.

“You are a great Paladin, Lance. Blue wouldn’t have let you in if she didn’t seem something great inside of you,” Coran pointed a finger where Lance’s heart was, “ this is the reason why she picked you, because you are a good person.”

Lance smiled at Coran and gave him a gentle hug

“Thank you Coran.”

“Any time, my boy.”

The next day Lance found a cube with a note next to it left on his bed.

Note: when ever you feel down or you need a hug I’m always around
~ Coran

Lance pressed the button on the cube and it played a recording of the song Coran had sang to him with the sound of water crashing on the shores of a beach playing in the background.

He smiled to himself and put the note and the cube in Blue’s cockpit for when he needed the most.

The third of seven little fics for Lance’s birthday. You can follow them on my Ao3 if you like my writing :D

You can follow me on Ao3 @Heart_Break_On_Their_Sleeve

read the first installment here:

Or the second here:

How to write a half-decent poem that doesn't suck camel balls...

Lie down or sit in a chair for a few minutes, stare at the ceiling or out a window or at a plant or household pet if you have one
This is the hard part: Try to empty yourself of all brain chatter, cookie cutter maxims from half forgotten posts on social media
divest yourself of all crude psychic pretensions accumulated throughout the day
Other ways include taking walks, think of nothing, cry, doodle in a notebook etc.
Don’t do live streams
Don’t make youtube videos
For fuck sakes don’t rhyme
Be weary of empty flattery if you get it
Its okay if your poem is a run on sentence or turns into prose. Write messy especially when you have a block
Don’t do stupid line breaks or make funky shapes with your words unless it actually says something, which is too rare to ever be the case
Write drunk, sometimes
Recognize just how susceptible you are to enormous feats of emotional and intellectual falsity and error. Do not type a word until you’ve admitted this to yourself
Don’t write about petty self-doubts or politics
Don’t go to open mics or slam poetry shows
And finally,
Read some Bukowski, Vallejo, T.S Eliot and Baudelaire at least before writing anything.

That is all.


Some samples from the most wonderfully demented superhero book I’ve seen in a long while… I’m talking Super-Hero Dictionary levels of loopy genius; “The DC Super Pets Charatcer Encyclopaedia!”

More than 200 pets for every superhero (and villain) you can imagine and many more you can’t, including the ones pictured above and the likes of Robotman’s armadillo Shelly, Ra’s Al Ghul’s immortal camel Sandy, Swamp Thing’s “Down Home Critter Gang” and Blue Beetle’s pet beetle; The Scarabian Knight!

Written by Steve Korté and drawn by Art “Tiny Titans” Baltazar

This story is among my favorite stories.

Imam Abu Haneefa’s (RA) student, Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak (RA) was travelling from Makkah to Medinah, when he came across a woman in the midst of a desert. What happens next is for all to remember. The scholars have concluded that the knowledgeable woman was either Raabiyah Basri or Umme Yahya (RA).

Every sentence said by the lady Raabiyah Basri is from the Holy Qur’aan.

Abdullah: Assalaamu Alaikum
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): A word from a Merciful; Lord is: ‘Peace’.(36:58)

Abdullah: May Allah’s blessing be upon you! What are you doing here?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Those whom Allah sends astray, there is no guide for them.(7:186)

Abdullah: (Thinking she has lost her way). In which direction are you travelling?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): Glory to Him (Allah) who carried His servant by night from Masjid Haraam to the far distant place of worship (Masjid Aqsa).(17:01)

Abdullah: (Concluding that people returning from Hajj travel to baitul Maqdis.) For how long have you remained here?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): For three whole nights.(19:10)

Abdullah: (Astonished) But how have you been surviving when you have neither food nor drink?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):He is the Being Who feeds me and gives me drink.(26:79)

Abdullah: But if you have no water how have you been making Ablution?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):And if you find no water then take for yourselves clean earth.(4:43)

Abdullah: Listen, I have food with me. Would you like to eat now?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Complete your fast till night.(2:187)

Abdullah: But why are you fasting? When surely this is not the month of Ramadan.
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): He who does good with his own free will; it is better for him. For
Surely Allah is the most Grateful and the all Knowing.(2:158)

Abdullah: However it has been excused for muslims not to fast whilst travelling?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): And if you fast it is better for you. If only you know. (2:184)

Abdullah: (In frustration) why do you speak Quranic verses only, why do you not speak my language?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): He utters no word but there is with him an observer.(Meaning the
Angels who take account of our deeds)(50:18)

Abdullah: What tribe so you come from?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): And follow not of that which you have no knowledge.(17:36)

Abdullah: (Ashamed, pleadingly). Please forgive me, yet again I have been proven wrong.
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya): (Forgivingly) Have no fear for this day.(12:92)

Abdullah: Come ride upon my camel and I shall take you safely to your destination.
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):And what so ever good you do, Allah knows.(2:197)

Having reared the camel to crouch down, he then indicated Raabiyah (RA) to climb onto the camel.

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and be

After lowering his gaze, Abdullah (RA) told her to climb upon the camel. Just as Raabiyah (Umme Yahya) began to climb on, the camel moved forward which caused her shawl to unravel somewhat to which she said: It is because of the things your hands have earned.(42:30)

Abdullah: Wait; let me first tie the camel down, so that it may stay still for when you climb upon it.
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya) :And we have made Suleiman (AS) understanding (the case)(21:79) 

After tying the camel down once again, Abdullah (RA) told Raabiyah (RA) to climb onto the camel. Whilst climbing Raabiyah began to praise Allah:

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Glory be to Him who has subjected this for our use for we could never have accomplished this (by ourselves)(43:13)

Abdullah (RA) whilst holding onto the rope of the camel began praying loudly and also quickened his voice. Seeing this Raabiyah (RA) once again stated another verse.

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):And be moderate in your pace and lower your voice.(31:19)

Abdullah: Allah had granted you with many rewards.
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):But none will grasp the message apart from men of understanding.(3:07)

Abdullah: Do you have a companion, a husband?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):O’ you, who believe, ask not questions about such things that if made clear to you, may cause trouble.(5:101)

After hearing this, Abdullah (RA) remained silent until he approached a group of people. (Upon arrival)

Abdullah: What family do you have amongst this tribe?
Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Wealth and sons are an ornament of the life of this world.(18:46)

Abdullah (RA) realized that she had sons within the tribe. He then asked for her address.

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):And marks and signposts and by the stars (men) guide themselves. (16:16)

Abdullah held on to the lead of the camel and began to circulate amongst the tents asking whether she recognized her tent. When passing one particular tent, she called out:

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):And Allah did take Ibrahim as an intimate friend.(4:125)
And Allah spoke directly to Moosa.(4:164)
O’ Yahya hold fast onto the scripture.(19:12)

Abdullah now knew that she had three sons, Moosa Yahya and Ibrahim, so raising his voice; he began to call for the three. No sooner had the words left his mouth that three handsome young men came running upon hearing their names being called out. Seeing their mother, they lowered her from the camel and began a conversation with Abdullah (RA).

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Now send one of you with this silver coin into the city, and let him see what food is purest there and bring a supply thereof.(18:19)

As soon as hearing this, one son hurried away, only to return with some food which he put in front of Abdullah (RA)…

Raabiyah(Umme Yahya):Eat and drink with ease for that which you sent on before you, in pass days.(69:24)

Abdullah (RA) became fully aware of Raabiyah’s (RA) piety and great ability in understanding the Holy Qur’aan. From the beginning to the end of the journey, she had answered from the Holy Qur’aan, not once speaking her own language. He cried out in panic to her sons, “I swear not to touch this food until I have been told who this pious women is”
Astonished by Abdullah’s (RA) outcry, her sons answered, “We haven’t any reasons not to tell you. She is our mother who has for the last forty years only spoke from the holy Qur’aan, using Quranic verse, so that on the Day of Judgement, she will not have to answer for any sins committed by her tongue.”

Choose your words very carefully.

Everyone left, they hate me, they don’t care about me. 

And you kept thinking what did you do wrong or what happened and they all suddenly stopped talking to you.

You kept blaming yourself to the point you became very depressed. 


Have you not thought to yourself that you will be answering Allah alone and not with the help of even your parents on the day of reckoning?


Look, I too have been in this phase. Believe me.

But it is very wrong to blame yourself because of the things that happened, its simply a fact that says these people are not good for you and Allah saved you from them, it must be surreal for you now but in time Allah will show you why such people do not exist in your life anymore, and when that time comes you’ll realize it is all for your well being.

Indeed, people are dependent, sometimes to the one they love, their friends or family, not thinking that eventually these people will go either by the time they reach old age or that by the time you have done something wrong and they can’t forgive you and just want you out of their lives. 

Yes, this happens, there are people like that in this world. May Allah forgive us all.

So today, I wanted to share this beautiful story of  a man who will show you great strength of His trust with Allah and that true companionship comes from Allah as well.

I will not be narrating his whole life but just this event that highlighted such beautiful and inspiring moment to everyone.

This happened during the battle of Tabuk where the Muslims marched forth to fight against the Romans, and during this time, there was drought and many weak souls remained behind.

Most of those who remained behind were of the hypocrites who scoffed the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and his Companions Radiyallahu Anhum for marching forth in the heat.

During this arduous march with the scorching heat above them, they noticed that Abu Dharr RA was not among them, and so one of Sahabah said “O Messenger of Allah, Abu Dharr has remained behind, his riding camel has slowed him down.”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said:

“Leave him for if he has goodness in him, Allah will make him catch up with you. And if he is otherwise, then Allah has disburdened you of him.”

Thus they continued to march without pause.

Meanwhile, Abu Dahrr RA was trying to prod his riding camel to move faster, but his attempts in vain. So he took his things, carried them on his back and followed the tracks of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and his Sahabah RA.

When from a distance the Muslims saw the rising of dust, a sign that a man was approaching they said, “O Messenger of Allah, this indeed is a man who is walking all by himself on the road.”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam said expectantly, “Be Abu Dharr!” When the man came nearer and the people were able to discern his features, they said, “By Allah, he is Abu Dharr, O Messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam then said: “May Allah have mercy on Abu Dharr; he walks alone, he will die alone, and he will be resurrected alone.”


What does this story teaches us? 

That like Abu Dharr, even if we have faith in Allah, we will be tested in so many ways but it is only those who are the likes of Abu Dharr that we could achieve such beautiful reward.

Indeed, like Abu Dharr, we also will and may have experienced the lost of beloved ones, or have our so called friends leaving us or even talking about us behind our backs, but even in seclusion and without companionship, Abu Dharr risen to follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam, and look how Allah Azza Wa Jall made him catch up and be with the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

So if you come and think of it, we have to stay focused to our goal, ask yourself, if you were in same situation like of that of Abu Dharr RA, being left and would have to walk alone, would you actually walk forward or just stay depressed and whine about how they left you or they hate you because they left you or would you be like Abu Dharr that is so determined to go on?

Ask yourself, is it your friends or these people the reason that makes you really happy and makes you say “I shall go on”?


And I pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall enlightens our hearts to yearn for His Companionship along with the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and His Companions on the day we return back to Him. May He make the day we finally meet Him the most beautiful day of ours. 




Story was taken from Al Baihaqi, Dala’il 221, Ibn Asakir 70/157 and Ahmad 5/166

The female voice and the etiquettes of speaking
  • A Women’s voice is not `Awrah in itself however there has to be a vaild reason for her to speake to strange men. And while adressing them a woman should not make her voice soft and alluring, because this is the cause of temptation and for that reason Allah says “then be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease (of hypocrisy, or evil desire for adultery) should be moved with desire” [al-Ahzaab 33:32]. Al-Mawsoo’ah al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kuwaitiyyah, 4/90

Examples taken from the  Quran, Sunnah and the righteous who preceeded us:

‘The Prophet ﷺ said,

“The saying ’Sub Han Allah’ is for men and clapping is for women.” (If something happens in the prayer, the men can invite the attention of the Imam by saying “Sub Han Allah”. And women, by clapping their hands). Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 2, Book 22, Hadith 295.

It is reported from Masrûq – Allah have mercy on him – that he said:

We swear by Allah, we have seen senior Companions of Allah’s Messenger – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – asking ‘Â`ishah about inheritance laws. Ibn Al-Jawzî, Sifah Al-Safwah Vol.1 p319.

Allah explained to the companions the manner to approach the wives of the Prophet, Allah says in the Quran, “And when you ask [the wives of the Prophet] a thing, so ask them from beyond a curtain; that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts.” Surah al-Ahzab ayah 53

Allah also says, “Be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease (of hypocrisy, or evil desire for adultery, etc.) should be moved with desire” (Sura Al-Azzab Ayat 32)

Aa’ishah رضي الله عنه narrated when,   

“Safwaan ibn al-Mu‘attal al-Sulami al-Dhakwaani was behind the army and had set out at the end of night. In the morning he reached the place where I was and he saw the shape of a person sleeping. He recognized me when he saw me, as he used to see me before the hijab was enjoined. I woke up when I heard him saying Inna Lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon (Verily to Allaah we belong and verily unto Him is our return) when he recognized me, and I covered my face with my jilbab. By Allah, we did not exchange a word and I did not hear any word from him apart from his saying Inna Lillaahi… He made his camel kneel down and put his foot on its foreleg (to keep it steady), then I mounted it, and he set off, leading me on the mount, until we came to the army. al-Bukhaari, 4141 and Muslim, 2770.

  • Another excellent example to look at is the two women who spoke to Prohpet Mosa عليه السلام regarding their need of water for their flocks: 

وَلَمَّا وَرَدَ مَاءَ مَدْيَنَ وَجَدَ عَلَيْهِ أُمَّةً مِنَ النَّاسِ يَسْقُونَ وَوَجَدَ مِنْ دُونِهِمُ امْرَأَتَيْنِ تَذُودَانِ ۖ قَالَ مَا خَطْبُكُمَا ۖ قَالَتَا لَا نَسْقِي حَتَّىٰ يُصْدِرَ الرِّعَاءُ ۖ وَأَبُونَا شَيْخٌ كَبِيرٌ

(”And when he arrived at the water of Madyan (Midian) he found there a group of men watering (their flocks), and besides them he found two women who were keeping back (their flocks). He said: “What is the matter with you?” They said: “We cannot water (our flocks) until the shepherds take (their flocks). And our father is a very old man.”) Surah al-Qasas ayat 23-25

They stood back due to shyness and avoided interaction with the men and Mosa عليه السلام took their flock to the water place and assited their need , this verse actualy reminds us of the hadith of the Mesaanger of Allah who said, "Beware of entering upon the ladies (mingling with them).“ Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Hadith Number 159

  • Question: What is the ruling if a young, unmarried man spoke with a young unmarried women on the telephone?
    Answer:It is not permissible to speak with an unrelated woman in a manner which may excite desire, such as by speaking words of love, flirting and subduing one’s voice , whether on the telephone or otherwise. This is in accordance with the words of Allah, Most High: Then be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease (of hypocrisy, or evil desire for adultery, etc.) should be moved with desire& As for speaking when there is a need, there is no objection to it, as long as it is free from corruption, but only in cases of necessity.
    Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
    Fatawa Islamiyah Page no. 120 Vol: 5

It is important that we MUST come to know as Muslim Women that we take as an example from the examples Allah has given us, Allah says in the quran, 

يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ لِيُبَيِّنَ لَكُمْ وَيَهْدِيَكُمْ سُنَنَ الَّذِينَ مِنْ قَبْلِكُمْ وَيَتُوبَ عَلَيْكُمْ ۗ وَاللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ 

Allah wishes to make clear (what is lawful and what is unlawful) to you, and to show you the ways of those before you, and accept your repentance, and Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise. Surah an-Nisa ayah 26

This post is in response to some of the comments under this pervious post:

May Allah protect us! We ask Allah to guide us to the paths of good, and to protect us from obeying Satan and evil company, grant us true guidance, success, and sincere Tawbah. AMEEN!