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OFF-SCREEN POST #23 - February 16th, 2016

An off-screen post is an undocumented event shown simply for convenience of the audience. Since this wasn’t recorded or posted by the boys, any direct mentions to of this event to the boys should be avoided unless the characters address it themselves.

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toppdogg + songs that remind me of them

  • shin yoonchul (nakta) + 3′s by nodaway

at least to me
your love has always come in threes
hesitant passionate and guaranteed
spell it out for me
a b c d l o v e you and me
just don’t work

[Topp Dogg] Reaction to their crush whining about being single

“I can I request a topp dogg scenario where their crush whines about being single and missing out all the cute kisses and cuddles but then they shyly offer to be their bf?? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense.. ❤❤❤❤”

(It makes perfect sense! This is so cute I’m dying,,, but thank you for your request sorry it took so long!! ;; )

P-Goon: Cheesy boy would wait until you were done to ask you out. He’d smile the whole time not wanting to ruin the moment, fantasizing about kissing you and taking you on cute dates.

“I wouldn’t mind doing those things with you, as long as we go on a date tonight”

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Hojoon: He might be a little upset you haven’t told him about this before since hes been struggling to deal with the crush he has on you. Hojoon would let you ramble on, adding his own additions oh so subtly about you. The next day he would message you and ask if you were free, aka asking you on a date.

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Sangdo: This teddy bear would be blushy and trying not to smile at all of your cute complains, he would feel like his crush was getting bigger just listening to you. Sangdo would be lovingly looking into your eyes trying to compose his words and then get flustered when you caught him staring. After a minute he’d close his eyes and confess his feelings whole-heartedly.

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Nakta: Ah yes, the quiet camel boy. He would think it was cute that you are acting like this, soon realizing this is an opportune time to confess his feelings. He’d have a shy smile plastered on his face as he tries to stay composed as he asks,

“Ah, will you be my muse?”

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Hansol: He would listen to you and occasionally add comments, not picking up on your hints right away. As soon as he caught on his anxiety would kick in and he would criticize himself for being so blind. 

“Aigoo, you know I like you right?”

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B-Joo: He would subtly flirt with you while you whine but would’t make a move that day. He would wait and surprise you with a cheesy sign asking you out after building up his confidence.

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Xero: It’s pretty obvious Xero would try to act really cool about it, even though he would wind up being a fluff ball. He would use aegyo to catch you off guard and then ask you to a cafe date and try to woo you with his best ability.

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A-Tom: This energetic pup would probably start giggling and would confess right then and there with a huge gummy smile on his face. But, he probably wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye and blush hard while holding your hands and telling you he doesn’t want either of you to be single any more.

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Yano: Everyone knows Yano thinks hes a ladies man so his greasy boy would patiently wait and listen to your ramblings until *gif* he shushes you, 

“Instead of being lonely, why don’t you do on a date with me?”

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anonymous asked:

No, he def has a ____ ahem. Yeah, I noticed it right away and I'm honestly not a real pervy person. So we can assume it was the same way when they filmed the love scene...

He also has one at the upfronts (his pants are really tight and you can see them even ceasing to properly fit him in one area—he has kinda a boy camel toe, if you will)……I have no doubt he had a full on woody the entire time they did The Kitchen Scene and then proceeded to recreate it in his set trailer afterwards.

Basically, I think Cole is now two things in Lili’s presence: massively erect or fucking her. Seriously.

ETA: they also looked REALLY happy in the group pics today. KJ looked sulky for some reason. Cole didn’t have his “MINE” face on around Lili, instead they both had their “yeah, we hit that every freakin’ chance we get. And it’s amaaaaazzzzzinggggg” smirks on