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How about exo reacting to their gf eati chocolate cake and after she finishes it having some chocolate sauce left around her mouth (This sounded better in my head :p)

Hehe.. no worries :) This is going to be kinda cheesy but then, ENJOYY :)


Oh.. *takes out tissue* You are so cute >.< *cleans the sauce* Good thing you didn’t made much mess *laughs* ( how is he the oldest ?!!!)

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Doesn’t tells you until you noticed it yourself. “ hahaha, you’re cute “ :D *blush* GOSHH DA FEELS

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Chanyeol : 

“You little careless jagi…” *starts singing* “Look into your eyes, butter butterflies”

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Baekhyun :

“Was the cake tasty..? I didn’t have a single bite from it…. Let me try it” *Kisses the spot* ( heheh all da feels *pregnant* :D)

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Suho :

“Let me help you :D “ *uses thumb to wipe off* 

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Luhan : 

*freaks out for overload cuteness* I’m a man.. need to calm down…I’m a man!

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Kris :

*wipes off* “ As i was saying….” Have to act calm… I TOUCHED HER LIPS!!!

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Tao :

“OMGG!!! IS THAT A COCKROACH ON YOUR FACE?! oh wait.. its sauce… “ *laughs awkwardly and wipes it off gentlemanly*

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Lay :

“ Cutie, you have sauce on your face. “ * wipes off like a angel*

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D.O. :

Should I wipe it off? Okay I should! *wipes off* Oh god what have I done.??? *laughs awkwardly* her lips (ignore chen chen :D )

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Kai :

*wipes off* *coughs* *does celebratory dance*

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*passes tissue to you* “What…. thought I was going to wipe it for you? “ okay i sould really have wiped it for her… *does aegyo*

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