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*Hannae is an expression in Thai that is often used to tease someone.

Trans: poopheyy (KR), thepaleblood (TH)

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not really a question more an observation; In the vet hospital I work, there are stables for horses and there is a secluded area for illegal fauna traffic that was confiscated; One day a truck pass nearby to go to the secluded area, turn out the truck was carrying a Jaguar. All the horses immediately went nervous and began to neigh really loudly.I think is incredible how they still react to predators even if they have been years apart!

It’s an instinctive thing, really. I wish I knew the details of it, but animals react very strongly to the smell of animals they consider a threat. 

There was a day a while ago when I had been hanging out with an animal education company, and the last thing I had handled before leaving was a juvenile crocodile. I stopped at a gas station and this super friendly german shepherd came running over to say hi. The moment he sniffed my hands, he backed up about ten feet and started alert barking frantically. I have no idea if that dog had ever encountered a crocodile (unlikely) but he still knew something about that smell was fundamentally a big nope. 

Know Who You Are

Summary: In which you come home and remind Bucky who he is. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,081 

A/N: Inspired by Know Who You Are from the Moana soundtrack. This was supposed to be a drabble, but apparently I’m no good at the whole short and sweet thing. 

@avengerstories - you’ll forever be my editing hero

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If a man tortured by his nightmares is crying and no one is around to hear him, does he actually make a sound?

For months, the answer to that question was no.

No one knew about the way Bucky thrashed around like a madman in his sleep. They had no clue that the blankets that covered him became a cage that he couldn’t escape every night. They didn’t realize that his mind was exactly the same.

They didn’t know that he woke up with tears in his eyes that he didn’t remember shedding. They failed to hear him shout for the help that wasn’t coming. They were unaware that the first thing he did when he woke up was jump out of bed and search his surroundings, looking for the evil monster that lurked in his dreams. They were never there to watch the light leave his azure eyes when he looked in the mirror and realized that the monster he was running from was himself.

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punishment // L.H

smut smut smut,,

Luke dragged you by your hair into your shared bedroom. He threw you onto the bed and giving you instant demands. He was mad, very mad. Especially at you. You came home late from your little girls night with a few of your best girlies. So, this is how he was.

“Strip.” He commanded, “L-Luke-”. “Fucking strip y/n. And my name isn’t Luke.” He cut you off, a flush of red waved over your cheeks, you did as you were told, pulling every bit of fabric that was left on your body, including your pastel pink lingerie.

You heard a small groan escape his lips and his own hand disappearing down into his pants, “fuck baby girl, turn around for me and bend down.” You turned around so the ass he loves was facing him, and bending down so he could see a little more of the body he calls his. A mutter came from his lips, saying something how he’s gonna fuck you so hard that you won’t even be able to get out of bed the next day. “Stay like that kitten.” He growled, getting up from the bed, stripping himself, walking over to your and meeting his bare skin with yours, “get on the bed and get into the same position.” He demanded. You did as you were told, laying your face into the bed sheets, waiting for your beloved boyfriend to come over and start teasing you. Except, he came back with a few things in his hands. “Lay on your back, baby girl.” You turn around seeing what Luke had in his hands, two ropes to tie your wrists up to the bed, a blindfold to cover your eyes and a vibrator. ‘Ohhh fuck shit fuck’, you thought to yourself. Snapping out of your thoughts, noticing Luke has already tied you to the bed, getting ready to have some fun. “Ohhh daddy.” You widened your eyes as Luke smirked, “ohhh yes baby girl.”

should i continue? (;
Laundry Mishaps (M) - RA!Jimin

Originally posted by hoseokijn

Summary: You just wanted to do some laundry, but an encounter with the RA leads to a private session in his dorm room.

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 3.9k

Warning: Smut, oh dear god

A/N: Supposedly based on the RA!Jimin from the RA!Jimin headcanon. Supposedly. He’s a lot more fluffy there than he is here, that’s for sure.

Sequel: Take a Break (M)

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Yugyeom Imagine - V App

A/N - I feel like it’s been absolutely ages since one of my lovely mutuals @datyugyummy requested this! Sorry it took so long to get done but I hope you enjoy it regardless~

I’d like to request a Yugyeom one shot (who would have guessed? 😂) where he and the reader go on the V App for the first time together as a couple and make either a cute lil live stream or make a more mature, slightly smut suggestive one. Doesn’t really matter, I leave that up to you ^^ That’d be awesome 😍

It had been about two weeks since you and Yugyeom had gone public. The main reason had been partly because of the dating ban but also because you were unsure of how the fans would react. So far, nothing too bad had happened apart from the odd sasaeng fan who claimed that Yugyeom had ‘changed’ since he started dating you even though you had known each other and been together for a while before you went public. But today, Yugyeom had planned to do a v app livestream where he properly introduced you to the fans as his girlfriend. To say you were nervous would be an understatement. You were scared the fans wouldn’t like you, even though Yugyeom had reassured you so many times that if he loved you, then all of his fans will too.

You were both in his room in the dorm setting up the phone to start the broadcast. Yugyeom had the phone while you sat there, feeling the nerves build up. 
“Yes, jagiya?”
“What if the fans don’t like me?”
“I’ve already told you, love. They will absolutely adore you just like I do,” he replied, gently tapping your nose and smiling at you cutely. He then clicked the button to start the broadcast, making sure you were out of sight so he could surprise the fans. 
“Hello everyone~ As you can see in the title, I’ve got a special guest with me today,” he said, smiling brightly into the phone camera. His eyes flickered across the comments people were leaving and he giggled. “No, it’s not one of the members~ This person is very special to me and none of you have met them yet.” You were playing the livestream on your own phone just so you could see the comments and noticed a lot of them were asking ‘is it your girlfriend?’ and ‘will you finally show us your girlfriend?’
“Ah, so many of you guessed it! Yes, my girlfriend is here today. Jagiya, want to come here?”

You shuffled closer to him so your face was now on screen and the fans could see you. The comments surged with a lot of positive messages saying how pretty you were or how cute you looked together. 
“Want to introduce yourself, jagiya?”
“Yes, hello everyone! I’m (Y/N), Yugyeom’s girlfriend. Please don’t get too jealous~” You said laughing as you watched the comments move up the screen. They all seemed to like you so far and there were very few negative people leaving messages.
“So if you guys want to ask us any questions then we’ll answer them for the next 10 minutes or so,” Yugyeom said, smiling at you before turning back to the camera. 
“Yep, ask us anything you want! We’re just in the dorm waiting for the other members to come back with food,” you explained to the camera.
“Someone asked which members are in the dorm. Apart from us two it’s just Youngjae hyung and Jaebum hyung. One is playing video games and the other is sleeping, can you guess which one’s which?” Yugyeom asked teasingly, making you laugh.

The two flew by quickly as you answered questions about how you both met, what your first date was like. A lot of fans were asking you what Yugyeom was like as a boyfriend and when you told them how lovely, sweet and caring he was, he just blushed and hid his face in his hand from embarrassment. 
“Jagiyaaa you’re ruining my manly reputation!”
“You can’t ruin what was never there, Yugy.”
“Wow my own girlfriend doesn’t care about me,” he said, going all cute and pouty for you. Giggling, you poked his cheek and softly kissed his nose like he often did to you which only made him blush even deeper. The sounds of the other members arriving home interrupted your cute and teasing antics. They all came in to say hi to the fans and tell them they were stealing you both away so you could eat. Once Yugyeom had ended the livestream, he said to you, “I told you the fans would love you. They couldn’t stop saying how cute you are!”
“I’m glad you were right and that they aren’t too mad I’ve stolen their favourite from them,” you replied, smiling as you leaned in to kiss him softly.
“Can you two save the cuteness until you’re alone? Some of us are trying to eat over here,” Jinyoung interrupted, giving you both death stares. A deep blush quickly covered your faces as you realised you weren’t actually alone. Yugyeom leaned in to whisper in your ear. 
“Don’t worry, when we’re on our own, I’ll be as cute as you want me to be.”

erwin-smith  asked:

Your little Ereri figure are so cute hehe. I don't ship it very much yet but I just wanted to say that. I like the little figures. 😅

I’m very happy that you like them! They are one of the most precious things I own, I love them so much ♡.

Look, they came to say hi to you :P.

sidney crosby // it's a boy

warnings: none 

who: Sidney x reader 

premise: you have special news to tell your husband +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 

 From the day you married Sidney Crosby, you knew he would be an amazing dad. You loved watching him interact with young children during various charity events and listening to him gush about it after. You both had discussed it and were both looking forward to being parents and raising a family, maybe hockey players like their dad.

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anonymous asked:

Could you share some information about the norns and the threads of fate? I normally leave my fate in the hands of the Gods and I'm now curious about the sisters.

Velkomin(n), vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

There are three norns who dwell beneath the world tree, Yggdrasil, and they are the most famous: Urðr (Fate), Verðandi (Being), and Skuld (Necessity).(1) There are others, however, and they each can have various roles, although generally centered around fate, childbirth, fertility, and “the protection of hearth and home.”(2) Those that are related to the gods “visit everyone when they are born to shape their lives.”(3) Their kinship with the gods, and with the divine in general, seems to be a bit of an obscurity. There are several other norns, though, which stem from the álfar (Elves) and even the dvergar (Dwarves), which is told to us in Fáfnismál:

“From very different tribes I think the norns come,
they are not of the same kin;
some spring from the Æsir, some from the elves,
some are daughters of Dvalin.”(4)

Snorri’s Prose Edda leads us to believe that the norns who govern fate are those of the Æsir: Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld. Yet, it seems likely that the norns were far more regionally diverse, especially given their connection with localized fertility beings like álfar, and perhaps even with landvættir (land-spirits). The role of these women seems to play most heavily into that of fertility and childbirth, since that is when a child is to be given its fate. All of the roles mentioned above relate to each other during the time of childbirth, which would have occurred in the household — a very localized place. There is an example of this from Volsunga saga, in which norns come during the birth of Helgi, but they are not the three that reside among the Æsir (as suggested by the use of the indefinite rather than the definite — ‘norns’, rather than ’the norns’):

“…when Helgi was born, Norns came to set his destiny, saying that he would become the most famous of all kings.”(5)

Although Snorri says that the norns of the Æsir are the ones who “shape men’s lives”,(6) I suspect that the Norse would have considered otherwise, believing instead that local norns, those related more closely to the álfar, and perhaps the dvergar as well, were responsible for the fate bestowed upon themselves and their children. As they gave offerings to the landvættir for the prosperity of their farm and livestock,(7) so too could they have given offerings to ‘household’ norns for a prosperous life. The three named norns of the Æsir just seem to be a bit too specific for such a variety-rich and regionally-diverse religion. They do, however, symbolize and represent the norns as a whole quite well.

The norns share roles with various major deities, such as Frigg, Freyja, and even Odin, to some extents. Frigg actually knows the fate of all, although she does not bestow it as the norns do:

“Frigg knows, I think, all fate,
though she herself does not speak out.”(8)

Freyja governs the fertility of women, and yet the norns determine the fate of the children that they give birth to. In fact, both Frigg and Freyja are called upon during childbirth, as the poem Oddrúnargrátr suggests when Borgny is in labor:

“May the kindly beings help you,
Frigg and Freyja and more of the gods,
as you warded off that dangerous illness from me.”(9)

Despite this overlapping, the norns still have a unique role. Although they help ensure a successful birth, Frigg and Freyja do not decide that child’s fate.

Furthermore, Odin decides who lives and who dies in battle, and even Freyja has a choice in the matter herself, and yet the norns have already decided this long before they went to battle. A famous poem from Njal’s Saga has much to tell of both the valkyries and the norns during the Battle of Clontarf, which took place in Ireland in 1014. This poem tells of the valkyries coming for the slain (and it is mentioned that even they chose who lives and dies), all while maintaining the metaphor of weaving fabric on a loom with their guts, which is very characteristic of the norns, but with a battle-reddened flare:

“A wide harp

warns of slaughter;

blood rains

from the beam’s cloud.

A spear-grey fabric

is being spun,
which the friends (valkyries)
of Randver’s slayer (killed by Odin himself)
will fill out

with a red weft.

The warp is woven

with warriors’ guts,

and heavily weighted

with the heads of men.

Spears serve as heddle rods,

spattered with blood;

iron-bound is the shed rod,

and arrows are the pin beaters;

we will beat with swords

our battle web.

Hild sets to weaving
and Hjorthrimul
and Sanngrid and Svipul, (names of the valkyries)
with swords drawn. 

Shafts will splinter,

shields shatter;

the dog of helmets

devours shields.

We wind and wind

the web of spears

which the young king

has carried on before.

Let us go forth

amongst the fighters

when our dear ones

deal out blows.

We wind and wind

the web of spears,

and then stand by

our stalwart king.

Gunn and Gondul,

who guarded the king,

saw the bloody shields

of the brave men.

We wind and wind

the web of spears,

there where the banners

of bold men go forth;

we must not let

his life be lost —

valkyries decide

who dies or lives.

The men who inhabited

the outer headlands

will now be leaders

in the lands.

I declare the mighty king

doomed to death.

The earl has fallen

in the face of the spears.

And the Irish will

endure an evil time
which will never lessen

as long as men live.

Now the web is woven

and the war-place reddened;

the lands will learn

of the loss of men.

Now it is gruesome

to gaze around,

as blood-red clouds

cover the sky;

the heavens will be garish

with the gore of men

while the slaughter-wardens

sing their song.

Our pronouncement was good

for the young prince;

sound of mind

we sing victory songs.

May he who listens

learn from this

the tones of spear-women

and tell them to men.

Let us ride swiftly

on our saddle-less horses

hence from here,

with swords in hand.”(10)

It is not surprising, though, to have such overlapping roles, and they are not meant to contradict. Why give offerings to the landvættir for a farm’s prosperity when one could give those offerings to Freyr instead? Well, Freyr can bring rain and sunshine, but the landvættir inhabit the very land that needs those ingredients for growth; they must be willing to share their prosperity. The same goes for the norns. Although Freyja grants female fertility, the norns can still play a role in protecting and guiding that fertility through childbirth. The fact that the norns share roles with the gods shows that there is a great deal of interwoven complexity in the completion of their tasks; many forces are at work in this world, and even the gods are subject to them (Ragnarok).

In the end, there is no decisive answer for what the norns are, nor for what their roles and boundaries may be. It seems that the norns intermingle in many of the gods’ tasks, but that fate is their primary domain, especially during childbirth. The most important aspect to remember about them, though, is that there are more than the three that Snorri mentions. The Norse likely would have considered them to be localized deities, perhaps even unique to each community or household, or perhaps even abstract entities with no locative affiliation, rather than the same three that dwell among the Æsir.

I hope my insights were what you were seeking. As for the threads of fate, some believe that was influence from Greek mythology.(11) I would be happy to write more on this topic. I could have written much more, but this should suffice for now. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask!

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

1. H.R. Ellis Davidson, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (repr., 1964; London: Penguin Books, 1990), 26.
2. Ibid., 112-13. The Germans and Celts both worshipped female deities that had similar roles as the norns, and so although they are not always regarded by the name ‘norn’, their roles suggest that they were linked in some way. In Germany, Holland, and Britain, for example, these deities were known as ‘the mothers’, and they were often depicted in groups of three.
3. Snorri Sturluson, Edda, translated by Anthony Faulkes (repr., 1987; London: Everyman, 1995), 18.
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5. Jesse L. Byock trans., The Saga of the Volsungs (London: Penguin Classics, 1999),47.
6. Snorri, 18.
7. There is a case of this in Landnámabók, the Icelandic Book of Settlements, where a man name Thorstein Red-Nose “used to make sacrifices to the waterfall and all the left-overs had to be thrown into it.” (Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards trans., The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók (repr., 1972; Winnipeg, Canada: University of Manitoba Press, 2012), 134.) As a result of his offerings, the landvættir gave him 2400 sheep and even the gift of foresight.
8. Larrington, 85. (Lokasenna, stanza 29, lines 3 and 4.)
9. Ibid., 200. (Oddrúnargrátr, stanza 9.)
10. Robert Cook trans., Njal’s Saga (London: Penguin Classics, 2001), 303-7.
11. Lee M. Hollander trans., The Poetic Edda (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2014), 4. (Footnote 17)


Everyone Gets Some Love

Finally put together the lace piece of my continuation of the Everyone Needs Some Love series by @justwritingscibbles.

Alternate Endings from here

And now the Alternate Ending, Everyone Gets Some Love.

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You hung up instantly.
“Did you find it?” Mark called.
“No,” you replied, “I’m going to go look in the car, just in case.” You walked outside to your car, locking yourself in for privacy before you called Mark’s phone again. It rang only once before being answered, but only silence waited on the other side.
“Dark, are you there?” you whispered. He chuckled.
“So you did miss me.” You hesitated, not entirely certain why you’d called.
“Listen,” you said at last, “there’s a park three blocks from here, we’ve been there before. I’m going to be there in twenty minutes.” You took a deep breath. “Will you?” He chuckled again.
“We’ll see.”

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