Giving Up On You

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Angst  |  Word Count: 2,381

Summary: There are only three words that would make Reader stay by Bucky’s side.

Warnings: Feels. So many feels.

Author’s Note: I had been feeling very low and this came to mind when I was listening to this song. As always, let me know if there’s any typo. (I swear guys the next fic will be smutty as hell.)

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BSF #02:

Hi its me again the owner of this blog. Just a reminder to get by:

Have you ever done something and regret it? Or words that came out of your mouth and didn’t mean it? And wishing you could take it all back or get another chance to make things right. And the question is, will things get worse or get better if we all did the right thing? Will things turn out the way we plan? Will things turn out differently? No one will know. Things are already said and done, the words that are actually the last thing on our minds came out as if it was the only words left to say. The sudden burst of emotions, the fact that we already scarred another human being wont change the fact that we did. The word “sorry” may be the ticket out but, will sorry be enough? Will it be enough to heal the wounds? I fear not. Doing what is right and trying to be a better version of ourselves may not be sufficient, but it shows acceptance and how much we are willing to show reparation. So to you that is reading this letter always do what is right. The damage has been done, but it doesn’t make the people around you love you any less. We all make mistakes, we are humans after all never forget that.

Spread love,

~ L

Desert Island Discs

My dear @ladytp tagged me - thank you! Here are the rules:

Select three songs that you would take with you on a desert island, if you were a castaway. Give a quick reason/explanation of you choices, and tag some people to spread the love! These can be just fun songs, happy Friday songs, anything.

For those who are unfamiliar, Desert Island Discs is a radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Each week a guest, called a ’castaway’ during the programme, is asked to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island, whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices.

1. About A Girl, Nirvana. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised: I’m a fan of Nirvana and to be honest, when I read the rules, this song was the first that came to mind. I love the rhythm of the song and I think I couldn’t live without it.

2. Du Courage, La Grande Sophie. For this list, I told myself I’d name at least one French song. The title is pretty self-explanatory: when you’re on a desert island, you need to be brave. 

3. Alabama Song, The Doors. It would be difficult for me to spend a long period of time without the music of the Doors and Alabama Song will always be a favorite of mine (it was either Alabama Song or The End and I told myself you’d think I’m even more pessimistic than I already am if I chose The End!).

The book I’d take to a desert island would be Mishima Yukio’s The Sea of Fertility series. There’s enough mystery and beauty in this series to busy myself with for a long time… If I could take only one luxury item, it would be my trusted Repetto Mary Janes. You never know who you can meet on a desert island, right?

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I mean Duke already is an angel so...

U RIGHT tht honestly was the first thing to came to my mind…can u imagine…an angel an his closest friends r a zombie, vampire n alien…n they’re dating . Yet he never feels like a fourth wheel they keep their relationship stuff mostly for when they’re alone I feel.

dadliestwarrior  asked:

I also kind of like the idea that Keith actually knew who lance was but just didn't know what to say so he just said the first thing that came to mind and he was just like crap why did I say that (flash to Keith drinking milk straight from the gallon while crying to shiro)

i love this idea too, friend. it is a Good idea. i am just???? all for keith having been pining since when he was in the garrison??? one-upping lance just to get his attention, but it backfired bad. and now hes probably like “shit i just wanted him to notice me and instead i made him think we were rivals!!!” poor shiro has heard about keith’s struggles with his feelings for lance for years now. he didnt miss it. its probably like 2:00 AM, keith. put the bowl of mac and cheese down and just sleep 

Responds to this:

♔ —— | Surely, Garnet was expecting a different response from the blond. So when the young man seemed more than relieved over what she had done, Garnet stare at him completely bewildered. In shock, the brunette had not responded to Judeau’s demand to follow him. With only a few steps behind, the gem began to run forward while stuttering out a, O-Okay!!!” Her heart raced with excitement. It was sort of a rather childish sense of joy that bubbled within her heart and while running, she remembered just how the scene played out once she placed her blade into him. 

Now she was running beside the blond and randomly broke out into laughter as the recollection of his terror and pain stricken face along with his high piercing scream tore into the open sky came into mind. “…Oh I feel terrible for laughing but– She tried to repress her snickers. “I cannot help it!!!”


“tomorrow isn’t promised.” 

this is something that came to my mind a while ago, not from Lin, but from losing my Mother. I was terrified, I still am, and am trying everyday to wrap my head around that thought. I learnt that there’s no way of knowing how much time you have, and you have to make the most of it whilst you can.

Seeing that Lin has had the same thoughts of it, makes me feel like i’m not crazy for thinking that, and it’s not just something stupid in my head.

ignore me, i’m rambling.

Inktober day 23: the prompt was SLOW and this picture came to my mind when I thought what I draw today, but I wrote a question mark after the prompt, cause I think turtles are not really slow, it´s just a prejustice that they are marked as slow … but this special turtle on the picture is a little bit slow and needs a little push …

ONE ( name / alias ). Dia / Didge
TWO ( birthday ). April 23
THREE ( zodiac sign ). Taurus
FOUR ( height ). 5′1.5″ / 156 cm
FIVE  ( time ). 2:58 pm
SIX ( sleep ). 7-10 hours on average
SEVEN ( favorite books ). I loved The Canterbury Tales :^)
EIGHT ( favorite artists ). Musical artists? Uhh. Styx, Gotye, Adam Lambert, Aerosmith…
NINE ( last movie watched ). Uuuhhhhh I don’t think I’ve watched a movie in over two months. Beats me…Zootopia maybe?
TEN ( education ). Bachelor’s Degree in English. Working on my Associate’s in Digital Media.
ELEVEN ( dream job ). Best-selling author or web designer?
TWELVE ( the meaning behind your url ). The first thing that came to mind when referring to Geddie. She’s little. She’s a Miss. She’s Geddie :’)

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