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Love your trans peter post! My head cannon is steve being trans. Back in the day, he was short and small like peter. How quick to violence people were with poor 1900's steve. The real reason he couldn't get into the army was because what was on his birth certificate. When Bucky told him to 'sell bonds/manufacture' instead of enlist, those were woman's jobs back then. The doctor hooked him up with the super soldier experiment, adding in extra procedures.

damn u right!! but okay- I’ve actually been meaning to talk about my trans Steve headcanon for quite some time now, so I’m just gonna info-dump a bunch of trans history and MCU interpretations right here. SO:

First of all, the setup of Steve Rogers as a short, scrawny boy who’s bullied and beat up all the time fits easily with how a trans man in the 1940s might have lived. This scene from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) honestly looks like that cliche trans art trope where it’s like: “trans person looks in the mirror and their reflection is the right gender”. you know the one.

Later in that same scene, Bucky outright says that the reason he thinks Steve is joining the war is to “prove himself.” You could totally interpret this as Steve trying to shove himself into the absolute most masculine role in his society in order to reaffirm his own gender identity. 

Bucky is also incredibly worried about the consequences Steve will face if he is “discovered falsifying enlistment documents”. If you headcanon Steve as a trans man, this adds new depth to the stakes. Instead of lying about his respiratory issues and hometown, Steve would be lying about his sex assigned at birth. Which, given the state of the US in 1943, would’ve had even harsher punishment.

It’s also interesting that Dr. Abraham Erskine (the man who accepts Steve into the military) is a German scientist. In the early 1900s, the Germans were at the forefront of medical treatment for trans people. The first clinic to treat transgender people (Magnus Hirschfeld’s ‘Institute for Sexology’) opened in Germany in 1919. But as the Nazis came to power in the 1930s, many of the German scientists at this clinic migrated to the US to treat the trans people here. 

Steve is recruited by Dr. Abraham Erskine in 1943, which would be congruent with the time the German scientists from the ‘Institute for Sexology’ immigrated to the US. So, to clarify: a German-American doctor spends his life researching and creating a serum that instantly masculinized Steve via intra-muscular injection. I would like to point out that for trans men, testosterone is administered the same way. Also, this timeline just so happens to line up with a key point in the history of transgender medical treatment. Huh. Interesting.

In addition, the following quote by Dr. Abraham Erskine can easily lend itself to a discussion on transmasculinity:

“…the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows… compassion.”

and– hey, I just wanna point out the… interesting parallel… between the flag pole scene in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

and the arrow scene in Mulan (1998)

…like wow… okay. there’s actually a lot of parallels between these two movies, (except in Mulan the protagonist enters the ‘male’ gender role out of necessity whereas Steve does so by desire, differentiating between a cross-dresser and a trans man) but I won’t go there today. nope.

Then the introduction of Peggy Carter leads Steve to question his existing perceptions of gender roles. He admits that “I guess I just don’t know why you’d join the army if you were… a woman” which, under this trans interpretation, could be Steve projecting his own relationship with gendered aspirations onto Peggy.

And god, that’s not even delving into how easily his ‘transformation sequence’ could fall into a trans narrative.

In the second act of the film when a woman hits on him, Steve responds with visible discomfort. When he first realizes that she’s hitting on him, his immediate reaction is to cover his chest.

The First Avenger mentions Steve’s lack of romantic/sexual experience many times throughout the film. Steve passes it off as ‘not having found the right partner yet’ but hypothetically– if he were a trans man, that could be another reason for his fear of sexual intimacy. If he’s #stealth and passing as male, then any form of sexual intimacy could risk his reputation and his ability to remain in the military. 

Oh, and did I mention? Statistically speaking, approximately 20% of the US transgender population serves (or has served) in the military. This is over double the rate of the cisgender population. So, tbh, it’s not unrealistic to have a trans character so adamant about enlistment, patriotism, or military life.

Anyways, yeah- Captain America’s story (especially in the MCU) definitely lends itself to an interpretation of Steve Rogers as a trans man.

I noticed in the MHA official databook, each character has a section where an acquaintance/friend makes a comment about him/her. And for Todoroki, it was Bakugou… He says:

Who’s this guy’s acquaintance!? Screw you!! The way he’s always putting on airs seriously pisses me off. Someday I’ll beat the crap out of this guy along with Deku!!

He’s so cute rip

We're to blame...

It’s late, and as always, I delve deep into thought. Given all the Anti-hype lately, the following I spoke with @fear-is-nameless about and they suggested I make a post about it so here it is.

Basically, in our conversation, it was mentioned how there’s a LOT more at stake this time around, what with not just Jack’s life on the line but the other egos’ as well. We can only hope that their blood won’t be on our hands too, although unfortunately, I genuinely feel like that’s what will happen.

Whether Jack and the others get hurt or worse (*cough*killed*cough*), I feel Anti will put the blame on us again just like what happened on Halloween. Look at what happened then: We all saw the signs, we saw the warnings and we knew something horrible was coming. And as Halloween approached, we didn’t do a single thing to stop him. We let curiosity get the better of us. And what happened? Jack got his throat slit because of it! And Anti blamed US. He said it was our fault, and that we made it happen.

He then blatantly said that we could’ve stopped him - suggesting that there was a way we could’ve actually prevented Jack’s horrific demise. And yet, we did nothing; just like Anti said, we just watched.

And so what now? Given the title of the recent video “LIVE.DIE.REPEAT| Life Goes On”, I feel like everything is going to repeat itself all over again, except with more lives on the line. And in the end, we are all going to be blamed yet again. Why? We have all seen the signs, we know something is going to happen, and what will the end result be?

We won’t be able to do anything to stop it. We’ll all have to sit and watch helplessly in horror at what happens to Jack and the others.

And the worst part is that as much as we say we’re on Jack’s side and that we want to help him, Dr. Schneeple, Chase, all of them, we don’t really. The truth is - whether you deny it or not - we don’t want to help, only because we’re curious to know what Anti has done - or will do - to all of them. And because of that, in some twisted way, we’re like the bad guys. I mean, look at the title of this video!

Who IS the real killer here? We SHOULD be helping Jack and the egos, and yet what do we do? Nothing! We keep theorizing, making fanart, writing fanfics, continuing to talk about Anti and discussing how he’s becoming stronger and more dangerous. And we’re ALL anticipating what he’ll do to both Jack and the rest of the egos. We actually want to see what he’ll do to them, and that’s horrifying.

We’re supposed to be loyal loving fans of Jack’s and be there for him, and yet we’re finding ourselves actually wanting to see what cruel insidious intentions Anti has for him. It’s truly scary. It’s almost like Anti actually wanted this all to happen from the start, and THAT’S why he puts the blame on us. It’s like he has put us under a spell of sorts…

We have to accept facts here, we have to take the blame.

WE are the real villain in all of this, NOT Anti.

Sure, Anti does the dirty work - I mean, look at what happened on Halloween! He killed Jack! But given by what he said in the video, we HAD a chance to save Jack, and we failed to do so. Instead, we let curiosity take the reins and we let him “die”.

So ask yourself this question, and REALLY ask yourself:

Who is the REAL villain in all of this - Antisepticeye or the community?

EDIT: I’d like to add something I forgot to mention - just a reminder that Anti was created by the community, not Jack. We all gave him a form, a general idea of what he looks like and how he behaves, and from it, he became a reality. This only adds on to how we’re the ones to blame - we all created an abomination to ruin Jack and the other egos. If we hadn’t done that, none of this would be happening, everyone would be safe. But unfortunately, everything that has happened is our fault.

Just a few hours left until the release of Splatoon 2!
Who else is excited??


The friend word was used a lot this issue and surprisingly no one was harmed while saying it. Progress is being made.

(Also Beast Boy’s nickname for Jon is GREAT.)

looking at people posting these “only 90’s kids remember” with the last layout makes me feel like a fucking 80’s kid because I was there on the actual release date. I experienced all the bugs and the original layout. version fucking 0.0.0. I’m a grandma of the fandom with tales of the server going down every fucking hour.