ok so imagine alec in a couple of years, completely comfortable with himself and his sexuality and so decides he wants other people to feel the same so starts going in to talk to local high schools about how his ‘job’ and 'community’ discriminated against him and he overcame it and he starts handing his phone number out for kids to call him

and suddenly his phone starts blowing up with calls from kids in the lgbtq+ community who feel like they have no one to turn to so Alec starts setting up group meetings in a community centre in Brooklyn and tons of teenagers come and Alec feels so satisfied

and then one day he notices one teen with a slight blur around them and realises this kid is glamoured, and the girl next to him has piercing green eyes that are just too green for her to be human, and then the kid next to her is trying (and failing) and cover their rune on their hand

and Alec is just overcome with the emotions that not only is he providing comfort amongst these mundane children, but now also shadowhunters and downworlders alike who are all in the same situation

and when his original kids leave the group he isn’t sad to see them go, but bursting with pride that these kids are now so comfortable in their own skin they don’t need someone to turn to, and so Alec welcomes the next bunch of unfamiliar faces into his group

holly was a drug addict.

she was addicted to heroin, she was addicted, she had an addiction, a disease, just because she wore a pretty dress and applied some makeup does not mean she was cured. just because she smiled, does not mean she was cured, it does not mean she wasn’t thinking about her next fix every other minute of the day and constantly fighting against it. 

it does not make her weak, because she gave in. it does not make her questionable, because she bought drugs. it makes sense, because she was an addict.

relapses don’t happen for a reason all the time. sometimes they just happen, and that’s the most heartbreaking thing. knowing the person you love was taken away from you, but not knowing why. what drove them to it, if anything at all. sometimes the person you love is so tired of fighting, that they give in, one more time, and it’s the last time.

sometimes it happens, and that’s the end of it.

stop questioning it. stop saying she was so happy.

holly was a drug addict. that is why she scored heroin.

A Kodiak Kind of Summer

pairing: nalu

summary: a small town bag boy whose adopted dad has hit the road and enlisted brother has yet to call. the girl who shows up barefoot with a camera and is stained by strawberries. her name is lucy, and natsu’s summer just took a spin

a/n: for my twin in every way but blood, @lonestorm. HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY, RY!!! I love you dearly and not just because we have so much in common, but because you’re by far one of the sweetest human beings i have ever met and you deserve the bestest of days today. here’s to 19, and another 364 days before we are officially no longer teenagers<3 

Natsu Dragneel was not the happy-go-lucky type by any means, but he blamed that partly on the soul-sucking job of working as a bagboy at the town’s only grocery store.

As he scanned a box of elbow-shaped macaroni, waiting for the beep that would tell him if the scanner decided to work that day or not, he could only shake his head. Up until this point he’d thought he already had his future planned out, and his to-do list didn’t involve asking ‘paper or plastic’.

When he had graduated this past spring he’d counted on hopping the first train leaving Magnolia–a tiny population town that, to him, was nothing more than a coffee stain on a laminated map coated in dry syrup at some two-star diner occupied by the occasional occupant.

Hell, it was no secret that he wanted to leave. He’d spent his entire senior year telling everyone he was finally getting out; gonna go off to college and make a new name for himself. Natsu didn’t even necessarily want to do anything remarkable, he just wanted out.

The boy knew his friends were sick of hearing his proclamations, but they understood his desire.

Ever since his brother had been deployed there wasn’t much to stick around for. His adoptive dad was still in touch, but had embarked on a year long road trip with some buddies from his old band days. The most Natsu ever heard from him was a postcard every few weeks with Igneel’s shitty scrawlings that barely passed as chicken scratch.

He’d left a few months after Natsu had turned eighteen and graduated, ruffling the boy’s hair while he slept one night before slipping out the front door in the early hours of the morning. He’d left some money, a fair amount, but not enough to support the boy for a full year–hence, the shitty job of bagging groceries for grouchy customers and pushing carts with bum wheels in the unforgiving summer heat.

Igneel’s leaving had really put a damper on the boy’s plans of getting the hell out, but Natsu didn’t hold it against him. The only thing the boy wished–other than for a train ticket–was that the man had waited just a few more months before high-tailing it out of there. Zeref, his brother, was coming back in six months and it’d be the first time in two years since Natsu had seen him.

For as long as Natsu could remember his older brother had shared his feelings for their small town, and while he wasn’t ever nearly as vocal as Natsu about it, he too had a very strong desire to leave the first chance he could. And for Zeref, the quickest way was to enlist.

Natsu wished he hadn’t.

It left his nerves on high every time the telephone rang or someone knocked on the door, causing the boy to expect the worst.

He missed his brother and, hell, he even missed his crazy adoptive dad.

Only thing worse about being left in a shitty town, was being left alone in a shitty town.

Not that Natsu was alone all the time; he had friends. A few being constant pains in his ass, sure, but friends nonetheless. Gray in particular was one icy bastard, but he’d been by Natsu’s side ever since the cursive handwriting days of elementary school, so the boy figured he was stuck with him for life–might as well enjoy a few days out of the numerous years with him.

It was one day in particular that sent the boy’s summer in a tailspin. One hot, humid and muggy day that would change his life forever.

One unforgiving July morning that his world would be turned upside down in the most anti-climatic sort of way.

It was a Tuesday when he saw her for the first time.

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