I Came Back

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, couple of nameless OCs

Word count: 600-ish

Warnings: Bit of angst, drinking, bit of fluff

A/N: This is my contribution to @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps Steph’s 500+ Followers and Birthday Challenge I hope this time I’m right with the deadline lol

Unbetad. So yeah, mistakes…

Song Prompt: She’s Not You by Elvis

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I Came Back

The bartender places a fresh bottle and re-fills your glass as you asked. “It’s on the house,” he adds at your quizzical look.

He’s wearing a flirty smirk and his eyebrows are up. You roll your eyes and shake your head. “Thanks though,” you smile politely taking a swing of your free beer.

With a sigh you tap the wooden countertop with tingling fingers, following the rhythm of the 80’s one-hit-wonder playing in the background. The ugly guy that’s been eyeing you for past hour gathers enough courage to sit on the barstool next to yours. Helping your decision of going back to the motel after this one last drink.

But before you can even hop off your sit the door of the pub opens and in comes a tall guy. A hot, tall guy. A hot, tall guy you know a little too well. A hot, tall guy, you know a little too well, own your heart and is the reason you’re getting drunk right now.

You don’t turn around, not even when you hear his low raspy voice as he kicks ugly stinky guy out of his sit.

“Beat it.” It’s like a growl and then the dragging of the metal legs around the dirty concrete floor.

Through the mirror at the back wall you observe carefully as he licks his lips, grazing his lower one with white teeth and stares at you.

“Still here,” he asks after a minute or two.

You just shrug and take another sip of beer. “Had fun?” Is your turn to make a dumb question.

His eyebrows knit in confusion, you roll your eyes. “With big-boobed blondie!”   

Dean scoffs and your eyes finally meet his. “What you think… you think me and-”

“I don’t need to know’er name,” you interrupt with one hand up. Downing your whiskey in one final big chug, you shudder and slip off the barstool.  

“Look, I get it. We’re not together anymore-”

“Only because you wanted t-”

“I know! Anyways… I don’t need you to rub your one night stands in my face.” With two finger on your temple you salute him and turn to leave.

Dean has your old beer in hand, so you assume he’s just sticking around until he finish it before he heads back.

“Y/N. Wait!” The loud stomping of his boots accompany his voice.

You stop only when you’re already outside and wait for him to get to you. “What?”

He looks down at you with a sad smile and sighs. “I just need you to know I didn’t. I didn’t sleep with her.” His hands move to your arms and his thumbs caress the naked skin of your forearms.

“You want me to believe that after all that flirting and touching,” -you shudder again at the memory- “you didn’t sleep with her.That Dean Winchester, let the hottest woman in the bar tonight, just walk away and didn’t- ”

Plump soft lips against yours stop every sound coming from your mouth. And like something you’d been doing all your life and never stopped, you kiss him back. Leaning your body to his, sucking in the heat emanating from him. Fisting the rough fabric of his jacket, pulling him closer to you. Parting your lips to allow his sweet tongue to meet yours.

His big hands roam your body, settling in the back of your head; fingers tangling in your hair and on your lower back; pulling you impossibly closer to him, letting you know how much you still excite him.

Only when your lungs burn for air you break the kiss and take a big ragged breath.

“I came back for her,” Dean whispers and you just blink no knowing what he’s talking about. “I came back to take the hottest woman back to my room with me.”

“What? But she was-”

“No,” he sweetly drags a few stranded hairs behind your ear and cups your cheek. “She wasn’t you.”

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I have no idea how to title this.

Eye glimmer, or the eye reflection is surprisingly important part on conveying emotion and creating immersive environment in a piece.

Or let’s be real, the entirety of the eye is very important in that, but i felt lazy so i rely on the fact people know how eyes and expressions work together (send all angry PMs to this blog if incorrect). I’m gonna go over few things that might give you the extra bling your eyes needs to look all nice stuff.

Coloring the eye itself has no real effect on the reflection. As long as you keep the effort and style consistent.

On eye and shimmer color though: Eyewhites are rarely fully white, consisting instead of yellow and red tints. Blue works too if need be. To really bring out the shimmer, keep the eyewhite in a lower tone and go all out with the shimmerlight to add contrast between them.

The basic reflection can be pretty much any shape you want, as long as it does it’s job of bringing the eye alive. Basic shimmer helps guiding the viewer, and helps showing just where exactly where the character is looking at. 

Hence why, even if the iris is directed to corrected direction, putting the shimmer in wrong or into opposite sides (they should almost always be identical) looks very weird and potentially hilarious.

So experiment with the shape to find what you like most. Come up with something your own! Whatever makes it easy to you. try out gradient shimmer too, i forgot it here.

ALSO: Sometimes, giving eye no reflection works to your advance too. A character who’s had all life drained out of them, or simply in need of serious nap could have no lights at all reflection on their eyes, to make it seem like they have lost that spark in heir eyes. Works well with sinister and ominous settings too.

Shimmers also help with conveying emotions and are good to keep in mind when making expressions.

Highly emotional character could have more shimmers. As one gets very sad or otherwise teary, their eyes become more reflective thanks to it and catch more light. Try adding bright points of light to a grieving or overjoyed characters and see how much more expression it brings in.

Eyes with more lights and shimmers is often also considered more innocent, “bright-eyed”.  Which, while not an emotion is a helpful view to remember in character design.  Having a child character with virtually no eye light feels very ominous and conveys something isn’t right.

To go into opposite direction, drawing very intense eyes is a favorite of mine.

Character’s stare can be hardened by reducing the amount of glimmer and moving it to more center of the pupil. Small, near-center light gives great boost to a character meant to be portrayed in a dangerous or otherwise threatening/wild light. “… crazy shine in their eyes.” Usually references to this kind.

Unlike a more emotional and innocent character, the eyes of more hard individual can be like this pinpointed to a single target.

Need to note the eye on bottom right: My personal and favorite technique. A character that’s meant to be portrayed as enraged or furious, i like adding a tad of red to their eye glimmer, it brings the point of anger across very well imo.

This can be taken to further levels even: differed colors could be linked to convey certain emotions. Pure red tint go give the air of rage while pink or purple glow could convey romantic feelings. Not realistic but looks nice.

What also needs to be remembered in the glimmer is the source of it; environment.

Making the eye glimmer reflect the environment around they eye helps with immersion. If the light coming in is colored, give the glimmer color instead of being pure white. Remember that the glimmer follows the light source. Some glimmers may also take the form of a reflecting surface near the eye, such as windows or weapons.

azure-starlight submitted: I have conclusive proof of brown eyed Keith!

As seen here, Keith clearly has brown eyes as well as many a hole in his body due to disrespecting a capri-sun pouch

I… am I like, old now or something? Am I out of touch? Is this some younger-teen/person kind of thing? Because I have no idea who this is.

Why I Don't

They say drink ale for whatever ails you;
Lovers will leave but whiskey won’t fail you;
Wine, beer, tequila, vodka, and gin–
You know it’s working when the room spins.
Frankly, it’s not my idea of fun;
I’ve long seen it lived out by someone
Near and dear to me, he can’t get enough–
He lives for the next round, it’s his true love.
Since I can remember, it’s been this way,
Though there were times he put the bottles away.
It was short-lived, never long enough for me;
I’m so invested in his sobriety
‘Cause he was the first male role model I had,
He’s in my blood…he’s my one and only dad.

No, I don’t drink, I guess the reason why
Is for all the times alcohol made me cry.


“Peasants love their Saints. They hunger for the miraculous. And yet they do not love the Grisha. Why do you think that is?”
“I hadn’t thought about it,” I said. I opened the book. Someone had written my name inside the cover. I flipped a few pages. Sankt Petyr of Brevno. Sankt Ilya in Chains. Sankta Lizabeta. Each chapter began with a full-page illustration, beautifully rendered in brightly colored inks.
“I think it is because the Grisha do not suffer the way the Saints suffer, the way the people suffer.”

ok but consider this… victor takes like a million instas and snaps of his wedding/engagement ring claiming how it’s the best gold he’s ever won

and yurio not only blocks him but also calls victor specifically to tell him he’s been blocked


you’re a fighter, rika | rika hongo, worlds 2017

anonymous asked:

Jack is the kid in high school who got picked on all the time because he was rlly scrawny and wore glasses but then ten years later he comes to high school reunion and he's a beefcake with multiple military medals and a beautiful trophy husband and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend

and its the reverse at gabriel’s too. except he was a grumpy emo rebel kid and now he’s a hot as shit, highly decorated military commander with equally attractive husband with as many medals to his name. they both think it’s hilarious, how nerdy they were in high school, and tease each other about it.