Aziz Ansari is an actor, he literally *gets paid* because he understands the minutiae of facial and body expressions, allowing him to become a character other than himself

but… he has no idea how to… process MULTIPLE “no” verbal/nonverbal signals from someone else ? Just a very foreign and new concept to the lad who has been doing this as a job for many years ???

Oh! Then I totally buy that “I Had No IDEA I was being an assole” apology! My bad. 

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b4 touka & nishiki? lol


t; help me study
n; can’t you ask more nicely and making a more pretty face!?

t; come here, i’m gonna cut your ugly ass hair !
n; like hell i’ll let you! —cut your own ugly ass hair first!!


drawing couple meme

gal pals off to save some planets