With the ‘40s came World War II, and suddenly there was no sugarcoating the danger that lurked in every corner of American life. Even a guide to bike safety included enough fatalities and dismemberment to resemble a PG Final Destination, because if your dad took a Nazi bullet between the eyes in the Ardennes, the least you could do was face the risks of biking like a man.

This guide is full of callow children taking the same risks that most children do. For their transgressions, they are not scolded by their elders, taught a lesson by their wiser peers, or shaken by a close call that encourages them to change their ways. They fucking die.

George appears to have been rammed by a tailgating vehicle driven by someone who’s unfamiliar with bicycles even as a general concept. To be fair, bikes have only existed since the early 1800s, so maybe Americans were still learning that their riders didn’t need to be stalked like prey animals to encourage movement. Blaming George’s Renaissance art death on his own actions is harsh, but at least he isn’t alone in being slandered before his body is even cold.

A Brief History Of Child Murder In Safety Guides

“I’m a guy and my parents never let me do many things growing up and they’re
really strict. I was usually home studying but I was always adventurous and always wanted to go out and see what the world has to offer, and when Tangled came out when I was in highschool I automatically felt so much in common
with Rapunzel. Her fake mom never let her out and she wanted to see the floating lanterns. I got courage to ask my parents for more freedom because of her”

I came into the world imbued with the will to find a meaning in things, my spirit filled with the desire to attain to the source of the world, and then I found that I was an object in the midst of other objects.

Sealed into that crushing objecthood, I turned beseechingly to others. Their attention was a liberation, running over my body suddenly abraded into nonbeing, endowing me once more with an agility that I had thought lost, and by taking me out of the world, restoring me to it. But just as I reached the other side, I stumbled, and the movements, the attitudes, the glances of the other fixed me there, in the sense in which a chemical solution is fixed by a dye. I was indignant; I demanded an explanation. Nothing happened. I burst apart. Now the fragment have been put together again by another self.

—  Frantz Fanon, The Fact of Blackness (1952)
A Theory on Vampire Knight Memories

Firstly, I can’t believe I’m doing another post on this. No matter how small it is. Secondly I want it very clear that I don’t believe we will get a full flesh resurrection of Yuuki and my reasoning for that is endless. But mostly it’s because I have to ask myself: ‘what’s the point?’. How would that, in any way, improve the plot? What purpose would it have?

Having said that, I understand how Kaname and Ai’s reaction to the possibility of resurrecting Yuuki could be perceived as foreshadowing, but Hino herself had Yuuki die to bring Kaname back to life for a reason. Hino had them separated for a reason. Hino had Yuuki narrate a chapter in past tense where she said, ‘a short while after I too came to erase my existence from this world’. She did all those things for a reason.

If Yuuki were to be resurrected in whatever form I doubt it would be so Kaname and Yuuki could be together. If they couldn’t make it work the first time, how could they possibly make it work the second? If the answer is because Zero is no longer alive, and thus Yuuki no longer craves his blood alone, then that kind of makes my point even more valid. Again, what is the point? What purpose does it have?

Moreover, there is no information to show just how Yuuki could be resurrected. All that remains of her is her heart yeah nice retcon that you added in there Hino.

I really love how no one has pointed out just how exactly Kaname would survive tearing out Yuuki’s heart from his chest and somehow magically trying to use pureblood blood that he doesn’t have anymore to recreate a body that she no longer has. Or how exactly he is meant to survive such an experience. Not even Hino could write that in a way that’s believable.

If she were to be resurrected the only plausible way I could see is for her to come back as his child - the child Kaname holds in his hands in the extra chapter ‘Life’. The child Yuuki wished for him to have. Except this time Hino may rectify their ‘mad love’ and recreate it through the familial love it was meant to be. It’s quite possible this dream of Yuuki’s is actually a premonition she had of her future, similarly to a Kaname’s gift and the way he saw Yuuki before her birth the first time. Again, there are many holes in that theory as well.

The most likely theory I can imagine happening is something similar to what happened with the Hooded Woman, in which she appears to Kaname as an ‘imprint’ and he tells her to ‘move on’ as she has done enough. In both cases both Yuuki and the Hooded Woman sacrificed themselves for Kaname, but also live on as a fragment and nothing more. This would be another parallel. A parallel that Kaname himself has made when comparing the two.

The way I’d imagine it working out is that Kaname recovers his memories, while somehow remaining human. After realising that their love was flawed, the way Yuuki came to terms with it, he then somehow 'brings out’ Yuuki’s imprint from inside him and tells her that she too has 'done enough’ and that he will find his own happiness, in which she too will smile painfully like the Hooded Woman and leave him after completing her 'purgatory’. Thus Kaname starts a fresh with another woman and a child in his arms, soaking in the sunshine, leaving Yuuki to have the premonition she has in 'Life’ fulfilled. This to me seems like the most logical theory, and I am emphasising the word theory here.

But then again, I just feel like what is the point? It just seems to me that the whole point of Yume was that it wasn’t meant to be even though it was supposed to be. Zero and Yuuki weren’t supposed to be yet they were meant to be. That against all odds they somehow fell in love and couldn’t imagine being with any one else. Zero and Yuuki found love as humans. It’s no coincidence that Yuuki wishes for Kaname to ‘quench his thirst’ which we all know is Vampire for 'fall in love’, but this time as a human.

So again, I don’t really see how Yuuki’s resurrection would help the storyline, when Hino chose to keep Yume apart in the original serialisation for a reason. Unless it’s Yuuki’s imprint being removed once Kaname has moved on, I can’t quite imagine what purpose a resurrection would have in the story.

Because really what’s the point?

Pokemon Go to the Hospital?

words: 700
Avengers AU/Reader Insert (Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes)

“We’re both playing Pokemon go, not looking where we are going, and I knocked you over. I’m really sorry can I take you to go get some coffee and we can talk?” @dailyau & @imeanwhiskermeup (not my GIF)

“I’m telling you Sam, there is a Charizard over there!”

“Oh well if the Winter Shoulder is saying it must be true!”

Living in Washington D.C. meant hundreds of people were always hustling and bustling through both the city’s streets and its expansive lawns. Tourists from all 50 states and the world came to see the sights of America’s capital. It didn’t matter the time of year, if it was pouring rain, snowing or sweltering heat. The tourists would be there with their baseball caps and cameras. You would be there too. You’d grown up in D.C. and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

As a teenager you and your friends had played hide and seek among the Smithsonian exhibits, much to the despisal of the museum employees. In college you studied for your exams on the steps of the Lincoln memorial and as an adult you still sought comfort on the ever serene waters of the reflection pool. Presidents came and went, but for the most part your city stayed as you always remembered it.

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Today was the day I lost my gma. The only grandparent I ever really had a relationship wit. Since I moved in here after 11th grade I wanted to make up for lost time I spent fuckin up as a kid. So I learned her favorite places like Oklahoma and got her into college sports. First it was football then I got her to fill out a bracket for march madness and she was loving the basketball. So much so I got her to be a Warriors fan. She still had OKC to root for but she loved the Warriors more haha. I even got her into soccer when the World Cup came around. Of course she loved Ronaldo but also Messi and Neymar. Really it’s jus been a great time I got to have with my gma. She was happy and I’m glad I could help with that. But she was done fighting and didn’t want to suffer with pain and immobility anymore. If anything I’m jus glad I got to spend this time with her that I wanted and proble needed and that I got to know her better as a person and not jus an idea of oh that’s my gma. I knew her I liked her and I loved her. And without her there’d be no me. I’m glad she doesn’t have to suffer anymore and got what she wanted but I’ll always love and miss my gma. RIP.


Barbie Magazine: August 2016 by Plastic Beauty
Via Flickr:

As some of you may know, 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Francie’s release. Her debut was a significant one for her glamorous cousin, Barbie. Francie, as the epitome of the blossoming Mod scene, singlehandedly introduced Barbie into the Mod era. Francie was really Mattel’s test to see how the market at the time would respond to a doll that was, by conventional standards at the time, wild and bolder in her extended wardrobe. Luckily for them, Francie was a success, and with it came Barbie’s drastic makeover and transition into a more colorful world. But the most important lesson that Francie and her Mod niche taught Barbie (and Mattel, by extension) was that change and evolution is fundamental if you want longevity, particularly in a very competitive doll market. It is a lesson the Barbie has applied time and time again, always in a constant cycle of change and adaption to the times for new generations of children (both young and old) to discover her magic.

my coworker and I were just sitting here in silence for like ten minutes when he turns to me and says “maybe I should just go ahead and move to DC” and I’m like “why” bc that came out of nowhere and he was like “because if world war III starts the first place they’re gonna nuke is DC, that way I can just die instantly and get it over with” and gave me a big thumbs up and left

Spiderwoman AU chapter 3

Clarke stops her. 

The big reveal that could have potentially broken their relationship…broken Lexa and all that was safe and normal in her world came to a sudden halt at the hands of Clarke Griffin. Lexa stares at the slender fingers wrapped around her wrist and the red nail polish against her own skin and can’t help but wonder when she had given this person so much of…herself. The morning person. The doctor. The girl who refuses to eat pork because a piglet was her spirit animal. Why did I allow this to happen? 

She foolishly looks back at her golden goddess, her downfall, her safe and her scary for an inkling of an answer but only found her lying there silently. 

“Clarke…” she croaks.

This causes the girl to bite down on her lower lip, a habit Lexa’s found her to be guilty of every single time she’s unsure of something, and the realization makes Lexa mentally curse at herself for putting them in this hopeless situation.


“Wait,” she releases her grip, “Before you take off the blindfold, answer this question first.”


“Did you not see me?”


“Did you not see me?!”

Lexa turned around and began walking to her car. There was no way in hell she was going to get into an argument with a high-strung New Yorker in the middle of traffic today. 

“Hey, jerk! Answer me!” The blonde stalked behind her, refusing to let the matter go even as impatient drivers from behind start to honk their horns at them.

“Look!” Lexa snapped back around and squinted at the ID card the girl had clipped to her collar, “Clarke Griffin,” she mocks, “I don’t have time for this.” 

Sooooo….Clarke definitely suspects that it’s Lexa. Yep. 

Heir (19/?)

A shriek behind him and then the voice of someone soothing someone else. Erik dropped the sword, once it had already met its mark, and stood staring at the man he had just killed. Bile rose up in his throat and he felt like he would throw up. A hand clamped over his shoulder and gently dragged him away. He looked up to see Robert with his lips in a thin line.
“Erik, breathe.”
His voice sounded eerily calm despite everything, Erik bit down on his cheek and tried to focus on his breathing. The world came into focus after a few tense seconds and he glanced to his side. Sid was holding Cedric with his arms, but his hold resembled more of a hug than a tight grip. Cedric was crying and Sid was murmuring things into his ear.
I did that.
The voice inside his head startled him and he felt sick to his stomach again. Erik raised a hand to push the hair from his eyes until he realized that they were both covered in blood. The sight of his bloodied hands sent him doubled over and vomiting. Robert moved just in time to avoid him.
Killing was not like a book or a movie, killing was the ending of someone’s life, killing meant actually carrying the blood in your hands long after you had washed them. Erik couldn’t believe he had actually killed someone. How was it possible for him to have ended someone’s life?
He would have thrown up again had it not been for Sid. The male glared at Erik from his place and nodded at Robert. His next statement was directed at the painter.
“The Resistance is inside, we have to go before Byron runs out of there.”
It was at that moment that Erik heard the clamor from inside the palace. The sound of shouting and running met his ears and he turned to Robert. Robert’s hand rested against his back and he bit his lip. When he saw Erik’s face, he explained. “We sent in the Resistance through the front entrance once we caught sight of the door open. Sid figured you’d gotten caught but it was too late to send them away.”
Cedric had calmed down by now and his jaw was clenched. His voice sounded hollow when he spoke, the old Cedric who had been bright and cheery was gone. “Stein-Wysteria has hundreds of knights who will give their life for the Royals. Your Resistance won’t get far before it is stopped/”
“Maybe, but kill the king and the castle crumbles. That is why a Checkmate wins.”
Erik was shocked to realize he had said that. The words had left his lips without him actually thinking them. He caught Robert and Sid staring at him oddly before Robert nodded at the open door.
“Either way, this is the only chance we have. Sid, take Cedric and lock him up in the dungeons before he gets a chance to escape. Erik, go with him.”
“Where are you going?”
Sid frowned and helped Cedric up. The teenager struggled before Sid tightened his arms, realizing that Sid was much stronger, he went limp and glared at the far wall.
Robert glanced up at the moon above before answering.
“I want to talk to Byron myself. His madness may have a cure…if you’ll let me.”
The question was directed at Erik. The teen faltered before clenching his fists. “I doubt it.”
Sid began dragging Cedric away, the knight didn’t even try to walk, and shrugged. “Whatever, just go before the Resistance gets to him. Erik, come on!”

The hallways were full of the sound of swords clashing and shouting. Erik glanced down one hallway to see a Stein-Wysterian knight being disarmed by a Resistance member dressed in dark gray clothing. Sid clicked his tongue and led them down an empty hallway leading to the dungeons. Erik wondered briefly how he knew his way before remembering that Sid had been a guest in the Wysterian Palace before Byron had taken over.
“Where did the Resistance come from?” Erik asked. He hurried to keep up with Sid’s long strides. Cedric was still being dragged like a rag doll and his arms were crossed.
“The Resistance has always existed, even before Byron became King. Your grandfather was a tyrant that oppressed the people and went insane. The Resistance formed as a group trying to dethrone him, and then it went dormant when Byron inherited the throne. They believed he would be a good King that would restore life to Stein. Of course, Byron ended up being worse than his father and the dormant group rose up again.”
Sid reached the dungeon doors and slammed the door open. There was a brief pause, to ensure that there were no guards below, before he descended quickly. Cedric swore as he was dropped down the steps. Erik descended the stairs a moment later.
The dungeon was composed of two rows of cells each darker than the last, a lone light bulb illuminated the wide room and casted their shadows down the walls. Erik almost asked Sid why there were no prisoners until he remembered that Byron didn’t lock up anyone that opposed him…he had them beheaded.
A chill ran down his spine and he suddenly felt lightheaded.
Cedric scrambled for the door before Sid grabbed his arm and dragged him easily into a cell. The door opened without trouble and the knight was tossed in. He hit the back wall and lay still against the floor. Sid stared at him for a minute before closing the door and bolting it.
“Did you kill him?” Erik’s voice was hushed.
Sid gave him an icy glare. “He hit his head and got knocked out. I don’t kill people.”
He pressed a hand against the bars to Cedric’s cell. The dungeon was quiet for a few moments before Sid finally spoke. His voice sounded frustrated.
“Byron won’t be here, you know.” He didn’t look at Erik as he said it. “Robert knows that too. Byron is the most powerful King in the region right now, he has land everywhere. It’s been about an hour or two since the Resistance first broke through the door. I assume Byron and your mother are in one of their other palaces right now waiting until their knights dispel the rebellion.”
Erik let the information sink in before he glanced at Sid’s face. There was no emotion on the information dealer’s face, he looked utterly neutral. For some reason, that made him feel even more unnerved.
“So, where did Robert go?”
“My guess is that he’s en route to the edge of Stein. Byron’s own palace is in the boarder and it’s pretty tucked away. He’ll probably arrive there in about half an hour and confront him. Byron won’t give up, not while your mother is still alive, so Robert will have to fight him. He may look young, but Robert has quite a few years looming over his head. I’d assume, if it comes down to it, that he won’t win.”
Erik felt sick again and he dug his nails into his palm.
“Then we have to go,” his voice echoed across the dungeon. His statement had come out a little too loud and forceful.
Sid kicked off the cell bars and straightened his back. His face still looked like he had given up a while ago but his usual tone of voice had returned. He stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a note.
“Robert gave me this before we came. He knew from the beginning that Byron wouldn’t be here during this so he gave me the address to the real location. I’m going to meet him there and we’ll see who’s going to come out of there alive.” He crinkled the note back up and slipped it into his coat.
“Where?” Erik edged close to get a glimpse of the note and Sid took a step back. He glared at Erik with resentment and the teen took a step back out of reflex.
“Don’t be an idiot. Robert told me where to go because he didn’t want you following. He wants to keep you safe from Byron and everything else. In your eyes, you’re the one who will take down your father, but in our eyes, you’re just a kid who thought he could take on the world. Nico tried to shelter you from bloodshed and you got him killed-”
Erik jerked back in pain and he felt his eyes burning. He clenched his fists. “Shut up.”
“It hurts to know the truth doesn’t it? You got your father killed. The only man who has ever cared about you is laying outside right now with his guts splattered on the pavement. I told you, Erik, the path of a savior isn’t easy. I gave you a choice to back out and you chose this one. You’re a teenager who thought he was invincible. A shame someone else had to die to remind you that you’re just a kid.”
He began to ascend up the stairs and Erik quaked with rage.
“It wasn’t my fault.”
The sentence fell limp in the air and Erik knew he was trying to convince himself. Sid made a noise at the back of his throat and spun around.
“Is that what will let you sleep at night? Go ahead and try to blame Byron, or Albert, or anyone but the truth is that you killed him. Sure Albert gave the blow, but you were the one he was protecting-and you were the one he came out here to chase. Had you just let yourself live a peaceful life in Fairmark, this wouldn’t have happened. Do you know how lucky you were?!” Sid’s voice had now risen to full volume and he stalked down the steps. He grabbed Erik by the collar and pinned him down. Erik met his glare even though his hands were shaking. “You had a life! Nico risked his neck to save you so that you would be here today! He stole you from this very palace years ago because he couldn’t bear the thought of his nephew dying due to a madman. He took you and he raised you in several countries not letting himself live so that you could. He poured all the love of a father into you and he never once put you in danger! It would have been easy for him to ditch you in some Laurelian orphanage before he went his own way-he was young and handsome and could have married some girl if he had left you-but instead he kept you by his side and he loved you! He loved you so much he threatened to kill me if I even got near you! You were the lucky one in this story, you stupid boy! Your mother is a slave to a madman, Robert lives in the countryside to escape from suspicion, I have to move every few months to keep Byron off my trail, Alyn and Leo were killed, Giles was killed, and Louis-my best friend!-was tortured and killed! Even your own sister died because she did not have the same fortune that you did! You were the fortunate one in this shitty tale, yet you threw it all away because you felt like you could take on the world. You’re 16 years old, not a god.”
The words were like a whip. Erik fell as Sid released him and felt the tears running down his face. Sid scowled down at him and pulled something out of his waistband. Erik didn’t even glance at him. His nails dug into the sandy floor and he bit down on his cheek hard enough to draw blood.
“Even now you’re fortunate. Cedric-or whatever his name is-just watched his father get murdered in front of him-by you-and yet Robert is only worried about how we have to shelter you. We have to shelter the boy who just sliced someone’s head off from the horrors of seeing someone else die. You Wagners are all the same. None of you have ever realized how much you had until you lost it. I’m done with you and your bloodline-”
“I’m not a Wagner,” the words left his lips. Erik glared down at the sand and repeated the phrase, almost to himself. It sounded like a lie to his ears. What he had done outside, killed a man out of vengeance, was not what a Meier would do. Nico would have never wanted that…so then where had that rage come from? Had it been a spur of the moment action, or was it something inherited from his father and grandfather?
“You’re a Wagner, Erik Meier. You have the blood of a demon running in your veins whether you want to or not. Face the facts, you’re the heir of a man consumed by madness,” Sid’s voice was cold.
Erik finally rose his gaze to meet him-
and was startled when he saw a knife aimed at his throat.
The information dealer’s face had a neutral expression. “You’re a Wagner no matter how much you try to escape it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so you will fall someday too. Lucifer was one of the most powerful and beautiful angels and yet he fell from the skies in a burst of fire and light; you will fall just like Byron did. You will fall from grace-if you haven’t already-and will subject this world through a cruel reign. Now, I don’t know about you…but I’m tired of having a Wagner on the throne.”
The hand holding the dagger suddenly collided with Erik and a scream left his throat. Pain flared across his senses and Erik sprawled against the ground as the blade protruded from his side. Sid still looked eerily calm as he watched the teen’s eyes begin to lose light.
The last thing Erik heard before falling into a dark abyss was, “The world has already had too many Wagners on the throne.”

After a long wait, here it is, Heir 19! (At least, I think it’s 19?)

*after EVOlution came out*
  • Parents:"¿so how was you-"
  • Me:give me a little of,a little more space
  • Parents:"i was just asking-"
  • Me:i'm sorry i have no words
  • Parents:"okay,so i was working and-"
  • Me:somewhere in the world they think they are working for themself..
  • Parents:"you aren't even intresting are you?"
  • Me:i guess i did it on purpose
  • Parents:"am i just a shadow to you?"
  • Parents:STOP IT, LOVE

“What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world.”