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do you ever just stop and think of the miracle of life? two people came together and made you!  you!  they birthed you into this world.  a world with the ability to reach out to literally anyone else in the world and communicate your true beauty, your amazing energy. your pathos and verve.

it’s amazing right?

Vicious Circles

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 907
Warnings: angst
Song: Vicious Circles - Aaron Lewis
A/N: Here’s my entry for Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) 2K Celebration challenge. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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How do you convey a lot of important information without infodumping?

Info Dumping

Effective exposition comes down to only providing the information a reader needs to understand your scene, particularly in the beginning when you’re trying to hook them. When you start your story in a rundown world, or between two characters that are interacting, it can be tempting to explain right away how the world came to be this way, or the complicated backstory of these two characters’ relationship. But none of that is essential to your beginning scene. Because the beginning scene should be something happening in the now. You’re choosing a moment of your story that is important, and because of that, it should be able to carry itself without too much pause for exposition.

The early scenes should be simple, with concepts that readers can understand without the backstory. Here’s an example. In preparation for the upcoming Dark Tower movie, I’m re-reading the Stephen King series. The first book of the series, The Gunslinger, is almost entirely about the protagonist chasing the antagonist through a desert. But King doesn’t tell us why for a considerably long time. We don’t know exactly what this antagonist has done to him, or what he plans to do overall, and we don’t know how the protagonist came to this quest. All we know is that the protagonist wants to catch him, and the antagonist enjoys playing mind games with him. This whole chase happens in the now, and the concept of one character chasing another is simple enough that we can follow it without a great deal of backstory. The discoveries of the protagonist, and the crucial character he meets along the way, with the suspense of his encounters with the antagonist - altogether this creates a great narrative. And yes, Stephen King does provide us with some backstory throughout, but it’s minimal. Just enough to understand the events of the present.

One thing you can do if you have a trusted friend or beta reader is to remove every speck of backstory from a section you’re concerned about, leaving only things that happen in the present. Have someone read it and ask them what questions they have about it. If there are things they don’t understand, or even just things they are really curious about, that tells you where you need to add some exposition.

Something else to consider - and this is something I’ve run into many times - perhaps you’re starting too much in medias res. Starting in the middle of things is a great technique to get readers intrigued, but if you start too far into your story, you end up catching the reader up with lots of summary, rather than showing them these important events scenically. So if you feel like you have way too much to explain in the early scenes, consider starting the story sooner in your timeline. Find another key event that won’t leave readers lost from page one.

Finding the key spot to start a story is difficult, and I don’t necessarily have all the answers to that dilemma, but I would suggest the sweet spot is before things get complicated but after routine has been disrupted. Consider what would be the normal routine for your protagonist, and start your story immediately after that routine gets shaken. This should allow for enough excitement to keep readers hooked early on without needing a ton of exposition.


Mosaic by artist Yael Portugheis on Torah verse Genesis 2:2 in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, Israel; 2013. x

Genesis 2:2 says, “And God completed on the seventh day His work that He did, and He abstained on the seventh day from all His work that He did.”  Rabbi Shimon argues in the Genesis Rabbati, “[A human being of] flesh and blood, who cannot [exactly] know his times and his moments, must add from the profane to the holy [i.e., he must add some time to the Sabbath.] The Holy One, blessed be He, Who knows His times and His moments [exactly], entered it [the Sabbath] within a hairbreadth, and it therefore appeared as if He completed it [His work] on that day. Another explanation: What was the world lacking? Rest. The Sabbath came, and so came rest. The work was completed and finished.”

Shabbat Shalom from all of us at the Jewish Virtual Library!


Black Scientists in the Movies

Octavia Spencer plays Mathematician Dorothy Vaughan in the film Hidden Figures, that comes out Jan 17 2016. Who was Dorothy Vaughan?

The Human Computer Project: Dorothy Vaughan

Full Name:Dorothy Johnson Vaughan

Birthdate:September 20, 1910

Birthplace:Kansas City, MO

Education:BA, Mathematics, Wilberforce University 1929

Center:Langley Research Center

Work Dates:1943 - 1971

Position(s):Computer; Section Head, West Area Computers; Mathematician, ACD

Group(s):West Computers; ACD Specialties:Flight paths; Scout Project; FORTRAN programming 

Dorothy Vaughan came to the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory in 1943, during the height of World War II, leaving her position as the math teacher at Robert Russa Moton High School in Farmville, VA to take what she believed would be a temporary war job. Two years after President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8802 into law, prohibiting racial, religious and ethnic discrimination in the country’s defense industry, the laboratory began hiring black women to meet the skyrocketing demand for processing aeronautical research data. Urgency and twenty-four hour shifts prevailed– as did Jim Crow laws which required newly-hired “colored” mathematicians to work separately from their white female counterparts. Dorothy Vaughan was assigned to the segregated “West Area Computing” unit, an all-black group of female mathematicians, who were originally required to use separate dining and bathroom facilities. Over time, both individually and as a group, the West Computers distinguished themselves with contributions to virtually every area of research at Langley. MORE

one thing i will always love about the kingdom hearts series is that at the beginning we’re introduced to Sora, Riku and Kairi

Riku wants to explore other worlds to find some kind of purpose and meaning in his existence

Kairi wants to try and find the world she came from, the past she can’t remember

Sora wants to go on vacation

like he is literally the universe’s biggest tourist

Can we have a Digimon World Championships?

Last weekend the 2016 Pokémon World Championships in San Fransisco came to a close, and it was an intensely emotional moment for Video Game Championship fans all around. After years of nonstop practice and competition, Wolfe Glick finally took home the gold, and for the first time in several years the USA seized first place in every VGC division.

It wasn’t the best year for the VGC as a whole–tournament diversity was at an all-time low thanks to the legendary rules, infinite weather battles dominated–but the final games were tense and unpredictable. I watched all three days and was numb to the Big Six teams showing up early in the tournament, but the top cut kept throwing out surprises. (Raichu!?)

And so my thoughts have turned to the question, can there be a Digimon World Championships series?

The closest thing we have in modern times to the former D-1 Grand Prix are the DIGIMADO conventions, which meet four times a year in Japan holding miscellaneous competitions and are only attended by ~40 persons per event. These days DIGIMADO is lucky to see six people in the Sleuth tournaments, whereas their past Decode tournament had sixteen entrants, enough to have a real eight-man top cut. We’re facing the Super Smash Bros. dilemma, having to single out one game among an entire franchise that’s representative of the best it can be as a multiplayer experience.

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do you ever feel like you came into the world at the wrong time, not as in you are better suited for another defined decade, but like your concept and mortality was pushed into this universe prematurely and now you are suffering because of it? bad luck seems to cling to you and traumatic events cross your path no matter how motivated and optimistic you become, you are plagued by oppression and pain and confusion, you are half formed and floating and disoriented. the temporal plot wasn’t ready for you, the stars weren’t ready for you, there are snags in this system and you are the most profound evidence of universal mistakes.


WCW International World Heavyweight Championship:
Rick Rude (Champion) Vs. The Boss
WCW Starrcade
[December 27th, 1993]

In an event that was headlined by the renowned Ric Flair Vs. Vader bout, “Ravishing” Rick Rude defends the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship against the challenger, The Boss (fka The Big Boss Man). On an episode of WCW Saturday Night, Rude made the mistake of asking if anyone in the locker room wanted a shot at his title, to which the 6′6″, 300+ pound Boss answered the challenge. This would be the second bout that these two had, and the first legitimate challenge Rude had for the title since defeating Flair for the gold only three months prior. Flair had originally came to WCW as the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, but when signed to WCW, the title became known as the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship, so technically, Rude was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

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Lyrics that made you feel the most emotional? They don't have to be sad or depressing, they just have to make you feel stuff.

“I came into this world as a reject, look into these eyes, then you’ll see the size of the flames. Dwellin’ on the past, it’s burnin’ up my brain. Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain.”


If it came down to the wire, and i did have to choose, i would give up anything to have Italia at my side. Even if it meant having Romano and Prussia with me to, as annoying as they are at times, they are still family to me.

today i was helping a customer check out at work and his name came up and it was rami and i like cancelled out the world for what felt like a full minute but was probably just a second

something very weird to me is remembering where u were when u found out a celebrity died. i was eating mcdonalds at a rest stop full of scary farm animal sculptures when i found out chris squire died ,, when news of michael jacksons death came out i was on fucken world of warcraft

(2/2) “In Afghanistan I spent so much time imagining what it would be like when I came home. I built up this perfect world. I imagined eating a big cheeseburger. And taking the longest shower. And meeting up with all my friends. Maybe we’d even take a trip to the beach just to catch up. And everything would be just like when I left. And people would be so happy to see me. Because they’d be thankful for the sacrifices that I made. But when my plane landed, nobody was there to meet me. My mom couldn’t afford to take off work. My father had died while I was gone. The rest of my family couldn’t afford to travel. One of the first things I did was visit the two friends who had written me letters. The whole time I was in Afghanistan, I only got four letters from two friends. So I had to visit them right away to tell them that those letters meant the world to me. But after those visits, I was pretty much by myself. So I sat in my room and I started thinking. I’d been so busy in Afghanistan. There was always a job to do. But now it was quiet. So I thought about all the things that I’d kept at bay. I thought about the little girl that I saved. And what her life is like now. And I wondered if she’s still alive. And if she is still alive, does she even want to be?”

Tell me, please tell me, what this plot is all about.. Exactly, who resides within me?

In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen. Please don’t bother looking for me; don’t stare at me..
I merely don’t want to hurt you, inside a world, that came out of someone’s imagination.

I’ve changed; I couldn’t go back to the way I was.
As the two twines around one another, the both of us will perish away..

Please, don’t forget me. Remember me, as vivid as I was…


During the Gamescom presentation by Battle Director Shigeki Morimoto, we learned some new information about Sun & Moon. First, we saw a new Z-Move used by Pikachu which was Normal-type called Hyper Sprintangriff in German, translates to Hyper Sprint Attack. In addition to this, a world first reveal came which showed a new Pokémon, Turtonator, which is Fire/Dragon-type with the ability Shell Armor and a new move called Shell Trap

Source: Serebii | English Trailer