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Why do you look at the AS to interpret past lives?

It shows what we came into this world already knowing similar to our south node. A cancer rising mastered how to provide comfort, care and safety to those in their past life, so they are here now able to confidently pass it on to others. The rising sign is also symbolic of our past lives relationship. There’s a theory that we had a relationship with someone that was our rising sign. If your rising is scorpio for example, you may have had a serious relationship with a scorpio sun. And our appearance is based off of theirs also. Just a theory though… one of my favorites

Winx AU

curse you, @kxlance, for making me even think about it

i hate you


  • is a fucking fairy
  • 100% done with everything
  • fire powers
  • bearer of the dragon’s flame or however you fuckers called it in english
  • gosh i can’t believe keith is fucking bloom
  • i mean, i guess it makes sense
  • they got the same bangs back to the first few seasons, when the show was still good and everything was beautiful in the world


  • specialist because fuck elsa, that’s why
  • uses a gun
  • probably a prince, because come on, he is a beautiful prince and would probably be super good at it
  • sweetheart, swoons keith 
  • they dance together at that ball thing
  • my memory is bad okay i was 12 when winx stopped being my si dont judge me


  • Also a specialist, came from the same world as Lance and they are bffs
  • loves engineering
  • always have to keep lance for doing stupid stuff
  • “your parents will kill me if they know you are doing this lance”
    “come on hunk, live a little”
    “oh yeah, i will live a little, because they will kill me”


  • is tecna
  • hates this au as much as i do


  • listen, i don’t know any of the english names okay, but he teaches as that specialist school
  • has a badass arm made of magic 
  • 200% done with his bro’s Keith bs
  • “keith if i get another message from alfea because of you…”


  • the most badass fairy that you respect
  • teaches at Alfea
  • i almost wrote altea and died a little inside
  • her world was probably destroyed like domino and 
  • shit i can’t believe allura is also bloom


  • is basically the same
  • teaches at however you call the specialist school
  • or maybe alfea
  • honestly i dont fucking know
  • every word i write in this is one day taken from my life

honestly thats it

im suing elsa for this

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I was a junior in high school when I heard about warm bodies, and I remember waiting impatiently for months for my preordered copy to finally arrive. Six years later and a college graduate now, and I'm just as impatient to read the next installment. Thanks for sticking with it 馃挆

I’m super interested in cases like yours. Super curious what it’s like for my younger readers to grow up alongside the story. Because I didn’t write Warm Bodies as specifically “young” but it came from a simpler and more whimsical time in my life and The Burning World came from a place of deeper feelings and concerns. So I’m wondering if readers like you will appreciate that the story has deepened to match their deepened experience with life…or will they say “This is WEIRD!” and toss it? Time (and sales) will tell…

Welcome To The World

Michael Lee

You will be spoiled absolutely rotten by your honorary Auntie and Uncle, and absolutely showered in love by your parents and older sister.

You came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, and I hope you go out much the same way.


Our next rising star of Irish dance is Grace Dailey from the Dwyer School!

Grace competes in Open Championship u14 in the Mid America Region.

At the 2014 Oireachtas, Grace placed 21st. At the 2015 Oireachtas, she placed 16th and qualified for Worlds for the first time. At the 2016 Oireachtas, Grace jumped all the way to the podium, qualifying for Worlds for a second time and coming in 3rd! 

Grace has also competed well at the NAIDC and came in 22nd place in 2015. 

Good luck at Worlds, Grace! Your progress in results is inspiring!

proposal: a Dear Theodosia/Your Obedient Servant mashup starting with YOS’s “deeeeear Alexanderrr” and continuing with “what to say to you-”


ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.

ok but imagine if Lysandra got pregnant
(as herself… i’m pretending the ending of eos didn’t happen okay)
and when her child first opens its eyes, she remembers.
she remembers the color of her true eyes.
because her child looks just like her.
as her child grows, Lysandra will begin to gradually transform back into her true self. 
it’ll be the curve of their cheekbones.
it’ll be the tawny color of their skin.
it’ll be the way their dark hair curls. 

she will remember. 
she will be herself once again.
and she will no longer be trapped in another’s body.