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His Naughty Girl (M) // Kim Yugyeom

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary/Request: You and Yugyeom get up to no good in the shower (need I say more?)

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, face sitting, oral etc

“I’m off for a shower babe” you chimed to Yugyeom as he sat on your bed, leafing through one of your celebrity magazines you bought a few weeks ago.

“Uhhuh” he murmured incoherently back at you, being too engrossed in one of the gossip columns to respond properly. You raised your eyebrow and shook your head sarcastically at how dopey he could act sometimes, but ultimately loving him nonetheless. “I know how to fix that” you smiled to yourself as you stepped in front of your mirrored wardrobe and dropped your dressing gown on the floor, letting it pool around your ankles with a light thud before you began rummaging for your bra and knickers to bring into the bathroom. Hearing the small commotion, Yugyeom raised his eyes to the very lovely sight of your bare derrière as you stood up straight and wrapped a towel around you. He licked his lips subconsciously at the sight of your womanly curves, feeling the all too familiar sensation of his bulge growing just that little bit larger in his pants as your twirled around and smiled at him – full of playful seductiveness before winking at him and making your way into the shower.

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It’s Starting To Feel Like Home

Characters: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: talks of miscarriage, blood, angst, swearing
Prompt Number(s): 06 - “I lost the baby.”, 113 - “Where did all these puppies come from?”
W/C: 1.3k+
A/N: I know that there is never really a replacement for something like this, like losing a child and the intention of this story is to bring hope and a smile. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this piece. Thank you for sending prompt numbers @stevette60 <3

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Being in a really sappy relationship with Stiles.

“I love youuu!” Stiles whined, wrapping his arm around your waist when you threatened to get up from the couch.

“Let me go, Stiles!” You laughed as he pulled you back against him. Stiles didn’t listen and instead buried his face in your hair and tightened his grip on you.

“No. You’re too cute.”

“I’m not cute.” You argue. “I am evil and mysterious. I am the dark lord supreme!”

Stiles rolled his eyes and turned you over so he was laying on top of you. “Well, this lord supreme needs to lighten up.”

Your eyes widened when you realized what he was about to do. Struggling against him, you let out a playful scream before his hands came to your sides and began tickling you.

“No! Stiles, stop!”

Laughing, Stiles leaned down and captured your lips with his own.

By Chance

Listen to By Chance (You and I) by J.R.A. Its a goofy song, but its so cute!

“Why exactly are we going to Canada again?” I asked my friend Kelsey as we started toward the airport gate.

“So we can say we went to Canada.” She grinned, pulling out her ticket. I couldn’t help but laugh. We boarded the plane, and began to take our seats when we realized the our seats weren’t even together.

“How the hell did this happen?” I asked. My seat was toward the middle, and hers was all the way up front.

“I don’t know. We cant do anything about it though.” She shrugged and began walking down the aisle. I sighed and took my seat, settling in by the window.

“Um, hey.”

I turned toward the guy who had spoken, and was now sitting in the seat beside me. He had wild, brown hair and mesmerizing, bright green eyes.

“Hey.” I smiled. 

“You have a really pretty smile.” He commented, smiling himself.

“Thanks.” I blushed. He laughed, and I swear it was contagious.

“Your blush is cute too.” He winked.

“You’re just full of compliments!” I laughed. He started to say something, but the flight attendants voice came over the speaker. As we began take off, I braced myself, gripping the hand rest.

“You ok?" The guy asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, I just don’t like take offs.” I muttered.

“You can hold my hand if that helps.” He offered. I laughed, but take off was over, and we were up in the air.

“We’re in the air now.” I told him. He shrugged, and moved his hand so his palm was facing up.

“You can still hold my hand.” He said. Without much hesitation, I linked my fingers with his, and I felt him squeeze my hand a little.

“So why are you going to Canada?" I asked. It felt oddly comfortable, even though I was holding hands with a guy who I just met. I mean, I didn’t even know his name.

"I live there. Why are you?" He replied.

"My friend said she wanted to go, and I agreed to come with.” I shrugged. 

We spent the rest of the 7 hour flight talking. It was easy to talk to him, and it didn’t seem like he held back anything either. The end of the flight came to quickly, and as we were standing up, he stopped me from walking off. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and handed me a piece of paper before walking off. I opened up the folded paper, and realized there was a number printed on it and his name, which ended up being Mark. I grinned to myself, and thought maybe Canada was the best idea we’ve had in a long time.

jackbarakattherealjb-deactivate  asked:

Hey (: I love your imagines. Please can I have one with The Vamps, I don't mind which member. My name's Nia by the way. Thanks (: xx

I did an imagine with Connor, hope you don’t mind. x

It was a rare day today, a day where it’s just you and Connor. You’re parents were at work and Connor had slept over the night before because he didn’t want you to be alone. It was about 10am when you woke up and you could feel Connor’s arm resting on your waist. You slowly rolled over to face him, trying not to wake him in the process. You gently kissed his nose which caused a small moan to escape his lips and shortly after his eyes fluttered open a little bit. It took him a while to adjust to the lights and when he did he looked at you and smiled at you.
“Morning beautiful” he said in his low morning voice.
“Morning handsome, nice voice” he laughed at this and slightly tightened his grip around your waist. You kissed his forehead lightly, and buried your head into his bare chest followed by him returning the kiss on your forehead. You both just lay there in silence for about 10 minutes, enjoying eachothers company. A sigh left his voice and you pulled away from him slightly and looked at him.
“You okay?” you said. He nods and smiles at you, this time with his eyes wide open. “What was with the sigh?” you questioned.
“I just, don’t like how this all is.” he said. You had no idea what he meant by that and he knew that because you had a very confused look on your face. He chuckled when he saw you face, “like how it can’t just be us two very often”.
“Ohh” you said and he smiled at you. “Well, I agree but it’s cute to have something to look forward too” you said. You heard him make a hum sound noise in agreement and he kissed the top of your head and began to twirl a few pieces of hair that had came out of the ponytail you put in before you went to sleep the night before around his thumb and index finger. You sighed and cuddled into his chest even more and once again, he tightened his grip round you.
“I’m hungry” you said before rolling out of the bed right onto the floor, you did mean to do it though, don’t worry. You heard Connor giggle and it went silent for a few seconds before you felt a giant weight fall onto your back and a number of kisses being left on your neck.
“Oh hello there” Connor said poking his head around to your view. You smiled and kissed him before pushing him off, making him bang his back off your bed, and standing up.
“Ow..” he said holding his back.
“Baby are you okay?” you said rushing up to him. He shook his head and you helped him up onto the bed.
“I think I’m gonna need all day cuddles” he said holding his arms out. You walked over to him and lay on him wrapping your arms around him. He slightly winced and you jumped off him.
“Baby I’m sorry!” he just laughed at you and you stared at him. “You didn’t actually hurt your back did you?”. He laughed and shook his head.
“I just find you adorable when you get all caring” he said smiling. You didn’t say anything and then went back onto the bed and cuddled with him. Thats basically how your day went, eventually you did get some food because you know.. food is needed on lazy days.

So, I won another Spreepicky competition!

As promised, here is my review.

First of all, communication. Communication was quick and friendly, and the team were lovely to talk to just like before. Super happy to have recieved a hand written postcard from them too. A little, yet lovely touch.

Next, shipping. I was told my parcel would be with me within 12-24 days, which is more than reasonable what with my jumper coming from over seas. However, i confirmed my order on the 2nd of Jan 2015, and received it today; the 6th! I was so surprised to come home and have this lovely parcel waiting for me!

Furthermore, packaging. As well as the outer packaging needed for it to be posted, it came in its own bag saying ‘spreepicky, your kawaii wonderland’ and below that 'magical power up’. Which i thought was super duper cute. The inner spreepicky bag is also resealable, so i can use it again which was super neat.

Now, the tiny gift. This time i got a skeleton hand hair grip. This itself came in its own tiny mini-grip bag too, which was great as it prevented snagging on the jumper, which could’ve easily happened.

Finally, the jumper itself. For starters its a one size fits most, which initially was a worry as I like my clothes to be roomy. I needn’t have worried. Its super big, but not too big. The quality of the the printing of the design is fantastic, no chance of fading on washing off. On top of this, the design is printed bith sides, so you look cute from all angles! The quality of the material is great as well, its nice a thick, and fluffy inside, which makes it perfect for cold weather.

I highly recommend spreepicky as your source of cute fashion. Its affordable, well made, and comfortable.