came up on my ipod the other day

Do you ever just see a thing that reminds you of something you miss so much you kinda want to rip your heart out and cry a bit but you still smile because you remember how happy you were at that time and yeah?

Cavendish/Rebecca AU up for grabs

OK so, I don’t even ship CavenBecca. But last night at the gym, “Friends on the Other Side” from Disney’s Princess and the Frog came up on my iPod’s shuffle and this CavenBecca PatF AU popped into my head fully formed. I have zero intention of writing it, so I am putting it up for grabs because it’d be a shame to waste it. I mean, this thing works so well and it’s just gonna sit in my head and never see the light of day otherwise. (And yes, I know there are quite a few issues with that movie but hear me out.)

OK, so, imagine if you will: Spoiled, fame-hogging, spotlight-loving, party prince Cavendish has been cut off by his rich, royal parents. So what does he do? He rocks on over to Dressrosa to find himself a cute, rich girl to marry so he can keep funding his high-flying lifestyle. Instead, he runs afoul of sorcerer (not a questionably-written voodoo man) Caesar Clown, who has just found the perfect “test subject” for his newest form of dark magic– the SMILE fruit, a “fruit of the Devil” that can turn a human into an animal. Specifically, in this case, a frog…

Meanwhile, Rebecca is an overworked fighter participating in gladiator-style colosseum battles for the prize money, so she can pay off her family’s debts to crime-boss Doflamingo. Her rich friend invites her to a party where she can show off her fighting techniques and earn extra money, but it all goes awry. And when she steps away from the party to mourn her misfortune, who does she run into? A certain frog who seems to think that a kiss from a pretty girl will make him human again. Except it doesn’t quite turn out like that…

OK I just wrote like the entire first chapter for you. The rest is on you, shippers.