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My Forged Wedding Flash Fiction iPod Challenge

I’m currently studying flash fiction in grad school, so when I saw this iPod Challenge thingy I wanted to put what I’m learning into practice. Setting my iPod on “shuffle” I wrote a ficlet for each of the six main characters in My Forged Wedding based on the songs that came up. (Sorry I didn’t include the other guys but I haven’t played them yet.)

Ratings for each story are as follows:

Sweetest Thing – U2: Kunihiko (PG)
Eat You Up - BoA: Takao (M)
Sing – Travis: Ren (PG-13)
Neverland – UKISS – Saeki (M)
Lips – Marian Hill: Yamato (M)
Snoop Dogg (What’s My Name, Pt. 2) – Snoop Dogg:  Yuta (PG-13)

Songs linked in titles.

And away we go!

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Fast Car [Hidashi/Nerd Crew Head Canon]

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I have decided to start posting some of the content I had on my previous blog that I hadn’t posted on this one quite yet, for the tag revival. This particular piece isn’t a fic, it’s more of a head canon that ran away from me. It turned into a mini-story, but it is not as well-written as my other stuff. This is just something funny I came up with in regards to Tadashi’s musical tastes

Warning(s): Fred abuse, mostly.

The gang didn’t really know what kind of music Tadashi liked. Even when he finally bought a car, after realizing his vespa wasn’t able to transport the amount of materials he needed on a day-to-day basis, any music he played in the new vehicle adhered to the interests of which ever passenger he was driving around. He would never connect his own iPod in, but rather insisted that his road companion use theirs.

It was a sweet gesture that no one denied, but the nerd crew came to realize, after a long while, that none of them knew what kind of music Tadashi was into. It was a mystery so baffling that they decided to enlist Hiro’s assistance, not that he very helpful. In the lab, while working on a project, he just replied, “He always let’s me pick the music in our room.” That’s when Hiro came to the horrifying epiphany that even he didn’t know what kind of music Tadashi listened to.

A few weeks went by, and a robotics convention was being hosted a few hours south of the city. Since Tadashi was the only one with a working car (since Wasabi was still trying to recover from the financial backlash of his car’s untimely demise), they decided to carpool with him. That was when Hiro came up with the idea for a slap bet.

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