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Sharp and Toews: Better Together

The almost-kiss that never was:

It’s pretty obvious that these two have an illicit love affair going - just look at their guilty faces, caught in the act.

Need more evidence? Here:

The “I love you so much you little shit” smiles:

That time Sharpy Cam was three parts close-ups of Tazer and one part bedroom wrestling with Seabs

More of Sharpy’s horribly obvious pigtail pulling:

Tazer showing his affection like the weirdo he is:

The “let me flop onto you I am so in love” moment:

That time he put on a helmet and decided to headbutt Sharpy because, why not?

Tazer’s weird love of messing with Sharpy’s jersey:

When Tazer was precious and clung on to Sharpy:

So… the conclusion?

Toews and Sharp: better together

Zach Werenski #7

Again, another imagine that wasn’t requested.. But I do have some Zach requests so hopefully this ties you all over till I get to those :) I got this inspiration while listening to Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy so give that a listen if you wanna! 

Word Count: 2,278

It couldn’t be him. What in the world were the odds that he would be at the farmers market so early on a Sunday morning. But you swore you saw him, as you picked up a fresh soft peach from the wooden bucket, you saw him. That dark brown hair, his wide hazel eyes, and you couldn’t miss though stupidly perfect eyebrows either. Truthfully, you thought your eyes were just playing tricks on you, till you looked up again and he was closer this time. 

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👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #8

       ↳ MBC Gayo Daejejeon 151231

The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader pt 4 (M)

Originally posted by bbcblackjack

Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader

Genre: Smut and whatever you want to call the rest (yes you seeing this correctly).

Member: Jongup.

Word Count” 1591.

Description: You aren’t in love with your husband so why are you dreaming of him?

You shivered at the hand trailing up your thigh, hips rocking into yours and fire spreading over your body. Your head lulled back as a strained groan left your throat, your hips snapped to meet the thrusts that were getting stronger.

“Jongup” You whined, the image of your fingers clawing at his ink covered skin coming into view and a mewl left your lips. You could hear grunts escaping Jongup, his breath coming out in short pants as if it were the pleasure he felt making him short of breath, not the repetitive strain of his hips colliding with yours, aiming to go as deep as he could inside of you.

“Oh god” There was a lip-bitingly tight grip coming from Jongup’s hand on your thigh when your hips rolled to meet his again. His lips trailed wet kiss in random trails on any part of your skin he could touch. Your nails dug into his skin leaving crescent moon shaped dents behind.

There were red claw marks trailing down Jongup’s back, showing the pleasure you were feeling. Jongup moaned loudly letting his eyes roll to the back of his head before smashing his lips to yours in a steamy kiss.

The kiss was messy, another way for you to feel Jongup’s body on yours. Jongup’s hands pinched and squeezed your flesh, making your back curve when your legs were wrapped around his waist. You had never felt so much want, your body manoeuvred itself so you could touch Jongup as much as humanly possible.

You left no part of his body untouched, your legs losing strength and tangling with Jongup’s when your high came, your toes touching his and soft whines leaving your lips as you clenched around him. Jongup let out a throaty groan, you had never heard a growl so low, his fists tightening next to your head and the vein on his neck popping out when his orgasm came a short time after yours.

You stared at the beauty before you, the way his eyes were screwed shut and he bit down on his lip with a clenched jaw. You could feel every muscle in his body tensing against yours until he came back to earth and his eyes opened to meet yours.

Your chest was rising and falling with every breath, your skin brushing against his every time it rose, the feverish feeling of heated skin touching leaving your cheeks a rosy colour. Jongup took in a deep breath of air, his smirk coming dangerously close to your lips as he looked you in the eye.

“Finally, you’re completely mine Y/N” His words brought you back to reality and you shot up in your bed. You looked around at the room you were in and a scream fell from your lips when you realised what you had just dreamed about.

A gentle knock on your door echoed through the room, the door opened to reveal Youngjae. He came into the room when he saw you in your dishevelled state and the room lit up with a flick of a button with Youngjae’s doing.

“Are you ok Y/N?” Youngjae asked and you looked around you, your blanket was on the floor at the foot of your bed, leaving you with a thin summer sheet that wasn’t covering you, your pillow was on the other side of the bed and the amount of sweat on your body looked as if you just took a shower. Your shirt and shorts you had worn to bed were stuck to your skin and you just knew your hair would be a mess when you looked back at Youngjae.

“I just had the worst dream of my life” You breathed out, your chest was still heaving in heavy breaths and Youngjae let out a humoured snort though his facial features didn’t change from his blank expression.

“It must have involved a lot of running away from something, you should go take a cool shower, you won’t be able to sleep like that” Youngjae instructed and you nodded swinging your legs off the bed and standing up with a sway.

“Was my screaming loud?” You asked and Youngjae shook his head.

“I only heard you because I was a couple of rooms down, the others are in the living room, you’re free to join us after your shower if you please” Youngjae explained and you only just took notice of the glass in his hand, most likely holding alcohol in it.

“I’ll do that” You smiled politely before closing your bathroom door with a nod of the head from Youngjae.


Your steps were quiet as you travelled down the stairs, your wet hair cooling your body down as you walked into the living room to see that Youngjae wasn’t lying when he told you the five of them were still awake.

“Y/N” Your eyes snapped to Himchan who was tapping on the seat next to him, you walked over, silently sitting down next to him and looking at the men who were all staring at the new arrival.

“What are you guys doing awake at this time of night?” You asked as casually as you could. You brought your knees to your chest, hugging your legs close to you as Zelo let out a snort.

“You’re the one who fell asleep at the same time my grandmother would” You glared at the male who somehow managed to be around your age. He had indeed opened up to you a little more, seeing that you posed no threat to him or his friends.

But Zelo was a sarcastic moron that you had dumped in the asshole category days ago.

“Shall we go into a discussion about what time you woke me up today Zelo? And just so you guys know, Jongup doesn’t take me on any of his work adventures, you’re overdoing this whole ‘treating me the same way Jongup would’ thing here. I didn’t have to go on all of your missions, I should have been at school today, and yesterday, the day before that, the week before that-”

“We understand Y/N” Daehyun stopped you from listing off every day you had missed school and you blinked, sinking back into the couch with a sigh.

“If you want, I can drop you off at school tomorrow?” Yongguk turned to you, taking a sip from his glass after questioning you.

“Are you kidding me? I’m too tired for that shit, I was up at four in the morning this morning” You shot Zelo a glare before wriggling around until you were comfortable with your head resting on the arm of the couch.

The others chuckled as Zelo returned your glare, and snorted at the way you remained curled up in a little ball next to Himchan on the couch. A cunning smirk crossed his features as he brought your attention back to him.

“Say Y/N, how are you taking the separation from your husband so far?” He looked so sure he had struck a chord in you when he mentioned Jongup, making you stiffen before training your eyes on him. You blinked at him, quickly ridding yourself of the reason why you were awake and concentrated on looking at him.

“I’m doing perfectly fine, thank you very much Zelo” You muttered and Zelo grinned as you gave him an irritated sneer.

“It must be great being married to Jongup, he’s like the nicest person I’ve ever met in the mafia” Himchan sighed and you moved your head to look at him.

“Jongup is nice?” You asked, bewildered by what you were hearing.

“Well, he made sure you were in the safety of our supervision, not home alone where you could be attacked didn’t he?” Yongguk question and after a moment of hesitating you nodded your head.

“Is Jongup not nice to you Y/N?” Youngjae asked and you stared at the ground in front of you.

If I told them, would they believe me? Would they say that’s the nice Jongup they know or would they call me a pathetic liar?

“Y/N?” Youngjae brought you back to earth and you blinked before looking at the five men surrounding you.

“Jongup is an arrogant, cocky playboy who seems to have an infatuation with his wife” You finally answered and it was time for all of them to blink.

“Well the arrogance and cockiness didn’t shock me, but obsession? How are you so sure about that Y/N?” Daehyun rose an eyebrow at you and you frowned.

“Are you kidding me? Jongup isn’t cocky and arrogant. But he is rather…. Attached to you” Yongguk tried to talk of his friend kindly and you sighed.

“You clearly need to see when he thinks the two of us are alone. It’s like playboy central with him, it’s disgusting” You groaned letting your head smother one of the pillows on the couch.

“He wears a bunny outfit?” Himchan asked and the room fell silent.

“Who’s going to clear this up?” Zelo asked and you remained silently watching them as they all wordlessly willed each other to be the one to explain to the poor boy what you meant. A sigh escaped you when minutes passed with Himchan desperately asking what had to be cleared up and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes Himchan, Jongup wears a bunny suit” You scoffed and he looked at you.

“I’ve got nothing against kinks but that’s just weird” Himchan looked away with a painful breath leaving him and you growled.

“I was being sarcastic Himchan!”

That’s the end of part four guys! Let me know what you think?

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Prompt-They meet some of the avengers?

Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers, with vague spoilers for the new GotG movie, not really any recent Avengers spoilers to speak of.

Also on AO3:

“Hey! Whatcha lookin’ at down here?”

Clint jumped. He had been staring out the … window probably wasn’t right. Porthole? Viewscreen? Anyway, looking at space, watching the stars pass, when Peter Quill dropped out of a hatch over his head that he hadn’t even realized was there and thumped to the deck beside him.

It was hard not to think of Peter as a kid, even though there couldn’t have been more than about a decade or so between them. But Peter’s enthusiastic golden-retriever exuberance made Clint feel about a million years old, especially at times like now, when he’d been mesmerized by the vast gulf of blackness around him and mostly thinking about how someone like him (nothing special, no superserum, not even any fancy armor, just a damn spook, and a retired one at that) didn’t belong out here.

He was in space. On a spaceship.

“Stars,” he answered dryly.

“Yeah, I figured that part out.” Peter glanced out the window without a lot of interest. “There’s not much else to look at in this part of the cosmos, but we’re not quite to the next jump point yet. Oh, hey! If you really want to see something, we should take you by the –” and he said something odd, a quick garbled clicking.

“The what?”

Peter looked briefly baffled. “Didn’t that translate? Uh … it’s Chthonian, these cheap translators don’t always have all the languages from the Outer Arms …” He did something behind his ear. “Center of the Cat’s Eye. Did you get that?”

“I think so,” Clint said, frowning, because now he was wondering what language they were actually speaking, especially what the more unusual members of Peter’s crew sounded like.

“Sweet.” Peter touched something on the wall. “Hey, Rocket, when we hit the jump point, jump us to Cat’s Eye, would you?”

“Why?” came the cantankerous response. “That’s three jumps out of our way.”

“Yeah, but I want to show the new folks.”

“Fuckin’ tourists,” the mutter came from the wall.

Clint cleared his throat. “Er, just so I’m clear, Rocket is the ra –”

Peter’s hand shot out and clapped over Clint’s mouth until he had tapped off the intercom. “Don’t call him a raccoon. At least not if you want to leave the ship with all the fingers and toes you came onboard with. And he’s got ears like a bat.”

“You know,” Clint said, more than a little disgruntled, “I thought you were hanging around upstairs with the women and the … er … tree.”

“Yeah, well, Gamora and your redheaded friend were showing each other some high-kick moves, and then the knives came out, and I decided it would be a good time to get out of Dodge.” Peter leaned a casual shoulder against the wall. “Anyway, I wanted to find you and ask if you have any cool powers. I’ve asked everybody else, but I haven’t asked you yet.”


“Yeah, I’ve met a few people from Earth out here, and most of them have powers. One time I met a lady who could punch through an asteroid. That was seriously cool. What do you do on your team?”

And didn’t that just strike right to the heart of his current bout of nerves about the coming fight. Clint snorted. “I shoot arrows, mostly.”

He was unprepared for the look on Peter’s face, a quick flash of open, wounded hurt, before it was hidden behind a grin laced with traces of melancholy. In spite of that, Peter looked interested. “How do you do it? Do you have implants?”

Implanted what, was the question, and a question he decided not to ask. “With a bow, the old-fashioned way.”

With that, Clint unslung the bow from his shoulder. It was the nifty little collapsible model Stark had helped him develop, and when he extended it to its full length, a bright look of wonder and delight spread across Peter’s face. Like most people, he hadn’t realized what it was, and it appeared he hadn’t recognized the high-tech Stark-make quiver for what it was, either.

“Oh, cool.” Peter held out a hand, eyebrows raised like a question mark, and Clint passed it over to him. “Wow. I’ve heard about these, but never seen one. I didn’t know Earth had them. Are they common weapons there?”

“Not anymore.” Clint reached over his shoulder for the quiver, fingers moving swiftly across the top and selecting a shaft with the ease of practice. The thought occurred to him, as he did so, that the fact he’d spent so many hours practicing with the new tech probably put the lie to his insistence to Laura that he was really home for good at the farm this time, really, no more trips overseas, no more working with SHIELD …

Apparently being offered a trip to outer space had been his Achilles heel.

“Here.” He handed Peter the arrow. Peter took it with more reverence than Clint really thought it deserved, almost like he was having a religious experience. Clint showed him how to fit it to the bow. “This one’s magnetic. Just shoot in the general direction of whatever you want to hit, as long as it’s metal.”

“Not hard. We’re on a spaceship.” Peter grinned his pirate grin, but still he hesitated, something stilling his hand before he released the string. The arrow plunked into the opposite wall and stuck there, quivering.

Peter had a point, the magnetic arrow couldn’t exactly fail to hit something when there was metal all around them, but it was more than that: Peter was a natural at this. Clint could tell. No more than they’d seen of him so far, Clint had picked up on the fact that the self-proclaimed Star-Lord had a skill set encompassing a wide variety of weapons and (in Clint’s all-too-expert opinion) sleight-of-hand and pickpocketing skills as well. It wasn’t surprising that he could apply those skills to using the bow. He had the hand-to-eye coordination for it, and the heart for it. Peter, Clint thought, could be really good at this.

Right now Peter was holding out a hand to empty air. He frowned in puzzlement, and then before Clint could ask what he was doing, walked over and gave the arrow a hard tug to retrieve it from the wall. Aha. Peter must think it came back automatically. Well, that wasn’t a surprise when you were used to dealing with crazy-advanced outer space tech.

“Wanna try another?” Clint asked, reaching back for his quiver. It was a pleasure to work with a talented student.

Peter hesitated, then shook his head and handed the bow and arrow back. “Nah. I don’t think it’s my weapon.”

The way he said it was … Clint could almost get a read on it, but he couldn’t suss out the pain underlying the words. He didn’t have a chance to ask, not that he would have, because just then a shudder passed through his midsection, and Peter’s quick grin flared as he reached out to steady himself on the wall.

“We’re jumping,” he said. “Hang onto something.”

Oh God. This again. Clint was settling the bow into its accustomed place on his back, and therefore he wasn’t holding onto anything when reality warped, settled, warped again. He ended up sitting ingloriously on the floor when the ship and the stars outside the window steadied around them.

“Don’t worry about it,” Peter said cheerfully, offering him a hand up. “First time I went through a shipboard jump, I puked all over the guy who was holding onto me. Who was a space pirate, by the way, so you can guess how that went down. It gets easier.” He guided Clint’s fingers to a handle built into the wall. “There’s going to be one more jump before Cat’s Eye, so hang on and you’ll be fine.”

Peter was right, it was easier this time, like taking a punch when you were braced rather than catching a fist in the stomach unawares. The quick shiver through reality faded away with a humming series of tiny aftershocks and Clint instinctively glanced at the window.

And did a double take.

“Cat’s Eye,” Peter murmured.

Clint was speechless. He’d expected all of outer space to look like the part they’d passed through, a great gulf of blackness littered with stars, like a rural sky at night. But the window, viewport, what-the-heck-ever was full of light, great curtains of shifting and shimmering light, rolling around them in shafts and rippling sheets. It was like being inside an aurora.

He stared, mesmerized, only vaguely aware of the ship’s deck shuddering under him and Peter on the intercom: “Hey, Rocket, little bit close, aren’t we?”

“You said the tourists wanted to see the show,” came back the sharp, somewhat snide tones from above.

“I didn’t mean fly us all into the freaking middle of it! Christ!”

“Be more specific next time!”

The bickering rolled off Clint. He was captivated, watching the colors wheel past them as the ship made a slow, ponderous turn, fingers white-knuckled on the handle built into the wall. The shuddering of the deck eased, and the ship straightened out, gliding alongside the great roiling well of light and color.

“Yeah,” Peter said softly, looking out at it past Clint’s shoulder. “That’s about what I looked like the first time my old man showed me that thing, too.”

A New Nickname

Dorian: Varric, I want a new nickname.

Varric: What’s wrong with Sparkler? Not colorful enough for you?

Dorian: *frowns and crosses his arms*
You must know me better now. Or does the moniker you gave me five minutes after we met still apply?

Varric: *grins* I have the eyes of a story teller. It’s a gift. Besides, you’re not the only one with a nickname I gave them within the first five minutes of meeting. How do you think I came up with Twinkle-toes?

Cole Lavellan: *chuckles* I slipped on some demon ichor and somehow managed to run a Shade through in the process. It… wasn’t one of my worst stumbles.

Varric: *laughs*

Iron Bull: *snorts* Wish I could have seen that.

Dorian: So, I’m a bit of light you stick in a window sill to impress passersby? All flash, no heat? *pauses* Hmm… that’s actually pretty clever.

Varric: See? Embrace your place in the universe, sparkler.

Different Towns

Originally posted by campbellsaunderrs

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count: 1,495
Warnings: swearing
Request: @lovetusk original idea was cute little weechesters on halloween. Dean bringing Sam around trick or treating and trying to make it a good time for him.
but for love, can maybe make it that it’s reader seeing him every few years, like maybe her parents move around a lot for other reasons, and every so often, she finds herself in the same town as them, and she has a crush on dean, then meets him as a grown man when shes working a bar or something and admits she’s seen him around since he was a kid and still likes him ?

Skipping down the street, you were humming happily. At 5 years old, your biggest complaint was not enough sprinkles on your ice cream. You were wearing your favorite pink tutu skirt, white stockings, cowgirl boots, and a white glittery top. Your hair hung over your shoulders in braids.

Your parents weren’t far behind you, so there was no reason for you to be scared. Seeing a little boy that you didn’t recognize, you smiled and waved at him. Your attention was too focused on him that you failed to see the rock that caught your boot.

Down you went. Skinning your knee, dirtying your stockings, and scraping your hands. “Ow, ow, ow!” You sat there, tearing up.

Although your parents were rushing over, it was an older boy that got their first. “Are you okay, princess?” He asked with a small smile.

“It hurts.” You sniffed, showing him where a small pebble was stuck to your palm. Your Y/E/C eyes looked into his green ones.

He made a face. “Yeah, my little brother has that happen a lot.” He told you. Your parents slowed a bit when they saw that he was distracting you. “You’re pretty tough for a girl.” He teased you, earning the meanest glare that your small face could muster. “I’m Dean. What’s your name?”

Your mother smiled softly, seeing that he was getting anything he could that was stuck to your hands. “Y/N.” You told him.

“Well, Y/N, look at that.” Dean grinned, showing you where the pebble had been. “Be more careful, next time you might not have a brave knight around.” He stood up, helping you as well. “Take care, princess.” He waved, walking off, shoving his hands in his pockets.

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Bad Day *Requested* (Sidney Crosby)

Prompt “I thought you were dead” was requested by @pensphan4life featuring Sidney Crosby. I hope you like it. It has not been edited. No warnings.

Next: Bryan Rust (If you’re the one who requested this please send me a message so I can tag you!)

Today had been the worst day in the history of worst days since…ever. You had woken up with a surprise visit from Mother Nature that had ruined your white sheets. You were late to work, and your husband had used all of the hot water in the shower. Then at work your laptop wouldn’t start, you got chewed out by your boss for something that wasn’t your fault and as a cherry on top you dropped your phone into the bathroom sink as you washed your hands.

“This day literally could not get any worse,” You mumbled to yourself as you left the office, an hour after you were supposed to get off. “At least Sid will be home tonight.” You had been married to Sidney Crosby, Pittsburg’s golden boy for just over a year. Hockey season was set to begin in less than a month, so practices were starting to become more frequent, but other than a brief morning practice today…the reason you had no hot water…he was free for the next two days.

You reached your car and situated yourself in the leather seat. “Maybe Sid will give me

a massage this evening.” You stuck your key in the slot and twisted and…nothing. You tried again…nothing.

“ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?!?!” You screamed. You gritted your teeth together to try and prevent yourself from crying tears of anger. You furiously shoved your things into your purse and after locking your car you gave the wheel a kick and stomped off towards your house.

Less than halfway into the five mile walk you shed your heels, so it looked like you were doing the walk of shame. Great. You muttered angrily to yourself as you entered the final mile. And then the rain started. At this point you didn’t even care. So you maintained the same pace and just let yourself get soaked through. You tried to convince yourself that it was cleansing…but all you felt was irritation.

You finally reached the promised land as you started up the driveway that led to your house. You dug your key out of your purse and opened the front door. After dumping your shoes on the entry tile and throwing your purse to the ground you headed towards the bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

“Y/N!? Are you home?” Sidey’s worried voice reached your ears.

“Yeah.” Came your tired reply.

“Where were you? Your over two hours late. You didn’t answer your phone. Are you hiding something?!” As he continued anger became increasingly obvious in his tone.

“Are you implying that I’m cheating on you?” You rounded the corner into the bedroom and came toe to toe with Sid. “ARE YOU?!”

“Do I need to be?!” He yelled back.

You took a deep breath and prepared to rip him a new one but as you opened your mouth all that came out was a shaky sob.

“Babe…”He approached you with his arms outstretched. “I didn’t mean it. I was just angry and worried. I thought you were dead or something.”

So as you curled yourself into your husband’s arms, soaking clothes and all, you told explained your terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. “…And then it started to rain and you yelled at me and I just wanna take a bath!” You finished tearfully.

“Sweetheart…”Sidney cooed. “I’m sorry I yelled at you, I was just worried. Why don’t you go get your bath started and I’ll go throw a towel and some PJs into the dryer for you.” You nodded and then shuffled into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later you were much happier and dressed in a comfy pair of flannel pants and one of Sidney’s shirts. You flopped face first onto the bed and just let out a sigh of relief. Sid let out a laugh and leaned down to pull you up into his lap. Your head rested on his thighs as he kneaded your shoulders and neck.

You let out a moan of bliss as he released the stress and tension from the day. “That feels wonderful. Thank you.”

He lifted you up and pressed a kiss to your lips. “I’m glad. I’m sorry for any stress I added or hurtful things I said.”

“It’s ok. It’s just been a long day. I’m ready for it to be over.”

“Then let’s go to bed.” He leaned over and turned off the lamp as your got under the covers. Once he laid down you tossed an arm and a leg over him, as you did every night. Sidney placed an arm around you in return and kissed the top of your head.

“I love you Sidney.” You whispered.

“I love you Y/N.” He responded. “Tomorrow will be better.”

The Stranger (Oswald Cobblepot x Virgin!Reader) - Chapter Three- Five

Originally posted by stabbybabz

Summary: You keep meeting your stranger on the bus, but where will all your encounters lead you?

Chapter One    Chapter Two

A/N: This is an early story of mine that I posted on my earlier blog and on AO3.

Warnings: Smut, Explicit Sexual Content, Slightly Non-Con, Very Public Sex, Fluff.

~ ~ ~

~Chapter Three~

You felt quite appalled by yourself, for what you had done to the handsome stranger on the bus yesterday. Although you’d done things like that before, despite the fact you were a virgin. You still called yourself that, after all, you never have had the pleasure of feeling a hard, throbbing length inside of you. The thought of it and the memory of his thick length in your hand and in your mouth made your sex pulse with arousal. You shifted your legs on the seat at the feeling of the familiar ache between your legs, and leaned against the window. Closing your eyes, you tried to focus your thoughts on something else, but failed miserable.

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Watch Out Below (30)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29

You could barely keep up with Fili as he stormed through the mountain corridors, paying little heed to your straggling steps. He was so angry, you could have sworn his irises had turned red for an instant. You were senseless when it came to direction but you knew where the prince was headed and it only heightened your worries. 

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“I doubt mine will be all that creepy but it sure scared the shit out of me. I live in an apartment with my husband and our dog, and our dog sleep in bed with us, we have a set of doggie steps next to the bed. Anyway I was bed alone while my husband was in the living room along with Mr. Jiggles (our dog).

I was just laying there thinking about random shit trying to get to sleep, when I felt our little dog lay down next to me, I smiled and reached my hand back to pet him but nothing was there. Then I came toe to realization that I did not even hear our dog go up the steps and he always makes some noise going up them.

I just lay there scared shitless, I know something laid down beside me, I could feel it and I was still wide awake so I know I was not dreaming, then I heard what I thought was someone dragging themselves along the bed behind me even though I felt no movement.

I don’t know how long it took me to finally throw back the covers and look behind me but I finally did it and nothing. So I call my husband from the living room and ask him were our dog was, he was out there the whole time with my husband.

I made sure the dog came to bed with me that night and for awhile I did not want to sleep alone.”

By: KingandQueenofCheese (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

You Got No Guts-Part 2

Part 1

Summary: Reader sees Negan lose it.

Pairing: Negan x Reader/OC

Word Count: 1419

Warnings: language, gore(?)

A/N: Still not sure if I want to do OC or reader. Leaning towards reader. Also! The next part will have more of Negan x Reader/OC directly interacting. I just really needed to get all the scripted stuff out the way.

The stranger’s gaze zeroed in on me and my heart jolted. He started towards me in a leisurely pace.

Come on,” he cajoled, grin spread wide on his face. “I was winning.”

Something told me this man never lost.

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Darkness Prevails ch 11

The end is NEAR! This is *technically* the last chapter. But I’m writing an epilogue to cap it off completely. Sorta give it that nice send off. You feel? Anyway, Hope you enjoy. I know @stillapieceoftrash will love it haha. Enjoy it bb

“How long has he been here?”

“Since she was brought in. So almost 3 straight days?” FP’s voice echoed through the small hallway, bouncing off the bleached walls effortlessly. Archie’s face fell, staring through the small window to the hospital room.

“Is she at least ok?” Archie asked, burrowing his hands deeper in his pockets.

FP shrugged. “Her body didn’t reject the blood transfusion, but that’s all they’re telling us. Now we wait.” FP opened the door, patting the two serpents standing on either side of it on their shoulder before heading into the room.

“For what?” Archie’s hand shot out, stopping FP in his tracks.

FP just sighed, glancing over his shoulder. “Now we wait to see if she wants to live or not.” He closed the door behind him as he entered.

Jughead awoke, stiff and sore from the unnatural position he fell asleep in late lastnight. Sitting upright, he rubbed his eyes and stretched, looking around. His dad, FP, sat on the tiny couch in the corner, book in hand and eyes glued to the pages. Groaning, Jughead turned his eyes to the girl asleep in the bed before him.


She lay unconscious – a coma induced from major blood loss the doctors had mentioned – like she’s just asleep and ready to wake at any time. But it’s been 3 days. Her face was ghastly, cheek bones evident under her stretched skin. Her fair complexion even paler against the harsh lighting and lack of sun. Rough bandages covered the majority of her forearms, no longer stained with blood after the first night.

That night.

Every time he closed his eyes, the scene replayed in his mind.

Arriving at her house. Walking inside. Heading upstairs. Opening the door to the bathroom and having his world break apart at the seams. Seeing Betty laying there, in the tub full of blood, so pale and eyes closed. His heart had broken, over and over. He rushed to her side, calling for help with no restraint. Pulling the plug, Jughead had wrapped Betty with a towel, applying constant pressure to her wounds and rocking back and forth. Tears flowed freely as he waited the solemn 5 minutes till the paramedics arrived, the time felt like it was moving backwards. They took her then, and didn’t tell him anything.

They had arrived at the hospital within 30 minutes, a distraught Jughead followed closely by FP, Archie and Veronica. Alice was already there, sobbing uncontrollably. FP head over, comforting a sullen mother and former friend. Jughead had tried to get in to see Betty, but the doctors and nurses strictly forbid the idea – only family allowed.

So the trio waited. Taking shifts between falling asleep and waiting for more news. Veronica was asleep in Archie’s arms when a doctor came out, enlisting information about an Elizabeth Cooper to family and friends. The blood transfusion was successful, but for unknown reasoning, Betty had slipped into a coma – they had assumed blatantly that it was due to blood loss, but no proof. But Betty was moved to a secure room out of the I.C.U and they could go see her.

Jughead had sprinted to the room, falling to his knees at her side when he came close. Tears spilled down his face as he whispered things to Betty. Alice had come to sit on the other side, clutching her daughters other hand. FP, Archie and Veronica took turns talking to her, each letting a few tears fall freely at the sight of their friend in such a state.

A few long hours later, Archie’s dad had come to pick him and Veronica up, insisting they rest up at home and come back the following day. Fred tried to coax Jughead into the same plan, but his resolve was steel. FP had left soon after, driving Alice home. Then Jughead was alone with his unconscious, half dead girlfriend, and the weight of the whole situation broke him as he sobbed openly, for hours.

The next few days went by slowly, the doctors ran more tests. One that involved total privacy. Alice later mentioned the results should be back in a few days, so they waited.

Which was what Jughead was doing right now.


“Hey, you should go grab something to eat Jug.” FP’s voice brought him back to reality. He blinked, staring at his father. He just nods, standing.

Commotion from just outside the hospital room door pulled his attention, Jughead watched curiously. FP sighed, heading for door. As he neared it, the door burst open, an angry Alice storming in, a timid doctor trekking behing. Tears were streaming down her face as she pushed past FP and came toe to toe with Jughead, a finger pointed at his sternum.

“It was you! You did this to my baby!” Alice’s voice rang out, desperate and shaky. She jabbed her finger into his chest as his jaw went slack.

“Now listen here Allie, I know my son.” FP pulled her back a few feet by the arm. “He wasn’t the cause of any of this!” Jughead rarely heard FP yell anymore, let alone raise his voice to a woman. But his fathers face was ashen, eyes deadly.

“Then explain to me, Forsythe, why Betty’s rape test came back positive!” Alice yelled out, throwing her arms up in exasperation.

Jughead paled, taking a step back like he’d been hit. “What do you mean?” His voice was a mere whisper, but the doctor piped up instantly.

“When Elizabeth was brought in, she had a few, internal bruises along with the outer ones, so we asked Ms. Cooper if we could run the test, and it came back positive.” The doctors’ steady voice washed over the 3 distraught few in the room, tension – so thick you could practically see it – hung in the air.

FP blanked, hands dropping to his sides as he looked up, eyes pleading with his son. “Jug.. Do you know what she’s talking about?”

Panic was filling Jughead’s chest as he stared back. His throat was closing, constricting any words from escaping. Backing up further till he hit the wall, he dropped down to his knees, head falling into his hands. His whole body was shaking as the realization drove through him.

The bruises he’d seen when he took her out of the tub.

The speeding car as he was walking up her street.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABY!” Alice screamed out, throwing her purse at Jughead’s crumbled form.

Anger coursed through his being, standing abruptly. He caught her purse and eyed her carefully. She was shaking with sobs, still pointing at him. His voice was low when he spoke, “I didn’t do anything to Betty.” He placed Alice’s purse gently on the table beside Betty’s bed. “But I’m going to find out who did.” Jughead stalked out of the room, only sparing a glance at his father before disappearing past the pale door.

An hour later Jughead stood outside the Andrews’ residence, unsure of how to proceed. Hastily approaching the front door, his knuckles rapping against the dark wood. A few moments later Fred appeared, face impassive. “Hey Jughead. How’s Betty?” Fred stepped to the side, allowing Jughead access to the house. He took a ginger step forward, looking around cautiously.

“She’s ok. No changes.” Jughead dug his hands deep into his pockets, rocking on his heels. “Wheres Archie?”

Fred sighed, closing the door. “He just took off to Pops with Veronica.”

Jughead turned on his heel, throwing a quick thanks to Fred as he took off down the road. As he arrived at the oh-so-familar diner, the bell dinging as he entered, anxiety rose high in his heart as he spotted the couple a few booths away. They were cuddled against one another, chatting quietly, faces ashen in the neon lighting. Jughead sighed, approaching them as he sat wordlessly, startling them.

“How is she?” Veronica jumped the gun, leaning forward, hands flat on the table.

“She’s still unconscious.” It was all he could say without spilling the truth. Archie opened his mouth but Veronica quickly cut him off.

“So why aren’t you with her then?” It wasn’t meant to hurt him, that he knew. She’s just worried for Betty, so was Archie. He let the comment slide, and leaned back awkwardly, failing to make his stature casual.

“I’ll go back soon, I was just heading home to take a shower and eat something, then head back.” Jughead leaned forward, forearms against the flat table. “Hey uh, Archie?” The red head nodded, waiting for Jugheads question. “Do you happen to know where I can run plates?”

Archie’s face lit up in surprise, then realization at what his friend was asking him. “You mean like, plates on a car?” Archie whisper shouted, leaning close to jughead. “How the hell would I know that?” Jughead just shrugged, leaning back. “Dude, you’re the Serpent! Don’t you guys do stuff like that?!” Aggravation kicked in at the insinuation of what the gang does and doesn’t do. Jughead bit his tongue, but let out a soft growl.

No. They do not.” Jughead stood, heading for the door.

“Jughead!” Veronica’s voice pulled his attention, turning his head as he opened the door. “Call me right away when she wakes up, alright?” Jughead just nodded, shutting the door behind him.

A few hours later, Jughead appeared back at the hospital, sullen and mopey. He hadn’t found any clues about the car he’d seen, let alone running the plates to see who owned it. When his frustration kicked in hard, he sighed and made his way home, taking a quick shower and eating, then heading right back to Betty. As he stepped out of the elevator, he noticed two deputies stationed outside the door to Betty’s room. Quickening his pace, he sprinted in and halted in his tracks.

Alice was standing by the window – face red and puffy from crying – talking to Sheriff Keller. Keller was nodding alone as Alice no doubt retold the same story, probably for the third time. Scanning the room more, Jughead noticed his father sitting on the small couch in the corner, head in his hands and leg bouncing sporadically. Jughead approached hesitantly, placing a hand on his fathers sunken shoulder. FP looks up, a sad smile etched across his jaw.

“Hey dad, why’s Keller here?” Jughead jutted his jaw towards the sheriff, sitting down beside his father.

“I’m here to ask you to come down to the station Jughead.” Sheriff Keller’s voice steady, standing before Jughead and his dad. Jughead glanced at his dad, but FP just looked down and put his head back in his hands.

“What for?” Jughead said, standing. He spared a glance at Alice, she had her back to him as she looked out the window.

“Just need to ask you a few questions is all. Won’t take long.” It was more of a statement than question, and Jughead knew better than to resist, so he just nodded slightly and head for the door.

30 or so minutes later Jughead was seated in a small room. The desk in front of him was plain white, and the small metal chair he sat on was beginning to hurt his butt. Shifting uncomfortably, Jughead just sighs. 10 minutes of sitting here, wondering what in all hell this was about. Maybe questions about why Betty did what she did? Maybe her mom is pressing charges on whoever drove her to this?

He was brought out of his thoughts when the door opened, Sheriff Keller stepping through, and shutting it promptly. Jughead sits up straighter, leaning forward against the small table as the Sheriff sits adjacent to him.

Clearing his throat, Sheriff Keller just watches him.

“So what is this about?” Jughead finally asks, clasping his hands together.

“I hate to beat around the bush, so I’m just going to come right out and ask ya, ok?” The older man’s voice was rough, washing over Jughead in a raspy haze. Jughead just nodded. “Did you sexually assault Elizabeth Cooper?”

The air in Jughead’s lungs evaporated. A pain so raw wrapped around his chest and seemed to squeeze hard, He opened his mouth to say something, anything. But his voice was cut off by the lump in his throat. Shaking his head, he just kept blinking. Finally, swallowing hard, Jughead spoke. “I have never laid a hand on Betty!” He slammed his palms on the table.

“Where were you on the night of December 18th, at around 6pm?” Keller asked, leaning back in his chair.

Scoffing, Jughead leaned back also. “I was at Pops, with Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge.” He crossed his arms over his chest, looking pointedly at the man across from him.

Sheriff Keller flipped a page on the clipboard that lay in front of him. Scanning the paper, he looked up at Jughead once more then back down. “It says here that you attend Southside High.” Jughead nodded. “Do you happen to affiliate yourself with the-” He clears his throat, leaning slightly closer. “-Southside Serpents?”

Jughead deadpanned. “What does the Serpents have to do with what happened to Betty?” He was getting frustrated now. And the constant questions that had nothing to do with the incident were pissing him off.

Sheriff Keller just stared. “It’s common knowledge that gang members go through a sort of, initiation, when first brought into the gang. Is that correct?

“In what world does a gang initiation peg sexually assaulting one random girl from the northside of Riverdale?!” Jughead shouted, slamming his fist into the table.

“But she’s not some random girl though, correct? You and Elizabeth have been dating for a bit, correct?” Jughead just nodded, keeping complete eye contact. “So she’s been around a few of your Serpent buddies, right?”

“Seriously. What does this have to do with Betty!”

“Alice Cooper is very concerned that you, Jughead Jones, or one of your gang members, is the culprit who assaulted Elizabeth Cooper.” Sheriff Keller states calmly, sifting through the pages on the clipboard once more.

“I have an alibi, and each and every Serpent who has met Betty has loved her, like I do. So go ahead and find a scapegoat. But the real threat is still out there, and you’re wasting your time sitting here with me.” Jughead huffs out, standing up. “Can I go now?” Keller nods, so Jughead storms out of the room.

Jughead pushes through the doors of the Sheriffs station as a voice calls out.


He turned, seeing Archie sprinting down the hall behind him, erupting from the station soon after him. Archie was out of breath, hunched over with his hands on his knees. Jughead stood, waiting. “What?”

“Sh-” Archie’s voice was raspy, coming out in little bursts. “She’s up.”

Confused, Jughead stared at him, waiting for more. When Archie didn’t repeat what he said, Jughead repeated himself. “What?”

“She’s awake man. Betty woke up!”

Before he knew it, Jughead was sprinting for his dad’s truck, not looking back. Archie was on his heels, jumping in beside him. Without even putting on their seatbelts. Arriving at the hospital within 20 minutes, Jughead pulled into a spot in the parking lot haphazardly, pulled the keys out of the ignition, and took off. Not bothering with the elevator, he took the stairs two at a time as he made his way up to the third floor where Betty’s room was. Nearing the door to her room, his pace slowed. As he peered into the small window, a painful tug surged through his chest.

Betty was sitting up slightly, looking very exhausted, but she still had a smile on her face. Alice was seated beside her, a stern look on her still puffy face. Veronica was on her other side, back facing the door. Betty was looking between the two, smiling and them both. Jughead’s eyes traveled to the right, and he spotted his dad at the end of Betty’s bed, smiling down at her.

How can you face her after what you did?

You basically dumped her, why would she want to see you now?

An angry voice surfaced in Jughead’s mind as he leaned against the wall, placing his head in his hands. “Shut up!” It wasn’t a shout, but just above a mere whisper, teeth clenched together as new rage boiled through him. He slammed a fist into the side of his skull, making black dots dance in his vision as he took a few wobbly steps.

“Hey Jug, you ok?” Archie’s voice tethered him, bringing him back down to earth. He looked up into the concerning green eyes of his friend, so similar but so different than Betty’s. He just shrugged, sliding down the wall until he was almost sitting. “Why aren’t you going in?” Archie crouched down beside him, hand reaching for Jughead’s shoulder.

“I can’t face her.” Was all Jughead said, before slamming another fist into his skull. ‘

“Hey, HEY! Jug you need to calm down.” Archie reached out, pulling Jughead’s hand away from his head. “Betty loves you man.”

“I did this to her.” A single tear escaped his burning blue eyes. Sniffling, he quickly wiped it away.

Archie paled. “What do you mean?”

Realization dawned on Jughead, before he quickly shook his hands in front of Archie. “No, no. I didn’t mean I hurt her. Well, I did. But I just haven’t made the effort to go see her, you know? I let this happen.” He points to the hospital room, then waves his hand around in a circle, signalling the whole hospital in general. “I wasn’t there to stop… this” His shoulders sagged in defeat, dropping his head in his hands once more. “I can’t face her.”

Archie sighed, standing. “But you were there to save her life. And for that I owe you mine, so get up, get your big boy pants on, and lets go see your girlfriend who just woke up from a coma.” He threw his hand out, waiting.

Jughead finally sighed, clasping his hand in Archie’s outstretched one, and stood. Taking a deep breath, he moved to stand in front of the door when Archie pulls it open and steps inside.

Betty looks over to the newcomers, face lighting up at the sight of Archie. “Archie! Hey!” She tries to move, but winces at pain from an unknown source. “Where have you-” Her voice cut off when Archie moves to the right, out of the way of Jughead’s timid frame. He looks up, catching her eyes. Green watch blue as she opens her mouth. “Juggie…” He’s at her side in a second, her small hand encased in his larger ones. Tears are flowing once more as he just kneels beside her.

“I thought I lost you.” Jughead whispered, idly playing with her bandages. Betty places a kiss on his forehead, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Can’t get rid of me that easily.” Her voice is just above a whisper as she places her hand on the side of his face. “I’m so sorry.”

Jughead shakes his head. “No, no! I’m the one that’s sorry. I should’ve been there for you. I should’ve stopped whoever ra-” He snapped his mouth shut, looking up at her sheepishly. Betty’s eyes were downcast, her bottom lip between her teeth. “I’m sorry.” He repeated, placing a chaste kiss on her hand. 

Betty just sighs, looking up to the rest of the people in the room. “I’m ok. I promise.”

“Betty.” Alice’s voice broke the silence, both Betty and Jughead look up at the older woman. “Betty, can you tell me who did this to you?” A few tears escaped, running down her face quickly.

Betty sucked in a breath, looking down at Jughead. He just nods, squeezing her hand reassuringly. Biting her lip again, Betty shifts to face everyone. “I can tell you, but I don’t want to this to become a big deal, ok? No trial, no charges. No nothing.” She looks pointedly at every person in the room, before her eyes land on Jughead’s blue orbs. “Ok?” She asks again. A plethora of Ok and Yes resonate through the tiny room as Betty takes another deep breath. “Chuck.”

A collection of gasps envelop the small room, a low growl escaping the mouth of FP who was perched on the windowsill. Jughead’s hand gripped painfully hard on Betty’s, making her wince. He promptly let go, apologizing, before standing. She reached for his hand once more, pleading.

“Jughead, please don’t.”

He pulls his hand from hers, eyeing his father carefully. “I’m sorry, but this doesn’t slide.” FP stands up, stalking to the door.

“I’m sorry Mini Cooper, but Jug’s right. He messed with the wrong Serpents.” Then he’s gone, Jughead right on his heels. Betty looks over at her mom, eyes pleading.

“Mom, you have to stop them!” Alice just sighs, sitting beside her.

“They’re right Betty. It’s a rule among them – No hurting women.”

Betty just stares. “How do you know that?”

“I had a life once, before you and Polly.” Was all Alice said, picking her at her nail polish idly. Scoffing, Betty just sighs.

“This won’t end well.”

“Not for Chuck.” Her head snapped to Archie, who’s mouth was curved with a sly smirk.

It was a few very long, strenuous weeks went by before Betty was finally discharged, finally getting to sleep in her own bed. She’d been back at the Cooper residence for just under two weeks. A hearty list of activities she will unable to participate in was attached to her already lengthy list of stuff she needed to be careful of.  

One of things on said list was sex.


Betty hadn’t thought about it at all since that night. The night when basically everything changed. She didn’t remember much, small images and even smaller clips of what happened. She didn’t remember getting in the tub of hurting herself, but she remembered Jughead’s voice. She remembered his arms around her, ever so slightly remembered his words.

But what she remembered most was his voice.


Chuck had been tormenting her for weeks before the incident happened, but he never had the chance to even mutter a word in her presence after what Jughead, FP, and the rest of the Serpents did to him. Granted, Betty didn’t know completely what they had done to him, but she heard bits and pieces.

Turns out, the Serpents had a lawyer, albeit being rather unknown and easily bought, he still had a degree and filled the charges of sexual assault against Mr. Clayton. But they were more or less accustomed to abiding by the law, only beating the living shit out of Chuck once. Mostly at the hands of Jughead and FP, but a few more Serpents she had got to know had thrown a few punches too.

She almost felt honored.

Since the day she woke up though – when she told her small circle of trusted peoples who had attacked her – her and Jughead’s relationship took an 180. His whole life was devoted to her now, and though she didn’t mind the attention from him, she hated his abandoning school work for her. Also, since Alice had found out Jughead wasn’t the reason Betty did what she did, she had been a lot more lenient on her rules, even allowing Jughead to spend a few nights in the house – Not in Betty’s room of course, but once Alice fell asleep the beanie boy had squeaked his way into her room and broken the rule quickly. But the late night talks didn’t sway him to her idea. So after countless pleas and even more stern looks, Jughead finally agreed to go back to school.

It was closing around the time for Valentines Day, and Betty could care less about what was going to happen. She hadn’t made any plans with Jughead so far, so it was all still up in the air. Since she’d gone back after the holidays, countless rumors were spread once more about why she was hospitalized and such. No one found out what really happened, Archie and Veronica promptly keeping the story on the back burner. So Betty just let the words bounce off her, easily getting through the day with her two friends and then spending hours at Pops with Jughead, or at his trailer with him and FP.

“Hey Betts.” An arm snaked around her waist, pulling her close. She didn’t need to look up to know it was Jughead, but she did anyway, smiling.

Placing a soft kiss on his cheek, she leaned into his side. “Hey Juggie.” He smiled at his name on her lips, pecking them quickly with his own before propelling them forward.

“What shall we do today?” Jughead was taking over exaggerated steps, making Betty giggle beside him.

“Hm,” He turned, wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her. She quickly wrapped her legs around his hips and draped her hands over his shoulders. “Each other?” He wiggled his eyebrows, causing another fit of giggles to escape the blonde. “Kidding. Sorta. How about we go to the Bijuu? Double feature?” He put her down, starting to walk once more, this time with his hand firmly clasped with hers.

“Sounds like a plan.” Betty said, kissing his cheek once more.


“Okay, but just don’t cancel at the last minute again. You know how much I hate getting dressed to go out.”

I tossed the last pile of utensils in dishwater, then readjusted my headphones. My best friend was giving me her lame excuse, as to why she cancelled our movie date.

“Was Joe mad?” Her voice was full of guilt.

“He wasn’t mad, but annoyed.” I sigh, “He planned something for us last night. Instead I shut him down for you, which I will never do again, by the way.”

“Ugh, I’m so sorry. Please give him my love!”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Let me think on it.”

Footsteps enter the kitchen and I take a glance to my right. Joe walked past me towards the fridge and grabbed a beer. He gulped down half the bottle, then sat it on the table. Suddenly, I found myself in a staring contest.

“Let me finish cleaning, and I’ll get back to you later.” I take out my headphones. “Hey, everything okay?”

His thin lips twisted at the corners, as his eyes lowered. His bare arms folded across his chest.

“It’s funny that you seemed to notice that things are not.”

“Babe, what are you talking about?” I sigh and place my hands on my hips.

He takes a few steps closer. “There’s always something taking away your time from me. Work. Errands. Friends.”

“Joe, listen—”

“Don’t interrupt me.” A long finger lifted in front of my face. “I’ve been put on the back burner too much over these few weeks. I miss coming home to a welcoming wife. As hard as I work, don’t you think I deserve that?”

I eagerly nod. “Yes, babe. You do.”

“Well, lately it hasn’t seemed like it.”

I watched the redness amplify in his face, as well as my guilt. I could lie and say his words didn’t just slice me in half. He was telling the truth. Lately, I had been making time for everything imaginable, except him. The straw that definitely broke the camel’s back, was flaking out on him for my best friend. I felt like crap as soon as I’d done it, but I couldn’t renege at the last minute. Luckily, she cancelled but it was too late.

“You’re right,” I breathe, “I’ve been neglecting you lately, and I apologize for that. I can’t even give you an excuse, because there isn’t one. But just know that I’m so sorry, baby.”

He rolls his eyes. “Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Am I not there enough for you?”

“No! It’s not you!” I cup his face, “You’re part of my Universe that can’t be replaced. I can’t get enough of how you make me feel, and what you do for me. If there was a problem, I wouldn’t avoid it. Especially like this.”

He pecks my thumb, as it glides across his lips. “You sure there isn’t another man you’re telling these problems to?”

“Don’t even play with me like that.” My voice hardens, “Not one bit, Joseph.”

He presses his hips against me, pinning me to the counter. “Don’t give me a reason to, Lia.”

My name sizzled into my skin from his breath. Instantly, he had me right where and how he wanted me. Hot and trapped. He bore his fingers into my hips, and leaned down to my ear.

“Turn around and bend over.”

I did as told without hesitation. Didn’t even need to be told twice. My yoga pants were slipped down to my ankles; thankfully I was bare underneath. His thumbs pressed into my lower back, prompting me to arch perfectly into position.

“Let’s see if we can fix your problem.”

“I don’t have any pro—AH!”

Joe breached into my sleek opening, casually pushing deeper. Once my ponytail was grabbed, the motion was set. His grunts mixed with my moans echoing in the sink, filled the kitchen. I came onto my tip toes, urging him to pound me the way I like it when I’m close. He answered me by gripping my thighs, and folding my legs around his waist. I released a squeal from the surprising lift, feeling more of him in this intensified position. He yanks my body hard against him, grinding onto my throbbing walls.

“Still have a problem?”


“Are you going to continue putting me off?”

“No I won’t!” I gasp, “Baby, I promise!”

“You promise?” He spanks me.


“Problem solved.” He spanked me a few more times.

The hot stings radiated through my body and I came on a loud cry. He stilled my body, while he shuttered from his gut wrenching orgasm. Joe grabbed for his half filled bottle of beer, gulping down the rest. The strength of him holding me up with one hand was turning me on, so I wiggled my butt on his pelvis. He cracked a smirk, softly spanking me. My lower half was gently placed back on the ground, as we caught our breaths. Joe wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me up against him. I sealed my back to his front, inhaling his scent. My arms folded atop his, as I laid my head back onto his chest. Nothing like a much needed quickie to get my mind back right on my husband. That’s for damn sure!

i went out with this guy on saturday and he’s like my type my category but not really like he’s too pretty too modely looking and personality wise not my type either but he’s like fun. it was the first time i didn’t disassociate with a guy he rly like kept me on my toes. he came over my apartment and we started making out and i was like i’m on my period and he’s like “i’ve heard that before don’t worry about it though you can ride my dick next week” it was insane and after all that i randomly asked if he ever had sex in public and he was telling me when he had sex in his school lecture hall. then i told him we should have sex in the shower. i didn’t even expect to ever see him again but he wanna take me to the secret gardens in central park and he sends me shirtless pics of himself on snapchat so that’s where i’m at right now i told all my friends about this guy and they all be like this is good for you and i’m like your right i need to have more fun and this is the first time i don’t like a guy and i rly have no feelings for him lol and he’s just in ny for the summer so MOOD

I Want You Daddy - Josh Dun Smut

Josh and I have been dating for love two years and the spark between us has never died. Part of it is the fact that we love each other immensely and the other part of is that the sex, oh the sex is absolutely freaking fantastic. Josh has a daddy kink, he likes to be dominant and it was so completely hot to me. I liked calling him daddy and I liked being called princess.

“Babe?” Josh says pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I say walking over to him with two cups of coffee handing one of them to him.

“Is it okay if Tyler comes over? He wants to go over some of the details for the upcoming tour,” he says taking a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah that’s fine, Daddy,” I say with a small smirk.

“Oh, Princess,” he says biting his lip, “if Tyler wasn’t coming over I’d fuck you on this couch right here and now.”

I bite my lip staring at him. I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. How I wish he’d tell Tyler no and just taking me now. I shift in my seat a little bit feeling turned on.

“Okay, Daddy,” I say to him. “When will Tyler be here?”

“Um, pretty soon. I actually had already told him he could come over before I asked you,” he says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Wow, Daddy, maybe you should be the one to get punished,” I say with a giggle.

“Now now Princess, you know that Daddy get’s to make all the rules,” he says moving closer to me on the couch.

“I know Daddy, I was just teasing you,” I say taping his nose.

“You know I don’t like teasing,” he says squinting his eyes at me.

“I know,” I say leaning a soft kiss on his lips.

We got caught up in what was suppose to be an innocent kiss, that was until there was a knock at the door. Josh and I pulled away, our breath a little erratic. I take my thumb and wipe off some lips gloss that had gotten on Josh’s lips. I stood up from the couch and opened the door to reveal Tyler.

“Hey, Y/N,” he says to me with a smile.

“Hey Tyler, come on in,” I say opening the door and moving aside.

He walks in and takes off his shoes leaving them by the door. Tyler always takes his shoes off now every time he comes over now because one time he stepped in dog poop and tracked it all throughout the house. He felt so bad that he even paid to get the carpets of the effected rooms professionally cleaned. I giggle at the memory.

“Hey man,” Josh says to him. “Where do you want to work at?”

“Um I guess in your office,” Tyler says to him. That’s what we call Josh’s music room. He use to just keep his drums in the living room but it drove me crazy to have it echoing throughout the house when I was trying to study.

“Do you want some coffee or anything Tyler?” I ask him.

“Coffee would be great,” he says to me with a smile.

“I’ll bring it down when it’s done,” I say to him. “Do you want anything?” I turn my attention toward Josh.

“Um, a red bull I guess. Thanks Princess,” he says kissing my check.

“No problem, Daddy,” I whisper in his ear.

Josh smirks at me and he and Tyler walked off toward the office. I giggle and walk into the kitchen. I start on Tyler’s coffee but it doesn’t take that long to make. Once I had finished the coffee I opened the fridge and grabbed a Red Bull. I swear these things are going to be the death of Josh. With the can and mug in hand I carefully walk in the direction of the office. I knock on the door with my foot and Josh opens the door.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I say to him hoping Tyler didn’t hear me. He moves aside and let’s me in. I hand them both their drinks. “Anything else?”

“Nope, thank you babe,” Josh says to me opening the can.

“Alright, I’m gonna work out a bit. Just holler if you need me,” I say walking out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I walk up the stairs to mine and Josh’s shared bedroom. I walked to my dresser and open up the bottom drawer pulling out a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra, I know that I’ll get punished for walking around the house in this when we had someone over but I didn’t care, I honestly liked it when Josh punished me. I strip down into just my under wear and put on the items I had pulled out. I walk over to the walk in closet and grab a pair of my Nike shoes.

I walk down the stairs and into the other spare bedroom where we kept some workout equipment. I turn on the television that was on the wall turning on CNN and hop onto the treadmill. I watched the screen intently as they talked about the presidential election as I jogged on the machine.

“Princess?” I stopped the machine and muted the television looking over the door at see Josh popping his head in.

“Yeah?” I say looking at him trying to catch my breath.

“Can you help us with something real quick?” He asks staring at my body licking his lips.

“Yeah sure,” I get off the machine and turn off the television. I walk out of the room in front of Josh. As I walked past him his hand made contact with my ass, I jump in surprise. I look over him to see him smirking at me. We walk over to the office and I take a seat on the stool in front of Josh’s drum kit. “So, what do you guys need help with?”

“We need help on what we should wear,” Tyler says.

“Should we wear the red or the blue suits?” Josh adds in.

“The red,” I say immediately. “The fans love the red more so than the blue.” 

“Yeah you’re right,” Tyler says with a chuckle. “Well, I think that was everything.” We all three stand up from our seats and walk toward the living room. “Please let me leave before you two jump each other’s bones.” Tyler says slipping on his shoes.

“What?” I asked him a bit confused.

“I’m not deaf you know,” he says with a chuckle. “I heard you call him Daddy multiple times. Just wait till I leave.”

“Sorry,” Josh says to Tyler apologetically.

“It’s fine,” he says with a laugh opening the door, “I’ll see you two later.” With that he left.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl Princess,” Josh says turning toward me. “First you keep calling me Daddy, then you wear that when we have someone over, and then you embarrass me.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” I say to him. He walks over to the couch and sits down in the middle.

“You know the drill Princess,” he says to me.

I slip off my shoes and walk over to him laying down across his lap. He pulls down my shorts to reveal my ass. Without warning his hand makes contact with my ass cheek. I moan out in response. He repeats this action ten times. Once Josh was satisfied he rubs my ass cheek to try and relieve some of the stinging. I sit up off of his lap and look at him.

“Get on all fours Princess, I’m going to fuck you now,” he says getting off the couch and taking off his clothes.

I fully remove my shorts and thong and do as he says. He kneels on the couch behind me and pumps his cock a few times. We didn’t need foreplay this time, without any warning Josh slams into my soaking wet pussy. He stays still for a moment allowing me to adjust to his large cock at this angle. I nod my head to him, looking over my shoulder when I was ready for him to move. Josh starts to thrust in and out of me at a slow pace, he was trying to torture me.

“Daddy, please,” I beg him.

“As you  wish Princess,” he says with a husky voice.

He doesn’t hold back. Josh thrusts in and out at me with such speed and force I could help but scream out each time, I didn’t care if the neighbors heard us. All that mattered was the immense pleasure I was feeling with Josh deep inside of me. His hands held my waist in place, as he continued his thrusting. It felt so good. I soon felt my stomach begin to tighten.

“Daddy,” I moan out, “I-I’m so close.”

“Fuck! Me too!” Josh screams out. “Cum Princess, cum with Daddy.”

His words sent me over the edge. I scream out as my walls tighten around Josh’s big, hard cock. I can feel his cock twitch inside of me. He moans out my name, his thrusts increasingly getting sloppy as he came. My toes curl, my buckles turning white as my orgasm takes over me. Josh continues to thrust as we ride out our highs together. I felt so tired, once we had finished and Josh had pulled out I completely collapse on the couch, my arms and legs no longer being able to hold me up. We stay silent trying to catch our breath.

“I love you, Y/N,” Josh says looking at me with a deep voice.

“I love you too, Josh,” I say looking back at him with a smile.

“How about we go take a bath and relax a little bit,” he says to me getting up off the couch.

“Sounds amazing,” I say to him, “there’s just one problem. I don’t think I can walk.” 

“I’ll carry you Princess,” he says with a chuckle. He carries me up to our bedroom. I smile into his chest. I love this man so much it’s completely unreal. Hopefully we’ll have round two in the tub.

"Your Turn": Ethan Imagine

Requested by: @dolantwins-1999

A/N: This was not grammar checked, so I apologize for any mistakes within the text. Also, warning: Smut.

Saying yes to Ethan when he had asked me out was the best decision of my life. He treated me so well and he never failed to make me laugh. On the other hand, he and I both knew how rude and awful his fans could be, so we decided it would be best to keep our relationships under wraps until we felt comfortable telling people outside of our families. That was six months ago. I don’t regret my decision in the slightest, but I wish we didn’t have to sneak around everywhere and hide ourselves. However, that was all about to change. Ethan, Grayson, and I were going to a party tonight and all of our friends would be there. It would be the perfect time and place to tell everyone, so Ethan and I thought of ways we could tell them. We had seen numerous ideas, but none of them seemed quite right. We ended up deciding to keep it simple and simply just announce it. As I got ready for the party at the boy’s apartment, Ethan came behind me, wrapped his hand around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. “Are you excited, baby girl?” E whispered in your ear. I giggled from the chills that ran over my body from his breath. I nodded with a content smile and finished getting ready with Ethan’s approval of my outfit. He could get pretty jealous when it came to other people looking at you. Grayson and the two of you drove to the house where the party was being held and I couldn’t help myself when the butterflies arose in my stomach. I clutched Ethan’s hand in mine and he gave it a gentle squeeze.
The party was going well and in about an hour, Ethan and I had planned to tell everyone. He and I kept stealing glances at each other throughout the party from across the room and small smiles with rosy cheeks as well. As the party continued, I was mingling with some of my friends when I took a glance towards Ethan. I saw one of my friends had slipped away and was talking to him. I wouldn’t have been mad if she wasn’t playing with her hair, batting her eyes, and stroking his arm. Worst of all, he looked like he was enjoying it! I ignored it for a couple of minutes until I saw her lean up to whisper something in his ear. That did it. I excused myself from my friends rather hastily and marched straight up to Ethan and my so called friend. “Oh, hey, Y/N,” Y/F/N sneered towards my general direction. “Leave him alone.” I growled lowly with a hard grip on her arm. “We’re just talking.” She insisted. “I don’t care what you’re doing. I said to leave him alone. Now, go!” I boomed at her. She stared blankly at me and huffed before walking away. The house was silent as Ethan took my arm and pulled me outside. “What was that all about, babe?” Ethan questioned me with knitted brows. I looked at him like he was crazy. Had he not seen the way she was looking at him?! “Ethan, she was all over you! And she claims to be my friend!” I remarked with a fake laugh. Instead of persisting that they were just talking, Ethan started laughing. I looked at him with my arms crossed and my eyebrows raised. “Baby. You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” He said through his laughter. “I am not jealous.” I scoffed at him. He nodded his profusely and breathed out a couple of “Yes, you are.” After his fit of laughter, the both of you went in to finally announce your relationship. Gathering everyone in one room, Ethan draped his arm around me and said, “Y/N and I are dating. We’ve been dating for six months, but wanted to make sure everything was going to work out the way we wanted it to before telling anyone about it.” He planted a kiss on my temple after multiple yells and rounds of applause.
Ethan drove me home that night and when he went to leave, it was well past two in the morning and raining. “Just stay here with me tonight, E.” I begged him, wanting him to be safe. He obliged happily and changed into some clothes that had been left at my place. I followed his actions by changing into pyjamas of my own; a t shirt and underwear. I always burn up when I sleep, so I like as little clothing as possible. I walked down the hallway and into the room where Ethan was watching TV. He turned his head towards me slowly and his lips parted slightly while his eyes widened. I sat down on the bed beside him, his eyes still following my every move. I nestled myself into his side and looked up at his face. He leaned down to kiss me full of passion and love. As the kiss progressed, I was straddled on his lap, each of us moaning into the other’s lips. Ethan slid his hand under my shirt and the frigidness of it made me gasp. This gave him the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth.
Mouths and hands exploring each other, we got sloppy with our kisses and moved to other areas of our bodies. He sucked on my neck just below my jaw causing me to throw my head back in ecstasy, exposing the rest of my neck. I tugged at the hair on the nape of his neck which led him to hum into me. He tugged down the front of my shirt and continued moving his lips against my skin. On one of the kisses, I couldn’t feel the entirety of his lips, so I seperated my skin from his and removed my shirt swiftly. From my neck to my breasts, the tenderness of Ethan’s lips inched further down my body. At this point, he was hovering over my body. His shirt stroked my bare stomach and I was suddenly aware that it was still on. I pulled on it and murmured, “Off,” to Ethan before brought it over his head rapidly, eager to get his lips on my burning skin. Breathing heavily, I studied his collarbones with my tongue, savoring the taste of his skin. I gasped fiercely as Ethan nibbled below my earlobe and my back arched. Wasting no time, his hands were under me working on the clasp of my bra. He was successful after a few seconds and he flung it across the room. Sliding down my front even more, Ethan traced my abdomen with his tongue. “Ethan..” I whimpered as he was dangerously close to the parts of me that I had let no one see besides him. He raised his eyes to mine and blew cold air on my skin that was now dotted with chills. “Yes, baby girl?” He implored on my emotions with a raspy tone. “Keep going,” I whispered through a grin. He smirked up at me and placed a kiss gently on my hipbone.
“This one for being so beautiful,” Ethan said tenderly. Then another on the opposite side of me, “And this one for agreeing to be my girl.” Lastly, one touch of his lips in the middle, “One more for making you jealous today, which will never happen again because I’m all yours, babe.” He winked at me with a radiant smile. I laughed lightly and he gripped the hips that he had just kissed. Ethan slowly, and delicately, littered my thighs with wet kisses, hungry for me. Each kiss was closer to my core which was wet and ready for him. He traced the lining of my underwear with his hot breath and racing tongue. Tired of his teasing, I grabbed his hair with my hands and demanded his presence, “Ethan, I need you.” That was all he needed to hear before he slid the clothing that separated him from me off and immersed himself into me without a second thought.
He began by kissing my wet lips with his and nibbling lightly. I trembled underneath him with his hair still in my hands. I pulled gingerly on his strands before exhaling in pleasure. Ethan laughed kindly into my throbbing core which vibrated with his husky laughter. Again, I squirmed, eager for him to pleasure me like I knew he could. Receiving what he needed once again, his tongue darted in my folds while his calloused fingers rub my nerves viciously. With each flick of his tongue and each circle of his fingers, I came closer to my climax. He had me in the palm of his hand. He retracted his tongue and sucked on the top of me and plunged his fingers into my core. “Come for me,” He would coax me between kisses. With a final pump of his fingers and one last tongue flip, I came with my toes curled and fists closed in his hair. I moaned with great pleasure coming down from my high. No one could make me feel as he did. Ethan came back face to face with me while playing with my fingers. I smiled with a giggle at him. He beamed right back before I breathed into his ear the following words, “Your turn, daddy.”