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Wait, how can you dislike AUs when Glitchtale is an AU. (What happens in season 1 can't happen in the game, so yes, it is an AU).

but I based it within the limitations of the game

Yesterday I heard from a friend who’s game closed out of nowhere while he was doing a genocide route and he couldn’t open the game again until he deleted the save files and had to start again. 

Of course that’s a bug, but if you look at it from a game perspective you may come up with the idea “maybe a character caused the error to happen because he/she didn’t want the genocide route to be completed and made that occur”

Same thing in glitchtale, I did that happen because I thought to myself “I wish I could reset in the middle of the battle… but wouldn’t that cause a glitch?” And Megalomaniac came up and I just developed the idea from there.

Do I change the character’s personalities?

Do I change the way the world functions?

Do I try to fit the characters’ personalities into my own fanfic ideas?

no, I don’t. I just changed the outcome of a situation, and acted accordingly to it’s consequences.

I’d love to call glitchtale an Alternate Timeline, and not an Alternate Universe which is where all the universes where people change the entire world along with the characters’ personalities fit in.

But everyone is like “OH LOOK AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE”

When is actually an Alternate Timeline, absolutely everyone called it an AU despite me calling it an AT when it started so it spreaded like that, now if you could help me spread the correct concept from now on, that’d be great


It is always different. It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me.

Facade (pt.3)

Characters: jimin x you

Genre: ceo!jimin || fluff (as of now)

previous part || next part


The trip really did do something good to the relationship between Jimin and yourself. The impromptu trip to Paris suddenly turned into a three week tour of Europe. The most impressive part: the two of you kept it a secret from the entire world. Using his connections, Jimin was able to find skirt around the watching world. Together, the two of you travelled as a duo of unknown persons.

When at last the both of you returned to Seoul, the reporters were practically drooling in wait for an interview. Twenty-four hours gave them a headliner story to write about the couple who disappeared from the surface of Earth for nearly a month.

You came to accept Jimin in your life. There was in no way where you’d treat him as your husband, but at least he was no longer a stranger in your life. You were okay with living in the same house with him. You were fine with being in the same vicinity without being awkward.

Marriage life wasn’t so bad.

The second year went by and gradually, the questions in your interviews changed from “How are you enjoying your newlywed life?” to “When are you having children?

It had been a shock the first time you heard the question. Not a single soul outside your household knew, but the two of you did not share a bed. It did not seem right to do so, even with your new and improved friendship with him. Unfortunately, that question also piqued your mother’s interest and soon, she was calling you daily asking the same question.

You were too embarrassed to bring it up to Jimin. How could you? You were the one who made it very clear that you saw him as a friend. However, the burden of such thoughts start to become unbearable. And your mother wasn’t helping out by stopping by your house with baby clothes. She had even sent you a long message about how to have a successful pregnancy.

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History Part 2~ Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: I can’t believe you guys liked the first one so much! Thank you so much for reading it and requesting a part 2! I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the first one. 

Requested: Yes. Yes. It was. 

Prompt: You haven’t seen Theo since he was sent to hell and now he’s back but you have a new guy in your life. Yet that won’t stop Theo from winning you back.

Warning: None

[Part 1]

With that look came his oh so signature smirk and 3 words that made my breathe hitch. “Not for long.” and with that, he turned and retreated into the darkness”

Here I was, one week later, standing in the middle of an empty classroom with Theo right in front of me. He was looking at me, like I was the only thing in the world he ever cared about and quite honestly I was looking at him the exact same way. All I wanted to do was run into his arms, forget the world around us, and just run away together. Yet, before I could act on my rash decisions, Theo opened his mouth to speak.

“I’ve been trying to get you alone all week, but your guard dog just wouldn’t leave your side.” I shook my head, letting out a small laugh. It was true Nathan was being extra clingy this week but that’s only because he feels threatened. What else would any sane person do when Theo Raeken shows up, out of nowhere, threating to take the girl you love away from you. I looked at Theo. “Yea. Well, he just doesn’t want to lose me.” “I don’t blame him.” He looked sad, which, in turn, made me feel guilty. I shouldn’t have moved on, I should have waited for him, I should have had more faith that he would come back to me. I looked at the ground and whispered quietly. “I’m sorry Theo.” He instantly walked towards me, stopping when his feet touched mine. With one hand he gently grasped my waist while using the other to lift up my head, ever so delicately. “Hey. It’s not your fault. None of this is. It’s mine. If I hadn’t been such an asshole then Scott wouldn’t have felt the need to send me away.” The more regret and sadness I saw in his eyes, the guiltier I felt. “I know, but I shouldn’t have started dating someone else. I should have waited for you Theo. I should have believed that you would have found a way to come back to me. I’m so sorry. If it wasn’t for me this wouldn’t be so complicated.” That’s when the tears started to flow endlessly down my flaming cheeks as Theo shh’d me and pull me closer into his chest. “Y/N. Princess. It’s okay. I would’ve have wanted you to move on. To find someone that makes you happy. I didn’t know if I was going to get out. No one did.” He rubbed my back soothingly as I continued to cry silently on his chest. “The question here, is does he make you happy Y/N. If he does then I will leave you alone, and let you be happy with him.”.

I looked up at Theo. Did Nathan make me happy? Sure, we had great times together and I always seemed to find myself laughing when I am with him. But he didn’t make me as happy as Theo did. I don’t think anyone could make me that happy. There wasn’t enough time to tell Theo the truth, as Scott comes barging into the classroom, looking extremely out of breath. “I don’t mean to break up this reunion, but Nathan is coming down the hall, looking for you Y/N.” Theo looked down at me and placed a soft gently kiss on my forehead. “Let me know when you have an answer”. With that he disappeared with Scott out into the hallway and I knew exactly what I had to do.

Within in minutes, Nathan was entering the classroom, looking directly at me. “Y/N? What are you doing in here?” I sighed softly and motioned for him to sit in the desk next to me. He did as I asked and I looked at him, trying to muster up the courage to do this. “Nathan. I care about you, and I know you care about me, but-” He stopped me by standing up and taking a few steps back. “Are you breaking up with me? For him?” I tried to reach for him, but every step I took towards him, he took two more back. “Look Nathan. It’s nothing you did. Theo’s my guy. He’s the guy I’m in love with and I will always be in love with him. God Nathan, you’re perfect in every aspect that comes in the boyfriend category, but Theo is perfect for me.” He simply shook his head. “Why did you date me if you were just going to go back to him?” I thought about it for a moment and then exhaled. “Honestly, I didn’t think he was coming back. No one did. I thought that you could be the guy who makes me forget Theo, in every way. But he’s back now, and it wouldn’t be fair to you or to myself to continue this relationship with you if I still love him.” Nathan nodded and exited with a soft “See you around Y/N”.

With that out of the way, I picked up my bag off the floor and ran for the hallway. I had to find him. I had to tell him. Searching in every classroom and every hallway, I finally spotted him standing next to my locker. I stopped in my tracks and smiled as we locked eyes. In seconds, I was running as fast as I could into his arms. He caught me effortlessly pulling me close to him as I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. “It’s you. It’s always been you and it will always be you. I love you Theo Raeken.” I’ve never seen him smile that wide and his eyes twinkle so bright. “I’ve waited 6 long months to hear those words again. I love you Y/N Y/L/N.” With those words being said, I crashed my lips onto his and promised myself that I would never let anyone take him away from me ever again.


If we’re here to talk about the people we love the most, my first thought came to you. You came into my life in a very short period of time. You blew me away by everything we had in common. From clothes to bands to ideas and outlooks on the world. We clicked right away. I knew that no matter what you were to me, I was definitely gonna be fond of you. When we got closer i was the happiest guy out there. One night you told me about a person you had a crush on but you knew that they liked someone else. I felt that same way about you but i didn’t let it show. Eventually I did end up telling you that night and you told me you felt the same. I was taken by surprise and that’s how it all started. Two months went by and I was the happiest I had ever been. A few weeks after that I was in a rough spot. Sad. Depressed. You tried to help as much as possible. We hung out the night of my homecoming. You seemed distant. Wouldn’t hold my hand. Kiss me. Barely even talk to me. I asked what was wrong and you told me you wanted a break. I resisted at first but then accepted it and agreed. A week and a half past by and nothing got better. I started therapy in hopes to save our relationship. It didn’t work. We ended up breaking up and my heart shattered. We still talked for a few months after that until we fought and you told me you never loved me. We haven’t talked in over a month and I miss you like crazy. I love you so much still and I don’t want to.

Fan of a Fan // Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by jypnior

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (feat. the rest of GOT7 + JYP)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You’re a famous foreign celebrity and a good friend of the owner of JYPE. Jinyoung has always had a crush on you, and upon meeting you in person, he finally realises what it’s like to be a fanboy who meets the love of his life in person.

(Y/C) = Your country

Being in the limelight came with many perks as it did downfalls – but you were always the type of person to count your blessings first. And one of the many pros of being a celebrity was the fact you got to visit so many countries around the world, and right now you were on your way to Seoul for a well deserved vacation and to meet with your good friend, JYP – owner of JYP Entertainment.

You had first met JYP back when you began acting – he was in (Y/C) at the time attending the same convention as you.  Your manager introduced you both - and the rest was history. You were thankful for the invaluable advice he gave you, and always telling you that if you ever decided to visit Seoul to drop by the JYPE building to say hello; and that’s exactly what you had planned on doing. You were of course a huge fan of JYP, listening to and searching up new music by the talented artists that he produced – GOT7, Twice, Wonder Girls and Day6 just to name but a few.

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Who is Prometheus Speculation?

After a conversation with @nalla-madness in which she was telling me that Arrow always likes to borrow from Batman.  I decided to google Prometheus that is Batman’s enemy and my search came up with this ”A dark reflection of Batman, Prometheus was raised by criminals who were gunned down by policemen right in front of him. Dedicating his life to destroying the law, Prometheus traveled the world and trained in the ways of murder.”

Followed by James Bamford’s words of “There’s a duality happening with Prometheus’ origin in a way with Oliver. Oliver and Prometheus are basically a yin and yang, if you will. Two sides of a coin.”

This got me thinking.  Prometheus is a dark reflection of Oliver Queen.  He would have been raised by criminals, and suffered the same fate as Oliver in an incident similar to the sinking of the Gambit probably caused by Oliver, in which his own father sacrifices himself for the son to live, asking the son to avenge his death.  This son spent the last five years on his own Lian Yu training with similar people to the ones Oliver trained with, like Amanda Waller and the League of a Assassins and probably Hive in order for him to seek revenge.

Five years ago Oliver was in Russia.  The enemy is Konstantine Kovar.  “Konstantin Kovar is a government strongman who ran the village of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. He also used his governmental position as a front for his personal criminal organization that had a rivalry with the Solntsevskaya Bratva.”  

Konstantine is rich man with his own mansion and his own Riasa- Tiana’s mother.  Kovar is the anti-reflection of Robert Queen.  Kovar’s son is Prometheus.

It has been mentioned that Talia Al Gul will be introduced in the flash backs.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the love interest for said son and helped groom him for his revenge by training him in League ways.. and if they are still together, this Talia may show up in the present to assist in his revenge.  A possible dark reflection on Laurel and a similar connection to another daughter of R’as Al Ghoul!

Four new male characters got introduced so far on Arrow season five.  Adrian Chase the DA and Willaim Malone the BF detective.  Rory and Renee are too young to for this tragedy.  So I vote for the detective. Physically he is the only one who could be Dolphs son!

What do you think friends let me know!

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Maeve’s Goal

I see a lot of posts saying Maeve is in league with the Valg and will turn Aelin into a Valg puppet. However, Maeve fought with Brannon to defeat the Valg way back when the Valg first came to the world. She and Brannon were allies until he took the Wyrd Keys and fled to Erilea. Maeve wants power, she wants to be the most powerful being in the world. Erawan wants the same, he wants to rule the world. They are in direct conflict with each other. 

Maeve will use Aelin, the only thing that can destroy the Valg efficiently and thoroughly,  to clear the way for her rise to power with the Wyrd Keys and the Scion of Mala Firebringer at her disposal.

Maeve wants to rule the world and she’ll use Aelin to do it. 

Double Trouble - Finn Bálor

A/N: This one had to be made. ;)

Summary: Ava is getting a younger sibling! I wonder what this one will be? ;)

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“I’ve got that nervous feeling again.” You chuckled as you walked inside of Ava’s bedroom, Finn trailing closely behind. Everything was set up just as it was four years ago when the gender reveal party came about for Ava. You and Finn had agreed to do this one the same exact way, just a bit different, and now with the help of your daughter. 

“Ava, answer this. Do you think you’re getting a baby brother or sister?” You questioned, searching through the closet that was filled with pink articles of clothing, some different. At this point, Ava only cared about the color pink, Barbies, and Finn. Her three favorite things in the world.

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You’re the One: 9. Bedside Manner

Summary: She may have been the empath, but it’s Beast Boy who was never good at handling grief.

There came a dark time when they’d inexplicably lost her.

Not in the same way like when it was her father that had been involved. No, this was a different kind of loss.

The way Beast Boy justified it was that, at least with an impending apocalypse, there would be nothing left; nobody at all would survive. Whereas, when Raven was about to fade away from their world for good, time would continue to move forward, only without her. In his mind, this was a far worse fate to be subjected to than that of the one of Trigon.

He couldn’t bare the thought of losing anymore teammates, not ever again, not after everything with Terra. That had done enough irreparable, emotional damage to his heart, and he didn’t think he could survive yet another critical blow.

The remaining Titans had thought that they’d shown up just in the nick of time, and that it could have very well made the difference between life and death for the empath. They’d fended off Slade and his bots long enough to pick up her limp body and make a hasty retreat to the tower for a recoup. In that moment, they hadn’t realized just how dire the situation had been; Raven wasn’t even levitating.

[the rest, under the cut]

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Portals to another world are a staple of fantasy world. Chronicles of Narnia; Stargate; Monsters, Inc.; and many others have portals to another world, all presented differently. I’ll go over some different types of portals and ways to deal with them.

Types of Portals

Portal to a parallel universe

Portals to parallel universes, like the quantum mirror in Stargate SG-1, transfer the character(s) from this world to a parallel one, one where there has been some divergence but where it is still fundamentally the same as where they came from.

There are basically two types of portals you can have for this. You can have a physical portal, like with the quantum mirror, or you can have a purely magic portal. I’ve seen one story where the portal is and worn can be activated and transfers the consciousness to the same body in another world when other!them dies (more or less).

There are three main things to think about for this:

Is it two-way? You need to figure out whether or not it’s a one-way trip, and your character doesn’t need to know the answer to this when they go through the first one. If it is a two-way trip, there should probably be some symmetrical means to get back. It always reads weirdly when they come through by one means and come back by another. There has to be a really good reason for the characters to come back a different way than they came; the physical object only existing in one world is one of the only good reasons I can think of. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be a whole adventure to be able to go back home.

Where do they come out? You have a few options for this. They can come out in an arbitrary place, they can come out at some set magic nexus, they can come out wherever the physical object is on the other side, or they can come out in the same place (longitude/latitude). For each of these options, you need to think about why they come out where they do.

Do they replace alternate!them? Because they’re coming out in a world that they would theoretically exist in, think about whether they replace them or exist in addition to them. In Stargate SG-1, for example, there are times when they show up and there’s another of them there and there are times when other!them is dead and they never interact with them. Both of these have their issues—what happens when you meet yourself, how are you different from other!you, how do people keep from conflating you, etc.—and you need to figure out how to incorporate them into your story.

Portal to another planet

What I’m talking about here is where the characters and the reader know that they are on another planet in the same universe (and often the same galaxy) as where they came from. The classic example of this (and yes, I have a theme) is Stargate, where they use portals to travel to other planets. For this, one of the biggest things to think about is making the new planet(s) livable without making it/them Earth. Do the aliens look human? Are they even humanoid? How do they communicate with each other? How do they communicate with the protagonist?

Also, how did the portals get there? In Stargate, they were seeded through the galaxy, as were the humans, which is why there are humans on many of the planets with Stargates. If there are ones to multiple planets, you also need to think about dialing and identification systems, as well as whether or not characters have other means to get to these planets (i.e. space ships).

Portal to a magic/other world

This is the classic idea à la Narnia, where there is some way to get to another totally unrelated world that is neither on another planet not in a parallel universe. The common story with this is a character or characters on Earth being teleported to a world with magic and either being the “chosen one” or otherwise getting embroiled in political unrest or war while having to figure out their way around.

These worlds tend to look Narnia and/or Tolkein-esque, with foresty pseudo-European landscapes and cultures. As with all fantasy stories, that isn’t at all necessary. You can have them show up in desserts or tundras or marshes or floating cities or underground or literally wherever you want. It’s fantasy.

Another common thing is to have the world be magic with pseudo-European-medieval-except-without-the-gross-stuff levels of technology. You don’t need to go in that direction. You can have whatever type of magic you want with whatever level of technology you want, because these worlds don’t need to have the same historic path as the Earth.

Portal hub

Another option is that there is a hub of portals where a character can enter from any and go through to any other—or whatever other level of security or access you want—and it can end up as some sort of trade or culture hub.

Things to Think About

What is the portal? Whether or not the portal is a physical thing, there needs to be some idea of what the portal actually is. Traditionally it’s something that’s walked through, like a literal gate, but it can also be an object or a teleportation spell.

How does the portal work? Is it activated by touch? Is it activated by magic? Is there a ritual? Is there a specific time it needs to be turned on? Is there a specific place it needs to be? Is there a set of criteria to create it or make it work? Is there a specific length of time for which it can be turned on? Is passing through active or passive?

Who has access to it? This is true both in terms of physical access—who can physically get to it, who knows about it—and in terms of who can pass through magic-wise. There could be a class distinction or a location requirement, or maybe only a select number of people know about it (e.g. Narnia, Stargate).

Can inanimate objects be sent through? Can communication (e.g. radio or sound waves) be sent through?

What is the cost? This is tied into how it works, but also think about what physical objects may be needed, what physical toll opening it or passing through may cost, or what magic may be required.

Can it be opened from both sides? Is it possible to pull someone through to your side or even open up a portal and let people come through from another side without them opening it on their side?


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15. “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.”


He was distant, tried to keep a leveled hand between the pair. Every kiss would be detached with a worried look, one that would leave his lover wondering what’s been running around his skull… His pricing dusty blues would gaze at anything but her warm cinnamon ones.

His attitude shifted slightly, leaving her wondering at night if she was indeed the problem, if he just didn’t see her the same way he use to see her. If his love for her had been washed away once he came back from the dangerous mission on Ares-3.

He wouldn’t eat as much, but chalked it up to a change in diet because of space. He would explain to her how his stomach had changed its digestive system and it would take a while before he would start to slurp her spaghetti like they were his favorite in the world.

The only thing that didn’t change much, was his love for science. She would wake up in the middle of the night finding her beautiful man hunched over his desk at the corner of their bedroom that he had argued about keeping. She didn’t think it had matched the room, but his love and weird mind for science equations had won the argument- probably the only argument he had ever won with her by his side. He would always explain to her what he’s doing in details, even when he knew she didn’t know a word that was slung from between his lips.

But that didn’t leave her aching for his love, his love when before he had been launched to space. The old man, the old man was no more who he use to be. His code of dressing had changed to long sleeves and long PJ, if they made any love- which was very rare now- he would want the lights off with his shirt on.

He’s changed.

“-Its like, when you sling a rock over water.” He whispered, scribbling equations while he scratched the back of his neck, tong between his lips, he was working the equation while explaining what was going on through his mind now. “It skips, like three to five times, that’s because the rock is slim and slick-” He continues, his voice out of tune. Then he scratched his chest, it was quite warm in their room, and his long sleeve was keeping him from thinking clearly.

“Take your shirt off, Chris.” The lady sighed, pushing his hands away from his hair, she trailed her paws to the brim of his shirt, but his body went rigid. He pushed her the chair back, which in return had pushed her away too.

“Chris…?” Her tone was lost, eyes wide with genuine concern, brows pearled together.

“I don’t want to take my shirt off.” He declared. Holding onto the thin fabric of his long sleeve as if his life depended on it. His face set on stone.

“What’s going on with you?” She screeched, having enough of whatever he’s going through. Keeping a secret and pushing people from your self had a thin line between the two, but Chris just can’t tell between the two. “I’m sick, Chris!” She pushed her wavy hair behind her ears, wanting nothing to distract her. “You’ve been so distant lately!” Her voice took a lighter tone, before she parted her chapped lips and let the words slip sandwiched between her breath, “Are you cheating on me, are you hiding marks I’ve never done?” Her voice broke, like she was being judged for heaven or hell. Her world would end, either she liked it or not. Her palms and pits became moist, her heart hammering between her ribs. Feet shaking from exhaustion.

“No, no not at all.” He cried, his shouts sending relief through her veins, “As a doctor your accustomed to high stress environments,” He explained. He let go of the shirt, taking heed of her growing speed towards his frame. She came noiselessly, pulling at his shirt before gasping lightly. Her hand went to cup her quivering mouth, baby brows covered by a sheet of tears. “It happened when we were coming down, they don’t hurt as much as they should, I was just waiting for them to heal and go away.” He explained. His hands encircling over her crumbling frame. He didn’t want her to get disgusted and leave, not now… not when he was at the brink of marrying her.

“If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” Her whisper escaped between his ear drums. He smiled over her head, his lips left a moist kiss over the roots of her hairlines.

“Thank you,” And for over a months, her boyfriend is finally back. The man she fell in love with, the man who swept her off her feet, the man who would never leave her behind, the man who would plaster a smile to her face, he’s back.

“I love you Chris…” She dug her nails in his back, eyes finally welling enough droplets to cascade down his chiseled chest.

“I love you more…”


“Sometimes the world tries ot knock it out of you. But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales. I like to imagine that what I hear came from my mother and father. Maybe the notes I hear, are the same ones they heard, the night they met. Maybe that’s how they found each other. Maybe that’s how they’ll find me. I believe that once upon a time, long ago, they heard the music and followed it.” - August Rush (2007)


There is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. 

Cultural appreciation is when a person learns about, respects, and understands another culture and in an act to educate others or themselves they adapt that culture to their own while giving credit to the culture which it came from. Cultural appreciation is one of the reaons why the world is so diverse and awesome.

Cultural appropriation is when a person takes important aspects fom a certain marginalized culture because it is “cool” or “trendy” but at the same time they do not understand or respect that culture itself, and they see the marginalized culture itself as undesirable.

Some appropriate because they are just plain ignorant.

Some appropriate with the intention of appreciating but they go about it the wrong way so it turns out to be appropriation.

So the best thing to do is to educate them instead of spew hate at them.

I think this is important to know, especially if you are a black kpop fan (like me)

Some appreicate, many appropriate.

There is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. 
Way of the World- part 1

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1776

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Ezekiel (mentioned)

Warnings: None for now

Summary: In a world where soulmates are real, and so are ultimate enemies, you are unlucky enough that for you they’re the same person. Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

Notes: My description kind of sucks, so here’s a better one- this a soulmate AU based on this post by @chekhovsgum and @cindymoon. Next part coming soon- hope you enjoy it!

@spnfanficpond @ilostmyshoe-79

The names appeared on your eighteenth birthday, tattooed across your wrists.

It happened for everyone, of course- when they came of age, the name of their soulmate would appear on their left wrist, and the name of their one true enemy on their right. It was just the way of the world.

And yet you’d never heard of anyone having the same name on both wrists, until the name Dean Winchester appeared on yours. On both of them.

Dean Winchester was your soulmate, and your mortal enemy.

Well, that was just your luck.

Because how could you stay away from someone destined to kill you if every atom in your body was crying out to be near them?

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one thing that gets me pressed about western meat eaters is when they get up in arms about people in the east eating dogs and cats

when i was living in china i RARELY saw dogs as pets. dogs in the eastern world arent really seen as pets or liked and in some countries are seen as p gross… they dont view it the same way as westerns do

also- a lot of these countries are poor and what ever meat you get is what you get??? beef in some poorer countries is… Really expensive

so b/f u start crying about southern poorer chinese ppl eating dogs, while eating a fucking hamburger that came out of a pretty nasty food industry, think about being less racist and stop acting as if the life of a dog is more important than a chicken?? like why does one animals life mean more than another ? stop acting holier than thou becky and brad. go eat some bacon

The fight we have to fight cannot place one opposite another, cannot separate us into parties and groups, cannot divide us by sympathies and antipathies, in judging and condemning, in criticism and revilement. They who are still fighting that useless fight, cannot raise the sword against their own lower self, against the nature of death surrounding them, against the world and against the sin of evil. Only with reference to this fight Jesus the Lord spoke: “I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

Only when one is entirely engaged in driving a sword into one’s own soul there is no time and also no desire to hurt and to waylay others. When you are at work on yourselves in this way and when you begin to see your own disorder, your needs and shortcomings, you will feel a great compassion for the others who still must learn to use the sword in the same way that you are doing. Only then you will receive the ability to help the other ones with the silent whisper of pity, by the purification of your own experience.

Ok, now we are progressing on the idea. First image has our main hair stylist, behind her some towns folks in front we see what she sees, just a bunch of fish head people walking, this is my way to express how sometimes we artists focus on our thoughts and art and see the world differently from others. I made this image weeks ago and it later came back to play an interesting part on the development of this story … .. . 

Next some more fun fish haircuts, and boat fisher net motifs. The lower dude shows how I’m still struggling to find what I want. 1st, 2nd and finally the 3rd redo of the same dude is more funny and interesting. I think because it is also playing with face diagonals more than the others.

Welcome To The World

Michael Lee

You will be spoiled absolutely rotten by your honorary Auntie and Uncle, and absolutely showered in love by your parents and older sister.

You came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, and I hope you go out much the same way.