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Oh here's an angsty au: Thorin and Bilbo started courting some point during the quest, and since Thorin couldn't make a bead he gave Bilbo one of his rings. Fast forward to the arkenstone debacle, Thorin tears the ring off Bilbo's finger and throws it over the gate, "I would never marry a Shire rat!" After Bilbo is banished and is walking through the elf army, one of them gives Bilbo the ring with a pitying look. When the battle is over he gives it back to Thorin (alive or not. Pick your poison)

oh my heart, let’s make it worse (:

Okay, instead of going over to Thorin as he lays dying, Bilbo slips on the Ring and goes to get help. Even though his heart is broken, he doesn’t have it in him to just let someone he once loved die. When Thorin is in the healing tent, attended to by the best elven healers, it’s clear he’s not going to make it. Azog tipped his blade with a poison that is already causing the wound to fester.

Bilbo doesn’t go to him. He can’t face it. A few days pass and he would much rather have left already, the weather is letting up, he would make swift time. But Gandalf assures Bilbo that he would escort him home, it would be safer that way, reluctantly, Bilbo agrees. He spends his time avoiding dwarves and instead helps the men regroup. Out of everyone, he thinks, they have lost the most, and not one of the other races seem to pay them any attention in their time of desperation. 

A messenger comes to him once again with news of Thorin. It is the end and he has been repeatedly asking after the hobbit. He would have Bilbo go to him before he died, with a heart full of anger and sorrow, he goes. 

Even as the once mighty Thorin lies in swaths of cloth stained red and brown by his blood, his skin ghostly pale and hair limp, Bilbo cannot find it in himself to forgive him. Even when tears roll down Thorin’s cheeks and his hand desperately searches for Bilbo’s, all the hobbit can do is look down at the fallen king and feel nothing but hurt and betrayal. 

When Bilbo presses the ring Thorin had carelessly tossed over the battlements into the dwarf’s palm, Thorin growls in frustration. He wants… he needs Bilbo to understand, everything he did, everything he said, it wasn’t him, it was all a mistake, it didn’t mean anything. When Bilbo flinches and shies away from him, he apologises again. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. 

Even when Bilbo turns away, Thorin continues to beg. ‘Don’t go, don’t leave, Bilbo, please. I love you.’ And they are the last words he says, the last thing he sees is Bilbo looking back at him with distant eyes and clenched fists. Thorin is dead before Bilbo leaves the tent.


“The only human contact Oga appreciates, in the end, is his fist in the face of another of another boy.”

i think we all know how the beelzebub manga SHOULD have ended

Lukas retires from the NT. The last one of my Sommermärchen boys. And I’m just numb. I don’t know how I will deal with this… for the entire time that I’ve been a fan of the german nt, he was there. They were there. And now… not.

It’s understandable. He’s got a little daughter now after all. And it might even be for the best. I’d have hated to see him getting pushed out, he doesn’t deserve that. But I will miss him. Far too much. He was always there, always smiling, even when he didn’t play, always taking care of the kids and he was good! He was an amazing footballer. Not just the mascot, some idiots have made him out to be, but so much more. He scored goals, he assisted goals, he never needed many chances, he just made them. And beautiful goals. Gorgeous goals. He won the “goal of the month” from the ARD 10 times (actually might win it for the 11th time this month), more than anyone else.

He never forgot were he started. Out on the streets, playing football as a way to belong, to fit in and then playing for cologne… he never stopped being their prince. And I still hope he’ll be back there some day.

But the Sommermärchen is now finally over. And Schweinski left the way they started out. Together. It’s fitting in a way. They were the symbol of the Sommermärchen more than anyone else, they were the new young spirit of this team. And now finally the new youngsters have grown up. They don’t need them anymore, but they will miss them. It will be hard. Because even if Basti was often injured and Lukas didn’t play much anymore, no one in that team knows a time when they weren’t in it. They’ve only lately gotten used to not having Per, Miro and Philipp. It will change the dynamics of the team. Of course, it has too. Manu and Mario aren’t much younger than Basti and Lukas, but Schweinski had 7 tournaments. Mario and Manu got 4. That’s experience, that’s just leaving. And none of them, no one in this team knows what it’s like to lose in the national team. We don’t talk about 2004. It was bitter. It hurt. But Basti and Lukas were there and they learned from that. Now we have a team of people who have always reached the semi-final. That’s not a bad thing. But it’s new.

But the nt will be fine. They always are eventually. And Lukas? Dear Lukas who was the soul of that team, as much as Philipp was the mind and Basti was the heart. Who never complained when he didn’t play, again, even when it wasn’t really fair, even when other players would have complained. He didn’t. He was happy to be there at all. Happy to help however he could. And when he did play? He was a storm. Trying to score from every angle, because why not? It’s worked before. Playing so well with Miro (god Miro I miss you) and with Basti and all of them. So passionate. Lukas was so happy, but he got angry too. I was often worried about that temper. But he didn’t get red cards (at least not often) he was controlled enough for that after all. And he was never unfair. He got angry and he’d go up in people’s faces shouting at them, but never unfair.

That joy in football, the simplicity of it. Other players want money and a carreer and whatever, Lukas only ever wanted to play. Wanted to play with the people he loved, wanted to play as best as he could, wanted to use his full potential. He’s been called a failure too many times, but he never failed. Bayern was unlucky and too early and the wrong coach. He never failed at Arsenal and he never failed in the NT. His statistics speak for themselves, his minutes per goals and assists statistics are amazing! But we all know that. But unlike all the others, nothing ever mattered more, than that he got to play. And that’s so pure and beautiful. I’ll miss that.

But well. Can’t change it now. Not much more to say. Just one thing.

Goodbye. I’ll miss you. And

No Poldi, no Party!

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Omg your ask box is open. Blessed. So I was wondering what would a date with bap members be? Like doing their favourite activity with their gf. BTW I love love love your blog. Keep up the good work. My favourite scenario blog by far. 😘😘😘

Omg thank you so much. You are like our favourite follower uwu. Everyone please check out their blog. And thanks a lot for requesting XOX-Admin T&M

                Doing favourite activity with BAP members

Yongguk: Kidnapping a small child (๑♡3♡๑)

Himchan: Annoying Jongup ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

Daehyun: Sneaking into A buffet event uninvited Ⴀ͡კႠ͡

Youngjae: Stealing candy from a baby (๑´• ₃ •̀๑)

Jongup: Getting your ass beat by middle schoolers while naruto running in the neighborhood (๛ ˘ ³˘)۶

Zelo: Robbing the local sock store (o˚̑̑̑̑̑ 3˚̑̑̑̑̑ o)

XOXO I hope you liked it.