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word count: 1,317


Monday came along much faster than you anticipated, much to your dismay. Mondays were the worst even if you weren’t hungover.

When you reached the school, you quickly walked over to her locker so that you could get ready to go to class. You tried to open it, but it was stuck. Typical.

”These lockers really need to be fixed” you said under your breath.

You hit the locker, hoping that it miraculously would open. And it worked. You probably looked like an idiot, smiling there to yourself in front of your locker but you didn’t care. You had managed to open it up yourself, without Isak’s help this time.

”Hi there. You know, I was pretty upset when you ignored my dm to you on instagram the other day.”

You turned around, only to see it was Christoffer. She rolled her eyes, going back to what she was doing previously.

”Where did you get my instagram?”

”Your little friend gave it to me. I think her name was Valde? No idea, still doesn’t explain why you ignored me.”
Damn you Vilde.

”I don’t check my dm’s, usually unimportant people contact me there. My point has now actually been proven, so thank you for that.” Y/N said, before continuing ”And her name is Vilde.”

”Oh, I guess you have to give your number so that we could talk?” Chris said, a smirk plastered on his face. You wanted to wipe that smirk off of him. Or slap. Either one would probably feel equally as good.

She slammed her locker closed, before turning to Christoffer.

”Yeah, we’ll see about that Christoffer. I actually have to go to class, so if you don’t mind?” You said, before pushing him aside and making your way to the classroom.

”That was quite rude don’t you think, princess?” Chris

”No and please don’t call me princess.” Y/N said, not bothering to look at him.

”Oh, you don’t like it? How about sweetheart or babe?”

You stopped, now looking at the boy. A smirk appeared on his face, taking his bottom lip between his teeth making you roll her eyes. The boy is probably always thinking with his dick.

”Yeah, sounds really fucking amazing. I do hope you realize that no matter what you call me I won’t hop on your dick and be head over heels. I actually find it funny that you’re running after a first year student who’s not even interested in you when there’s loads of other girls who would do anything to sleep with you, which is quite pathetic. That being said, I have to go to class.”

You quickly walked away from him, making your way to class. This time Chris just let her go, chuckling a bit at her words. He had no idea what was so fascinating about Y/N, but he just knew he had to get her.

When you reached her classroom (in time, even with that whole Chris thing), you desperately searched for Vilde, only seeing that she was already sitting next to Noora. You sighed softly, sitting next to Sana flashing her a small smile whilst doing so.

Sana looked at you, before saying with a low voice ”You were late.”

You looked at her confused, quickly taking a look at the clock.

”Uh no, I wasn’t. I was just on time?”

Sana chuckled a bit. ”You were technically on time, but usually you come a bit earlier in class. Just a small thing I’ve noticed.”

”Oh wow, you do have magical powers!” Y/N dramatically exclaimed.

”Why were you late, then?” Sana asked, nervously playing with her pen.

”Christoffer was bugging me, nothing worth to tell you.”

Suddenly Sana dropped her pen, looking at you in the eyes. She seemed shocked, you thought to yourself

”Are you dumb? This is our chance to get to their parties! You’ve got to flirt with him; give me your phone. Now.”

”I feel like my privacy has been invaded, you’re unbelievable Sana.” You said, feeling slightly embarrassed. You didn’t think it was that big of a deal and just the idea of flirting with Chris made you feel weird. Not the good kind, you think.

”Yeah yeah, just remember we’re friends. Give me your phone, I’ll help you.”

You were biting your bottom lip, deep in thought. It could benefit the whole group and in the end you were a strong girl, you could turn him down easily afterwards, right?

You were just about to hand out her phone to Sana, but the teacher walked in starting the class.

”This is not over.” Sana muttered, concentrating on whatever the teacher was talking about.


When Sana said things weren’t over, she literally meant that. The second the teacher announced that the class was over, she grabbed your phone and unlocked it easily.

Sana was likespamming him, making your eyes widen.

”Wait! Don’t likespam him, it makes me feel really uncomfortable. I’d really rather talk to him face to face if it’s that important to you.”

A large smirk appeared on Sana’s face. She looked around, realizing the teacher who was still cleaning up their stuff was sending them death glares. Sana quickly grabbed your wrist, dragging you out of the classroom.

”So.. Do I really have to talk to him? Wasn’t Eva the one who agreed to flirt with him?” You asked hopefully.

”Yeah, but he doesn’t actually talk to her face to face.” Sana stated.

”Fine, this still feels wrong.” You said, running her hand through her hair.

A few hours passed, before you saw him again. You were in the cafeteria of the school with Vilde, Sana and Noora when you saw him walk in with William and the other guys.

”There’s William! He’s so hot.” Vilde said, staring at him.

Noora rolled her eyes at Vilde. She didn’t quite understand her obsession with William, always trying to switch conversations when his name came up.

Christoffer’s face light up when he saw you, saying something to his friends before walking up to you.

”Hey babe.” Christoffer said, sliding to the seat next to you.

Vilde and Noora gave you a confused look, Sana nodded along before hinting you to answer him.

”Out of all the things you could call me you had to choose that one, didn’t you?”
”Aw you don’t like that one either? Too bad I like it then.” He said, once again smirking.

”Too fucking bad indeed. Why are you here?” You asked, nervously tapping your nails to the table.

He was really attractive, you couldn’t deny that. If only his personality was as good as his looks.

Chris’ smirk didn’t fade even a little. ”I wanted to ask you to come to our party? You can bring your friends, too.” He said looking at the other girls who were just sitting there, listening to the little conversation that was going on between you two. ”So, will you?”

You knew the others were dying to go there and thought this was their golden ticket to get in. You wanted to please your new friends.

”Will there be alcohol?” You asked, looking at him.

Chris started laughing, but stopped as soon as you gave him a cold look.

”Yes, there will be alcohol.”

”Good, then we’ll be there. Text me the information.” You said, standing up. The others stood up as well.

You were about to walk out, when Christoffer’s voice stopped you.

”Where can I get your phone number, babe?” He asked, a smirk once again decorating his features after the last part.

You thought of it for a bit, before answering him. ”You know, if you’re really the guy everyone says you are, you’ll figure out a way.”

You left alongside with your friends, noticing that people were listening to your conversation. You smiled a little, feeling proud of the way you had handled the situation.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting For Calvin Harris And Little Big Town Could Earn Her Millions

By Hugh McIntyre

For a little while there, it looked as if the second half of 2016 was going to be missing any music from Taylor Swift, but like it or not, the country-turned-pop singer-songwriter has found her way onto the airwaves yet again, though not in the same manner in which the public is accustomed to. The powerful musician and pop star has written a pair of songs this year that have both gone on to quickly become true hits, and their successes could mean big bucks for Swift, even in an “off year,” as if there was ever such a thing when it came to her.

The first smash Swift scored this in 2016 was “This Is What You Came For,” a song sheoriginally published under a pseudonym. The “Blank Space” singer gave the track to her then-boyfriend EDM producer Calvin Harris, who invited Rihanna to take on vocal duties. The song wasted no time in rising on the charts all around the world, and since it peaked at No. 3 here in the States, the song has sold millions of copies, racked up hundreds of millions of streams and it was a radio favorite for months on end.

More recently, country music group Little Big Town revealed that their new single “Better Man” was also penned by Swift herself. The song is the first to be released off their upcoming album The Breaker, which is expected sometime in 2017. The revelation that somebody as well known as Swift was involved helped rocket “Man” up the charts, certifying it as a hit in the country world in no time. The song has thus far peaked at No. 53 on the Hot 100 and No. 6 on the genre-specific Hot Country Songs tally.

The success enjoyed by these two songs could net Swift a pretty healthy payday and up her earnings for the year. According to a source with a deep understanding of Swift’s publishing situation, a top five smash on the Hot 100 could earn a songwriter—any songwriter, not just one as famous and beloved as Swift—around $500,000 or $600,000 over time, and a No. 1 hit on the country charts could bring in about the same amount. Now, “Better Man” hasn’t yet made it to the top of the country tally, but it’s close, and with names like Little Big Town and Taylor Swift attached to it, anything is possible for the new single.

The source suggests that a fair estimate when it comes to Swift’s earnings as a songwriter from these two tracks alone could be close to $1 million, and that’s not even the full story. The 10-time Grammy winner could earn even more dough from “This Is What You Came For” and “Better Man” from technical sources and because of the fact that she owns a part of her own publishing, so the total could be significantly north of that $1 million figure when all is said and done.

It is worth noting that for almost the entirety of her career, Swift’s songwriting prowess has been proven through her own songs, though when she’s in between campaigns, she decided to hand off her lyrics to others. It is possible that the pop singer specifically opted to gift these tracks, and, importantly, to let the public know she was behind them, in a year when she wasn’t busy promoting anything or touring, where the majority of her money comes from. Between 2015 and mid-2016, Swift brought in an incredible $170 million, which made her the highest-earning celebrity in the world. She probably won’t hit the same high point when FORBES refreshes that annual list come summer 2017, but the fractions of cents she earns every time both “Better Man” and “This Is What You Came For” are played on the radio, streamed on certain platforms or even purchased on iTunes will add up and are sure to keep her living well, even during her “downtime.“

Elevator Games

ba-sing-saying here is your 3k fic RRS giveaway prize! This idea came to me so quickly, I wanted to publish it as soon as possible!

The prompt is “OTP stuck in an elevator.” It ended up being half meet cute, half “oh dear god Lucy is a little freaked out by stuck elevators.”

When Maka slipped on her fire engine red high heels that morning, she told herself it was because they made her feel unstoppable, powerful. They were so vibrant, sleek, and dare she say it, sexy that Maka could not help but walk with the confidence and venom of a black widow spider. They were her “forged in Mount Doom to conquer the corporate world” shoes. They were her “don’t make a Wizard of Oz joke or I’ll step on your face” shoes.

And they were not at all for the benefit of Cute Elevator Guy.

Her office building was a whopping 28 stories, and despite the sheer volume of people and the astronomical improbability of seeing anyone more than once in one of the ten available elevators, Maka and Cute Elevator Guy crossed paths on a somewhat regular basis.

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The Sun - 6 May 2015

Zayn Malik slams ex-1D pal Louis

Former One Direction bandmates in online spat

By DAN WOOTTON Head of Showbiz published 9 hours ago 

THEY were the Batman and Robin of ONE DIRECTION, getting into scrapes and always ending up side-by-side as best mates.

But yesterday the special relationship between LOUIS TOMLINSON and his ex- bandmate ZAYN MALIK came crashing down for the entire world to see.

The pair had been thick as thieves, especially after they were caught on video smoking a roll-up joint together on tour last May.

Trouble, however, has been brewing since Zayn quit the band in March and quickly entered the studio with his best mate, the super-producer NAUGHTY BOY.

And yesterday after a fair bit of provocation, Zayn, right, told Louis on Twitter: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

His blasting of his once-close pal came after a row between Louis and Naughty Boy.

Louis decided to mock the La La La hitmaker — real name SHAHID KHAN — after he posted a selfie of himself and Zayn together in the studio.

Referring to the picture, Louis wrote: “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool! Some people still do HA!”

Naughty Boy hit back: “and some people can’t even sing.”

Louis then typed: “How does it feel to be riding on the back of someone else’s career?”

Naughty Boy, who helped launch the careers of SAM SMITH and EMELI SANDE, responded: “Yeah how does it feel? You’ve been doing that for the last five years.”

Louis retaliated: “I think we’ve done all right in terms of sales and I’ve happened to write on most.”

Zayn was clearly fed up with the battle and intervened.

A source close to the producer said: “Naughty Boy feels very protective of Zayn because it’s been a hard time.

“Zayn knows it was unnecessary and bitchy of Louis to start all of this.”

Before the row, Louis had been at a Hollywood nightclub in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The singer left The Argyle with a group of female clubbers and made a rude hand gesture.

Maybe he’d had a few too many drinks when he turned keyboard warrior …


Female Scientists Told To Add A Male Author To Their Study

Evolutionary geneticists Fiona Ingleby and Megan Head collaborated on a study of gender bias in academia. They found that women with a PhD in biology published fewer articles than their male peers, which the authors argued showed gender bias, reports Times Higher Education.

When the women submitted the study to peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, a reviewer came back with some pretty shocking suggestions.

Ingleby quickly posted the reviewer’s remarks to Twitter:

The women’s reviewer also suggested the publishing gap could exist because middle-aged female scientists preferred spending time with their children to working in a lab.

“Perhaps it is not so surprising that on average male doctoral students co-author one more paper than female doctoral students, just as, on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster than female doctoral students,” the reviewer added, according to Times Higher Education.

Today, I fucked up by deleting my dad's life's work.

Okay, so to preface, I lived in the U.S. for a long time, and we recently moved back to our home country.

Yesterday my dad gave me an external hard drive to pass his files from his old computer to his new computer. I didn’t know how to that well so I just used Apple’s built-in Time Machine backup thing. So anyways I just did it quickly and there was this prompt I didn’t understand so I just pressed OK and done. I backed up his computer and then moved his files to his new computer. Today, my dad comes in screaming asking if I deleted his files on his hard drive and I didn’t know, but then it came to me that that was the prompt. Well, it turns out everything he had on that hard drive was all his life’s work in the states. Every article he published, every document he wrote, every email he sent. 100GB lost. I never saw my dad have a meltdown, but today he did.

Basically the world’s biggest fuck up.

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A navel-gazing Year in Review!

Hello, 2016! These days it seems like days pass too quickly, so I figured I’d do a little accounting. Who doesn’t like accounting?

This time last year I was grinding away at colouring the last chapters of Delilah Dirk 2 (or The Blades of England as it was called then, or The King’s Shilling, as it’s now called). I think that all got finished up and the files were being uploaded to my publisher around the end of February. That book comes out this year, on March 8th, 2016. Delilah Dirk 1 came out in 2013, and you have no idea how relieved I am to have the sequel just about to come out. This whole DD thing takes so long, and the time scales are so great, and it just eats up time so effectively that it bums me out if I spend too much time thinking about it.

After handing in DD2, I started working on a pitch for a project that had been kicking around in sketchbooks forever. It’s called Mercury One, and over the course of about a month or so I ended up making forty or fifty rough pages and eight colour pages (and a relatively detailed story outline). Sometimes I kick around the idea of just posting those pages up.

With Mercury One finally out of my system, in late Spring I started putting together a story outline and pitch materials for DD3. We’ll get back to that.

Somewhere in there were some small illustration bits, some convention exhibiting (VanCAF and ALA were excellent), and two very good friends got married.

In July or August I joined some good friends at a real studio where I did some real work on a project I can’t talk about. It’s a shame, too — I’m proud of the work I did there, but the nature of it means that ordinarily it wouldn’t see the light of day. Hopefully it pops up at some point.

In the Fall, I began teaching Character Design for the Capilano College traditional animation program — the very program from which I graduated over a decade ago. We’ll just say it was an excellent experience and leave it at that. A+, would be a cartoon teacher again.

Around the same time, I did a trio of book covers which, hopefully, I’ll be able to show you some time this year. I became briefly obsessed with redesigning Vampirella, indulging in a little nostalgic investigation. I put together some publicity material for First Second books, another thing of which I’m proud and which I should be able to show off sometime later. And finally, bam, we cap the year off with a collaboration between myself, Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, Squirrel Girl) and Dave Kellett (Sheldon, Stripped). That comic should be popping up in about a month and a half.

Oh yeah, and I squeaked in some writing for DD3, and now I have a completed script, all ready to be thumbnailed this year. I would have liked to have got some of that thumbnailing done already, so I guess the takeaway is maybe try not to do so much stuff at the same time. Anyway, I am excited for DD3. I like the story - it’s colourful, it’s got loads of solid tomb-raiding, and it might even be pretty funny. I’m looking forward to digging into it. 2016!

Despite all the hurt and anger going on in 1969 between the group, ever-loyal George still went to fight for John and Paul’s corner when it came to the sale of Northern Songs.

However before Dick James met up with Northern Songs’ two main creative sources, he had to face the wrath of the other Beatle who was signed to the company. Harrison apparently visited their song publisher in his central London office to make clear his own feelings about the proposed sale and when James, explaining that it was important he moved his shares quickly before the price fell, said it was a very serious matter, Harrison reportedly screamed back at him: “It’s fucking serious to John and Paul is what it is!”

 - Brian Southall. 

(It’s worth noting that George and Ringo’s stake in the company was so pathetically small (less than 1%), their shares were almost worthless at any price - something George craftily wrote about in Only A Northern Song)

Here’s the story of how I came to be the proud ‘mother’ of Happy the Hen.

I just realized I never published this story.

September 18, 2015. I was going to garage sales with my grandma (like we usually do every weekend). This one garage sale had two cramped cages with chickens inside. All hens, and all beautiful.

There was a man standing there looking at them, and asking the lady selling them questions about their eggs. He told her that he worked at one of the ‘farms’ that raises chickens for their eggs and he was interested in buying the lot of them.

I quickly asked the other lady who was running it how much each chicken was. She told me they were $5 a piece. I hadn’t been looking to really buy anything else, I only had $7 to my name that name, and it was another week to pay day(gotta love bills).

I pulled out a $5 and told her I wanted one. She told me to go ahead and pick one out. I walked over to the cages and as I was looking at them (my heart practically breaking at the thought of having to choose just one of them to have a happy life and leaving the others to go to a factory farm), this one hen pressed her head up against the side of the cage, near where my hand was sitting.

That was the hardest decision that I have ever had to make, but I loved Happy so much. When I bought her I had no idea how to care for a chicken, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it. However, she was very healthy and spoiled. She would snuggle up to me and follow me around the house. She didn’t like not being in the same room as me, if I slipped away I could hear her running to the room I was in. She sat on my shoulder in the car, and she’d go on walks with me (yeah, I was the crazy chicken lady who had a harness and leash for her chicken, and diapers for her walks so she didn’t poop on me while we were out).

April 23, 2016.

I had to bury Happy. The weather had been beautiful so she had been outside for a few days with plenty of food and water, and someone checking on her for me while I was at the hospital for a few days with my great-grandmother (the one I live). I came home the 22nd (my great-grandmother was spending a few weeks in a nursing home for physical therapy and observational purposes). I went out to talk to Happy a little while, but it was already dark and she was sleeping. I could see her breathing and she woke up and looked at me like she always did when I disturbed her sleep and then turned around so her back was to me. I left her outside that night (she’d been outside for about 3 nights before then) and a snake bit her in the middle of the night.

She had two puncture wounds near one of her wings, and she was stiff when I found her… Though still warm. I called my grandma (the one I was with when I bought her) and could barely talk through the tears and the lump in my throat.

The next day, I went out in the backyard and there was a copperhead coiled up behind a stone near the fire pit (about 20-30 feet away from Happy’s outside run). While I’m usually pretty against killing snakes, this one had to go. One, I’m fairly certain that was the one that killed my baby. And two, it posed a danger to me and anyone who decided to go into the backyard.

I miss Happy, so much. But I am thankful that I was able to give her a happy life while she was still here, and that she was not condemned to life on a factory farm like the rest of her original flock.

The picture under the title of this post, is the last picture I took of my sweet baby.