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It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stuffed animal, a banner or anything else. Do not throw anything on them. It’s understandable that you want them to find and play with your stuff but don’t aim at them. Throw them on stage when no one is around.
Chanyeol might have brushed it off today and acted all cute, but you don’t know what might happen in the future. Someone might get hurt so please stop aiming the idols/ throwing stuff on stage.


sleepy boyfriends~♡

I have this headcanon that Jack somehow ends up befriending a lot of celebrities. Like, he doesn’t even really know how it happened? He just ran into some singer after a game and a year later he’s invited to exclusive parties in whatever city he’s visiting on the road and he has people talking about him in interviews and Bitty is surprised but also extremely amused by his boyfriend’s ability to accidentally charm his awkward ass into the super famous crowd.


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

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Mandy, do you have any headcanons for 2009 skype calls?


Finding strength through a pixelated connection, finding words they didn’t know they had within them. New and nervous and reaching out with the only tools they had. 

Phil would have been aware of how easily connections forged this way could dissipate; he’d have been there, time and again, already. Feeling like someone knows you better than yourself and in less than half a year feeling like they don’t know you at all. He might have been warier at first; not withdrawn, but segmented within himself: allowing himself to enjoy the friendship for what it was, but scared to feel more deeply. 

Dan would have had no filter. He would have had no idea what he was doing, but been determined to do it all the same. He wanted this, he chased this. At a point in his life where he wasn’t certain about much else and everything probably felt so transitory (broken up with his girlfriend, putting uni off for a while, losing his job) he made the decision to make Phil the thing he made tangible, the thing he tried at and kept at until he had what he wanted. 

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