Commissions are open again!

I’ll draw your favourite character! I’ll draw your RP character! I’ll draw zombie space bats wearing pretty dresses! I’ll draw my own ass in the desert! I know many fandoms, and the ones I don’t know, I can look up.

My Paypal is crankycameo at gmail dot com. That is also my contact email for details, references, and so forth! Contacting me through Tumblr to discuss a commission will also work, but messaging is more reliable than asks. To see more of my art, here’s my art tag.

Pencils in Grayscale or Spot Colours:

  • $5 for a bust
  • $12 for a half-body plus $8 for each additional character
  • $25 for a full body plus $10 for each additional character

Inked Grayscale, Traditional Full Colour, or Digital Full Colour:

  • $9 for a bust
  • $18 for a half-body plus $10 for each additional character
  • $40 for a full body plus $20 for each additional character

I can also do pencil or all-digital doodles like this or this for $5 each, if you want your very own personalized silly doodle. (First link contains cartoon vomit and cartoon bugs.) Or slightly more elaborate pencil doodles like this one for $8.

A bust is the head and shoulders at minimum, and the head to the ribs at maximum, possibly including a portion of the arms depending on position.
A half-body image is the head and full torso with arms (as many arms as you desire for no extra charge), ending around the hip or mid-thigh area.
A full-body image includes the character’s legs, or equivalent lower body if instead of legs they have tentacles or additional arms or what have you.

Simple backgrounds I can add without hand-drawing anything extra are no extra charge: the options for that are transparency, a flat colour or gradient, the texture of the paper enhanced and colorized, or a stock photo or other free existing image. More complex backgrounds start at the same price as adding an additional character.

I can also offer single-page fandom or original pencil comics with 1-4 panels, such as this one or this one, starting at $60 to reflect that this involves more drawing than any of the other options alone. That is also the base price for any other type of illustration that involves filling a whole page with art, like this.

I have no significant experience drawing realistic animals or vehicles, so please don’t make me draw your dog, your car, or your dog driving your car unless you’re OK with it being very cartoony and simplified. Non-realistic animals such as a Tallbird from Don’t Starve or the Centipeetle from Steven Universe are fine with references. I straight-up will not take NSFW commissions; me trying to draw something sexy on purpose comes about as naturally as a bear trying to get a job as an accountant.



HS: …..But I thought we were all friends now….


Your name is Homestuck Fandom, and holy shit are you fucking hurt right now. Well….at least there’s still Hetalia, they’ll never hurt you like this. You think that you need them right now. Oh well, you really should have seen this one coming. Nothing that good lasts very long. Who needs friends anyways.

You are the Fallen London fandom, and one of the perks of being some kind of weird vaguely batlike thing in a cloak is that you have such very, very long arms. Which is good, since Homestuck – who makes such wonderful music, shares your affection for the zoologically dubious, and in whose honour you have assembled two or three crossovers already – seems to be distraught.

Don’t be sad, delicious friend.

((aka, the original post hit me right in the feelings and I thought Homestuck Fandom could really use a hug))


I needed to fill up a page in my sketchbook and I also wanted to practice brush pens some more so I drew Hero and RGB from The Property of Hate. (I am much more pleased with how Hero turned out than RGB. Though I ended up amping up the dramatic lighting on her to cover a shading mistake.)

I forgot how many teeth RGB was supposed to have and only remembered after I’d already inked his face. Alas.