Now we’re doing a loop-de-loop!

Greetings, tumblr!

I’m heading back to the USA in a couple of weeks (feel like I’ve been waiting for this trip for MONTHS!) for some bigger and better parks…. If you have any hints, tips, feedback, or where to get the nicest lunch (ice cream for lunch is acceptable) for the following, I’d love to get a message from you!

Holiday World (I’m the only one excited for the wingrider)
Kentucky Kingdom (RMC!)
Kings Island (not sure how I feel about THAT B&M)
Camden Park (I know nothing about this one)
Carowinds (TWO hypers?!)
Dollywood (I’ve heard so much about this place…so many wonderful things..)
Pigeon Forge attractions (as many as we can fit in - suggestions gratefully received)

This is a true story.
  • tappaniii:There are five games (not counting the arcade, which has a lot more) at Camden Park: Cats (knock three things down, win a prize); Ducks (pick a duck, win a prize); Darts (pop a balloon, win a prize); Frogs (get a frog into the lily pad, win a prize); Machine Gun (shoot away all of the red from a target, win a prize).
  • tappaniii:Today, I was put on Ducks
  • tappaniii:But today was a painfully slow day. When I've been put on games before, I usually get a decent number of people, maybe about a dozen an hour
  • tappaniii:But today, I think it's safe to say that the emplyees outnumbered the people there at the park
  • tappaniii:So at fourish, a supervisor came to the games and said that whoever wanted to go home could do so (if there are that few people there, paying to do stuff, paying salary for so many people makes them lose money)
  • tappaniii:So everyone in the games but me and one other guy left
  • tappaniii:So he was in charge of the Guns and Frogs, and I had the other three
  • tappaniii:The games are sort of in a courtyard kind of thing: Darts, Ducks, and Cats are all just right next to each other, Frogs is in the middle, and Guns is on the other side
  • tappaniii:So it was a pretty simple arrangement
  • tappaniii:But then the other guy went on break
  • tappaniii:So I had all of the games
  • tappaniii:And it was awesome
  • tappaniii:Boring, slow, not one single person came to play
  • tappaniii:But it was awesome
  • tappaniii:I dubbed myself the king of the games
  • Kaaaatherine:Oh my god
  • tappaniii:At one point, I said aloud (audibly, though there was nobody else around to hear it), "Yugi can have the Shadow Realm; I'm the real fucking King of Games at Camden Park."
  • tappaniii:Immediately after, I was glad that nobody was around
  • Kaaaatherine:.............
  • tappaniii:I love you too, dear
So, Camden Park.

Today was a fairly slow day, so I got sent home early. Usually, they’ll send the foreign kids home because this is West Virginia and the people in charge know that most West Virginians would rather deal with a good ol’ American than a few Asians or Serbs or Georgians or what have you. But today, I think, the bus wasn’t running, so they couldn’t go home when they were sending people home, so I was sent home early.

I got sent home at eight. Normally on Saturdays, the park is open until around ten thirty. At nine thirty, The Spider collapsed.


The park was completely closed within half an hour, and three people went to the hospital. What happened was the ride was going, and all of a sudden, one of the legs just said “fuck you” and fell, skidding the seat thing along the ground until the ride was stopped.

Man, of all the days to be sent home early. I could see the ride from where I was today, too.