Goodale 2015 12 Panorama – Goodale State Park, Camden, South Carolina, November 11, 2025

I’m here to help you with your life, but.

You have to help me help you.

You do that by being open

To the possibilities of life

In every situation of life,

In every context and circumstance of life,

And receiving everything

With mindful, compassionate awareness

(Without judgment, will, or opinion),

Seeing what needs to happen there,

And what you can do to assist its happening,

With the gifts that are yours to give.

That’s your role.

My role is to remind you of your role.

If you refuse to have anything to do with it,

That’s your business,

And I have no business

Meddling in your business.

Goodale 2015 05 Panorama 02 – Goodale State Park, Camden, South Carolina, November 11, 2015

The longer our list

Of deal-breakers and non-negotiables–

The things we must have or won’t do–

The more our life has to go Our Way–

The less able we will be

To reconcile opposites,

Make peace with contradictions,

Integrate polarities,

Live in harmony with dichotomy and discord,

Stay married with kids,

And go home for the holidays.

And the more miserable will be our life,

And the lives of those who have to deal with us.

The shorter our list,

The more centered and grounded

Will be our life,

And the better it will be for everyone,


Goodale 2015 03 – Goodale State Park, Camden, South Carolina, November 11, 2015

There is nothing to be

Beyond being who we are.

There is nothing to do

Beyond doing what we are uniquely suited to do.

All the planning, plotting, scheming, organizing, arranging, designing…

Could be replaced with seeing, hearing, and understanding.

But, we don’t trust the Inner Guides,

Or even know of their existence,

And think we are all alone with what to do about us.

So, we devise a life for ourselves

That doesn’t fit,

And wonder what is wrong

Without a clue.

Goodale 2015 15 – Goodale State Park, Camden, SC, November 11, 2015

We live in the most neurotic (i.e., crazy, mixed-up, spinning its wheels going nowhere, but not irrational) culture in the entire history of cultures, like a dog chasing its tail, getting more neurotic with each generation, and each year of each present generation

Because we will not stop, see what we are doing, bear consciously the pain of that realization, and do the work of waking up, coming to our senses, making our peace with how things are and how things also are, and doing what needs to be done–doing what is being asked of us–in each situation as it arises, with the gifts, interests, values and enthusiasms that lie latent and unacknowledged, unexpressed, within us,

Listening to, and serving, our instinct and intuition, in conjunction with our reason and logic–trusting ourselves to that marriage of opposites as we step into and engage all the other opposites at play in our lives, to reconcile, integrate, harmonize and make whole–

Trusting ourselves to, and allowing, this wonderful old process to bring us home to ourselves, each other and all others, in peace that passes all understanding, restores us to our soul, and all of us to our collective soul, and makes all things good.

We make life hell for ourselves and others, while being one slight perspective shift away from the glories of heaven and life everlasting, because we won’t do the work of waking up, growing up, and living as though we are–but keep waiting for someone else to go first, to create a mass movement that goes viral and makes it easy because everyone is doing it, and it is so much fun that we would be crazy not to.

Here’s a news flash for you: We would be crazy not to now.

Goodale 2015 45/46 Panorama – Goodale State Park, Camden, South Carolina, November 11, 2015

Be driven by your interests,

Not by your fears or desires.

Give yourself to what your love,

Regardless of the price.

Live to serve what is meaningful and important to you.

Let what calls your name

Direct your path

And lead you into the company

Of what else calls your name.

You will not regret it.