“I remember being told that I probably wouldn’t get into Cambridge university because I wasn’t smart enough." (1:02)

Excuse me?! How blind, deaf and stupid would you have to be to look and listen at Tom Hiddleston and go "Oh no. Not intelligent enough.” What an oaf.

Vestido + meia calça

Depois do casamento de sua irmã Pippa virou o alvo dos papparazzis e a gente adora, assim a gente vê com o estilo da inglesa evoluiu.

Dessa vez Pippa foi flagrada com dois looks bem quentinhos para espantar o frio.No primeiro ela usou um vestido azul royal (super em alta) de gola alta, com um blazer, meia calça e botas pretas de salto. O estilo ficou por conta da bolsa imitando pele de crocodilo.

No segundo Pippa resolveu combinar o tom da bolsa com as botas de cano médio marrom. Ela usou um vestido de renda preta, com meia calça e casaco mais comprido preto.


-ให้รู้ว่าไว้เลย ว่าฉันไม่เคยจะไม่รักเธอ-
#Cambrigde #KingsCollege | Have a safe journey my lovely sister ~ I hope to meet you again in Thailand! @wai_yoon @ohyohh (at Kings College Cambridge)

Los primeros africanos emigraron a través de Egipto hacia el norte

Los primeros africanos emigraron a través de Egipto hacia el norte

Los primeros africanos emigraron a través de Egipto hacia el norte Una nueva investigación sugiere que los pueblos de Europa y Asia (Eurasia) se originaron cuando los primeros africanos se trasladaron al norte, a través de la región que ahora es Egipto, expandiéndose por el resto del mundo. Los resultados, publicados en «American Journal of Human Genetics», responden a una pregunta de largo…

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I’ve had a great day today. The day started off pretty early; I had to get op at 6 am to leave for the airport at 7. After packing my last pieces of luggage, I had a nervous breakdown because my suitcase turned out to be way too heavy. So after stressfully turning my entire suitcase upside down, I decided to just pay the fine (which, at the airport, turned out to be ridiculously expensive) and we were off to Amsterdam. My parents drove me there and after hugging them multiple times; it was time to say goodbye and I went to find my way to the airplane. 

It turned out to only be a 45 minute flight, so it was basically just take-off and landing. Everything went smoothly and we arrived in a cloudy London. After taking a bus from Heathrow airport to Oxford, I met some lovely people while walking from the bus station and at the check-in.

After checking-in I went up to my room to unpack my suitcase and get settled. The room I am staying in is really nice, I have my own bathroom and the main area is really spacious. After settling in I went into town with two other girls to get some groceries and check out the city centre. Oxford is an amazing city, with lots of beautiful old buildings. I am definitely going to go into town soon to take some pictures.

At diner we met some more amazing people from all over the world. There are people from Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, India, Ukraine and I’ve met three lovely people from Belgium.

After diner a few of us decided to go for a drink. After walking around for quite a bit, trying to find a pub, we ended up in a nice place not too far from where we’re staying. The table next to us was having an intense battle of jenga and we had a nice chat about the horrors of student associations.

Now it is time to go to sleep, because tomorrow is our first real day! Today has made me even more excited for this trip, and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring. Love, Iris