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The Duchess of Cambridge being an absolute cutie at The Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day Parade reception ♡

‘To Pippa’s sister, such ability – a beautiful drawing of St Mark’s church in the order of service.

James Matthews during his wedding to Pippa Middleton, praised the artistic skills of his sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, who had sketched St Mark’s church for the cover of the order of the service. The picture below shows the sketch was quite intricate and detailed.


William (Duke of Cambridge) has developed a new ‘stomach-pat ritual’ to help him cope when he is anxious or in discomfort reveals body language expert as she gives her verdict on the Cambridge’s first official engagement since the Duke’s antics in the Alps x

'William also seems to have developed a new, stomach-pat ritual which he uses several times on this outing. Like his father he’s always employed small self-comfort hand gesture rituals.’

'With Charles it involves pocket-patting and fiddling with a cuff or wristwatch strap. But this is more pronounced that usual. Self-patting like this is often a sign of discomfort or even anxiety.

Chest-patting is usually more about arrogance and ego, but stomach-pats are the opposite and can create the opportunity to form a small, momentary barrier that makes the patter feel safer.’ - Judi Jones