cambridge girls

hey its ya girl gwynndolin cambridge

so when i got to virginia i was supposed to have been transferred from the staples in ohio to the one in Christiansburg. and i was supposed to start in August! but a lot of shit went down and they extended my start date and now ive got the news that the store is closing on November 4th. technically, i still have a “job”, but I’m essentially just on a call in list at this point, where i will only get hours if people start leaving. ive already applied for a few jobs in the blacksburg area, and i have places to stay, but everyone i can live with isnt necessarily in the financial position to be helping me out with food either. if you could shoot a couple dollars my way, even if its just 1-2, that would be wonderful, i just need some more cash to get me through the next couple of weeks. i opened a thing which is the absolute most convenient way for me to get the cash, and that would be$Gwynndolin

if using paypal is easier then you can send it through that, and the link to that is in my description on my blog page

please reblog this post also, and please send me a pm letting me know you sent something so i can personally thank you for helping me out while i try to get set up in a completely new state


Kate Through the Years

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Every photo of Kate since her engagement, from Miss Middleton to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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