cambridge commons


An elderly Boston couple whose wedding photographer stood them up 61 years ago, leaving them with just one image to remember their special day, finally have the pictures they always wanted.

As a holiday gift, the family of Dorothy and Donald Lutz, affectionately known as ‘Nina and Gramps’ decided to organize some truly memorable anniversary photos for the beloved octogenarians who have never taken their rings off and are still the best of friends after six decades together.

Donald met Dorothy when she was a waitress at a luncheonette in Randolph and he was on a break from the Army.

The pair wrote letters back and forth until Donald returned from service.

He said he knew 'pretty early on’ that she was the one. 

With an engagement ring tucked into a box of chocolates, Donald proposed on Cambridge Common, and the two were wed not long after, on July 20, 1952.


Look around the University of Oxford long enough and you’ll soon see this little open book everywhere,  such as here on the ceiling of Duke Humfrey’s Library. It’s the symbol of the University of Oxford:

The Latin means:

The Lord is my light.

Coincidentally, the symbol of the University of Cambridge is this:

There’s a common joke that while the University of Oxford is an open book, Cambridge is a closed one (as in the centre of their crest). Their usual retort is that we’ve been stuck on the same page for 500 years.