cambridge batchel

Project 365

Day 213

My Batchel arrived today while I was asleep. Luckily, I told my housemate that I have a package that will arrive today. I found my little wonder on top of the dining table and took the bag in my bedroom and… Well I fell asleep again. LOL. (Just sleepy, I came home from nightshift!) Finally awake and ready to be giddy, I opened up the package and fell inlove with it instantly. Chocolate brown color, elegant looking, gold embossed with my initials and the faint smell (really faint) of leather. Love at first sight (and smell). Somehow, I am excited to show it off at work LOL. Its really versatile. It looks good in corporate (with the right colors of course) and can well blend in with the rugged or everyday look :) Money well spent! :) for 248sgd with shipping and embossed letters (it was £5 a letter and fullstops are free of charge, separate payment for the gold/silver/blind design of the embossed letter) , its all worth it.