Today’s cheese: Cambozola

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cambozola, allow me to introduce you! Cambozola is a soft ripened triple cream cheese infused with Penicillium roqueforti mold, which is also used to make blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Roquefort, as the name implies. However, despite some similarities to blue or Gorgonzola cheese, Cambozola is considered a soft ripened cheese, similar to Brie or Camembert, and closer in consistency to such cheeses than most blue cheese, i.e. creamy rather than crumbly or moist.

Cambozola is produced by the German cheese company, Champignon.

Personal thoughts: I expected it to be closer in taste to blue cheese, based on the mold, but it is actually fairly mild and only has a hint of the strong taste of blue cheese, which to me was a pleasant surprise. Definitely similar to brie, but the small bit of blue cheese flavor complements it pretty well. Not the most sophisticated pairing for it, but I’d like to try it on a bagel.

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The Hottest Fall Fashion!

November 21, 2014

Suggested to me by one of my best friends and loyal reader cambozola and reblogged by mad-maddie and buttart (all great blogs; you should check them out as soon as you’ve felt like you’ve explored and laughed along with my site enough for one day!), I present to you the hottest fashion of the fall! Was I excited to use that pun the moment I was suggested this picture? Oh internet, you know me so well!

Anyway, this hat on fire is sure to turn up the heat at any gathering! None of my clothes are on fire, so I’m ashually pretty jealous right now. I’m going to order this hot look on my Kindle Fire (in order for this pun to work, somebody please buy me one). That bitch that I work with who always thinks she’s so smokin’ will be no match for me! My scorching passion for fashion will give her a total meltdown! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get blazed out of my mind.

Score: 9.0 out of 10. My name is Felicity, but do you know why they call me “H”? Because I turn asses to ashes!  *drops mic*


Cheese Platters

I Came across these photos in my archaic archives while cross referencing. They were taken many moons ago whilst employed as Souschef  at Eaglequest Golf Coyote Creek Golf Course Surrey B.C under a C.C.C chef at the helm. We had a lot of freedom to roam and create massive works of art, as we were quite busy for weddings and golf tournaments throughout the year. There is a lot going on in these pictures the flow of louvered two tone cheese sets the stage, a lot of eye artifacts to catch the eyes and elevations randomly inserted throughout the terrain of this platter. Makes it all flow into cheese synergy, the nuts the grapes the dried fruits all have a place amongst the ecosystem of this bio dome of Gastronmique fare.  I post these to a hive collective like tumblr on an already bulging at the seams internet, in hopes they might reach the young aspiring culinary artists out there. It is always inspirational to see pictures of food from working kitchens especially when you are new to this environment to help inspire those seeds of imagination and get the juices flowing in one’s self. Like myself when I was younger I was glad there were people like me now, doing the same. As long as you enjoy creating and tantalizing the eyes and taste buds of your customers you will have a great career. Keep pushing your skills and honing them you will never stop learning or trying new ideas in this business. The moment you stop is the second your restaurant will die and Remember Great chefs take material thats been done and make it better.

Regards Chefleclef

I will be posting more material as I come across it in my archives in the coming months maybe even accompanied with some recipes.

Cambozola in Sonoma

Today we were out in Sonoma Valley, ostensibly to partake in a little amateur wine tasting. We might have been in Wine Country but were we going to let that distract us from the opportunity to have a new burger experience?  

Hell no…

So here we are at the girl & the fig and having shared heirloom radishes (with anchovy butter) and half a pound of pastis-scented mussels and a half tonne of matchstick frites (on which my jury is most definitely out…) we opted to share the top sirloin burger with the cambozola cheese.  And *wow* what a delicious choice that was. The blue cheesiness of the cambozola combined with the juiciest, perfectly medium rare patty of top quality beef had us both ‘mmming’ and 'ahhhing’ with satisfaction.  Check out those juices!  The accompanying pickle and grilled red onions on the side were hardly necessary, this burger was a winner 9/10.

And check out those nails! The sister is wearing Chanel Black Pearl with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45 Second Topcoat.  Like most Chanel polishes, it applied beautifully and has a haematite-like finish.  My nails are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away!* with a little accent nail in Pa Nail Color Premier Lame Grande AA36, which has two sizes of multi and pale pink glitter in a sheer black/grey polish of which I think we’ll be seeing more… (I love how glitters let you get away with speedy application!).

Extra points to our server who kindly arranged for our burger to come already split in half and plated separately with separate portions of frites and condiments.  We liked Sonoma!

P.S. The wines weren’t bad either!

*I hesitate to link to Sally Hansen as I’m unsure of their cruelty-free status (this was a borrowed polish); come to that, I know nothing of Dear Laura… anyone?  And after all these acquisitions (OPI, Essie), I’m pretty confused and realise I might be inconsistent. Yes, I eat meat but don’t condone unnecessary suffering.  Time for further research…

~ Sophie

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AdorableChibi’s questions:

1. Who is your favourite band?
I don’t really have a favorite favorite anymore :/ But I like Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Fall Out Boy and others.

2.Do you like cartoons?
I loveeee cartoons!

3.When is your birthday?
October 10th

4. What’s your favourite drink?
Hot Chocolate. yummm.

5. What are your hobby’s
I don’t have much of a life anymore >.< But I used to write allll the time.

6. Do you like sports?
I like watching sports, participating, not so much.

7. Where would you like to live?
Anywhere with my cat and boyfriend <3

8. What’s your favourite country?
I’ve never been outside the U.S so I have no idea what other countries are like. :(

9. Do you like chocolate?

10. Do you like to sing in the shower?
Sadly lol.

11. Do you like animals?
Fun fact: I love animals so much that in middle school I decided I wanted to be a zoologist lol.

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4.Ice cream or cookies?!
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cambozola asked:

What is stimming, in that previous post's context? it doesnt actually describe what it is. Drinking lots of coffee? methamphetamines? something less literal?

Stimming is any activity that is done for the sake of the physical sensation, sort of thing. For autistic people stimming is typically (but not always) a repetitive thing. “Stereotypical” autistic stims include rocking, moaning, enjoying the sensation of being squashed (pressure stims), tapping things, and flapping the hands.

Pressure stims involve pressure on the body or part of the body - for example, when I’m calming down for sleep I’ll probably put a lot of body weight on my arms for a bit. A friend of mine likes to lie face-down on the floor, with me lying face up on top of them. When they’re struggling to concentrate it helps when I squeeze their arms and legs.

Allistic people stim too (pacing, clicking pen lids, tapping feet), but I guess autistic people stim a lot more and more obviously, because doctors look for it when diagnosing.

People who are less obviously autistic have often found ways to stim that are less obvious. A lot of my stims are hidden, because I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 25 or so, so I had learned to hide my stims and thought everyone else was hiding their stims too. There is a muscle on my inner thigh that I twitch a lot on purpose, for example, but I doubt anyone could tell unless they were looking for it and I was semi-naked!

cambozola said: a friend of mine just wrote a thesis on fanfiction. do not rule out anything

aww thats pretty cool, what course were they on? So far my (very broad) topics of interest are anxiety, social anxiety and depression, and i was maybe gonna look into social media (can’t seem to find much research on tumblr, its mainly facebook and twitter) and LGBTQ groups

Supper Club:  Wine & Cheese Pairings I

Menu Item 1:  Cheese Assortment:  Cambozola Cheese ( a crowd favorite)

Wine:  Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc - South Africa:  Pale yellow in color with a hint of green.  On the nose, pineapples, guavas, lemon and lime aromas are abundant. A clean, lively wine wiht nuances of nutmeg and cloves. Well balanced and elegant.  From the Western Cape area of South Africa.

Group note:  This was one of our most favorite pairings.  Many guests including myself had never had Cambozola cheese ( think: triple cream cheese mixed with Gorgonzola) and it really brought out all the flavors of this wine.  This is one of Chef Esser’s favorite cheeses and now we know why.  Delicious!