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PhnomPenh, Cambodia.

Let me tell you about this Garcinia Cambogia

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You may have seen on your dashboard about Garcinia Cambogia, the “miracle weight loss supplement”. The site it links to claims that you can lose up to 20-30 lbs in a month while taking this. Also, it says they were giving out “free trials” of it plus a cleanse. Well guess who was convinced to buy it? Me. Was I pleased? Not really.

I ordered my bottles about a week ago. And what do you know? They arrived on time like they said. I was so excited because I was finally going to lose weight. After taking it, I did feel pretty good (not like a high feel-good, but a healthy feel-good.) and i sort of ate less (note: sort of). It has been a week now. Guess how much weight I lost? Maybe a pound or two. I didn’t get it. I am overweight while others who weight LESS THAN ME claim to have lost 5-10 lbs in the first week.I weighed myself everyday and it has been going up and down. This morning I weighed at 199 lbs. When I started I believe I was 202, water weight not included. But here’s the thing: I measured myself last night and all my measurements were basically the same as I started with. Was I really losing weight? Who knows. Did it make me feel healthy and cleansed like the site said? Yes. So what dissatisfied me? The money.

Now I understand the mistake on my part where it said it was a trial. But guess what I discovered this morning? They took $90 out of my debit card. I was fucking furious. I didn’t know what to do, so I called the number on my bottle. Thankfully, the wait was short and customer service was extremely polite (thank goodness I’m polite as well). The lady I talked with explained that The “trial” was for 14 days and if I’m not satisfied, I could return it for a full refund. If I didn’t then I would have to pay them the money for the supplement.Now I had two options: I could keep the only bottle and only get 50% refund, or I could return it as soon as possible and receive a full refund. Does my weight REALLY matter? Am I at a high risk of anything serious? No. So immediately, I packaged the bottle back up and I’m about to mail it back out.

I told my mom EVERYTHING, tears running down my face, and THANK GOODNESS she wasn’t mad. So please, to everyone out there considering buying this product:

Yes the product is real.

It sort of works (at least for me)

The money isn’t worth it.

Again, it’s a TRIAL. But if you want to lose weight, don’t buy it unless you’re willing to spend $100.

Overall: It isn’t really worth it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch about it. If you want to lose weight, do it the healthy way by eating healthy, cutting calories, and exercising.


You are beautiful no matter what size you are. I understand it’s hard to believe that, but it is true. Paying for this isn’t worth it. If you do want to buy it though, just pay for it at a vitamin store or Walmart or somewhere so you don’t end up paying more money than you thought like me.

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50 (o più) cose da fare prima di morire?

Tra le 50 cose da fare prima di morire, in cima alla lista ho dei viaggi, che sono:

-Polo Nord
-Norvegia (a nord, per vedere l'aurora boreale)
-Fare un Safari in Africa
-Vedere le Piramidi d'Egitto
-Vedere le mongolfiere alzarsi in volo in Cambogia
-Fare un viaggio “on the road” in America
-Fare una parte del “Cammino di Compostela”
-Vedere “Mont Saint Michel”
-Toccare una vetta del Tibet, (Himalaya)
-Isola di Pasqua
-Cascate Niagara
-Cremlino di Mosca
-Amalfi e Capri
-Fare una pazzia in Messico e Tempio Maya
-Vedere tutte le 7 Meraviglie
-Vedere il castello di Dracula
-Spiaggia di sale, Bolivia
-Dormire una notte nel deserto del Shara

A seguire:

-Riuscire a vedere le balene
-Imparare il cinese e andare a vivere in Cina
-Trovare la felicità in qualcuno
-Dire a Jennifer Aniston, dal vivo, che è bellissima
-Dover assolutamente abbracciare Emma Watson
-Vedere un concerto di Lady Gaga
-Riuscir a far piangere di gioia mio fratello
-Poter realizzare un sogno di mio fratello, per lui
-Scrivere un libro o più
-Andare ad un gay pride e vedere chi riesce a rimorchiare di più
-Fare un viaggio con mio padre (avevo pensato in India ancora a settembre 2016, ma credo che non lo faremo mai io e lui un viaggio assieme)
-Essere un esempio per qualcuno
-Poter tornare ad essere importante per Elena
-Fare una maratona di Harry Potter
-Sorprendere una persona facendo qualcosa di importante
-Portare a Parigi qualcuno di importante e fargli ricordare quel viaggio per sempre
-Fare un'esperienza senza utilizzo di social
-Fare un mese di volontariato in un paese straniero
-Saper cucinare bene come mia madre per la persona, futura, a me importante
-Riuscire ad arrivare a 70 anni ancora con tutti i ricordi di tutti i posti che visiterò
-Creare qualcosa di utile per gli altri
-Migliorare sempre di più me stesso, in tutti gli ambiti
-Vincere una bella somma di denaro ad un casino di Las Vegas


In procinto di partire per Siem Reap ci riteniamo fortunati di avere visto Koh Rong in questo momento: l’isola sembra pronta a diventare un paradiso del turismo di massa, si parla della costruzione di un aereoporto, di resort di lusso e di altri grandi progetti che ne snaturerebbero il fascino di luogo ancora immacolato e gestito dai locali, nonostante le numerose, ma non invadenti, guest house gestite da ragazzi occidentali.
Attualmente pensiamo che sull’isola ci siamo meno di 500 persone (turisti compresi), la corrente viene erogata solo poche ore al giorno, il clima è magnifico, non ci sono bancomat e la sera si gode di una spettacolare stellata. Straconsigliamo a chi passa in Cambogia di venire a visitare Koh Rong prima che si trasformi.

P.s. Per arrivare all'isola si prende una barca da Sihanoukville per 5 dollari, il tragitto dura due ore e si può prenotare da qualsiasi agenzia turistica.

Aerial view of Psar Kandal in Daun Penh. Daun Penh, meaning grandma penh, is the old part of Phnom Penh city famous for its unique art deco architecture.


What a “healthy” fridge looks like. Have healthful snacks and foods at your fingertips.

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Luca... prendi il mondo in mano, è tuo.

Sapete, vorrei raccontarvi una pazzia: vorrei lasciare l’Università e andare ad insegnare l’inglese ai bambini delle scuole del Vietnam o Cambogia o Thailandia.

Non ho il coraggio di proporlo a mia madre; che tra l’altro ho pure scoperto che ogni tanto legge il mio blog.


So here’s what I take. This is just what I use and none of it (except the birth control) has been recommended or reviewed by a doctor, so don’t take this as a recommendation for what you should take.

The three on the left are my new diet pills.
~ Garcinia cambogia with 65% hca. Right now I’m taking 1 pill 3 times a day ~30 minutes before I eat
~ raspberry ketone (this is 375mg, found some on Amazon after buying this that’s 1000mg so I’ll get that after I run through this) I’m taking 1 pill with each meal (so 3 a day total)
~ green tea fat burner: taking 2 pills 2 times a day, two in the morning and 2 with lunch. It’s got caffeine in it (duh) so don’t want to take it late in the day

~ osteo bi flex: 1 in the morning. I’ve had issues with my hips/knees for like over a decade and I swear by this stuff, I notice a big difference when I forget to take it for a week or so
~ d3 2000: 1 in the morning, to help boost my immune system
~ Cranberry supplements: I’ve been taking 2 in the morning, (tmi warning) I get UTI’s more than most people and these get rid of them/keep them at bay so if I feel one coming on I start taking it but I don’t always take it
~ one a day chewy multi vitamin: 1 in the morning, I know the chewy kind has more calories than just regular vitamins, but since they taste good it helps me remember to take all of my vitamins so it’s worth it
~ potassium: 1 in the morning, since lack of potassium is an issue for anorexics
~ biotin gummy: 1 in the morning to keep hair/skin/nails healthy. I think I’ve noticed a general improvement in my skin clarity since I started this
~ chewable vitamin c: 1 in the morning
~ one a day metabolism support: 1 in the morning
~ Emergen-c: drink one in the morning when I get to work. I have an extra 1 or 2 if I feel a cold coming on or if there are a lot of sick people at work. I seriously swear by this stuff.

~ Blisovi-fe: birth control, 1 pill at 7 pm. For obvious reasons

So I know I like WAY over do it with the vitamin c, but I work with a lot of people that come to work sick and colds spread through the office like wild fire. It’s been years (knock on wood) since I’ve been sick so what I’m doing is working and I’ll keep it up.

How to Lose Weight and Get Your Dream Body

1) Start by doing some quick exercises. push-ups, sit-ups, squats etc. Then search for some exercise plans that suit your needs. A HIIT workout will burn the most calories in the least amount of time, great for those who what to lose weight fast and more efficiently.

2) Eat right and drink plenty of water. 

3) Get motivated by listening to music and/or working out with a friend.

If you want to lose weight even faster and more effectively, We recommend you try Garcinia Cambogia. It’s a Natural Appetite Suppressing and Fat Burning supplement that will jump start your weight loss journey and help you lose weight Up to 4 Times Faster, it is definitely worth checking out.