Nom Ahkaow
steamed rice cake

This is my practice batch before I make them for Khmer new year’s. I was worried about the texture because my mom’s friend, who’s the queen of Khmer pastries, makes hers differently and her texture is harder than mine. But my parents loved mine! YAY WIN! My dad said the texture is soft and chewy like how they’re made in Cambodia. Whoop whoop. ^.^

I flavored the green ones with pandan and the white with almond. The pink ones are regular. I’m not sure about the almond flavor, might not use it again. I served them with shredded coconut and crushed peanuts with sesame seeds. 

Aren’t the cups cute? When my brothers and I were little, we’d pour juice into them and pretend we’re drinking alcohol. We watched too much Chinese ancient series. XD


Went to wander around the city today and I crossed off some things from my “list of things to do this summer”. I love the thought of wandering around the city. The idea is so spontaneous and you never know what you’re in store for! I’m still in disbelief that I did so much walking! I finally got a chance to visit the Cambodian food truck! The man is truly so amazing, after all the hardships he has gone through he’s still able to smile so brightly at his customers. His food tastes really yummy as well (: Most definitely going to go back once school starts again.

I also got some shopping done at h&m! Today was the first time that I had a successful thrift-ing day too! (: