cambodian government

Today in labor history, January 3, 2014: The Cambodian government sends military police to attack a demonstration of garment workers on strike for a higher minimum wage. The police opened fire with AK-47 rifles, killing five workers and injuring dozens more. Following the attack, the government banned all demonstrations and used military force to clear the streets. At least 39 workers were detained and held in unknown locations. 

A U.S. Marine Corps Grumman A-6A Intruder from Marine All-Weather Attack Squadron VMA(AW)-533, a McDonnell F-4JPhantom II from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232, and a U.S. Air Force F-4D conduct a LORAN-assisted bombing in Cambodia. Note the LORAN-antenna on the back of the USAF F-4D. The U.S. had set up a LORAN transmitter site in Phnom Penh to provide close air support to Cambodian government troops.