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What's your relationships like with your neighbors?

((Oh what a hard question. But I’ll answer you))

My neighbors : Khun Pama(Myanmar), Nong Laos, Nong Cambodia(Khmer) and Khun Malay (feat. Khun Vietnam)

Nong Laos amd Nong Khmer : Self-centered siblings but still love them

They’re my siblings I adopted since I’m a teenager. I taugh and helped them in many things, so they’re naive and cute to me… But, since I gave them to Khun Farangsed (France) and they’re not children anymore, they became hard-headed and cursed me everytime we face to each other. I never blame them, I just think that’s common when someone think they’re strong enough…

Well, they finally need to ask for money and stuffs from me when they’re in trouble… Teenager is teenager, ana!!!

Khun Pama and Khun Vietnam : Ethernal rivals but NOT that hate

We’ve fought each other over SEA mainlands to be #1 for a long time. Sometimes win, sometimes lose, sometimes join another to hit another one. Everything become silence when the time of colonization comes, Khun Myanmar must go against Khun Angrit (England), Khun Vietnam must face Khun Farangsed and I have to handle both of them…

Now we don’t hold weapons and go to battlefield anymore, but we take our money and invade others’ economy 5555

Khun Malay : Stay close but feel far

Among my 5 neighbors, I and Khun Malay’s relationship is more ambiguous than others’. As I and @askmalaysialah said many times, we got conflicts on our history but we CAN’T hate. All we do is just be ignore, only talk when it comes to business or important topic.

I always hope I’ll be able to have some more small-talks with her, ana…