camber plates

theres so many little things i want to do the car this month i need to make this post to see what i actually finish by july.

got to install catless downpipe #stage2 

front alignment, my car has slight positive camber in the front but im too afraid to just mess with the camber plates 

windows need tinting, all black car plus all black/grey interior gets fucking hot 

disable DRLs and install HIDs, i cant see shit at night

roll the fenders as i rub on any sharp turn and i hit the fender liner if i go over a speed bump any faster than 3mph (might put on 15mm spacers to be more flush if i dont plan on driving too hard in a while)

find an sti intercooler because that is the logical step if you have cracking intercooler hoses on your stock ic

find some bugeye wrx sideskirts because the car looks naked atm

im staying wingless tho thats for sure