The thing that really gets to me is that Austin was Camila’s first boyfriend… He was probably her first kiss… and he disregards everything like it had been nothing and couldn’t mean any less to him… first, he stated that he has never been in love, which I was ready to overlook, afterall they had been ‘officially’ together for a short time… but now this? He’s never been in a real relationship before? I mean… damn, Camila had to put up with so much hate when she decided to come clean about Austin… and now he acts as if he wasn’t even really interested in her, like she meant nothing

I would like to apologize to every Harmonizer/Camren shipper that wanted to rip him a new one when he first showed interest in her. I’m aware that I might have cussed you out in the past for not giving him a chance and would like to formally apologize to each and every one of you. I’m sorry. You had been right. He is an asshole and he didn’t deserve Camila.

How to hate Camaustin...

Well, I came here to say … actually I came to ask you one thing. HOW CAN YOU HATE CAMUSTIN ???? OMG!
It is impossible to hate them, and especially ould it.

After all, it is he who makes Camila smile like: 

It is he who leaves Camila glosses it this way: 

And she cares about: 

And with it is in difficult times:

And laugh at all her jokes, even the most boring:

after all, is that he loves to Sofi: 

And look for Camila like this:

And is reciprocal:

And not just once:

How Camaustin hate, and Austin is just that embraces: 

If it is him that Camilla looks like this:

If he is toying with her at any time: 

After all, it is with him that caresses the Camila exchange: 

So why is Austin who is special to Camila:

And that is why he has a crush Camila: 

Support Camaustin, after all, it is he who takes care of Camila of all possible ways: 

It is he who holds the hand of Camila:

And whom she holds the hand:

Is it that Camilla feels jealous:

Anyway, is he who clearly loves Camila:

If you still want to believe that Camaustin is real and that ‘dating’ is not marketing, feel free. But you should know that while Camila has assumed the flirtation with Austin, he’ll never be able to make her feel the way in which Lauren does. If you are so dumb as not to see all these signs, sorry to tell you but you dumber … THERE!
No matter when this ridiculous dating to last, Lauren will always be the best for Camila, Camren will always be real and I will remain shipper!
Camren Forever <3

5H boyfriends
  • Boyfriend everyone likes:Keeps their relationship between them, rarely mention 5h on social media, treats his girlfriend amazingly.
  • Boyfriend people used to like:Kept relationship fairly private, treated her right, only interacted with fans sometimes then…slut-shamed, made her cry over a m&g
  • Boyfriend people tolerate:Brings up 5h a lot, enjoys the fame a little too much, makes sure we know when he’s with Lauren, attempted a twitlonger.
  • Boyfriend no one likes:Only connected through family, retweets 100+ people saying they love him in less then an hour, tried to trend a ship name, slut-shamed, was homophobic.
  • Boyfriend who will never actually get the girl:Austin Mahone
Lenguaje no verbal y algo más...

Reacciones de Lauren con respecto a Austin:

Lauren se retira en el show de Austin:

Lauren cambia la cara cuando lo nombran:

Tomando en cuenta todo eso, podemos tomar como sarcasmo esto:

Y hacer hincapié en esto:

“Su único problema, quizás, es que usted grita sin dejarse llorar.” 

¿Qué quería decir esto?  ¿Que estaba conteniendo sus ganas de llorar con la ira? ¿O algo así? 

En fin. Tampoco podemos olvidar que cuando se confirmó que Austin y Camila estaban saliendo, Lauren publicó un tweet con una canción muy particular, que luego termino borrando.

¿Por qué borrarlo? Sólo miren lo que dice la canción…

Pero eso no fue todo porque Dinah también twitteó algo y luego lo borró.

“¿Estás loca? ¿o qué?”

Entonces… ¿eso quiere decir que Lauren fue muy evidente? Tal vez…