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In US terms, is it Prince of the City or Prince of the State? I mean would there be a Prince of Texas, or a Prince of Houston and a Prince of Dallas, etc

Usually it’s a City, but the “city” is larger than the territory itself, expanding a bit to smaller surrounding towns and so. 

Texas is way too big for just one Prince. Belgium itself should have Canonly about three to five princes (Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, can add Charleroi and Bruges, and you’re good). 

It’s a matter of a combination between the territory and available population, I believe :)

After some research, I’d say there would be six full Princes in Texas in the following cities: 

San Antonio
Fort Worth
El Paso

(Note than more than one could be contested, or actually owned by the Sabbat… :p)

Armando Nines Rodriguez

Rodriguez had to fend for himself from an early age. As a child in a near-starving family of nine, he quickly learned to hold down small jobs (many of them illicit) to aid his family. That did not save Rodriguez’ younger brother though, who died when the local doctor refused to look at the child unless the family paid him. Nor did it stop his father from being fired after decades of faithful employment, or his mother selling herself to the same employer so she could feed her family. When Rodriguez was Embraced, he finally had the power to fight back and has defended the downtrodden since.
Rodriguez is a rising star in the Anarch Free States and many Unbound look to him for leadership. He’s rumored to have been involved in the fall of the most recent nominal Camarilla Prince of L.A., LaCroix, aiding parties unknown in his destruction.

Beckett’s Jyhad Diary - The Anarch Freefall

  • camarilla prince: you've proven your worth, time and time again. tell me your wish, and you will have it
  • nosferatu: my own house with fiber optic internet so i can just sit down and torrent and watch 70s, 80s sitcoms all day
  • camarilla prince: i
  • nosferatu: oh and a hulu subscription
  • camarilla prince: as a nosferatu, you'll have to avoid... polite society. and live in the sewers
  • nosferatu: i was just figuring i'd tell people i was cosplaying for a convention and that'd work
  • other nosferatu: heads up, it totally fucking does
  • nosferatu: and then i'd sit at home and use amazon prime to ship me jock jam cds while i watch shows i don't even like
  • other nosferatu: that also totally fucking works