Amusing Gargoyles Idea That I Wanna Inflict On Everyone

Mordred – the incestuous bastard of Arthur and Morgan, the Doom of Camalot, a Bastard Bastard if ever there was one – as a foil for Demona.

“Just to establish: Arthur tried to kill me first when I was an infant on the say-so of the wizard who helped Uther Pendragon rape Igraine.  Second, I was raised specifically by my mother to be a weapon against Arthur.  I had all the reasons in the world to hate him with every fiber of my being, and oh how I did.

“And you know what?  I GOT my revenge, for my mother and for every child Arthur killed in his hunt for me, for the sins of his father passed on, for all if it.  All that Arthur Pendragon built, he lost, and off to Avalon he went.  I should have died.  I didn’t.  The last gift Mother ever gave me.  I’ll never see out of this eye again, but I’ve learned to adjust.

“Now… perhaps I could have clung to that anger… I could have let it eat me up from the inside out… but why?  I did what I wanted to do, and there’s this great big world out there.  Even after a thousand years the world STILL manages to surprise me.  Hell, I may never like Arthur, but I’m not even mad at him anymore.  Time really can heal all wounds.”

Mordred spends most of his time just bumming around the world enjoying himself.  He even finds a certain amount of amusement in the thought that, in destroying the Actual Camelot, he helped to turn it into a Shining Ideal that is so much more than it ever actually was.

“And one night a mighty gulf was bridged, and the dream-haunted skies swelled down to the lonely watcher’s window to merge with the close air of his room and make him a part of their fabulous wonder.“

“And in the course of many cycles they tenderly left him sleeping on a green sunrise shore; a green shore fragrant with lotus-blossoms and starred by red camalotes.
-H.P. Lovecraft, Azathoth


Merlin’s Cave & Tintagel Castle. Tintagel is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur of Camalot. It is said that King Uther Pendragon met with the beautiful Igraine and conceived Arthur.

The site of Tintagel Castle has been inhabited at least since the late Roman period, and probably earlier. Between the 5th and 7th centuries AD a prosperous community was based there. After a period of obscurity, in the 12th century Tintagel gained international literary fame when it was named by Geoffrey of Monmouth as the place where the legendary King Arthur was conceived. This may have been what inspired Richard, Earl of Cornwall, younger brother of Henry III, to site his castle at Tintagel in the 1230s.  

It is a gorgeous place with the most stunning scenery.  Whether the legends are true or not its certainly has a certain magic about it.