When I met Camali at Trandroid Presents Nuts & Bolts: A DIY Dance Party at Logan Square’s Township, glistening with sweat while she whipped her hair to Beyonce with the rest of the queer assembly snapping and clapping hands I was compelled to ask her to share more of her dance prowess at Chicago IRL’s release party. Camali not only brought even more snaps and a sickening outfit, but she mixed a Beyonce mashup to drool over.

Every Monday, artists of all types descend upon Beauty Bar to bring to life works that defy traditional genres, from dance pieces crafted in basements to puppet shows put together in attics to stories written on the CTA to the side projects of local legends. Conceived and curated by Jane Beachy, SALONATHON strives to support the creation of new, emerging and underground art in Chicago and beyond.

Salonathon: LEX·IC·A

lex·i·ca - the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge

…………………….CHALLENGE MY FREQUENCY……………..…………

LEX·IC·A is a celebration of the ways in which we communicate with one another and the knowledge we share in this process. It seeks to explore the myriad of complex and beautiful ways we share, play, love, suffer and honor one another through performance work and strive to cultivate community. LEX·IC·A is an inclusive event for anyone interested in procuring dialogue and discourse through performance. Take risks, challenge norms, resist and thrive! 

Featuring: Camali

CHICAGO IRL Issue 4 Release Part I - Salonathon - Camali from Joe Varisco / JRV MAJESTY on Vimeo.