tbh idk why tfa fandom hasn’t taken it all the way home yet

just go ahead and write the poe/finn slavery au in which inexplicably white poe rescues poor slave finn by buying him from some MEAN slave owners then names him and keeps him and happily fucks his cute new pet into the sunset w/ finn thanking poe for granting him humanity all the way

you very clearly want to

i mean it’s more than apparent that all you’re capable of seeing when you deign to look at us at all is either a scary, angry nigger who’s going to hurt you or a happy lil coon who’s going to serve you

why even bother to dress that shit up anymore

commit to your ugliness

at least then we can avoid your ass easier


happy single’s awareness valentines day everyone!!!

i sang a song near and dear to my heart……….please. someone. theres gotta be someone. i mean who doesn’t want to date a cute idol like me???? i’m adorable and its just weird to think that no one would want t– i’ll stop here

enjoy B’))


give it time ~ peter & olivia (by simplyxxamazing)

Featured Fringe Video of the Day #932

Polivia - Spoilers thru 5x13

They are just so beautiful.


I’ll be able to die, and on my deathbed,
think, “Yeah, Dan and Phil- that was a thing.”
                                                                              -Dan Howell on YouNow; May 12, 2015