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i fucking hate you @unpretty-writer

and he’d be so flustered yet he’s reluctant to get up because since when did it get so comfortable here like this? his heart flies out of his chest when you carefully brush the dirt from his cheek and he sucks in a breath when you smile at him. He quickly remembers that this is public and you are just someone he hasn’t talked to but wow, wow fucking wow, you look much more beautiful up close. He gulps nervously and allows you to help him up and when he’s sitting on his knees, beside you, he awkwardly mumbles an apology that brings a smile to your face.

You tell him it’s nothing because really, compared to the sleepless nights he’s given you when you thought of him all the time, it was nothing at all. He shakes his head and offers to make it up to you and you start to blush. Then in that moment, Hoseok knows, all he wants to do is be able to make you smile that wide.

“Here,” He gently takes your notebook conveniently by your side and starts to jot down something. When his name is being hollered from a distance, in which you already know, he still introduces himself, “I’m Hoseok, you’re Y/N, right?”

You blink at him, gaping, “Y-You know my name?”

“I know more than that, too,” He grins, standing up with a newfound confidence when you look up to him in surprise, “I know that you’re very pretty, too,”

He then points at your book he had placed in your lap before jogging back to the field. With caution, you blink down to see that he had left a string of numbers, which made up to be his phone number and a small ‘call me, beautiful ;)’

Jealous (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request- Can I have an imagine were Cameron and I have been dating for a year or so and Nash and I start getting real close and we hang out a lot witch upsets Cam and you can come up with the rest!!  
Rating: PG

I giggled as Nash said something else. We were sitting in the living room of his and Cameron’s shared house. Cameron wasn’t coming home until later but I decided to come over and wait. Nash and I had been hanging out a lot lately and I have to admit, he’s pretty cool. 

The door opened and Nash and I jumped away from each other. Even though we weren’t doing anything, Cameron was a person who got easily jealous and had a bad temper. “What the hell is going on?” He shouted.
“Nothing, Cam. I was waiting on you.” I answered, standing up to go and talk to him. 

“It didn’t look like nothing, in fact, you two have been all over each other for weeks now. Are you cheating on me, Y/N?” He questioned, throwing his keys on the table and crossing his arms.
“No? You know I wouldn’t ever cheat on you, especially not with one of your best friends!" 

"Yeah man, we’re just friends.” Nash added.
Cameron looked in between the both of us. “Well it pisses me off.” He finally said. 

“Sorry?” I said, but it sounded more like a question because I was confused. “Why did you say it like that?” Cameron asked.
“Because you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Nash and I are friends. Nothing more, nothing less. You should know I just love you.”
It did hurt a little knowing Cameron obviously didn’t trust me. Although, maybe it did look bad on my half. 

“Sorry if you thought I was flirting with him. I honestly see Nash as more like a brother. I only have eyes for you." 

"Yeah dude. Y/N is more like my sister and I wouldn’t date my sister.” Nash threw in, eating some chips. 

“Yeah, I guess I jumped to a conclusion too quick. I’m sorry. I love you.” Cameron said, wrapping his arms around me. “Love you too!”
“Take that lovey-dovey shit away from me. I’m trying to watch some TV!” Nash shouted from the couch, causing Cam and I both to giggle.

:) Feel free to request. If you already have, I’m working on it. New imagines everyday!


I finished customizing my CAM witch today and took some pics of her right away. I still need a new wig for her but this Moxie on will do it for now :) I must say that I love how she turned out. She’s pretty close to even being my personal favorite of all the  customs I’ve ever done.

Oh and the red goo in her pot is tomato soup with some added snails. Very witchy :D