7 colours of rainbow :)

Red - Inori (

Orange and Yellow - Eugenia (

Green - Paulina (

Blue - Tehhi Shek (

Indigo - Blushunt (

Violet - me :3 (

Inspiration -  Sol Minor (


I finished customizing my CAM witch today and took some pics of her right away. I still need a new wig for her but this Moxie on will do it for now :) I must say that I love how she turned out. She’s pretty close to even being my personal favorite of all the  customs I’ve ever done.

Oh and the red goo in her pot is tomato soup with some added snails. Very witchy :D


My first experiment sewing clothes for MH dolls - a simple sheath dress for the witch CAM.  The pattern can be found here; it isn’t perfect, but it obviously worked well enough.  The only real problem with the dress I made is that it looks crappy in the back because I had to use some nasty thick velcro to close it.

Inspired by this adorable post by candivase!

Since Monster High is putting out a swim line filled with probably the worst swimmers of the entire cast, you just know the rest of the class is full of werecats and fire elementals and other aquaphobic monsters.

I don’t think the CAM witch and cat girls would be too pleased either, though the witch would probably get excused for severe allergies since she’d melt if she got in the pool.

I wonder if Mattel learned from the critical reception of Spectra getting her own DJ booth instead of the Holt set everyone wanted, and this is them making fun of themselves by designing a line of dolls completely inappropriate to their theme.

Allow me to introduce you to Myrtle Heffernan, distant yet beloved younger cousin of Casta Fierce.

Myrtle loved Casta’s music in secret, knowing her hedgewitch mother wouldn’t approve. Under her shy, bookish exterior, Myrtle hid her desire to be a famous rock star, too.

She’s taken voice lessons after school for two years, paying them off by doing chores for her teacher and selling handmade perfumes and potions. Her teacher says she’s quite good, but still lacks the confidence and the discipline to “make it”.

Since the mysterious disappearance of her hedgewitch mother, Myrtle has moved from the estate of a miserable great-aunt, to the farmhouse of an unknown uncle in Oregon. It was here, after breaking curfew for Casta’s concert, that the ghouls discovered they were actually related.

Casta has offered to add Myrtle to her entourage, but Myrtle is surprised by just how much she likes it already at Monster High. Will she give in to her childhood dreams of becoming fabulously famous, or will she stay in school and reserve those dreams for the future?


Name: Myrtle Heffernan

Age: 15

Monster Parent: My mom was a hedge witch. A sort of backwoods doctor, I guess. I don’t know much about my dad at all, and nobody seems to want to talk about him…

Killer Style: I like to take vintage styles and give them a little spark. I guess I’d call it retro remix.

Freaky Flaw: Well, as the daughter of a witch, I do have some inherent magical powers - those aren’t the flaw, those are actually kinda cool, when I allow myself to use them - but, uh, I’m not so good at handling my anger. So sometimes I magic things I really shouldn’t just because I got angry. I can almost always undo it, though, if I really want to.

Pet: I have a pet toad. His name is Delano, and he’s far more cuddly than you’d think a toad would be.

Favorite Activity: The only thing better than listening to great music is singing it!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people ask me to cast spells for them. Nope. I believe in earning your reward.. the way Casta has earned her fame. No magic shortcuts!

Favorite School Subject: Chorus! I love the muse-sick department at Monster High. They’ve really made me feel welcome.

Least Favorite School Subject: Physical Deaducation. It’s wicked embarrassing to have to do all that physical stuff in front of people.

Favorite Color: Purple and black.

Favorite Food: Chocolate-covered bat wings, pickled lizard tongues, and cream of eye of newt soup. Just like Momma used to make!

BFF’s: Casta Fierce .. and I guess I’m still getting to know my classmates. I’d love to get to know Operetta better, but I’m not sure we’d get along.