Cam Newton is a fool 😂😂😭😭


SHMACK CAM MAX JR, Logan Paul, Jerry Purpdrank


Last Day at con was a fun one, I out of the blue decided to see the Yogs again! I met Katie, Harry, Kev, Turps (I didn’t get selfies with these D: ) Mark, Nina, Caff, Kim and Lewis! I got them to sign some of my cosplay cards, the one Lewis signed he nearly took because he wanted it, so I had to go and get him a spare one to keep. But they’re all precious and need rest, Kim nearly made me cry again, bless her I’m sorry! <3 Also even Mark couldnt resist a photo with Cam Jar Jar Jr the dragon.

The signs as things from cobra

Aries: let’s get wasted!
Taurus: cobra clean
Gemini: Gabe’s surgery scene
Cancer: Nate’s beard After the cabin
Virgo: gabey baby made me go bad
Leo: suarez’s cooking show
Libra: club Nate
Scorpio: vicy’s blurred out face
Sagittarius: Vincent twice Vincent twice and dick bagwell
Capricorn: the cobra starship Olympics on believers never die tour
Aquarius: cobra cam jr.
Pisces: guy ripely