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still need some prompts? their rivalry becomes more friendly and they end up just having mini competitions with each other like throwing popcorn into each others mouths with flirty banter and the like or sporting event kiss-cams!!

this was great fun, thank you!!!!

“What? You think you’re better than me?” Lance shoves himself into Keith’s personal space, incredulity surging through his veins. In response, Keith folds his arms and leans forward.

“You said it, not me,” he mocks and ignores the gentle flutter of his heart when Lance rests his hands on his hips, clearly fired up and as passionate as ever. From behind them, Shiro sighs long-sufferingly. Keith spares a moment to feel bad for everyone as their constant competing must become a little annoying, but then Lance takes another step forward and Keith can smell the plethora of moisturisers and body lotion on him and promptly forgets anyone else exists for a moment.

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Kiss Cam - July 5th, 2016
  • Nick: Alright, alright. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. *smirks*
  • Judy: Good! It was a spur of the moment thing! Also... Peer pressure!
  • Nick: You saying all those people in the stadium were your peers? I mean, I know rabbits reproduce like crazy but...
  • Judy: Ugh! You know what I mean! *pouts* I can't believe it made the front page...
  • Nick: Hey, you wanted it to be memorable.
  • Judy: I wanted it to be memorable because it was your first fireworks show as a cop! Not because of...that!
  • Nick: Why do you hate calling it was it is? You kissed me on the cheek for the Kiss Cam. So what?
  • Judy: *blushes hard* Shush! Stop talking so loud...
  • Nick: Everyone knows already, Carrots... *laughs*
  • Judy: *walks away pouting* Whatever.
  • Nick: *pulls out his copy of the newspaper, the headline reads: "ZPD's Firsts Or ZPD's Flirts?" above the picture of the exact moment Judy kissed him* Dumb title... It's a good picture though. *smirks and tucks it away*
Two At Once (a Cameron and Johnson smut imagine)


Katie’s POV

I take the popcorn out of the microwave and head back to the couch to start my pretty little liars marathon, the newest episode confused me a little so I thought I’d watch it all again from season one. I press play on the first episode of season one, minutes into the first episode and then all of a sudden Cameron walks in, slamming the front door shut making me jump. He sits down next to me and I try not to look at him “you’ve been avoiding me” he says with a confused tone. “Well it’s kinda awkward after what we did last week and if you haven’t noticed I’m an awkward person” I ramble on but at the end he turns my head to face him. He smashes his lips to mine but I push him away “no, you don’t just get to kiss me when you want Cam, that’s not how it works” he chuckles “I thought girls loved that stuff” I roll my eyes as I turn the TV up louder so that I can block him out.

“Jules and Madison aren’t here so you can go now since there’s no reason for you to be here” I mutter as I turn the TV up a little more. He grabs the remote and he switches it off “I was watching that you know” he shrugs his shoulders as if to say that he doesn’t care. “Look I like you and I wanna get to know you more” I go to shout again but then I look at him “wait what” my jaw practically drops. Before I can speak I hear a knock at the door, Cam gets up to answer it and it’s Johnson. FUCK.  “Hey look I don’t want you to feel awkward about last week, so I came over to ask if you wanted to get to know each other more, you up for going to the beach tomorrow” I widen my eyes, they both like me. I have got to stop flirting with guys, they always catch feelings. “She’s kinda busy tomorrow I mean i was about to ask her out” are they really about to fight over me.

Johnson walks closer to me, pulling me closer to him. He leans in, connecting his lips to mine and our make out session starts. It soon gets heated, I pull away and turn to Cameron who is right behind me. He wraps his arms around me and he picks me up instantly, he sits down on the couch with me on top of him and he lifts my top up over my head. I stand up and take my shorts off whilst he undresses, once he has a condom on I get on top of him. I lower myself down slowly before then bouncing on his dick, I feel another dick press against my back and hands reach under my arms. He grabs my tits, massaging them in his hands, I tilt my head backwards moaning from the pleasure Cam is giving me and I see Johnson looking down at me.

He leans down, pressing his soft lips to mine. I then lift my head up and he moves around to my side, shoving his size in my face, I grab a hold of it and then I decide to tease him by licking the tip slowly. Once I see the effect I have on him I put more and more of him in my mouth until his dick reaches the back of my throat, causing me to gag. I then spit all over his dick and use it as lube to jerk him off “you look so hot doing that” he groans which gives me motivation to keep going until Cam stands up. He slides his dick back into me as he walks to my room, once he lies me down on the bed he continues to pound into me at a fast speed. Johnson comes up behind him and he nudges him out the way, I’m beginning to feel like it’s a competition over who can fuck me better and if that’s the case then Cameron is winning. Johnson slides into my and he starts off slow, he lifts my right leg up high, using his hand to hold it in the air and then all of a sudden he starts to get faster with his thrusts.

I look over at Cameron to see him watching me as Johnson fucks me, I see him looking down at my tits every few seconds, he obviously likes what he is looking at. I bite my lip and moan softly as I stare at him, my eyes full of lust. He can see me begging for him to come back over and finish what he started. He walks over to the over side of the bed and he gets onto it, he crawls over to me and I look up to see his dick is right above me. He moves slightly so that he can place his dick in my mouth and since I’m lying down I cant move my head, so he does it for me. He thrusts his dick into my mouth at a really fast speed, I can see him looking over at Johnson every now and then to see how fast he is going. Yup this is definitely a competition.

Cameron’s POV

I want her to be mine, I wanna get to know her and for me and her to go on dates and be a couple and for that to happen I have to win this one, I have to show her I’m better in more ways than one. I keep shoving my dick into her mouth whilst I keep an eye on how fast Johnson Is going. Once I’ve had enough I get off the bed and move around to Johnsons side of the bed, I push him out the way and he walks over to the other side of the room. I pick her up and pin her up against the wall, slide my dick in and I don’t hesitate to fuck her hard and fast, I can tell that’s how she likes it “fuck, keep going I’m close” she screams. In the corner of my eye I see Johnson glaring at me, I can tell he’s jealous because with me I can fuck her better than he ever could. I pull out of her and slam back into her once again I look down to see the cum practically dripping from her wet pussy but I don’t stop there. I continue to go at it for another few minutes. “omg I’m gonna cum again” she moans as I send her into her second orgasm.

Once she cums again, I pull out and move away so that she can be free, I watch as she attempts to walk back out into the living room. She picks up her clothes and one by one she puts them back on, not long after she then walks to the bathroom. I look for my clothes and then I get changed, Johnson does the same. “You didn’t want me involved in that did you” he mutters as he gets changed “well of course not because I like her and I want her to be mine, I’ve liked her for a while now and after last week my feelings became more clear to me” I explain. He nods his head as if to say he understands “me too, I like her too and I wanna be with her too” I roll my eyes “it’s obvious who can satisfy her sexual needs and who she likes more though” he says with a sad look on his face. “She’s all yours man, but hurt her and you will be sorry”.

He walks over to me, we do a little bro hug before he then walks towards the door of the apartment. He turns to me before opening the door “laters man” I nod my head and wave before he walks out. Katie walks back out and she looks around in confusion “where’s Johnson” “he left, he said it’s obvious you like me and that your all mine, but he did threaten me saying I’ll be sorry if I hurt you”. She walks over to me, wrapping her arms loosely around my neck “he is right though, I do like you and it’s always been you. Since the first day I laid eyes on you, but it took last week for me to see just how much I needed to be with you” I kiss her forehead before then pulling away “well how about we go out tomorrow” I say as I sit down on the couch, she sits down with me, resting her head on my shoulder. “I’d love that” she smiles as she kisses me quickly before turning the TV on and pressing play on Pretty Little Liars. I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now.

Nobody Asked You for Help, Kiss Cam

Trust the infamous and completely, utterly useless Kiss Cam to throw his day – his long awaited 18th birthday, damnit! – into the deep end.

Hiro had taken one look at the enlarged screen – the words Kiss Cam bedazzled unabashedly with glittering rose petals, pink heart flashing gaudily around him and this (undeniably good-looking) asshole who was sitting next to him, looking politely bemused – and immediately shot his arms in a broad X. Ignoring the hoots and whistles that erupted all around him (jerks, why can’t they mind their own business), Hiro shook his head wildly, mouthing, “I don’t know him, we’re strangers, we literally don’t know each other stop yelling you imbeciles –” Breaking off from his fruitless attempts, the teen gesticulated helplessly at the stranger, who was now watching him with one eyebrow cocked in distinct amusement. “Damnit man, help me out here!”

“Tough luck kiddo,” he heard someone snicker from behind him.

All frazzled nerves and wounded pride, Hiro whipped around, snarling, “Look asshole, I’m not a –” He paused, feeling someone tug at his shirt. “Uh, what exactly are you doing?”

The stranger next to him – unfortunate Kiss Cam victim #2 – smiled apologetically back at him, his lips lifting upwards crookedly. “I’m sorry,” he offered in a smooth baritone, warm brown eyes earnest.

Then promptly caught Hiro’s lips with his own.

‘Okay, so maybe this isn’t so bad,’ Hiro mused as he tangled one hand into the stranger’s short locks of hair and the other into the soft fabric of his cardigan, their breaths intermingling to the uproarious cheers of the crowd all around them.

A new prank called "Kiss Cam"

Let me give you some advice on this new prank that’s sweeping through called “Kiss Cam”

Don’t fucking do it.

The name of the game is go up to random strangers and plant a kiss on them, then run away giggling and laughing.

So essentially, you are sexually assaulting people and recording it all for your 15 minutes.

I just witnessed a little girl around the age of 15 get “kiss cammed” and it was the most disgust, dehumanizing situations ever. What you did was invade a person’s comfort zone and sexually assault them. How does that make you feel? (I called mall security and the perpetrators were escorted out of the mall)

So please, don’t fucking do that. Volunteer your time or something. Plant trees. Donate old clothes. Don’t sexually assault strangers.