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To my underclassman in HS

Some people ain’t shit. Those kinds of people are the type who will push you over the edge to your lowest point. It took me at least 3 years of wasted time to realize that the people I cared about the most cared nothing for me. They isolated me, and made me feel ridiculous for feeling so. Now, since my lowest point, I’ve transferred schools. I took action and made new friends at my new school. I’ve known these people for only 3 weeks but I have never clicked so well with anybody so easily. If you feel like you are in that position where people mistreat you, break your trust and heart, please take action. You mustn’t rely your happiness on a group of people who mistreat you, or in my case, isolate you. I pray for only the best for you. If you need a friend, I’m right here. On this blog, despite it being a theatre blog, we’re survivors.

Panic Attacks


Request: Hi can you do an imagine where Shawn gets into a fight with Cameron because he hit on y/n and Shawn gets hurt and y/n starts blaming it on her and she has a panic attack and Shawn calms her down? xx

Word count: 1,986

Panic Attacks

“He did what?” Shawn yelled at you. Or not exactly at you, but you were the only one there, so he just took it out on you.

“Shawn, it’s really no big deal”

“No big deal? He hit on you? How can you even defend him? He’s supposed to be my fucking friend!”

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this video is so vital to me

Age Is Just A Number (C.D)

|based on the request: Can you do a cameron dallas imagine where y/n is younger and the age gap bothers her?

|•1.9k words lmao, it went a different direction idk (hahaha like Zayn), requests are open (why do you guys keep requesting Nate tho like ik he’s bae af but why), masterlist is in my DESCRIPTION BUB•| 

 “Baby girl!” Cam shouts from the balcony on the front of his house. “You’re finally here!”  I use my hands to shield my eyes from the sun, looking up at my boyfriend in amusement. “We’ve been waiting here for ages!” 

“Are you going to come and open the door then?” 

 He scrunches his eyes together in a laugh. “Oh shit, yeah, right, I’ll be down in a sec.” 

Nash and Matt suddenly appear on the balcony as soon as Cam sprints off to come and welcome me. “So, are we babysitting you again today?” Matt jokes, making Nash laugh and clap his hands. 

Of course he’s already making jokes about me and I’ve been here for less than a minute, I think this might be a new record with Matt. I am in a relationship with Cameron Dallas and I am 17 years old. There’s a 3 year age gap between us and the other guys seem to find it hilarious. They’re always cracking jokes about our relationship and how Cam is my ‘babysitter’ rather than my boyfriend.  

I roll my eyes at their immaturity. “I don’t know why you’re laughing, Nash, I’m older than you.” He just shrugs his shoulders, rubbing his hand across his bare chest. 

“Who cares? It’s a couple of weeks difference!” 

“Doesn’t Cam babysit you on a day to day basis?” Nash stares at me with a death stare before he grunts and walks back inside in a strop. 

What a child. 


Matt laughs once more before walking in after his friend. Cameron finally gets to the door and leans against the frame, holding the door open for me. “Are you coming in or are you just gunna stand there all day?” He smiles over at me and I slowly start to walk to him. “Are you ready for a long awaited lazy day?” 

I shake my head. Another lazy day? Why does he never feel like going anywhere else but the bed when we’re together? “Why can’t we go out and explore the city?” 

“We always do that.” I deadpan and breathe out a deep sigh. 

“Bullshit, all we do is lay around in your bed all day and watch Netflix, it’s getting boring, babe.” 

“I don’t feel like going out into the city though.” I look up at him with big, begging eyes and a hearty pout. I take another few steps towards him and increase the size of my pout. Cam takes one more look at me before he blinks and finally cracks. 

 “Fine,” He sighs. He grabs my hand and pulls my body into his chest, wrapping his big arms around my shoulders tightly. “But let my phone charge a bit first, I’ve got like, no battery.” He presses a kiss onto my head and hugs me into him even tighter. 

“We can just go on a walk through the hills and take Jaxx with us, you don’t need your phone for that.” 

“I need my phone to take photos of my beautiful baby.” 

“Are you talking about Jaxx again?” I ask, making Cam laugh a little bit and kiss my forehead. 

“I was talking about you, I need a new picture as my lock screen.” I awe and pull away from him so I can see his face. 

“That’s cute of you.” 

“You’re cute.” 

“I know.” He jokingly pokes my nose and kisses my forehead once again. “Get your cute butt in the house, miss.” And of course, his hands swoop down from my shoulders and grab my ass. 

“Cameron Alexander!” I gasp, sarcastically of course, and lightly slap his arm. 

“That’s pedophilia!” Shouts Nash from behind the door, thinking he’s absolutely hilarious, when really, it’s just uncomfortable. “Stop touching little girls like that, Cam.” 

“Shut up, Nash.” Cameron laughs. Why is he laughing? What was even the slightest bit funny about that? “I can touch my girl however I like.” 

Matt decides to join in on the ‘fun’ banter that’s being thrown about. “Well, I wouldn’t in public because I won’t be bailing you out!” 

I honestly don’t understand why these guys like to make fun of mine and Cam’s relationship. Yeah, I get it that I’m 3 years younger than Cam but what’s so wrong about that? There are couples in the world where one partner is double the age of the other? How is 3 years so bad? 

Nash nudges Matts arm and laughs a little. “I’m sure your 'girlfriend’ would bail you out after dropping the child molestation charges against you.” 

 Is he being serious? How the hell can he even joke about that? That is a new fucking low for Nash, really, that’s disgusting. 

“Is she even old enough to bail someone out of jail?” Matt asks, scrunching his eyebrows up and looking between Nash and Cam for an answer. 

It really isn’t funny. I feel so uncomfortable standing here, especially with Cam having his arms wrapped around me and being so close to me. My parents are fine with the age gap, Cam’s family is fine with the age gap, my friends are fine with the age gap, his other friends are fine with the age gap, so why aren’t these two guys? 

“I don’t think there is an age limit to bail someone out, I’ll have to search it.” Nash just shrugs his shoulders and looks back over at me. 

“Well, I’m pretty sure little kids can’t bail grown ass people out so clearly, Y/N wouldn’t be able to get him out herself.” 

“I’m a 'little kid’ now am I?” I scoff, completely pulling myself away from Cameron’s hug. “How is it that I’m a hell of a lot more mature than both of you?”  

“Maturity has nothing to do with age, Y/N.” Matt smiles. 




I roll my eyes and take a step away from Cameron, I’m standing closer to my car so it’s faster for me to leave the situation if needs be. “Well, maturity has a lot to do with puberty and we all know that neither of you two have hit it.” 

“Wow, okay, that was too far, Y/N.” 

“That, was too far? No, Nash, that’s where you’re wrong. You two have been taking it too far with all of your 'jokes’ about my age and the age gap between me and Cam and it actually makes me really uncomfortable when you bring it up. I’m completely fine about it normally, I never even remember it half of the time, until I come here and that’s all you can seem to talk about.” 

What did I ever do to these two boys to make them want to emotionally torture me so much? I can’t even come and see my boyfriend for two minutes without wanting to punch someone or run off and cry. 

Cam reaches out his hand to grab mine, but I jerk my body out of reach. “Hey, babe, calm down…” 

Telling someone to calm down when they’re in the midst of blowing up is not a good idea. It can trigger their anger even more and can lead to uncontrollable violence. But that is the ultimate worst case scenario 

“No! I’m not going to calm down because every time I come around to see your ass, I get bullied about my damn age to the point where I think about just ending it to make your damn friends happy!” 

It’s true. I thought that if I just ran away from my little problem it would eventually disappear, but then I realised that I would be running away from Cam and I don’t want to do that. 


“And why the hell are you even joking about child abuse? It’s fucking wrong! Real shit like that is actually going on in the world and its ruining those kids life’s and you’re stood there making jokes about it! You’re both sick, sick assholes!” 

Nash bows his head in shame and Matts eyes lower in embarrassment - damn right they should be feeling like that! 

“That was pretty low of me and I apologise on behalf of that incident.” Nash mumbles out his apology. 

I nod my head thankfully. “Thank you for that, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you two seem to really dislike me for no actual reason.” 

“Babe, they don’t not like you, they’re just playing around.” Cam says, bouncing on the balls of his feet on the hot pavement. “Don’t take what they say seriously.” 

 I run my hand through my growingly sweaty hair and pull it away from my forehead.

“Cameron, they’ve actually hurt my feelings with what they were saying, I was fine with our relationship until they started making jokes about it.” 

 Matt rubs his forehead with his hand and makes the first move to actually give me a formal apology. “Hey, it was just meant to be a joke, I didn’t mean to upset you in any way, shape or form. I’m sorry if that’s how you really felt about what we were saying, we weren’t being serious.” 

“I’m sorry if it upset you that much, Y/N…” 

“I actually think you and Cam are really cute together.” Matt smiles. 

Cam grins and makes a quick move to stand behind me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist and kissing my cheek. 

Nash nods and hums in agreement. “If we make anymore jokes that make you uncomfortable, just tell us!” 

“I have told you before, you just didn’t pay any attention to what I was saying!”

“Sorry…” They mumble in sync, both giving me a closed smile. 

I take a deep breath in and accept their quiet apologies. “It’s okay guys.” 

I know that they are completely truthful with their apologies because they both look incredibly guilty right now and Nash looks like he’s about to cry, I can see his glistening eyes even when he’s hiding his face. 

 After a few seconds of awkward silence, Cam gestures for his friends to migrate back into the house and turns me around to face him. He rests his hands on my hips and lightly presses his fingers tips into the skin. 

 “Why didn’t you tell me that they were bothering you?” 

 “I didn’t want to upset you.” 

 “Baby,” He mumbles and sticks on a sweet smile. “You can tell me anything, you know that.” 

I nod my head knowingly but still shrug my shoulders. “I know I can, but they’re your friends and I didn’t want to make you annoyed.” 

No one wants to hear their girlfriend or boyfriend (or significant other) complain about their friends, do they? It just puts them in a position where they basically have to pick between their life long friends, or their possible long-term partner.

It’s just awkward and difficult. He softly kisses my cheek and pushes a strand of hair behind my ear. “Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about us, your age is just a number, as is mine.” 

It’s so cliché hearing him say that, that age is just a number, but it’s completely compatible in this situation and he’s using it correctly. Nobody should care about how Cam is older than me, it’s only by a few odd years, it doesn’t matter at all. I guess the judging from the guys was the only thing that made me question everything. 

“You’re right.” 

“I always am.” I roll my eyes and scoff loudly. How arrogant can this boy get sometimes? “Oh, so cooking a pizza at nearly 350 degrees will cook it faster and not cause a fire?” 

“That’s our secret, sh.” 

 “Okay, Cameron.” I laugh quietly, nudging my forehead on his shoulder.

 “I love you.” 

 “I love you too.”


Request: Could you do a Cameron imagine where you get to go on the magcon tour 2015-2016 and he always compliments you and is flirting so you guys are kind of close and the fans ship you and you guys always take snapchats and pics together? Sorry if it’s not too specific I would just like a really fluffy one thanks 

AN:  I really enjoyed writing this imagine, I hope you like it! I pictured Magcon as the original nine boys and the italicized is like a flashbacks of Magcons events. So each different italicized part is a different event/venue, except for the last one. (I added a bit to the ending too, hope you don’t mind!)

Being the best friend of the Nash Grier did have its perks at times. For the simple fact being that when Magcon had its first event back together, I was invited in support. AND I guess the fact that Nash was the reason I met Cam. Nash and I had clicked when he first moved to California and we were pretty much inseparable for a while which is how I met Cameron, our flirtatious relationship evolving from there.

“Aren’t you looking gorgeous, as always.” Cameron smiled at me once I stepped into the boy filled dressing room as he blocked any movement from me walking in any further.

“Oh shut up Cam.” I smirked at him attempting to move to the side before he moved with me,

“Make me.” He whispered low enough for only me to hear. I grinned before a dark figure soon stepped beside us, looming over.

“Are we talking about anything interesting guys?” Nash smiled innocently to us. He knew he was interrupting our moment and it happened all too often. Nash of course was somewhat overprotective over me AND Cameron; he never wanted us to take the flirting farther than what it already was.

However, currently here I was at Nash’s house; I spent the night last night, crashing in Nash’s bed as he slept downstairs, bathing in the sun in his tennis court while I scrolled through various social media since Nash hadn’t woken up yet. Pictures of Cameron and I flooded my timeline once I clicked on twitter, some of them being recent with a lot of them being from when the boys would Snapchat and sneak attack pictures of us. Of course me and Cam had slipped a few pictures of us on each of our Instagram’s but nothing to the point of where we were always over each other. The most where we posted was Snapchat, and it was mainly making fun of one another.  

“Is Y/N here?” I heard my name echo through the venue, a fan Q&A finally jumping into gear. I smiled at the thought in the darkness of side stage. When I first was introduced to the scene, I was expecting hate or snide commentary about me being a girl with all the guys, however to my surprise though everyone was really nice to me. Even to the point where people would be dying for me and Cameron to finally date or go out with each other.

“Of course she is! She’s one of my best friends, she came in support.” I saw Nash reply into his mic; merriment filling his voice while he smiled into the crowd.

“Or or, she’s actually here for me.” Cam stated proudly peeking my way to send me a quick wink while the crowd erupted into Oooo’s and Awh’s.

“You wish!” Nash retorted back, giving Cam a quick punch to the arm, only causing Cam to hit him back.

“Aye! Now’s not the time to fight.” Johnson jokingly stepped between them.

I retweeted a couple pictures of us causing my mentions to fill with excited and questions. As much as I hated it, I never did reply to them; I’ve always told their fans that were Just. Friends. For now anyway; which is what I was hoping. Viewing the fans ship us and make edits of us was really sweet in general for me to see, and I almost longed for them to see that I wanted just what they did with Cameron. An that was why my favorites were mainly filled with the two of us.

After the show was over Cameron gripped my hand tightly while he sneakily slipped us away from the boys. We climbed the steps of the venue in a rush before we reached the top where there was a door beholding the rooftop. Cam looked back at me one time, reaching forward and pushing the door open, keeping me in tow. It was dark while the stars cloaking the sky were the source of most of the light, emitting to illuminate his beautiful features. The town had seemed so far away. Cameron dragged us out farther to the edge, before I gazed over to see a few fans in front of the venue. Cam pulled me back to him, embracing me in his warm arms causing me to tear my gaze to look at him eyeing me with a sweet smile.

“Scared I’m going to float away?” I teased, placing my hands on his sturdy chest.

“Maybe.” He looked toward the right quickly before looking back at me. I traced one of my hands up his chest, crossing his jawline gently,

“That’s cute.” I replied while bumping his nose with my finger, him scrunching it up in a cutesy way. I softly smiled up at him; everything else seeming to drown out besides us. Instantaneously he tenderly brought a palm to caress my face causing me to lean into him more. He began to slowly bring his head down before our lips caught up with each other, moving with such an intimacy with which we had been hiding.

I blushed at the thought, smiling into my phone again. Even with shared kisses here and there none of us made an advancement towards something else more. Which I’m sure both of us wanted; even if Nash didn’t approve of all the way, maybe we were just scared of everything else. I sighed in content; locking the phone in my palm and leaning back to look up at the beaming blue sky. Maybe soon enough one of us would make a move, maybe not. As much as I wanted something more, I’d never regret being just friends with Cameron.

He pulled away quietly while I still kept my eyes closed, half expecting more. I felt him rest his forehead on mine before I allowed my eyes to flutter open, meeting his closed ones. My rapidly beating heart wanted to slow down before the feel moved to my ears. Both still silent; I closed my eyes again, and at a leisurely pace brought my hand to connect with Cameron’s again.

“That one’s going on my Instagram.” Cameron’s voice sounded through my ears; startling me as I was brought out of my trance, speedily turning around to glance at him. He held onto his phone cheekily smiling at me before I straightened my legs getting up off the tennis court’s warm surface.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned before smiling and walking over to him. He tapped at his phone, shoving it to his back pocket before I reached him. I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tippy toes to do so while he winding his arms around my waist.

“Because I knew you’d be here.” He mumbled into my hair that he had nuzzled himself into, making me grin with blissfulness. I kept holding onto him while we lightly swayed side to side enjoying the shivers our bodies gave to each other. “I wanted to ask you something, actually.” He whispered, pulling away from me enough to still hold me close to him, but enough to make eye contact.

“Consisting of?” I questioned, draping one my hands of his shoulder, the other playing with his hair at the nape of his neck.

“Us.” He replied making my stomach turn in anticipation to what he wanted to ask. I nodded my head unsurely urging him to further go on. He cleared his throat, looking down at our feet before looking back up. “Well I mean I’ve always thought this,” He grinned handsomely “That maybe we could… I don’t know… Become a real couple.” His face flushing pink as he finished his sentence nervously. I bowed my head; biting my lip to keep from smiling too hard. “I know your Nash’s best friend, and well I mean mine too, but maybe we could just try being more than that.” He finished, whispering the last bit. I brought my head up again; beaming at him brightly while he nervously shot me back a grin. Boldly I tugged his head down to, attaching his moist lips to mine. He smiled into the kiss before I pulled away softly.

“I would love that.”

Cash talking about you on a livestream

a fan: Most memorable fan experience?

NASH: When Cameron saw y/n for the first time
CAM: Well.. she was very good looking..

NASH: Yeah but you were like.. full on showing off
CAM: a-alright can we skip this question

NASH: Oh hey y/n look at my muscle body

NASH: like.. bro what are you doing?

CAM: Yeah i think that’s enough now.. they didn’t ask you to act it out

NASH: Oh yeah! and then he-
CAM: Can you shut up?

CAM: I’m actually embarrassed

SHAWN IMAGINE #4: Miscommunication and Confusion.

I woke up, careful not to wake Shawn. I gently lifted his arm from around me and laid it back down on the bed. We were both under so much stress, he needed more sleep than I did. I walked downstairs to see if any of the boys were awake. Gilinsky and Taylor were playing Call Of Duty this early and Cameron was looking through his phone, sitting up on the counter.

I walked down in a T-shirt and my Mickey slippers from Disney World. “Morning, Cam.” I smiled at him as I poured some coffee out of the machine.

“Morning, and should I say congrats. Hashtag: ShawnInLove2AndHalfYrs is trending on Twitter.” Cam looked up at me.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Are you celebrating our milestones now, Cameron?” I looked up at him, mixing the creamer into my coffee.

“Are you going to hit me like you did last time I pissed you off?” He asked, sipping at whatever he was drinking.

“Speaking of that, do you remember when that was was? Like the date?” I inquired, a bit worried.

“Well, it was the day of my last photoshoot, so about five or six weeks ago.” He said, and my teeth clenched. “Why?”

“It’s been that long since my period?” I thought out loud, Cam choked on his coffee. “My marking period, I mean. My grades.”

“Yeah, okay.” Cam smirked and got up to join the boys on the couch.

I couldn’t be pregnant. I mean, I could, but I wasn’t. Was I? Better safe than sorry.

I walked upstairs, I could almost hear my heart beating in my chest. I shut the bathroom door, locking myself inside. I pulled out the test I had under the sink. I proceeded as the instructions on the test read and waited for the results. It was positive. I was pregnant.

I walked downstairs to get something to eat and by that time, Shawn was awake. He kissed me cheek and wished me good morning in his morning voice. Cameron called my name from upstairs. Time was so slow, my responses were delayed as well.

“Huh?” I snapped out of my thoughts to the sound of Shawn gently saying my name. I smiled at him and walked up to the bathroom where Cam was.

“Oh my god, you’re actually preg-” Cam stood in the bathroom, holding the test that I had apparently not hidden well enough.

I almost ran inside, shutting the door behind me. “Cam, shut up! Do you want the entire house to hear?” I pinched his arm. “I’m going to a doctor to confirm it today in a little bit. You will not speak of this to anyone.”

He nodded and left the bathroom. I went back into my room to grab some clothes and shower before my appointment. I showered and dried off, pulling on some track shorts and a tee. I walked downstairs. Shawn opened his mouth to speak and I beat him to it. “I know, I look ugly.” I laugh.

He leaned down to kiss the top of my head. “I was going to say you look beautiful. Where are you going?”

“Just to get some stuff to eat, I’ll be back soon.” I smiled, jingling my keys and heading out to my car.

I drove in silence to the doctor. The appointment took about an hour with everything.

I was not pregnant. She said periods were irregular with stress and old tests can give a false positive more than half the time. I had mixed emotions about not being pregnant. I drove home with some Taco Bell just so it’s not suspicious.

When I got home, however, the boys started to leave the room as Shawn sat there in silence in the middle. I looked at Cameron and he shot me and apologetic look. Damn it.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Shawn walked up to the kitchen, as soon as we were alone. I faked confusion. “That I was going to be a dad.”

“Oh, about that.” I laughed nervously. “You’re not.”

“It’s someone else’s?” He gritted his teeth, his eyes getting darker.

“No, no!” I replied, walking up to him and putting my hands in his shoulders. “I thought I was. I told Cam not to say anything, he found my test. I’m sorry for the scare.”

“Why didn’t you come tell me when you thought you were?” Shawn looked down at me with that look that has stayed the same, through two and a half years of being with him.

I looked away, pacing a little bit around the room that I had. “Well, you always talk about how your friend had a kid and now he’s easing her alone and how your mom’s friend’s son had a baby when they weren’t ready and now they’re divorced and I didn’t want us to be like that.”

“Babe, that wouldn’t have been us. Ever.” Shawn says, walking over and gently pulling my arms to look at him.

“So, if I was actually pregnant?” I asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at my love.

“I would be the happiest guy on the damn planet.” Shawn looked at me with this smile, the kind that made me fall in love again. He was the one. There was not an ounce of doubt in my mind right then as he held me tightly.

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