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Left and Right

AKA Logic and Emotion. There’s a lot to know about them, but most of it is that they’re the parts of Clumsiness’s brain.

I’ll put the rest under a cut so I don’t bother people, aha

(I made it longer than I meant to but it’s kinda interesting! Well, to me. Not sure how many other people care about my characters. ;v;’)

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baddest bitches in town, rp-style. these are my kings and queens of promise, friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin and heartbreaking otps. some i’m close to, some not so much, but i love every single one of them to pieces.

ally alyx (yes, she gets to be here twice okay she is just that special) amanda amelia amy annie aspen becca bee bella bex blaine bree bri cassie1 cassie2 chels chris courtney dani emily emma erin hafsa ida izzy jarrod jo kat kate kelsey lanie lea megan mickey rayful sam steph tala tallie tillie tay violet zoey

they fight a holy war, without relics or saints or stigmata staining the palms of their hands with salted blood, without blessing or prayer, soldiers of a lord lying dead in the earth, soldiers of honor with no faith to spare. remus has never thought much of his own pride, but it lies in tatters about him, morals ripped like rags on his back. and if he’d thought there was a darkness to his nights before – well. he can barely wrench out a smile, sardonic and mocking though it is. a last defense perhaps. sirius and james choose to wear armor made of laughs and jokes gone stale. remus has picked cynicism. the taste of it is acidic in his mouth, as though his thoughts could eat through human flesh – but perhaps that is an image born of the war and detritus strewn around them all, and not something that gentle, literary remus lupin would ever conjure. (of course not.) (he’s remus.)

we should have a site where we all trade our typical pbs

like steph plays emma stone, tay plays leighton meester, courtney plays chris pine, amanda plays paul wesley, i play armie hammer, alyx plays logan marshall green, izzy plays ryan gosling, lanie plays kristen bell, tallie plays claire holt, etc etc

to-do list

❐ reply to bee (jc/belle, paper cups)
❐ reply to alyx (leah/nolan, paper cups)
❐ reply to chels (toby/charlotte, paper cups)
❐ reply to izzy (ines/tyson, cosl)
❐ reply to forest (roxy/julian, cosl)
❐ reply to steph (cheyenne/audrey, cosl)
❐ reply to steph (andrew/lillian, cosl)
❐ reply to cassie (sabrina/caden, cosl)
❐ figure out more tinyverse