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07.01.17 // firstly, happy 150th Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!! second of all, summer vacation has officially begun so I’ve been binging The K2 and reviewing some bio to prep for uni c: (ft. my new plant!!) 

🎧: can you hear my heart - epik high, lee hi 

Inspired by the Fatlock 30 Day Challenge and chubmccalls ask box fic meme, monkshoodandsons and I have put together a 21 day meme for chubwolf fans. These can each be taken as fic/art/graphics prompts or feel free to just share your thoughts. Tag your posts with chubwolf21 for easy tracking ❤

Day 01: Supernaturally influenced weight gain
Day 02: Measurements / weigh ins
Day 03: Chubs + sports / gym
Day 04: Trying on old clothes / button popping / seam ripping
Day 05: Better kink through technology aka phones / vids / cam / pics / texts
Day 06: Focus on body part other than bellies
Day 07: Werewolf senses aka hearing / smell / strength, etc.
Day 08: Rarepair
Day 09: Belly kisses / belly rubs
Day 10: Sex. Just sex.
Day 11: Meeting old friends/family / holidays 
Day 12: Humiliation / teasing / dirty talk
Day 13: Hands on with chub aka groping / squeezing / jiggling / slapping
Day 14: Size difference
Day 15: Oblivious / unintentional weight gain
Day 16: Starter belly / superchub
Day 17: Weight gain suggested by a partner / subtle feeding
Day 18: A day of stuffing / a day of shopping 
Day 19: Chubs working in the food industry aka restaurant! / bakery! / fast food! / food critic!AU, etc. 
Day 20: Feedism / mutual gaining
Day 21: Eating competition / all-you-can-eat / free food


430 g 2014 Butter Belly (Butter Yellowbelly) male, “Biscotti”

This handsome guy was sold to me as a female last year. I believed it…until he started producing sperm plugs! I have too many boys, so I’m offering him for sale. 

He’s a very striking snake with bright, high-contrast markings. As usual, my crummy phone-cam pics don’t do him justice! He’s a great rat eater and has taken f/t for me before, but is currently only taking live. 

Asking $125 + shipping. 

Send me a PM if you are interested in this guy, but be sure to read our ToS first! Thanks for looking. :)