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18. Other hobbies/interests besides MH? #Monster High Challange

I love to sing and to do almost everything creative you can possibly think of: drawing, taking and editing photos, writing, interior design, singing and composing, crafting and coordinating my outfits! I’m also extremely passionate about movies, cartoons and pop culture in general. While I’m part of several fandoms, Harry Potter is something I always like to come back to. Mainly influenced by Luna Lovegood Pearl became my little Ravenclaw girl.
I made this custom doll all by myself out of various Monster High clothes and accessoires. I curled Pearl’s hair, slightly changed her makeup and painted her earring, the tie on her neck, the buckle on her messenger bag and her entire body, which is the mummy one from the Create a Monster line. Her shoes are from ebay and the stockings were made by ElenaShowRoom.

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Custom Mummy CAM “Masika” done by colorscapesart

“In my mind, she was a servant of Cleo’s long ago.  Much to Cleo’s annoyance, Masika grew up to be a very beautiful woman.  She was dismissed for that very reason.  The ladies do not acknowledge one another at all if they cross paths between classes.

"Her hair is a long mohawk of sorts and very versatile!   The other side of her head is unpainted.”

I don’t think I could love this more.

Hey everyone, I am clearing out a chunk of my Monster High Collection as I’m running out of space and NEED money so yeah. A majority of them are repainted BUT I do have a few dolls with stock faces (and a few heads as well). They all come with what they’re pictured with including wigs or accessories. Prices are in USD.

I am based in Australia and willing to ship anywhere asides from Italy or Spain due to the iffy customs issues that comes with importing toys. Shipping will be $20 to America due to raised Postage prices out of my control.

I have feedback on my Ebay account Mr.Pickles23, and can take Paypal payments or money orders.

List of Full Dolls:

  • Create a Monster Werewolf
  • Custom Cyclops Lagoona SOLD
  • Custom Skullermaze Lagoona SOLD
  • Custom Scaris Skelita  SOLD
  • Custom CAM Gorgon
  • Custom Basic Robecca SOLD
  • CAM Mummy
  • Ghouls Rule Abbey
  • Scaris Ghoulia/DDG Spectra/Gloom Beach Cleo set

Doll Heads:

  • School’s Out Clawdeen
  • Create a Monster Mystical Head
  • CAM Insect Head
  • Swim Class Holt Hyde SOLD
  • Blank Ever After High Apple White
  • Dead Tired Spectra
  • Skulltimate Ghoulia

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12. Weirdest place you have ever seen MH merchandise. #Monster High Challange

Sorry to disappoint you, but we do not have all that crazy Monster High merch here in Germany. Have a rebodied Pearl Serpentine instead. (^0^)

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The top one is a list, more than anything else - plain-coloured wardrobe staples that I really should make - probably as many as possible and in as many colours as possible. I already have a couple, but we all know a girl really can’t have enough t-shirts or pairs of socks.

The bottom one is variations on a similar design - if, theoretically, Elissabat, Isis and Petra started a soul trio, how could I dress them so as to a) make them look coherently like a group, b) have the colour and fabric suit them all, and c) possibly reference each girl’s background as well? This is what I came up with.

So while we were out, Jace took me to go hunting. One Walmart only had old two-pack CAMs and Picture Day. The Target near to it had a bunch of Wave 9 Basics and all the Scaris except the Clawdeen (oddly enough she’s almost always the one left, but everyone was there). Toys R’ Us got the Deluxe Fashion Packs (which I semi-regret passing on) and a case of Standard Scaris, and the only thing that was bought from it was Deuce (of course).

We swung by the other Walmart in the area, and there were only about eight Schoolhouses left in the MH section. A bit crestfallen, I started walking off down the aisle, and as Jace followed me he noticed that a lone Mummy-Gorgon Two-Pack had been stashed among the Barbie stuff. Suffice it to say I flipped out because I got the last MH doll in the store and it was the one I was on the hunt for in the first place.

#now the only things i need that are out right now #draculaura fashion pack #harpy cam #scaris cafe #frankie’s vanity #and deuce if i ever find him #joint fetishism is problematic

I love Gorgon in Lagoona’s fashion pieces (this is Basic 1 hoodie and shorts, Swim Team bikini top, and RM skates). And I really love the mid-80’s pattern on Mummy’s dress, but I felt it needed a little spicing up so I put KS Frankie’s vest on her and I’m diggin’ it. I switched SS Cleo’s and Mummy’s shoes, too. Mummy’s shoes really make SS Cleo’s outfit 110% perfect to me, and SS Cleo’s shoes match Mummy’s eyes like they were made for her.

Man I love Mummy’s eyes. Why couldn’t Cleo have gorgeously painted eyes like that. #makes note to customize his SS Cleo to have similar eyeliner

Who am I kidding these are the best CAMs to date. I love the sculpt. I love the semi-translucent plastic Mummy was cast in, it makes her look extra gauzy and petrified. I love the wigs (gave Mummy’s wig to Andy because it looks way better than the purple Liv wig).

I know I’m going to be making Gorgon a reptilian mutant of some kind (perhaps “daughter of Scylla” or something), but I’m not totally sure on Mummy. It seems like a shame to waste those cute eyes making “daughter of the Invisible Man,” but those wraps are just UNF.

#fyi to be careful bending the knees and elbows on these gorgeous ghouls #the prongs can bend if you’re not careful #if you know how to bend your skelita that’s how i recommend posing these

MH CAM Mummy and Bee and Harpy Expansion Packs

You wanna know the cool thing about Isis Von Thebes?

It’s a colour thing. She’s grey, so she looks good in nearly every single thing she wears, and with nearly every single expansion pack. So she gets to model the two I bought at my local factory shop for £7 each a couple of months ago.

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