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Cycliq Fly6 - The First Taillight And HD Action Cam For Your Bike

Cycling in urban areas has unfortunately become a dangerous pastime while the accidents involving cyclists are on the rise.  Gathering video evidence of dangerous driving, intimidation and abuse that cyclists endure on almost day-to-day basis is now possible with the Fly6 action camera and tail light in one, designed by Cycliq.


canon ae-1 - fujifilm superia 200

I went for a ride in court’s s13 this past summer. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this is one of the smoothest driving s13′s i’ve ever been in. Even in the passenger seat the car just seemed so pleasant to drive. It transitioned perfectly, ebrake locked like a hydro, the power went to the wheels flawlessly. I was blown away by how fast it felt for a stock dual cam with stock gearing. 

“One piece drive-shaft and 14′s” was his answer. 

For real though, it felt like a brand new car the way it drove. Aesthetically it screams otherwise, with the retro video option sticker and ‘team BUST’ (in classic BURST font) making fantastic nods to japanese drift history, and the mooneyes sticker a subtle “fuck you” to the naysayers complaining about hot rod stickers on driftcars. The interior was adorned in the remnants of an old BAPE hoodie, a couple buckets, a wheel and shift knob, and to complete the look of pure business: a leaky oil pressure gauge wrapped in a cloth to fend off a mess.

This car makes me happy.