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im outta the loop what happened with ian and tana? :o

To the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Now this is a story all about how,
A white girl got flipped, turned upside down.
And I’d like to take a minute, so have a seat.
I’ll tell you how Tana Mongoose is now deceased.

In San Antonio born and raised, destroying YouTube channels he spent most of his days.
Chilling out, calling out, and catching the fakes.
And cooking with the boys and eating vomit cake.

When this drama queen, who was up to no good.
Started saying “kill yourself” in his neighborhood.
So he said one little word and gave an evil stare, so she said “CRAZED MAN ATTACKED ME AT A MEETUP??!! I’M SO SCARED! *NOT CLICKBAIT*”

So he set up his cam, the content cop gear.
And he made something that all of YouTube fears.
He made good points and he delivered the hit,
He released a video on how she’s a hypocrite.

And then her subs went down and his went up,
Shouldn’t have messed with the man, the myth, the legend Idubbbz.
He looked at his kingdom, and all of his views.
And sat on his throne as the King of YouTube


Baby furby component comparisons. The one on the left with the yellow board is a series 2 “Primary” furb from the WT factory. It works, but is mute and the eyes were assembled wrong (just a cosmetic problem). The one on the right with the blue board is the series 1 “Peachy” JT furby I’ve been trying to get working.

Though a little difference is to be expected, because of different manufacturing dates and factories, you can see that the JT baby has a lot of hand-added parts (the blue capacitors in the front-left and the components in the middle-right next to the daughter boards). Both of these furbs are a very strange mix of through-hole and surface-mount parts.

Interestingly enough, baby furbies use exactly the same board and cam gears as adult furbies, including the framework for them to tip back and forth.


Still all stock. Just keeping this KA going.
Gonna get the timing chain done cause it’s starting to rattle and the motor is retarding the timing to prevent the chain from slipping a cog on the cam gear and bending valves.
Injectors need to be replaced and the clutch master cylinder is going out too.
Been putting money into this KA. Makes me just want to keep this motor and go KA-T instead of SR.
Not enough time for this car this semester. Work and school leaves me with no time for my car.

So, we ended up getting a Snake in Smash in the form of Male Corrin.

This guy

is being voiced by Cam Clarke,

A notable actor who has done voice work for many shows and games.  One of his roles includes Liquid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Now I’m going to imagine Corrin talking to his brothers and sisters as Liquid when I play Fates.


Go behind the visor and see what The Stig sees with the exclusive Stig Cam– and watch as he puts the Zenvo ST-1 to the test in a practice Power Lap at the Top Gear track.


canon ae-1 - fujifilm superia 200

I went for a ride in court’s s13 this past summer. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this is one of the smoothest driving s13′s i’ve ever been in. Even in the passenger seat the car just seemed so pleasant to drive. It transitioned perfectly, ebrake locked like a hydro, the power went to the wheels flawlessly. I was blown away by how fast it felt for a stock dual cam with stock gearing. 

“One piece drive-shaft and 14′s” was his answer. 

For real though, it felt like a brand new car the way it drove. Aesthetically it screams otherwise, with the retro video option sticker and ‘team BUST’ (in classic BURST font) making fantastic nods to japanese drift history, and the mooneyes sticker a subtle “fuck you” to the naysayers complaining about hot rod stickers on driftcars. The interior was adorned in the remnants of an old BAPE hoodie, a couple buckets, a wheel and shift knob, and to complete the look of pure business: a leaky oil pressure gauge wrapped in a cloth to fend off a mess.

This car makes me happy.


Stig Cam! See what The Stig sees as he puts the BMW M135i to the test in a Power Lap at the Top Gear track.

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What's the spec sheet on your 4age in your Ae86?

Dang this prolly the coolest ask I ever got. I love the 4ag and I know I could have done something different for cheaper and even have less issues but then again that’s what makes it all worth it. Here we go.

Ae101 block (w/oil squirters)
Ae92 crank (big journals)
K-1 h beam rods
Wiseco 82mm pistons
Toga hi volume pump
Toda flywheel
ACT full organic clutch w/ heavy duty plate
NST pulley set
Modded greddy filter kit with earls lines
Earls oil thermo switch and oil cooler

Ae92 small port head ported & polished
Ae101 ITBs
Toda 272/288 9mm lift cams
Toda under bucket valve train kit
Formula Atlantic sized valves
Bronze valve guides
Toda cam gears
Toda timing belt
Trd .5mm hg
JSP hi rise header
Formula Atlantic cam cover (early version)

Autronic SM4 ecu
4agze cam angle sensor
Toyota 1zz coil packs
7mge injectors
Tuned by John Reed at PSI

Made 164hp at the wheels.

I think that’s about it, I may be missing a few things lol I have some more plans in the future but for now I’m good with this set up.