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In Love with Someone Else

Request: “Can you do an imagine where you and Justin are dating and you live near him and one day you go over and hear him having sex. You go in and walk in on him having sex, break up immediately and call your best friend Cameron Dallas who comfort you only for you to realize that your in love with Cam and were never in love with Justin.” Thanks @adsku for the request, sorry it took so long and that it’s kinda long.

It was a late night. You had just gotten home from a rough day at work. As a matter of fact it had been a rough week. You decided to go for a run to clear your mind and help you be able to relax for the weekend. Your boyfriend Justin was coming back into town for the weekend and you didn’t want to be distracted by work while he was here. As you left your house for your run you grabbed your keys and your music- ready to escape.

You turned down the street to Justin’s house, wondering if he had gotten in yet. You knew that if he had he’d love to go for a run with you- he normally did. Well not really like going for a run with you as much as distracting you and convincing you to get ice cream instead. The ice cream parlour in your neighbourhood knew your order within the first week of your “runs” with him. But today, you didn’t mind if the both of you went for ice cream instead. You just wanted to spend some time with him.

As you got to his house you noticed his bedroom lights on and one of his cars parked outside of his garage. You knew he was home. You ran up to his front door and opened it with the key he had given you. As you walked in, you started to hear some weird noises. You decided to try and figure out what it was. Knowing him it was probably him and Za playing video games.You walked upstairs when you noticed a pair of heels on the ground. Your heart stopped as you realized they weren’t yours. You walked up to his bedroom door and paused.

As you stood at his door, hand overnight over his doorknob you considered your options. Thinking if you just left now, you could stay comforted by the idea of it being him play games with Za. That you left them to have a boys night. But you knew, the idea that there was even a slight chance that he was cheating and you would never know for sure would eat you alive. You grabbed the door knob and opened the door to see your worst fear. Justin with another random chick.

You ran out the door, storming out of the house. “Y/N, please. Hear me out!” You hear Justin calling out for you. You kept walking, knowing if you turned back you might not be able to control yourself. Worried because you didn’t know if you would hit him, or forgive those big brown eyes.but you knew either way you’d regret it. You pulled the key off of your keychain, dropped it in front of his front door and ran out of the house.

As you got closer to your house you called Cameron Dallas. Cam had been your best friend for a while now and you knew you could rely on him to be there for you. The phone rang once before Cam picked up. “Y/N, babe! What’s up?” He answered cheery. You didn’t even realize you were crying so hard until you opened your mouth to answer, and all that came out was sniffles. “Y/N, are you ok? Are you crying?” He asked. “Yes” was all you could get out. “Are you at home? I’m coming over ok, just hold on” he said and with that the conversation was over. Within a few minutes he was over with all your favourite junk food.

He rushed into the room you were in, dropped everything in the space between your kitchen and living room and sat next to you. He pulled you into a hug and you cried more. “What happened?” You just shook your head. You didn’t want to talk. He understood and stood up. “We’ve got all your favourites tonight! I did NOT hold back. You pick a movie while I get the snacks prepped.” He smiled at you and you smiled back. You watched him walk over to the food he brought still smiling at him. You started to feel something for him that you hadn’t felt for Justin in a long time, if even at all. As you watched him you started to realize, whether you had caught Justin or not it could have never work with him. You were in love with Cam and nothing Justin could’ve done could ever change that. You wiped your tears and go back to find a movie to watch. “What do you think, The Internship?” “I LOVE that movie” you giggled at Cam’s response.

Random Girl (Mature)

note; this imagine does not contain sex scene. however, i have marked the following write up as mature, because it contains sexual consent and involves detailed descriptions of the intercourse itself and other actions that might be considered sexual.

Friday evening. Normally, that was the time when I would get myself ready to go out; clubbing excursion or a house party, maybe even hosted by myself? Who knew. But, oh well, no. Instead I was sat down on a brownish chair in Subway placed at local high street, for what felt like forever now. My not so warm anymore, twelve inch sandwich was placed in front of me as I miserably tried to finish piece of bread for the past half an hour.

I was just after my basketball practice, still in my formal team kit, contemplating about everything and nothing at the same. I could of easily go out with my best friends, but I did not feel like it. I was just really lazy that evening. The truth was, college itself was a nark, trust me, another hour and a half of physical education a.k.a my love named ball, added to my timetable was a nightmare, therefore partying would of get me killed, I believed. So, here I was. Completely alone in a fast-food store, even workers have hidden somewhere, seeing that they most likely won’t be operating any more customers for the following day. I guess people really did go out, like they were suppose to and I was simply a loser. Oh, well.

‘Can you just shut up, Brad? I am honestly sick of you and the things you always say to me. Can’t you just try and stay calm when you want to conversate with me?’ A gentle and at the same time firm voice (if that even make sense to other people, because for me, sure it did) has reached my hearing, making me wake up from whatever little stage I was oddly going through.

I winked a few times, just to get to my own tiredness, turned my head slightly to right, where the sound came from. My glimpse was stuck on a female that have now appeared in the restaurant, so myself was not utterly solo. It was rude to stare. I know. However, out of categorical boredom, this observation made by myself had to be forgiven, I studied.

Her body looked perfectly in them high waisted, dark blue jeans, with a basic, red crop top, showing off her beautiful stomach. I scrolled down, to the pair of white Nike Huaraches, and a golden ankle bracelet, which looked like one I owned myself, that was currently elegantly sat on my wrist. After finishing admiring her outfit, my vision moved onto the top part of her body. I liked her hair, let go freely and naturally. I liked how they looked careless and just were there, without extra effort, for some reason, I enjoyed it.

For me, it felt like ages, waiting for a mysterious girl to show me her face, my fingers tapping on the table. She was calmly standing in front of the counter, just doing what she came her to do.

But she did turn my way, eventually. And it fucking hit. Lust took over my sight, palms all wet as my mouth has almost let a loud moan out, but thankfully strong pressure of teeth on my tongue has paused this action. Damn. Fuck. O-Oh my God. I swallowed hardly, as my jaw clenched, looking at the girl on my right has stopped me in time. Whoever she was, she was just…wow.

Her feet was tapping on the floor, as her nicely shaped fingers with long, red painted fingernails did the same on the work surface. In the other hand, that was placed next to her ear, she was holding a mobile phone. I could tell that she was mad, maybe even furious straight away. Not only by her inattentive, at that point, pose or her small gestures, that suggested her raging mood, but also, by her face expression. The way she chewed the inside of her cheek and blew the air through her nostrils, so intensively that even I could hear it. How her big, gorgeous eyes shut for a bit longer once in a while and her eyebrows wrinkled up, showing that a few more words would of leave her mouth if she was not trying to remain relaxed.

'Bradley, please, can’t we just leave it for till I come back home?’ A beauty said unexpectedly as she sighted deeply, putting a little, LV purse on the counter, getting a rectangle shaped wallet, when a blue card became visible to the surrounding and tapped onto machine to transfer the money. I don’t know who that Bradley dude is, but can he stop making you this upset? You look unhappy, that face deserves a big, big smile.

I was a cloud of thoughts at this point. I mean, this girl. This girl made my heart skip a beat. This girl made me look over at her twice and I am rudely staring ever since. This girl is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life and all I am doing is looking in her direction. This girl made me shiver, shake, dribble and all sort of things. This girl made my dick hard. And she has not even done anything.

Shit. I’m fucking sick.

'I’m just…I’m just tired of this bullshit-’ She stated which made some kind of unusual feeling go through my stomach. I like the way she says those…those 'curse words’…fuck, why does this turns me on?

'Don’t you think I deserve to be treated just a bit better?’ I licked my lips, watching as she sat down, placing her hands on the table. She wasn’t looking at me. I don’t think she even acknowledged my presence. I did not mind through. This gave me a free hand to look at her and monitor her precious body from the side. And, um, babygirl you do deserve better. 

In fact, I can do you be-…fuck, I so do wanna do you. In many, many ways. Soft, hard, senseless, passionate. All that. I can do it all so fucking nice, you won’t ever get the imagine of my face off your brain.

'Does it give you any sort of, um, comfort to make me feel like shit?’ Her voice raised just a bit as her fist closed into a tight ball alike shape. 

Fuck. Fucking shit. That, this, babygirl. Where should I start with? I can give you so much comfort. So, so, so much of it. I can make you feel so fucking special. So fucking good. And what the fuck? How dare he do you like this? You do deserve all the appreciation and love going. Can I beat the fuck out of him? swear to God, I can finish him off, this angers me, you know? He fucking angers me. I know I don’t know him, but do I look like I give a fuck?

I would probably say so much more to myself (because, I could truly see myself going on) but a small cough leaving her mouth woke me up. I looked down on myself, as I felt uncomfortable around my private area, in my shorts. A silent curse word left my mouth as a massive bulge became visible to myself. My hand reached for a sandwich as I bite a big piece, hoping this can bring me to reality, at least in the smallest percentage.

I could not understand this whole, sudden sensation. In my lifetime, I have had so many girls. So many beautiful women doing crazy things just to pleasure me. And then this happens?

When you get drunk, if you can recall ever feeling this way, you get that sensitive, exultant feeling all over your skin? That’s how it feels down there. Prickling on the back of my neck and base of my spine. My dick going all crazy and hard. Ugh, it is so fucking difficult to describe. But this feeling, the feeling of arousal, that hits it. Especially on the top. And my balls. Yeah, over there. It’s insane. A man just always feel so weak and vulnerable in those moments. You cannot even understand. If me begging her for sex would work, bro I would of do that gladly.

'I do love you, you know that. You are my best friend since we were little, but c'mon. You go crazy everytime you, you know, snort it. I just, I cannot cooperate with you anymore.’ A quit voice have, once again, hit my ears, therefore (obviously), I could not just ignore it. I wouldn’t want to. I had to investigate her words in my head once again. 

So, that Bradley dude of yours, yeah? He is not your little boy toy, right? Okay, fair enough. That is good. This satisfies me. But, what is he doing? I don’t understand. Is he being aggressive when he does cocaine? Meth? Oh, shit, heroin? Going that hard with that junk? But, anyways, if I could just help you out, trust me, I would. I just think he doesn’t care, that’s why he does what he does. And in that case, there is very little you can do. But I could help. I mean, I could try, don’t you think?

'Yeah, I don’t even know anymore. I’m just in Subway and I’m going back to my place. If you want to come over, do that. No one is at home and I hate being alone. And Juliet is gone for the weekend, so you are my only hope. The girls went out partying, and-’ Was all that I could hear (and all I paid attention to) before her body stood up, her hand taking all of belonging with herself. 

Guess who wants to come over? Justin wanna come over, love. In fact, I would make you feel better. You wouldn’t be lonely. Trust me, I know how to make little ones like you scream. Oh, how would I love to be able to do that all to you. Fuck you like a slut. Whore. Fuck you senseless. Make you beg for my cock when I stop penetrating you just to make you eager. Finger you just to tease you and prepare you for my huge length. Make you squirt all over my face when I eat you up. You would feel the things you never even dreamed of experiencing. I’m so fucking good, babygirl. I would fuck you up. I could make your pussy cum so many time, you would not be able to remember your own fucking name…God, I am definitely sick.

I sighted, not happy at the fact she will soon be gone and I will have nothing pleasant to look at. My eyes rolled with annoyance, fixing myself on the chair as I made a slight sound with the legs of the furniture I was sat on, which caused a beauty to look over at me. My mouth dropped down in shock, staring at her two eyeballs. Her eyes, my God.  They were so beautiful. So bright, so adorable. So pure. I cannot believe I am disrespecting that cute self with my dirty thought. She is so clueless.

Little gorgeous sent me a beautiful, soft smile which I responded to with exact same thing and came back to my food just for a second, so she wouldn’t find me specious. But, my eyes did come back on her, watching that goodly butt, as she made her way out, moving her hips in the rhythm. 

Oh, what would I do to that pretty bum of yours, babygirl. Do you like being spanked? Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway, 'cuz I will make you like it. Mmm, what about slapping that beautiful ass as I fuck the life out of you? It will get a bit rough, but you will like it. I don’t know what you are really like, what makes you go crazy, but me will make you naughty. And needy. So you can need me like I need you. Corners of my lips have moved up, showing a little smirk on my face as I then looked back at my pants.

I was pretty sure that if I stared touching myself in the middle of my thoughts, by now I would be loaded with sperm all over my hands. My thoughts were finally clearing up as I relaxed myself, just like I would do after every, decent orgasm.

Random girl at Subway on Friday evening made me this. Made me a mess. And I loved it. I didn’t want and I didn’t need to understand my feelings towards the whole 'incident’. Nor the fact that in my head I was having a full on monologue. It was all a very, very intense experience for me.

I was not a desperate boy. I got laid. Quite a lot actually. It was different this time through. I truly found myself relating to this girl. Just the way she showed interest in whoever she was on the phone to. Also the frustration, irritation. I felt like I get it. I said a lot, a lot of indecent lot to myself, but I felt like I would love to just be a good guy to her. Which also made me really concerned, as I did never, I repeat never want to give out special treatment to nobody.

No words to describe my state came to my mind I just prayed to God for my sake and sake of that poor, not knowing girl that our paths would never cross again, because I would not be able to stop myself from coming over to her. And once I would, I could get her fucked up for life.

‘Just Another Fan’ written by me.

if you’re going to use the poem for an edit, please at least keep my name in it. I’ve seen this poem on so many edits for Cam, Justin Bieber and One Direction without my name in it and idk it makes me sad but oh well.