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In Love with Someone Else

Request: “Can you do an imagine where you and Justin are dating and you live near him and one day you go over and hear him having sex. You go in and walk in on him having sex, break up immediately and call your best friend Cameron Dallas who comfort you only for you to realize that your in love with Cam and were never in love with Justin.” Thanks @adsku for the request, sorry it took so long and that it’s kinda long.

It was a late night. You had just gotten home from a rough day at work. As a matter of fact it had been a rough week. You decided to go for a run to clear your mind and help you be able to relax for the weekend. Your boyfriend Justin was coming back into town for the weekend and you didn’t want to be distracted by work while he was here. As you left your house for your run you grabbed your keys and your music- ready to escape.

You turned down the street to Justin’s house, wondering if he had gotten in yet. You knew that if he had he’d love to go for a run with you- he normally did. Well not really like going for a run with you as much as distracting you and convincing you to get ice cream instead. The ice cream parlour in your neighbourhood knew your order within the first week of your “runs” with him. But today, you didn’t mind if the both of you went for ice cream instead. You just wanted to spend some time with him.

As you got to his house you noticed his bedroom lights on and one of his cars parked outside of his garage. You knew he was home. You ran up to his front door and opened it with the key he had given you. As you walked in, you started to hear some weird noises. You decided to try and figure out what it was. Knowing him it was probably him and Za playing video games.You walked upstairs when you noticed a pair of heels on the ground. Your heart stopped as you realized they weren’t yours. You walked up to his bedroom door and paused.

As you stood at his door, hand overnight over his doorknob you considered your options. Thinking if you just left now, you could stay comforted by the idea of it being him play games with Za. That you left them to have a boys night. But you knew, the idea that there was even a slight chance that he was cheating and you would never know for sure would eat you alive. You grabbed the door knob and opened the door to see your worst fear. Justin with another random chick.

You ran out the door, storming out of the house. “Y/N, please. Hear me out!” You hear Justin calling out for you. You kept walking, knowing if you turned back you might not be able to control yourself. Worried because you didn’t know if you would hit him, or forgive those big brown eyes.but you knew either way you’d regret it. You pulled the key off of your keychain, dropped it in front of his front door and ran out of the house.

As you got closer to your house you called Cameron Dallas. Cam had been your best friend for a while now and you knew you could rely on him to be there for you. The phone rang once before Cam picked up. “Y/N, babe! What’s up?” He answered cheery. You didn’t even realize you were crying so hard until you opened your mouth to answer, and all that came out was sniffles. “Y/N, are you ok? Are you crying?” He asked. “Yes” was all you could get out. “Are you at home? I’m coming over ok, just hold on” he said and with that the conversation was over. Within a few minutes he was over with all your favourite junk food.

He rushed into the room you were in, dropped everything in the space between your kitchen and living room and sat next to you. He pulled you into a hug and you cried more. “What happened?” You just shook your head. You didn’t want to talk. He understood and stood up. “We’ve got all your favourites tonight! I did NOT hold back. You pick a movie while I get the snacks prepped.” He smiled at you and you smiled back. You watched him walk over to the food he brought still smiling at him. You started to feel something for him that you hadn’t felt for Justin in a long time, if even at all. As you watched him you started to realize, whether you had caught Justin or not it could have never work with him. You were in love with Cam and nothing Justin could’ve done could ever change that. You wiped your tears and go back to find a movie to watch. “What do you think, The Internship?” “I LOVE that movie” you giggled at Cam’s response.