cam and max

quick rant bc i love my friends sm and i’m rly in my feelings tonite:

my four friends who rarely/don’t use tumblr: wow the fuck i’m so blessed to have u four and where would i be w/o u guys and i often forget that i love you 3000% but then we facetime or spend time together and it’s like FUCK this person is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. you have been there for ALL the shit. A L L the shit it’s amazing to have such a strong support system. i have unconditional love for you. forever.

sierra: wow tf. never did i ever think when we “met” we would turn into the supportive dynamic duo we are now. i literally. love you. so much. my heart bursts everytime i see your face bc i literally just. fuck. i always wanna be there for you and i always WILL BE. in anyway shape or form. you are such an important part of my life and honest to god my life has changed for the good since you’ve become a part of it

the minker clan: a whole new level of friends!!! wow it’s only been like what??? a week??? and i’m already so attached to so many of you like fuck?? i guess that’s what oversharing can do! we all relate and comfort each other and every one of you had such big hearts and everyone is so BEAUTIFUL inside AND out! i cherish all of you and hope we keep in touch forever.

and finally to the friends who i’m rarely in touch with but still love a whole lot: you are not forgotten. everytime you post or tweet or whatever, i love. there is a corner for you in my heart and there always will be.

Baby blues Ch1

let me know if i made any errors!  sorry this is a little rushed!))))

Baby Blues Ch1

Ok what the actual fuck was up with him today?

He was staring way to intently at her for her taste.


She had started to tell him to back up, but he only drew nearer, his eyes lit up with excitement. He almost resembled a puppy at this point.

“Yes? Do you need something? More brownies?”

Oh. It was that time again.

Ever since gwen had gotten pregnant, David had days where he was way too clingy and overprotective. In a way it was sweet of him, but it still got on her nerves, especially when he wouldn’t let her have a moment of peace.

He leaned into her shoulder, relaying again how much he loved her, and how he hoped that the baby had her eyes. He thought they were amazing for some reason.

Max walked by, venom in hand, and Gwen made a ‘help me out’ face at him.

He smirked, rolling his eyes.

“Hey david,” Max started, ‘’Didn’t you wanna take me to that nature adventure museum or something? What’s that all about?”

This caused David to move from his spot cheerfully.

“Oh! Well, Max, I had seen it while going to the store the other day and-”

He got up, babbling non-stop about how he had found a flier or something. Gwen decided to tune out the rest, but remembered that maybe she should pay Max back later with a new game or something good to eat.

As she was left alone though, the eerily quiet room caused her to doze off a bit. She already knew no good shows were on today, it being the weekend.

She didn’t wanna go outside, probably because of the clouds foretelling rain, so she decided that staying inside the house was her best choice.

She thought about her life now, and how it had come to be. When gwen and david found out about Max’s abusive home life, they did everything in their power to gain custody. Luckily they had pretty much just given it to them without hassle. Max was right, they really didn’t care that much about what happened to him.

David and Gwen had tried their hardest to be what was best for max, they knew he wouldn’t respond to any normal punishments. David was good for the boy, he knew exactly the times he needed space, and when he just needed a hug.

Gwen was really down to earth with him, and he actually ended up calling her mom a couple of times.

She would never say a word about it though, even though she knew being seen as a parent to max was a big thing, she didn’t wanna spoil those little moments.

Soon, he’d have a younger sibling to worry about. He’d have someone that looked up to him, someone that he would be able to pass all his pranks and schemes on to.

She smiled to herself, they were going to be trouble together, but they’d be her trouble.

She could only imagine the hell they’d give her husband.

David, that’s right.

After they had taken in max, they wanted to move in all together, it’d make rent a lot cheaper, to be split, but it also gave Max the loving parents he deserved.

Not long after they had started living together, they had actually started liking sharing a room. This lead to some…not so kid friendly things to happen. They couldn’t help but start loving one another.

Let’s face the facts, he believed in her, he knew she could do anything she put her brilliant mind to. She loved that fact about him, so supportive, and never letting her think otherwise.

While on the other hand, she kept him level-headed. She knew what his limits were,  sometimes even better than him. She always knew how to keep him grounded, knowing when he needed a shoulder to cry on.

They were simply perfect for eachother, like puzzle pieces that fit together. They made a great team too, especially when it came to raising max.

They had their ups and downs, but Gwen wouldn’t have it any other way.

She had shifted in her spot, it was becoming uncomfortable. That’s when she felt just how damp the side of her face was, had she been crying?

She hadn’t even realized how emotional she was. Damn hormones.

Just as she got up to grab some tissues, she felt another huge wave of tears blur her vision.

Shit, why did her stomach flip like that? There was absolutely nothing to cry for!!!

Oh god, she had to sit down before she did anything else.

She sat on the couch, holding a cushion, and sobbed quietly into it.

Why did she have such a good family? David was just so cute and adorable, and maybe really really hot to her. God she wanted to have his babies so bad.

Oh wait, she was.

She let out another choked sob.

Max was so adorable too, she now wished she had been the one to hold him when he was still a potato baby. She bet he would have had the cutest little hands, and he would be such a pouty little bundle of grump.

Now she was crying even harder, she didn’t even realize David was just in the other room, because as soon as he caught the sound of her sobbing, he stopped in the middle of a sentence and sprinted right back next to the couch.

“Gwen!!! What on earth is the matter!? Did you get hurt??”

She shook her head, trying to contain another sob.

“N-No where’s M-Max?”

He stopped for a moment, mouth agape. Had max said something to her to hurt her feelings??

Just as soon as he was about to ask, Max walked into the room, shock written on his face.

“Whoa, is… is she ok?”

He slowly was retreating back into the room, but was stopped by another voice.

“Max, Max,  come h-here sweetie.”

She held more tears back, and put her arms out as if she were a toddler reaching for a stuffed animal.

He slowly, and awkwardly, scooted himself close enough that she snatched him in a tight hug.

He could barely breathe as she cried into his shoulder. Max looked to david with a scared and confused face, but not even he dared to pull the boy away from the sobbing women.

At this point, he wrapped his own arms around her, trying to shoosh her softly. This seemed to help a little, at least she could speak again.

“H-he just is so tiny, a-and i wanna know what it was like to hold baby Max, and i just-just-”

She inhaled sharply and cried even harder onto the poor boy.

David was starting to understand now, she was probably starting to get mood swings.

He smiled softly and swooped them both up in a big hug. He knew Gwen was only crying because of the pregnancy, but to know that these maternal feelings were caused by the thought of max, well he couldn’t contain his own tears.

Max, the poor soul, had BOTH of his parents on him now, crying.

At first it had scared him, maybe he had said something too harsh to a fragile gwen? No, he actually was pretty good at holding his tongue nowadays.

He hugged her tight, figuring the sooner she stopped crying, the sooner he could get out of this situation. Why did she care about him being a small baby? Sure he was a premature baby, but what did that have to do with anything? How did this even get brought up??

“Gwen, while i appreciate the fact that you were concerned about me being born prematurely, i don’t think-”


She had made him flinch a little, how did she not already know about that? Dammit, now she was crying harder than before.

“That means you were REALLY SMALL. I-I never got to see you th-that small oh my god.”

As soon as she realized this, she clung to him even more. She HAD to protect this small child, her small child.

She planted a kiss on his forehead, David could barely hold his smile in. Gwen actually saw herself as his mother, this baffled Max to no end, so he responded the only way he knew how in this situation and covered his face. Now he was red as hell, and felt way too embarrassed by his mom to stop from giggling. This action, that he had not gotten too often, was slightly ticklish.

He giggled, and writhed, trying to get away. David, unfortunately, decided it would be a good idea to join in on the fun.

Max was soon being covered in hugs and ticklish kisses to his cheeks.

Great, now he was crying.

This was more love he had gotten, in this moment alone, than he had ever received from his biological family.

Now, all of them red from laughter and tears, they sat on the couch. Max in his mother’s arms, and her in David’s.

She smiled and looked over at her lover, she may have been the happiest girl alive. Max snuggled tightly around her arm, gently leaning on her stomach. David reached his hands down to hug them both, and kissed gwen as she turned.

They were all happy.

Their family might be little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

After Camp Campbell: Prompt

Basketball never was one of Max’s favorite sports. All the running was tiring and he was always too short to make a basket without help, but here he was now, as his first middle school basketball game.

“Max, hurry up! The game is about to start!” The coach called, causing Max to roll his eyes up to the heavens and then back down.

He didn’t want to be here. As a matter of fact, he’d rather be back at Camp Campbell with Gwen and David, and all of his friends. At least there he could swear at the people who were pissing him off.

But his parents didn’t want to bother with him still. So they signed him up for the first school club that had an opening and dropped him off by himself once again. They didn’t care to go to these stupid games just like how they didn’t care to go to see his camp or anywhere else they sent him.

‘I miss camp.“

"But summers over, Max.” He told himself as he pulled his jersey on. You can go back in 9 months.“

With a finale sigh, he slammed his locker door shut. Then opened it and slammed it again, and again, and again. Anything to let off some steam before he started this stupid game, playing with stupid people, while their stupid parents watched.

"Hey, Max?” That teammate (Max thought his name might be Joe, or Tim, something like that.) narrowly avoided Max’s misplaced rage, as a final locker slam was enough to drive most of it from him.

“What do you want, dork?” Max snapped, shuffling over to the locker-rooms bench to retie his shoes.

“T-there’s some weird guy in the bleachers looking for you- I think he might be your dad?” The boy explained.

“My dad? He’s at work tonight.” A thin eyebrow shot up in confusion.

“Skinny guy? Brown hair?” No way. It couldn’t be. “He kinda has a high pitched voice when people hit him?”

“Holy shit, that’s David!” Max exclaimed, pulling himself off of the bench and running as fast as he could out of the room.

He ran passed his couch, his stupid teammates, and right across the gym floor to find his team bleachers. He was going so fast, he didn’t realize he hadn’t finished tying his shoes-


Embarrassment and pain shot through his elbows and knees as he hit the floor, but he tried to brush it off long enough to look up and scan the crowd for David, but his hopes fell when he couldn’t pick the man out of the crowd.

“Must’ve been some other Max'a dad…” He concluded, wanting nothing more but to sink into the floor at that moment.

“Guess so, buddy!” A voice came from above him, lifting him off of the ground.

Max whipped around and looked up to find David himself standing over him. He looked a little strange out of his camp uniform, without camp behind him, but the rest of him had the same familiar comfort.

“David!? What are you doing here!? This place is almost an hour from cam-” Max started, but stopped when he spotted yet another familiar face over by the popcorn stand. “Gwen is here too!?”

“We don’t stay at camp all winter, Max.” David laughed. “Gwen and I live in the city when camp is out of season-”

“But what are you two doing here!?” The younger male exclaimed, his eyes widening.

“Isn’t it obvious? We came to watch your game! And we’re planning to come to all of them if we can get a schedule-” The man was stopped by a little pair of arms nearly crushing his windpipe for a second.

“Thanks, David.”