calzona tfln

I owe you one

Prompt: Arizona gives Callie a very special birthday gift.

Based on Calzona TFLN post.


It was a very special day for Callie and Arizona had been planning on surprising her girlfriend since she found out Callie’s birthday was coming. She knew Callie didn’t like surprises so she just decided to do something more private, just for the two of them.

Arizona was really disappointed when she woke up and found her bed empty, she’d been planning to wake Callie up with sweet loving kisses and some other stuff but her plans were now ruined because the Brunette wasn’t there.

She got up and looked for her girlfriend all around her apartment but the Latina was no where to be found.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She said to herself as the only explanation that came to her mind was that Callie must have been called in to the hospital while she was still asleep.

Reaching for her phone to at least let her girlfriend know she didn’t forget about her birthday, she was caught by surprise when Callie’s phone started ringing in her bedroom.

She knew how Callie would be when she’s called in in the middle of the night so she could just assume that while her grumpy self got ready to leave she forgot to take her phone with her.

Coming to the conclusion she wouldn’t get the chance to talk to Callie until she got to the hospital to start her shift, she got her things together and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready.

And it was when she reached the bathroom door that a great idea hit her.


“Calliope!” She said when she saw her girlfriend at a nurses’ station doing some charting. “You left me hanging this morning…” She says with a pout.

“I know, I’m sorry.” Callie apologises. “There was this accident last night and I was called in.”

“I understand…” She said with a smile. “So, what are you plans for today?”

“Arizona…” Callie says with a warning tone, she had already told her girlfriend she wouldn’t celebrate her birthday.

“What? I’m just asking.” She said with an innocent tone.

“Fine… I’m just going to work and when I’m done I will go home take a hot and very, very longer shower and then lay on my bed like I do every day.”

“Hmm… that’s no fun.” Arizona says.

“Whatever…” Callie mumbles.

“So, I’ve got plans…” She says. “And I want you to be a part of it.”

“What are your plans?” Callie asks.

“Well, I got us reservations to that Mexican restaurant you love, so first I’m taking you to dinner.” She explained, and now getting a little closer to Callie’s ear with a husky voice she said, “After that, we’re going back to your apartment and I’m going to show you the red lingerie I bought for your birthday.”

“Humm…” Callie says with a smirk. “I like red…”

“I know you do.”

“I like your plans.”

“I like them too…” She says with a proud smile. “Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. Here, you forgot your phone.” She says as she hands Callie the small device.

“Oh, thank you… I didn’t even notice I didn’t have it with me.”


“What is it?”

“What is what?”

“This look on your face.” Arizona’s look changed suddenly and Callie couldn’t quite understand why.

“Oh, I was just wondering about something… you’re turning 35, right?”

“36 actually…”

“Oh… that’s a shame.”


“You have 35 naked pictures of me on your phone.”

Callie’s face was priceless and Arizona couldn’t help but laugh.

“I guess I own you one, you can take that one yourself tonight.” She says as she places a kiss on her still shocked girlfriend’s cheek. “Happy Birthday and you’re welcome.”

And with a wink she leaves behind a very surprised and hot Callie.


AN: All mistakes are mine.