calzona over

“We’ve got to end this.”

The minute Callie answered her ringing phone and Arizona’s face came into view on the small screen, the blonde launched into a tirade without so much as a greeting.

“Seriously, Callie. I think it’s been long enough, this is getting ridiculous. Minnick will not stop hitting on me and it’s getting weird. I hugged her today! She’s just going to be spurred on even more! She thinks I’m still single and I’m not single and I know I kind of started it all, but I was trying to win her over, but now we’ve got to stop doing this awkward flirty dance around each other, because she’s clearly not going anywhere and if I’m going to have to work with her then– ”

Callie was caught up in watching the other woman, her gaze drawn to the line of Arizona’s neck as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, but she blinked in surprise, brown eyes flickering up immediately at her words.

“Wait, what? You hugged her?”

Jealously flared briefly in her eyes and Arizona simply leaned back against her headboard, pulling her knee up and propping the phone on it with an exasperated look.

“I had to. We lost a kid today, and she was upset – and I mean, she’s not inherently a bad person, she’s just super annoying…she was kind of losing it in the parking lot though. What was I supposed to do?”

“Ignore her…she’s a grownup…”

Callie grumbled slightly, although she knew there was no reason to be jealous. She knew Arizona was just being…well, Arizona. She wasn’t the type to leave any colleague crying in a parking lot, and they had sort of brought this whole thing about themselves.


Callie just sighed as the blonde’s voice softened over the syllables of her name, flopping back along the length of the couch as she held the phone above her.

“Let’s just tell people. It’s been three months.”

The brunette couldn’t help but smile, the expression lighting up her entire face as she watched the other woman through the screen. It had been three amazing months. It had taken Callie moving to New York; putting real, physical distance between them for both women to realize that they truly didn’t want to be apart any longer – that their issues were no longer issues, that they were ready to start again, that they needed and wanted to move on…together. Callie had been the first to realize, and although she couldn’t deny her feelings for Penny had been real…a month after they’d gotten here, she also could no longer deny the physical ache she felt when she thought of Arizona.

And so, here they were. Arizona didn’t believe in long-distance relationships, but with her regular visits to Sofia and Callie’s somewhat secretive visits to Seattle they’d been making it happen, taking it slowly as they built their relationship up stronger than it had ever been before. And it was working.

“Callie…this is real. We’re together, I love you, and it’s time for you to move home.”

There was a confidence to Arizona’s voice that warmed Callie’s heart, that caused her to simply stare at the other woman again as she waited patiently for a reply, her blue eyes bright and beautiful even from thousands of miles away. And she was right – they were together, for good, and it was time to stop keeping it to themselves.

“I love you too. We’re gonna come home.”

Arizona beamed, excitement and relief and overwhelming love radiating from her expression all at once – the look in her eyes making Callie happier than she’d ever truly been. Finally, they would be back where they belonged. And finally, the entire world would know it.

“And hurry. I mean it, Calliope – you seriously have to come save me from Minnick over here!”


to eliza minnick/mibbins/elizona haters: 

I don’t get why you’re so hung over comparing calzona with this new ship that you have to be sour about eliza every moment you get. I get it. CALZONA WAS INCREDIBLE. Trust me I said I’d fucking go down with the ship and I DID GO DOWN IT WAS DEVASTATING and they will always be amazing rep for me and nothing can replace them. But this does not mean I beat up every new person Arizona intends to date/kiss. Stop comparing whoever it is to Callie because they are completely different people who bring out different characteristics of Arizona and it is unfair for you to decide what’s good or what’s not for AZ even before they get the chance to be something.

Also Marika is seriously TOO GOOD for you. She’s not shy about her support for the lgbt community- she promotes her own ship on her personal social media when she doesn’t have to, and you can tell that she is genuinely excited about her own ship, and that this is not just any other job to her. We NEED people like her to represent us (other than obviously, queer actors). We already have a shortage of rep on tv and now we have a budding one with so much potential in the hands of an incredible writer, portrayed by 2 actresses who aren’t shy about their support for us, and you want to shoot it down and ruin it before it even begins? Before you try and scream about them having ‘no chemistry’, ask yourself if you’d say the same if Callie never happened and if Eliza and AZ met in s5? All I’m saying is that change is indeed hard for everybody but GIVE THINGS A CHANCE and try to MOVE ON because some of us genuinely want nothing more but to have some rep on tv.

Ultimately you are allowed to feel whatever you feel and dislike eliza minnick/mibbins/elizona, but you are not allowed to take this ship away from other people. I for one, loved Calzona and Callie Torres to the core of my bones but am also really excited (understatement) every time az and eliza have a scene because I think they have amazing chemistry and watching them on tv makes me happy. SO STOP IT STOP BEING SOUR AND LETS LOVE ALL THESE WLW CHARACTERS CUZ REAL LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH


Life is a cycle.
You go from being strangers, 
to being friends
to being more than friends,
and back to being practically strangers again.

It takes a special kinda asshole Stan to hate on this sweet marshmallow. I’ll admit I didn’t love her character or her acting at first but Jesus understand she overnight became a central character on one of the biggest tv shows of all time, jumping into the unresolved middle of one of tv’s most loved ships of all time. She’s totally found her groove and has quickly won my calzona heart over. And even if she didn’t, for real some of you guys make me wanna jump the calzona ship just for being asshats. Marika, one nasty woman to another. Keep up the fight and I’m praying you’re still on board for season 14

anonymous asked:

Why are you always defending Sara? It's not like she knows.

Because the amount of criticism she gets for bullshit reasons it too much. Listen, I let most things slide, and I don’t defend her when I think she’s wrong, but people constantly complain about the most superficial, idiotic, offensive reasons. They’re blaming her for Calzona not getting back together, when it’s not her fault. They constantly talk about her appearance. They shit on how proud she is about her bisexuality. They criticize her activism. They make assumptions about her private life (including her marriage), when it’s not our place to even be making these assumptions.
I usually just respond to stuff when she’s tagged or when it’s stuff she might see, because honestly, I’m so over people prioritizing Calzona, a fictional couple, over Sara, a real life human being, who’s doing amazing work. And I don’t really care whether she knows or not, but I think it’s important to call people out on their bullshit. 

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Of course callie is never coming back, and if she does, which won't happen anyway, she'll just make an appearance... calzona is over get over it ! 😘

As much as you anons like to tell me to get over Calzona….maybe you should get over my liking Calzona.

Just a thought ;)

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Wake me up Calzona is over, Arizona does not love Callie,let Arizona go forward, Arizona is in love Eliza,and will probably fight with Bailey and Webber for the return of Eliza who was unfairly dismissed,and another Arizona is not going so soon for NY

Arizona never loved Eliza.

That wasn’t love, my friend.