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How I felt after finishing The House Of Hades

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Could you write about Nico on Calypso's island?

  • Calypso looking at Nico and not feeling any physical attraction to him. And wondering why the gods sent him to her.
  • Nico had no rush to get off the island. He was content being here.
  • She asks him why he doesn’t want to leave and he told her that he always felt like an outsider and no one would care if he disappeared.
  • Calypso thought the gods sent her an companion. Sent her someone that could stay with him forever.
  • She felt bad for being selfish. And tried to convince him that there had to be someone that missed him. 
  • Nico shook his head and spent four days with her before realizing that she might be right.
  • Over that time, they got to know each other and that’s when Calypso learned about Nico’s secret. But she learned to love him, a sisterly love for him.
  • On the fifth day, the boat arrived for Nico.
  • “You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.” Calyso sighed. 
  • But Nico did leave. He knew that his friends missed him, even though it took him days to realize it. 
  • He tried to bring Calypso with him but the boat only sank when she got on. 
  • So he left her, feeling horrible about the decision. 

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Could you please do a super fluffy Popular Nico ( him and the seven Reyna, Calyso, Thalia are the popular people ) ( he's popular and he isn't a player he's never bad a boyfriend) Will as a computer guy ( he's not a player either and hasn't had a boyfriend) ( he's friends with Cecil and Lou Ellen ) and they get together cause Nico has the biggest crush on Will and Will has the biggest crush on Nico so Will who is unpopular ask out Nico in front of his friends and Nicos so happy he kisses him!!

I am live!

Nico di Angelo didn’t find himself surprised very often. Every once in a while, he would be caught off guard, but never truly surprised. There was one boy who never ceased to surprise Nico, though, and that boy was Will Solace.

Will Solace was a computer genius, better with machines than he was with people. He had always been rather quiet, but Nico had to admit, he was very cute.

Will Solace surprised Nico when Will waved to him in class. Nico smiled warmly and waved back, quickly swept up by his group, Reyna pulling him into the latest gossip.

Will Solace surprised Nico by showing up at a track meet, where Nico waved to him again and Will waved back, a small smile on his face. Nico actually beat Jason at that meet, so Jason was the one who had to buy the post-meet pizza for the populars group.

The biggest surprise that Will Solace ever gave Nico di Angelo was when he asked him out in front the rest of the populars.

Will stood fidgeting nervously, twisting the fidget ring his mom got him for his birthday, waiting for the right moment to approach Nico. The raven haired boy was laughing at something Thalia was saying, his dark eyes sparkling.

Will took a deep breath and walked in front of him. Nico took on a very surprised look and smiled. “Sorry, Will, I didn’t see you standing there.”

Will mentally counted to ten before speaking. “It’s okay. I kind of walked in front of you.”

Nico smiled again and made to walk around him, but Will stopped him. “Wait. Please.”

Nico’s eyes showed his puzzlement. “Yes?”

Will steeled himself, taking in another breath. “Would you maybe like to get some coffee sometime?”

Silence. Will found himself staring at a shocked Nico, whose friends were all staring at him. All nine of them. Will had never felt more intimidated. 

Jason Grace’s face split into a grin and Reyna smiled, Percy whispered something to Annabeth and Piper’s eyes shone. Nico slowly smiled and grabbed Will by the sides of his face, giving him room to back out if he wanted to, and kissed his lips.

Nico di Angelo was very pleasantly surprised by Will Solace.

Nico’s lips were soft and gentle, reassuring Will of everything he was insecure about. Nico didn’t care that he wasn’t popular, Nico didn’t care that Will was no good with people, Nico didn’t care that Will had never kissed someone. Because Nico did care about Will.

Slowly, Will opened his eyes and found Nico’s wide grin, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “I would love to get some coffee with you sometime.” 

Will nodded dumbly and smiled himself. “Okay.” 

Nico took out a pen and scribbled a number on Will’s arm, grinning like a madman. “Text me.”

Will nodded again and Nico walked off with the rest of his group.

Will smiled when he heard the whoops of Jason and Percy, hearing Nico tell them to buzz off before they scared Will away, putting the number in his phone and texting Nico as soon as he got home. 

On the up side, I only have four more days of school.


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