calypsos island

also like idk remember that time that percy forgot to even think about how his mom was doing the whole time he was on calypso’s island like…uuuuuuum….he’s not exactly the best at helping people not to worry about him and also like that’s not a character flaw but it’s sure as hell also not. a plot hole in hoo


An AU where Annabeth goes to Calypso’s island instead of Percy.

Annabeth tried to open her eyes, but they seemed to be sealed shut.

How long had she been unconscious?

“Try not to move, you’ll hurt yourself again.” A soothing voice murmured from her right.

She jumped and turned her head sharply, her eyes shooting open. How hadn’t she noticed that the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen was stood right besides her?

The OA and Odyssee

There are a lot of similarities between The OA and Homers (duh…) Odyssee:

1.Odysseus spent seven years in captivity on Ogygia, the island of Calypso. Prairie was held by Hap for about seven years.

2.Calypso falls deeply in love with Odysseus, even though he has consistently spurned her advances. Hap was in love with Prairie but she hates him.

3. A cyclops traps Odysseus and his men in a cave. He does not dare to kill the Monster because he is the only one who is strong enough to move the rock that traps them there. Prairie can’t kill Hap since he is the only one who has the code to the doors.

4. In order to complete his quest home, Odysseus explains that he must enter the underworld  to speak to the wise man Tisereas.  There he meets the spirits of the dead, notably his mother. He decides that he would rather return to the living, so he has to perform a sacrifice. Prairie meets Khatun again in her 2nd NDE and sees her father. She decides to return to the others and sacrifices the eternal afterlife with her father.

5. Odysseus lies sometimes. He lies about his name and where he’s from etc. to protect himself and others. Prairie lies to Hap, she pretends to be blind. We do not know if she lied about the whole story, but if she did and she acts like Odysseus, she might have her own reasons to do so.

6. Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors to them with their enchanting music and voices. In The OA Hap hears Prairies Violin playing and finds her, Renata plays the guitar and Rachel sings beautifully. 

If Batmanglij and Marling were really thinking of stuff like this when they created the show i am so impressed….

Did you find any other similarities ?

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thinking about piper making it to calypso's island instead omg WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME. could you please make some headcanons on how this plays out? take your time and if you don't have ideas you can just skip this. I understand your inbox is flooded-- goodluck! thank you sophii xx

I did one yesterday (?) that was more brotp but this is.. not that lmao 

  • Calypso’s first thought was that she had forgotten how soft girls were 
  • her second thought was “wow" 
  • Piper had been on her island for two days and Calypso couldn’t remember the last time she had felt such pure joy 
  • Piper told her all about her life, including a boy that seemed to have her heart, and Calypso thought maybe her arrival was a mistake 
  • but then they kissed and all of Calypso’s doubts were erased 
  • Piper backed up hurriedly, cheeks painted pink and mumbling apologies 
  • Calypso took her by the hand and looked her in the eyes, “It’s ok.” 
  • she then led Piper down to her garden, handing her a basket and instructing her to pick anything that seemed fresh 
  • they started gardening and slipped back into conversation as easily as they had when Piper first arrived 
  • Calypso asked questions about the outside world, wanting every detail she could squeeze out of Piper who answered patiently and explained things as best she could 
  • then there was a bit of a lull in the conversation
  • “What is it like, Calypso?” 
  • Calypso looked up from her work trying to understand the question, “What is what like?” 
  • “This. Ogygia. Falling in love knowing it will only end in heartbreak.” 
  • “Shouldn’t a daughter of Aphrodite know that most love ends in heartbreak, one way or another,” Calypso said with a sad smile 
  • Piper maintained eye contact with Calypso, unwavering and determined to get a straight answer 
  • there was a long pause before Calypso took a sharp breath, “Mostly… it feels like disappointment. No matter how much I try to harden myself, harden my heart, it always seems to break open. Heroes wash up on my shore and I take care of them, feed them, clothe them, and before I know it they’re in my heart and then they’re gone. But I’m not sure they ever really leave. My heart, I mean. The worst part is I… I want to be in love but now..” 
  • “But now what?” 
  • Calypso looked up shyly and found Piper’s eyes encouraging her 
  • “I don’t think I want to love a person anymore,” she exhaled. “Even as I sit here falling in love with you what I really want is to live. I want to feel different sand between my toes and a different breeze in my hair; I want to wander forests and mountains and fall in love with being alive. For so long, the only thing that has changed is the hero I watch sail into the horizon but I want so much more for myself.” 
  • Piper sidled over to Calypso and intertwined their hands
  • Calyspo closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of Piper’s warmth; the softness of her bare shoulder against her own; the innocent feeling of having someone’s hand wrapped around yours 
  • “You’re nothing but trouble, Piper McLean,” she whispered. 
  • she could sense Piper’s smile even with her eyes closed 
  • “Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to tell me that.” 
  • Percabeth: fall into Tartarus.
  • Jasiper: fall off the Grand Canyon.
  • Leo: falls on Calypso's island.
  • Frazel: ...
  • Frazel: ...
  • Frank: You know, we can...
  • Hazel: Don't think about it.

ha u know what would be cool? instead of leo ending up in calypsos island he builds relationships with the other members of the seven and learns to love himself without putting others down and talks to someone about his abuse when he was a foster child and how his own aunt rejected him after his mom died bc he never forgave himself for that and it was never talked about again

and im just really bitter bc instead of showing us the value of good friendships we got a forced romantic pairing that ruined what was left in a somewhat redeemable character.

For the last time, Percy and Nico are not four years apart.

They are two-and-a-half to almost three at most.

Percy is 13 and Nico is 10 when they meet in The Titan’s Curse. But Nico is 11 when they meet again in Battle of the Labyrinth. I don’t remember if the book specifies exactly what month it was at the start. The story itself though takes place over at least a month. Percy is on Calypso’s Island for two weeks alone. But it ends with Percy’s 14th birthday in August, meaning Percy blew up the band room at Goode no later than July.

Ergo, Nico’s 11th birthday was somewhere between the very end of December and middle-ish July.

Ergo, they are somewhere between two-and-a-half years to not-quite three years apart.

And that’s just mental-conscious age. Don’t even get me started on Nico being born in the 1920s or 1930s.

Please stop using this as an argument why people shouldn’t ship Percico.

Ships in general have never been about age differences.

They’re about the dynamics between two different personalities. They’re about shared history. They’re about how the reader feels two characters (or more, on occasion) click together. And yes, sometimes they’re about how hot it would be if they just got down to business and fucked against the wall.

And to drive the point home further, in a series derived from a world mythology well known for its sexual hijinks, such themes are going to be woven into the narrative from the beginning.

This is one of the key elements of PJO fandom, because it’s one of the key elements of Greek Mythology itself. It’s not even on the fandom, sexual themes come straight from the source material. So of course it shows up in fanworks. Whatever their ages are, whatever the ship.

Tell me that P3rc@b3th shippers refrain from reading/writing/drawing stuff of Percy and Annabeth doing the do in fanworks where they are are still minors and I will laugh in your face.

Tell me that S0l@ng3l0 shippers turn their eyes away from any underage naughtiness they encounter of their ship.

Or C@l3o shippers, now that Leo is officially 15 forever, and nevermind that theirs is literally the biggest age difference of any pairing established in canon.

Hell, I’ve found a J@sper fic on AO3 once that was basically Jason and Piper trying out bondage to celebrate his birthday on the Argo II.

Tell me that teenagers in general abstain from having sex or exploring their sexuality with another minor because they’re both underage and I will spam you with articles about how unhealthy such repression can be for them.

Note: Many fanwriters/fanartists of all PJO ships do make a point of aging up the characters before featuring them in any sort of smut. This post is not about those people. Those people rock.

But to everybody else so is so hung up on the age and minors having sex thing, please, please, just drop it already.

Odysseus’ Journey Home Aesthetic ; requested by @veronicaroth2

Ismaros  → Island of the Lotus Eaters  → Island of the Cyclopes  → Aeolia  → Telepylos  → Circe’s Island  → The Underworld  → Island of the Sirens  →  Scylla and Charybdis  → Island of Helios  → Calypso’s Island  → Scheria  → Ithaca

My favourite names (and my associations with them):

  • Calypso - island rhythm, translucent waves, solitary wanderings, gardening at night, longing, caramel-coloured hair
  • Capucine - a glamour puss, 1960s style, grand manor gardens, vintage seaside resorts, winged eye liner 
  • Carmine - a pale mother, long-lost lovers, pine trees, soirées, courtyards
  • Carmelita/Carmencita - twinkling eyes, butterfly kisses, honeydew, trembling stars
  • Elodie - mary jane heels, parisian parks, impeccable manners, pleated skirts, boulevards
  • Hestia - overflowing warmth, almost black eyes, the feeling of home, sigils as tattoos, butterflies in alleyways
  • Isolde - “ice ruler”, white chiffon, learning ancient languages, pale Northern nights, artemis’s handmaidens, cold diamonds, glaciers 
  • Leila/Laila - “night”, middle eastern desserts, linguistics, the sickle moon, scripture
  • Manon - rosy cheeks, writing french compositions, village churches, stolen kisses, cursive writing, pearly teeth, soft cheeks
  • Melita - “honey-sweet”, honey suckle bushes, conch shells, tangled hair, collarbones, honeyed skin, the ocean, mysterious bruises
  • Ophélie - melancholy, mellifluous french, wild flowers, lakes, the moon
  • Pandora - a lush walled garden, a regal face and wild eyes, cinnamon, vivid dreams, ruins, blossoming young girls 
  • Rosalita/Rosalina/Rosalinda - utter softness, lilting voices, rosewater, dusky evenings, a girl in a floaty skirt, red lipstick, dark eyes, speaking spanish 
  • Vivica - scandinavian forests, eyes like limpid lakes, vivacious laughter, china dolls

I saw this post about if Calypso’s curse had actually killed Annabeth and what would happen if Percy saw her again when Leo brought her back. I can’t help but think Percy would just have a major breakdown. He internalizes guilt like no other, so for Annabeth to die because he didn’t police the gods to make sure they took Calypso off her island would be the ultimate failure to him. I can just see him in front of her, screaming until his voice is hoarse how it should have been him. How she should of cursed him, and why didn’t she, and how much she cost not just him but Annabeth. He would fall to his knees crying, begging to be cursed, begging her to think up the worst curse she could and to send him back to Tartarus so he could die the way he was supposed to. Everyone would be shaken, and Calypso would realize the full weight of what she did. 

“You should have left me on that island, Leo.”  

Aphrodite Headcanons

  • She isn’t just the Goddess of romantic love. She is the Goddess of all love, including platonic or otherwise.
  • She despises men who use innocent girls for games or ’Black Widow’ women in every day society.
  • She has her own special revenge for them.
  • She counsels rape victims, because while she invokes lust, she believes it should be consensual.
  • She is friends with Hebe, the Goddess of Youth.
  • She has the power to bring inner beauty and transform it into outside beauty.
  • She loves `90 movies and will play matchmaker for two innocent teenagers.
  • She watches over the girls who’s hearts have been broken over and over again. While sometimes she can give them love, other times, she’ll subtly direct them towards Artemis.
  • While she and Artemis are vastly different, Aphrodite will send the girls who have had their hearts broken over and over again to Artemis to join the Hunt.
  • When the fifth Harry Potter book came out, she convinced Hecate to make a love potion.
  • She helped Leo end up on Calypso’s island.