A name ain't just a name....A Calysonian's sobriquet.

I’ve had an unquenchable curiosity as to how names come to be.   Naturally, this started in Trinidad, where nicknames become both birthmarks, and memory loss.  It’s a place where Neal becomes Bopeep, Roger becomes Caper, Fitzroy becomes Coke, Patricia becomes Reds, Richard becomes Blacks.   It’s also a place where we forget or never knew Niggar’s real name, Broff’s and Flyfoot’s. 

My curiosity first started with my neighbours, then naturally moved onto Calypsonians.  If you were to ask me what was Lord Kitchener’s real name, I’ll probably laughingly respond with “Kitch”.  How does someone born with the humble name like Aldwyn Roberts become “Lord Kitchener”. 

Aldwyn Roberts, born in 1922, took the stage in 1944 at the young age of 21, as Lord Kitchener.  This new Lord Kitchener borrowed the name after the famous, and first Lord Horatio Kitchener.  “The Lord Kitchener who provided  Aldwyn Roberts with a name was one of the most brilliant men in British military history.  Born in 1850 and lost at sea in 1916, he was also 21 when, as Horatio Kitchener, he began his career.  By the time he disappeared he had led British forces to so many victories that there was hardly a place left to pin medals on his chest.  His last great campaign, and which may have caused his fame to reach Aldwyn Roberts, was a heady victory in the Boer War, routing the Dutch Boers in 1902 to end that war and give Britain control of South Africa.  Trinidad reacted wildly to him, and honoured him with "Kitchener Street” when Woodbrook was being developed in 1902.  This soldier’s performance was so extraordinary that when Aldwyn Roberts was born in 1922 the name “Lord Kitchener” was still a household word"

 More to come…




Horoscopes by Mademoiselle Merlini: 1/26/15

Aries:  What has gotten into you?  I’ll tell you what, this stormy-eyed vixen named fate has summoned you.  She will ask you to dance to a hauntingly familiar calypsonian melody.  You know where she’ll be, you know when.  Hesitation is a shadowy cold-handed banshee that will only deplete you of your vitality.

Taurus:  Your blood is boiling.  Your heart is pounding.  Someone or something must have triggered a deep rooted emotional response.  You love and you hate this kind of emotional agitation, but it reminds you how in tune you are with the way you feel.  Always grounded, yet always as fiery as  a bat straight out of hell. 

Gemini:  Sparks are flying for everyone you encounter, and you’re just doing what you do!  You’re responsible for a chain reaction of RIDICULOUS cool shit. You mercurial rascal, you. Good job. You’re not even trying. Unreal.

Cancer:  Lord have mercy.  The love that bleeds from your magnetic field is fucking intoxicating.  Today meditate solely on actions from the heart.  When you put aside any vindictive or jealous impulses, you can melt the icy exterior of your most vehement antagonist.

Leo:  A dreamy dream will allow you to ascend to a higher realm of consciousness.  It is a hot air balloon that you needn’t be afraid to be the captain of.  Life is a beautiful joke, and you have an instinctual rhetoric that can prevent anything from going anyway but your own.  Always use it.

Virgo:  The time is nigh.  New adventures await.  For my dear virgo, this may seem absolutely terrifying.  Believe me, it is.  Change is the only thing that’s really real.  Deal. You’re still you. 

Libra:  You can make so many great things happen without even lifting a finger because you’re so good at being at the right place at the right time.  Listen to the song “I’ll Follow the Sun” by the Beatles to better understand what I mean.  It can be a tad lugubrious to be so rational at times, but you leave behind a trail of golden bread crumbs where ever you go.  Remember that.

Scorpio:  You may be feeling a lack of self control. However, there is such a thing as being overly sagacious.  Perhaps you have been overcome with seemingly “prohibited” urges.  You might wonder why.  You shouldn’t question matters of the heart.  Don’t kid yourself, you’re a scorpio. YOU know exactly what you want.  Don’t stagnate in a squelchy sticky bayou. You’re akin to a geothermal spring. Hot damn.  

Sagittarius:  Life for you is a surreptitious fantasia full of disentangling mysteries and medleys of all shapes and sizes.  Ponder before the crackling campfire that is your wandering heart.  You belong to no one but yourself. 

Capricorn:  You may be teetering between wistful and wishful thinking, my little capricorn on the cob.  At least you’re fierce as the day is beseechingly unpredictable.  Your melodrama and broodiness is edgy and alluring to those around you.  Continue to be direct and uninhibited and you will continue to get the kind of attention you deserve. Easy enough.

Aquarius:  You may be feeling like you’re in the eye of the storm.  Things may seem too good to be true, or perhaps you have a certain hunch that something real juicy is a brewin’.  You’re definitely not wrong.  This is your subconscious coming to fruition.  Rad.  Kick back, and relax, and watch some shit get weird in a good way.  Expect nothing.  Love blindly.  Be amazed.

Pisces:  Reflection is a recurring and unescapable motif in the life of a pisces, as is acceptance.  Nothing ever really makes sense, but you’re sensible to know that what makes sense is the current moment.  It may sound corny, but you’re gushy as fuck so you totally get what I’m saying.  Anxiety may set in at times, but when you find yourself enveloped in the heartbeat of the now you can always rekindle the raw and fragile truth that life, although seemingly futile, is inherently good.