calypso red

Wow what a great, happy episode

Everyone is fine and getting along

So happy they gave Aram that puppy

The musical number was on point

so glad that we get the next episode tomorrow I mean imagine if we had to wait several weeks


dioscuri-calypso  asked:

Matt agrees. As much as he loves winter, spring is nice. It's when Matthew goes jogging to loose the winter fat. Spring is when Matthew comes home from jogging all sweaty and panting for breath and in need of a shower. Spring is when Matt likes to slip into Matthew's shower when Matthew is still panting for breath and standing letting the water fall on him. Spring is when Matt rubs Matthew's back and shoulders in the shower. Spring is when shower sex happens. Matt likes spring.

aHHHHH ahhhhhh AHHHH!!!! u////////u THATS SO CUTE!!!!! mwahhh thank you for that mental image hehehshah